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Neighbours Episode 8856 from 2022 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8856 (Terese's mother, Estelle, arrives)
Australian airdate: 22/06/22
UK airdate: 27/05/22
Writer: Paul Gartside
Director: Kate Kendall
Guests: Estelle Petrides: Maria Mercedes
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Freya kisses Levi spontaneously, then apologises
- Harlow is shattered by the realisation that Corey set out to make her believe no- one cared
- Hendrix tells Sadie to stop punishing herself for his lung condition
- Mackenzie accepts Hendrix's surprise marriage proposal
- Karl suggests to Susan that they throw Hendrix and Mackenzie an engagement party
- In hospital, Glen tells Clive he won't take opioid painkillers, as he's an addict
- Terese bawls at Paul for moving assets around while they're going through a divorce
- A woman at the pub tells Wendy that she used to call her daughter 'the hellraiser'
- The woman turns up at No 22 with a 'hello, hellraiser' - it's Terese's estranged mum Estelle
No 22
We continue where we left off, as Terese's mum Estelle waltzes over the threshold, with her luggage in tow!
TERESE (annoyed): It's been fifteen years - what are you doing here?
ESTELLE: That's a nice way to welcome your mother (!) Can't say I love what you're doing with your hair these days.
Terese clutches at her hair self-consciously.
ESTELLE: Nick told me you're going through another divorce, so I thought I'd come and support you!
ESTELLE: Don't look at me like that! Is it so hard to believe I want to take care of my daughter in a difficult time?
TERESE: From you, yes.
No 28
Susan, Mackenzie, Levi and Hendrix are having dinner, and discussing the engagement party that the Kennedys are throwing for Hendo and Mack tomorrow.
LEVI: So who's coming?
MACKENZIE: Oh, we invited practically the whole street, except the Rodwells.
LEVI: Hey, so is... is Freya coming?
MACKENZIE: Yeah, she is. Is that okay?
LEVI: Yeah! The more the merrier, right?
But Levi looks a little worried.
No 22
Estelle tells Terese that her brother Nick mentioned she was having a tough time.
ESTELLE: I had space in my schedule, so I hopped on a plane from Darwin, and here I am!
TERESE: You didn't think to call - or even text first? I mean, I don't know why I'm surprised. You've always loved the drama of just appearing out of thin air.
ESTELLE: Let's not get bogged down in petty things; I'm exhausted. Where should I put my bag?
Terese rolls her eyes.
ESTELLE: Surely you're not gonna throw me out on the street?!
TERESE (grudging): There's a spare room upstairs - the first on the right.
ESTELLE: Thanks, agapi mou.
TERESE: Please, do not call me that!
ESTELLE: Once I'm settled, we can have a nightcap. I assume you don't have an early start - Nick told me you got the sack.
Terese tells Estelle she's heading out to visit Glen in hospital, explaining that he lives here.
ESTELLE: Sounds like an interesting story!
TERESE: I imagine you'll make yourself at home.
Terese leaves, and Estelle looks pensive.
Erinsborough Hospital
Terese is visiting Glen, who is laid up and looking (and sounding) pretty out of it. He says he always wondered why she didn't speak much about her mum.
TERESE: We were never really close. Which I couldn't understand as a child. I mean, she was so young when she had me and Nick. She, umm... she always dreamed of having this fabulous, carefree life, and she blamed us when she didn't get it.
GLEN: She punished you kids for needing a mum?
TERESE: Yeah, well, she resented me (...) for being young, and having opportunities. And then when I became a teenager, she saw me as competition - especially when it came to men. And the older I got, the worse it got.
GLEN: And that's why you cut her out of your life?
TERESE: Yeah, to be honest. I've always been better off without her.
GLEN: I know my situation's not the same. But Kiri was never far from my mind, and I never knew her. Maybe she does want to fix things. It might be worth giving it some time.
TERESE: Yeah, I... I can't trust her until I get more information.
To this end, Terese decides to contact her brother Nick.
The Penthouse
Harlow tells Paul that she's been to visit Glen in hospital, and that he seems to be doing okay. She suggests they go together next time, but Paul says he'll be the last person Glen wants to see. Harlow tells Paul she's heading to bed, in order to be fresh for Hendrix and Mackenzie's engagement party tomorrow.
HARLOW: Plus, with the week that I've just had, I need some friends and happiness.
No 22
The next morning, Terese sends Nick a message as she comes downstairs, saying that their mum has turned up and asking him if he knows what's going on. Estelle is in the kitchen, being judgy about Terese's chosen brand of coffee.
ESTELLE: But you've done so well for yourself! Why not enjoy the finer things?
TERESE: You know what? You can't just waltz in here as if having morning coffee together is the normal thing to do. I still don't know the real reason that you've come out of the woodwork!
ESTELLE: For crying out loud, Terese! I truly am here because I want to support you, and make our relationship better... You took it so hard when I divorced your father.
TERESE: He's the one that left, because of you!
ESTELLE: Surely after all you've been through, you understand these things are more complicated than they seem. The point is, you've carried that pain all these years, so I know how much that must hurt now it's happening to you. I want to help.
TERESE (scoffs): You know, where was this concern when I broke up with Brad? Where was this concern when I was fighting cancer?!
Terese becomes tearful.
TERESE: You know, I have gone through so much over the years - and you didn't want anything to do with it! My son died, Mum, and, you know, did you care?!
ESTELLE (upset): How can you ask me that? I was honouring my promise. Last time we spoke, you made me swear never to contact you again.
TERESE: Oh my god, do you know why? Do you?! Because you were behaving inappropriately in front of my children, you were flirting with my husband -
ESTELLE: I suppose it's my fault he took off with the woman across the road, since apparently, I'm to blame for everything!
Upset, Terese says she's no longer doing this - they're simply pushing each other's buttons. Estelle acknowledges that they always have.
ESTELLE: Why don't we start on neutral ground? Take me out for breakfast? We'll be forced to behave if we're in public.
Terese looks unconvinced...
The Waterhole
... but succumbs to Estelle's breakfast idea nonetheless. Estelle is keen to have a naughty round of mimosas alongside, but Terese tells her she doesn't drink.
ESTELLE: Things have changed. You certainly did when you were younger - quite enthusiastically, as I recall.
TERESE: Yes. I'm an alcoholic. I'm in AA now.
ESTELLE: Right. No mimosas, then.
Paul comes in, unseen by Terese, and watches her and Estelle carefully from a distance, as Estelle tries to pay Terese a compliment, saying she does well not to drink when other people are doing so around her.
ESTELLE: Good to see you're still as strong and fierce as you always were.
TERESE: Yeah, well, I guess my upbringing made me resilient.
ESTELLE: Why must you paint everything in a negative light, agapi mou?
TERESE: Please, Mother, I asked you not to call me that!
ESTELLE: You used to love it.
TERESE: Yeah, well - as you said, things have changed.
Paul is still watching closely...
No 24
In the sunroom, Mackenzie, Chloe, Kiri and Freya are having breakfast. Chloe asks Kiri how she's feeling about the Glen situation, but Kiri says she's putting it out of her mind and focusing on Mackenzie's party today. She asks if they've set a wedding date, but Mackenzie says while she loves being a fiancée, she's in no rush to be a wife.
Freya is looking contemplative, and Chloe asks if she's okay.
FREYA: Yeah... I think I have ... like, a small issue I need to deal with today.
They all stare at her with curiosity.
FREYA: Yesterday, when Levi came over, I kind of... kissed him.
Kiri, Mackenzie and Chloe all squeal and gather around Freya excitedly, eager for more details.
MACKENZIE: Did he kiss you back?
FREYA: See, that's the thing - not really! And then he kind of fled. I know, it's pretty bad. I'm pretty sure he just thinks I'm some kind of, like, desperate loser (...) I'm pretty sure Levi's gonna be there today, and I really don't want him to be uncomfortable.
Mackenzie tells Freya that Levi seemed pretty interested last night to know whether Freya would be coming to the party.
CHLOE: Of course he would!
CHLOE (chanting): He wants to kiss you...
ALL (chanting): He wants to marry you!
Freya isn't convinced Levi necessarily wants to see her, but all the others tease her, making sceptical noises!
The Waterhole
Paul continues to watch Terese and Estelle's breakfast from afar. Estelle asks Terese what her plans are now she's unemployed; Terese admits she doesn't have any yet, claiming she has a lot to focus on such as Glen being in hospital, and needing support once he gets home.
ESTELLE: Sounds like this Glen is more than a friendly houseguest?
TERESE: ... He is. We're together.
ESTELLE: He swooped in fast! I hope he's not just looking for a share of the payout from your rich ex?
TERESE: Okay, you know what? I don't want to discuss Glen with you anymore, or my divorce, for that matter.
ESTELLE: Pardon me for taking an interest in my daughter's life!
Terese's phone rings, and she walks off to take the call, giving Paul his opportunity to wander over and join Estelle.
PAUL: Well, this is interesting, isn't it? I mean, I've seen pictures, and heard so much about you, but here you are in the flesh - the infamous Estelle!
ESTELLE: Not half as infamous as you, Paul. We might be estranged, but I've kept up-to-date on my daughter's life. Care to join me?
Paul sits down, smirking. Estelle smiles back.
No 28
Karl and Susan are setting up for the engagement party when Jane and Nicolette arrive. Susan asks Karl to put a pile of things in his room to get them out of the way.
KARL: There's barely enough room for me in there, without extra clutter!
But Susan gives him a death-stare until he relents! Hendrix emerges, coughing. Susan asks if the cough is getting worse.
HENDRIX: No, no, I just got taken out by a cloud of cologne in the bathroom. I reckon Levi used half the bottle!
Mackenzie turns up, with Freya, Kiri and Chloe in tow. Freya quickly asks if Levi's here.
KARL: He's on an ice run, actually - somewhat reluctantly, I might add.
CHLOE: Oh, I wonder why he was so keen to stick around? FOMO, perhaps?
But Freya tells the girls to stop 'making it so weird'! Meanwhile, Jane tells Susan that she's heard from Wendy that Sadie is having a terrible time at her new school.
SUSAN: I am sympathetic, but you know the board would have kittens if I re-enrolled her.
JANE: Yeah, well, I agree, but... Wendy has her heart set on it. Be prepared for more handmade jewellery gifts!
Mackenzie asks Hendrix how he's feeling; he says he's fine, but has been thinking they perhaps should've invited the Rodwells after all.
HENDRIX: They've made a big effort with us, and I did tell Sadie that I wanted to move on after the fire.
MACKENZIE: Well, I truly don't mind if they come or not. It's your call, and I support you.
Susan overhears, and offers to call the Rodwells and make the invitation. Hendrix agrees and thanks her. Mackenzie tells Hendrix he can now relax and start enjoying the party.
MACKENZIE: This is our day. No-one else's.
HENDRIX: Okay. For sure!
The Waterhole
Estelle appears to be grilling Paul about his financial interests; he tells her he's the majority owner of the hotel, and the entire complex. Terese returns from her phone call and sees them speaking. Estelle flirtatiously compliments Paul on how great The Waterhole is.
ESTELLE: Fun but classy. A little bit like your truly.
Terese briskly returns to the table and asks Paul to give them some space, as she needs to talk to Estelle. Paul smirks and gets up, saying it was nice to meet Estelle, then walks off.
TERESE: So, I just had an interesting chat with Nick. Turns out you're not here as selflessly as you claimed - big surprise there (!)
ESTELLE: If you'll give me a chance to explain...
TERESE: You've had since last night to explain, Mother. And you failed to mention that your latest boyfriend got sick of your nonsense and kicked you out, so you thought you'd come here and leech off me for a while. Is that right, or am I missing something?
ESTELLE: I really was hoping to spend some time with you, to make up for the past!
TERESE: Spare me the performance. You know what? I'm just angry with myself that I entertained the possibility that you were being genuine.
No 28
In the garden, Nicolette gives Hendrix and Mackenzie a hug, saying she's so excited for their engagement.
NICOLETTE: It almost makes an old cynic like me believe in happy endings!
Kiri is nearby, and looks uncomfortable. Hendrix is still distracted, and Mackenzie asks if he's still worried about the Rodwells.
HENDRIX: Inviting them seemed right, but now I just... Look, it's probably fine.
NICOLETTE: (...) Want me to barricade the house? Don't worry, I'll crash-tackle them on the front porch.
Kiri is with Chloe nearby, and watches Nicolette as she goes to fetch a speaker to put on some music.
KIRI: Nic can be prickly, but she's also - I dunno - kind and caring too, right?
Chloe agrees with this. Harlow turns up, and hugs Hendrix and Mackenzie. Hendrix says she didn't have to come if she wasn't feeling up to it.
HARLOW: Are you kidding? I wouldn't miss this. And I just want to apologise, for the way that I've been acting recently.
HENDRIX: No, there's no need.
MACKENZIE: Yeah, we know it wasn't your fault. We love you as much as we always have.
Nicolette returns, and reports that Susan has invited the Rodwells, who were super-grateful but have other plans, so can't come.
NICOLETTE: So can you finally enjoy yourself?
HENDRIX: ... Yeah. Yeah, I think I will. Let's crank the music.
Lassiter's Complex
Terese storms out of the pub, followed closely by Estelle, who admits she has nowhere else to go.
ESTELLE: I probably could've worked something out, but I chose to come here because I really did want to see you and make things better with us.
TERESE: Why didn't you start with honesty? Why didn't you tell me from the start you were homeless?
ESTELLE: You would've assumed I was here for a handout and shown me the door! Besides, I was embarrassed. It's humiliating to admit my life's fallen in a heap! And you didn't need my sob story on top of everything.
TERESE: Okay, so you want to patch things up. And the fact that I've got a big house with plenty of room is icing on the cake?
ESTELLE: Obviously I wouldn't say no to the chance of staying a few nights. That would mean the world.
Terese sighs.
No 28
Levi is back from his ice run, and is quick to ask Chloe if Freya is here. Chloe says she's in the bathroom.
CHLOE: You are looking really swish, and smelling delish.
LEVI: Oh, thank you.
CHLOE: You're really pulling out all the stops there!
LEVI: I mean, it is a special occasion.
Freya emerges, and greets Levi with a shy 'hi'. Chloe tactfully moves a little distance away to give them space. There's awkwardness as they both reach for a water bottle at the same time, each telling the other to pour first.
FREYA: Look, we can't do this. We can't tiptoe around each other like this.
LEVI: Yeah.
FREYA: Kissing you, I... I really didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable.
LEVI: No, no, I... It was just an intense situation.
FREYA: Yeah. Uh, do we just pretend like it never happened, or...?
LEVI: Okay... okay, it's probably for the best.
FREYA: ... Okay. Bye.
Freya walks off and rejoins Chloe. But neither Levi nor Freya look happy with how the conversation has landed up.
Meanwhile in the garden, the music is playing and Hendrix and Mackenzie are dancing. Hendrix has a mild bout of coughing. Harlow asks them both if they've made any plans for the wedding day yet, declaring herself on 'bridesmaid standby'. Mackenzie says it's 'duly noted' but that they are taking it slow and having a long engagement.
Hendrix gets a phone call and moves off somewhere quieter to take it. Susan emerges and tells Harlow it's great to see her doing better.
HARLOW: I am, all things considered. Can't say the same for Corey, though, when Grandad gets his hands on him (...) He's got his PI on the case, so... I assume with him and the police, they'll track him down at some point.
But Harlow says she refuses to let it rule her life, and doesn't want to give the Restoration Order the satisfaction.
HARLOW (to Mackenzie): And I didn't enjoy Kyle and Roxy's wedding because my head was all over the place, so I'm determined to enjoy yours.
Mackenzie hugs her, just as Hendrix emerges again, having finished his call.
HENDRIX: That was the organ donor register. They found a match!
MACKENZIE: You're gonna get a transplant?!
MACKENZIE: Oh my god, Hendrix!
She hugs him delightedly, as everyone gets very emotional.
Erinsborough Hospital
Glen appears to be in a lot of pain when Terese comes in, and she quickly notices. He says it'll be smooth sailing once he gets through the first few days, and asks how things have been going with Estelle.
TERESE: Oh, well, a different kind of pain. But it turns out I was right about my suspicions.
The Waterhole
Estelle has reconvened with Paul.
ESTELLE: It's a shame we were interrupted earlier. My daughter can be quite the hellraiser.
PAUL (laughs): I am aware of that, believe me.
ESTELLE: Yes. It seems things between you have always been passionate, one way or another?
PAUL: Yeah, although I'm definitely not her favourite person at the moment.
ESTELLE: Join the club.
Erinsborough Hospital
Glen tells Terese he's sorry her mum has let her down again.
TERESE: I just wish she'd been more honest about needing somewhere to stay, instead of feeding me a pack of lies about wanting to reconnect.
GLEN: You don't think it might be both?
TERESE: Who knows? I've given up on making sense of her. I mean, the only time she's ever been upfront is when she was flirting with a boyfriend or a husband. I suppose I should just be grateful that she hasn't sauntered in here and tried to take a piece of you!
The Waterhole
Estelle says it's a shame she didn't get to know Paul while he and Terese were together. There's an air of mild flirtation throughout their exchange.
ESTELLE: Something tells me we'd have hit it off.
PAUL: Well, from the stories I've heard about you, I reckon you're probably right.
ESTELLE (laughs): If those stories have come from my daughter, then I'm sure they make me sound like a total demon.
PAUL: Oh, no. Not at all. No, I'd say a woman who knows how to have a good time.
ESTELLE: Well, that I can't deny. But I'd still rather the chance to tell you my side of the story. Perhaps over a drink?
PAUL: Alright, you're on.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Terese asks Estelle why she's talking to Paul; 'It was more him talking to me,' she replies
- Terese tells Paul she knows he wants to mess with her, but to leave her family out of it
- Hendrix asks Karl if he can find out who his donor is; Karl says the process is anonymous
- We see Hendrix and Mackenzie in a hospital; Hendrix looks through a window in a door...
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Terese Willis, Estelle Petrides in Neighbours Episode 8856
Terese Willis, Estelle Petrides

Susan Kennedy, Mackenzie Hargreaves, Levi Canning, Hendrix Greyson in Neighbours Episode 8856
Susan Kennedy, Mackenzie Hargreaves, Levi Canning, Hendrix Greyson

Estelle Petrides, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8856
Estelle Petrides, Terese Willis

Terese Willis, Glen Donnelly in Neighbours Episode 8856
Terese Willis, Glen Donnelly

Harlow Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8856
Harlow Robinson

Terese Willis, Estelle Petrides in Neighbours Episode 8856
Terese Willis, Estelle Petrides

Terese Willis, Estelle Petrides in Neighbours Episode 8856
Terese Willis, Estelle Petrides

Kiri Durant, Chloe Brennan, Mackenzie Hargreaves, Freya Wozniak in Neighbours Episode 8856
Kiri Durant, Chloe Brennan, Mackenzie Hargreaves, Freya Wozniak

Terese Willis, Paul Robinson, Estelle Petrides in Neighbours Episode 8856
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson, Estelle Petrides

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8856
Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Freya Wozniak, Jane Harris, Chloe Brennan, Kiri Durant, Mackenzie Hargreaves in Neighbours Episode 8856
Susan Kennedy, Freya Wozniak, Jane Harris, Chloe Brennan, Kiri Durant, Mackenzie Hargreaves

Mackenzie Hargreaves, Hendrix Greyson, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8856
Mackenzie Hargreaves, Hendrix Greyson, Susan Kennedy

Paul Robinson, Terese Willis, Estelle Petrides in Neighbours Episode 8856
Paul Robinson, Terese Willis, Estelle Petrides

Mackenzie Hargreaves, Hendrix Greyson, Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8856
Mackenzie Hargreaves, Hendrix Greyson, Nicolette Stone

Kiri Durant, Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8856
Kiri Durant, Chloe Brennan

Mackenzie Hargreaves, Hendrix Greyson, Harlow Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8856
Mackenzie Hargreaves, Hendrix Greyson, Harlow Robinson

Estelle Petrides, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8856
Estelle Petrides, Terese Willis

Chloe Brennan, Levi Canning in Neighbours Episode 8856
Chloe Brennan, Levi Canning

Freya Wozniak, Levi Canning in Neighbours Episode 8856
Freya Wozniak, Levi Canning

Hendrix Greyson in Neighbours Episode 8856
Hendrix Greyson

Mackenzie Hargreaves, Hendrix Greyson in Neighbours Episode 8856
Mackenzie Hargreaves, Hendrix Greyson

Terese Willis, Glen Donnelly in Neighbours Episode 8856
Terese Willis, Glen Donnelly

Estelle Petrides in Neighbours Episode 8856
Estelle Petrides

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8856
Paul Robinson

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