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Neighbours Episode 8711 from 2021 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8711
Australian airdate: 30/09/21
UK airdate:
Writer: Shane Isheev
Director: Scott Major
Guests: Britney Barnes: Montana Cox
Abigail Tanaka: Mary Finn
Isla Tanaka-Brennan: Axelle Austin
Summary/Images by: Carly/Graham
- Terese yelling at Paul to pack his bags and leave
- Aaron and David upset over losing Abigail to Britney
- David and Aaron inviting Nicolette to move back in
- Terese leaving Aaron and David to babysit Abigail
- Nicolette feeling upset when the boys don't show for brunch
- Britney becoming angry when she sees David and Aaron with Abigail
- Leo telling David that Britney wants them to move to New York
Number 32
Chloe looks on helplessly as Aaron and David wallow over Leo's news. Aaron says Britney doesn't care about how the move will affect them, but David reminds him she doesn't have to. Aaron feels as though they should at least try to convince Britney to stay. He also says her rash decision is his fault, but David disagrees: "I could have stopped you". Chloe says the main thing is that the boys still have each other - and Isla. David knows he can't blame Britney too much as she would have felt so confronted seeing them with Abigail.
DAVID: Maybe if we'd asked her first she'd be staying in Erinsborough.
AARON: It just feels like we're losing Is-, we're losing Abigail all over again.
Number 22
Leo tells Britney that he doesn't think moving to New York is the best decision as things didn't end well for them there. Britney insists it'll be different this time, though, as their priorities have changed. They'll get some space in NY and finally have the chance to bond with their daughter. Leo says that raising a child is full on and they won't have any support, but Britney replies that after everything that happened it's too messy here.
BRITNEY: We can't start a family with David and Aaron constantly sticking their nose in it.
LEO: They just need time to adjust.
BRITNEY: No, but they love Abigail. And they'll always see her as their daughter.
Terese joins their conversation and says they all love Abigail and just want what's best for her. But Britney's in no mood to trust the advice of someone who dropped Abigail for work today. Terese apologises and promises it won't happen again, but Britney doesn't want to keep making more parenting mistakes. She knows this is the right decision, not only for Abigail, but for everyone.
Lassiters Complex
Nicolette wheels Isla's pram through the complex with Jane, and says she feels as though the boys are never going to forgive her if the brunch no-show is anything to go by. Jane reminds her that the boys invited her to move back in, but Nic says it's Isla's presence they're really after. The brunch was supposed to be the start of their "new normal". Jane figures there's bound to be a reasonable explanation as to why they didn't show up, and suggests they head over to #32 now for a chat.
NICOLETTE: I don't want to live somewhere I'm not wanted.
JANE: This was never going to be easy, but it does not mean that you give up.
Number 32 Backyard
Jane announces their arrival, saying they've got baked goods and a cute baby in tow. Nicolette and Jane clock David and Aaron's solemn mood, so David shares the news that Leo and Britney are moving to NY. This surprises Nicolette since Britney didn't mention anything of the sort to her this morning. But she guesses that explains why the boys were MIA from brunch earlier. Jane sympathises with them and Nicolette hopes cuddles from Isla will help.
NICOLETTE: I've got some other news. If the offer's still there, Isla and I would love to move in.
AARON: (relieved) Finally some great news.
NICOLETTE: I know it's a start, and we've got a lot to work through, but I want the best for Isla. She deserves it.
AARON: Yeah, she sure does.
DAVID: (leaning into the pram) Welcome home little one.
The mood is dashed when Chloe strides out with some drinks for David and Aaron, not realising Nic and Jane are there. Zeroing in on Chloe's hand, Nicolette asks if she's wearing the engagement ring she bought.
Lassiters Hotel Penthouse
Harlow pops by to visit Paul, glad to see he's not drowning his sorrows in alcohol. But Paul says he's already been for a swim today and gained some clarity about how to make amends with Terese. He just needs Harlow's help in getting Jesse's phone number. Confused, Harlow asks why Paul wants to speak to him. "Ah, look, there's a few things you need to know," says Paul, earning a weary look from his granddaughter.
Number 32
Nicolette asks for the ring back, but Chloe's having trouble getting it unstuck from her finger. Frustrated, Nicolette gets some oil from the pantry and drags Chloe over to the sink to pour it over the ring. While Chloe's working on it, she blurts out that she misses Nicolette, which doesn't impress her ex. Chloe says she was wearing the ring to feel closer to Nicolette.
NICOLETTE: (angry) Oh you're heartbroken and lonely, sounds familiar.
CHLOE: We went through so much to be together. We can get through anything.
NICOLETTE: Empty words.
CHLOE: I love you. I want to be with you. I want us to have a life together.
NICOLETTE: And where was this speech after I proposed?
CHLOE: I mean it. I've never been so sure of anything.
NICOLETTE: Now I know you want me to laugh. You want me to believe you after everything! You say all the right things but they're lies; and you call me cruel.
CHLOE: If you give me a chance things will be different.
NICOLETTE: No, Chloe! I will never give you another opportunity to betray me again.
CHLOE: Nicolette, please, nothing happened with Leo.
NICOLETTE: I know that! But I was still the last person to find out what was going on in my own relationship. That's how little you cared for me. At least I have enough respect for you to be honest. I did a lot of work in Canberra to move on, and I am much happier now.
CHLOE: You don't mean that.
NICOLETTE: Let me be perfectly clear: I do not love you anymore.
Nicolette walks out leaving Chloe crushed.
Lassiters Complex
Terese is having a coffee with Jane and telling her about Britney wanting to move away. Jane says Terese shouldn't blame herself, but Terese feels she should have known leaving the baby with David and Aaron wouldn't end well. Jane notes that the boys didn't mention the reasoning behind Britney's move to Nicolette before, and guesses they thought she would have reacted badly. Terese hopes she hasn't caused too much more drama, but Jane says there's only one person responsible for all the mess and it's not her. Also, if anyone is likely to cause more problems, Jane believes it's Chloe as Nicolette is so tense around her. Both women get text messages at the same time and realise, with disdain, that it's a dinner invitation from Paul. Jane huffs and says it's a typical Paul move.
JANE: I know how this works. He's going to put on a big show of remorse whilst maintaining that he was in the right the whole time.
TERESE: And after charming us with a lovely gathering he's going to magically expect us to forgive him.
JANE: It is always the same. Just rinse and repeat. Well I have had enough; I am not going to play his game anymore!
Jane apologises if she sounds too stern, but Terese looks as though she's mulling things over too.
Number 32
Nicolette finishes feeding Isla and passes her to David to burp. But she barely gives David a chance before she takes Isla back to show him the right burping method. "I could have done it, y'know," David sighs. Nicolette apologises and says she's just on autopilot after doing it alone thus far, handing Isla to Aaron for a turn. While Aaron's trying to get Isla to burp, he and Nicolette notice that the baby did a little spew down David's back before. Nicolette helps to clean his shirt and admits when she was pregnant she used to imagine what it would be like, just the four of them living together. "This is pretty close to it," she adds with a small smile. Hearing a burp, Nicolette praises Isla, but Aaron jokes it was him. Paul suddenly pops over to see Isla and asks if they're all free for a family dinner that night. Nicolette looks unenthused, and David wonders when Paul actually spoke to Leo last as circumstances have changed.
Lassiters Hotel Penthouse
Paul finishes up what sounds like a civil phone call with Jesse when Leo drops in. Leo notices that Paul's looking pleased with himself, and Paul says he's just made the first steps in getting Terese to forgive him. "Whatever you've got planned it better be one hell of a gesture," Leo quips. Paul then asks why Leo and Britney are suddenly moving back to New York. Leo says that Britney wants a fresh start and doesn't think that can happen in Erinsborough.
PAUL: How do you feel about it?
LEO: Well if it were my decision of course we'd stay.
PAUL: So stand your ground, Leo. Don't let her dictate what's happening.
LEO: It's what Britney wants, all right, so I need to support her in that.
Paul then asks what's going to happen to the vineyard, but Leo isn't sure yet.
PAUL: Your family is here.
LEO: There's family in New York as well. Dad I need to do this the right way. If I'm stubborn, or not willing to compromise, I could lose a chance at raising my daughter.
PAUL: And there's nothing that can be done to persuade Britney?
LEO: I doubt it. Not after everything that's happened.
Harold's Café
Britney brings Abigail to have a catch up with Nicolette. Nic tells her she's going to move back into #32 tomorrow. She knows it's going to be awkward, but also great for Isla to have so much family around. Britney's glad Nicolette's okay with staying in Erinsborough because it's way too much for her to handle. Nicolette asks why Britney didn't say anything about New York when they saw each other that morning. But Britney says she only made the decision when she found David and Aaron babysitting Abigail without her permission. This is quite the revelation for Nicolette as she realises it's why the boys skipped out on brunch. "Unbelievable," she mutters.
The Waterhole
Paul finds Terese at the bar and says the night has been a total disaster. He had grand plans of reuniting the family and now Leo and Britney are leaving. "And you haven't helped," he grouses, earning a death stare from Terese. She says he's got a lot of nerve putting blame on her when the whole messy situation is due to him. Paul sighs and apologises, saying he's just upset about Leo leaving again.
PAUL: You're right, I shouldn't take it out on you.
TERESE: I've had enough of your hypocrisy, Paul. Treating us all like pawns when life isn't one big chess game.
PAUL: Yeah, you're right. Come on let's sit down.
TERESE: (shrugging him away) No, Paul, I'm not finished. Wherever Leo chooses to live he will always be in your life because he is your son. That doesn't apply to everyone - remember that.
Number 22
Britney tells Leo she's been looking at flights to NY and they can leave tomorrow. Leo is onboard going wherever is best for Abigail, and he understands why that can't be Erinsborough, but he's not convinced NY is the best choice. It's where everything went wrong for them last time. Britney says it wasn't all bad, they had friends and careers there; they were happy once.
BRITNEY: I just missed out on too much with Abigail already. I need a fresh new start away from all this pressure.
LEO: What about Wollongong? Your parents are there, right? And you could work just up the road in Sydney, and my mum's there too.
Leo adds that if Britney feels that NY is best for Abigail, he'll book the tickets himself. But if a fresh start is really what she's after, maybe New South Wales holds a clean slate for the both of them. Britney looks as though she's giving it genuine thought.
Harold's Café
Chloe thanks Nicolette for meeting her and hands the engagement ring back in its box. Now that they're done, Nicolette asks Chloe to please leave her alone. Chloe says the last thing she wants to do is upset Nic more. "Then leave me be," Nicolette replies. "Isla is my sole focus now, and it's going to take all of my energy to work things out with Aaron and David." Chloe understands, then says she'll wait as long as it takes. When Chloe leaves, Nicolette opens the ring box and looks at the piece of jewellery, trying not to get upset.
Number 32
Aaron and David are slightly relieved to hear that Leo and Britney have chosen to move to Wollongong instead. Leo says they're leaving in the morning. When David asks if he can hold Abigail, Britney agrees and hands over the baby. Aaron moves closer so he can share in the moment with David. "I've only known you a little while," David softly tells Abigail, "but you've turned my life completely upside down." Aaron agrees - it blows his mind how much love Abigail brought into the house. "It's kind of felt empty without you, I don't know how I'm going to handle not seeing you," Aaron says sadly. Feeling sorry for them, Leo promises Abigail will be back to visit her favourite uncles soon enough. Britney takes the baby back from them, saying they need to go and pack. Leo gives both David and Aaron a big hug before they go. Once they're alone, David brings Aaron in for a comforting hug, mourning their loss all over again.
Lassiters Hotel Exterior
Leo and Britney's farewells continue with Paul and Harlow. Paul has been allowed a cuddle with Abigail and says he might pop up to Wollongong in a week or two to see how they're settling in. "That won't be necessary," Britney states. "And I've contacted my bank - you'll be getting all your money back." Leo adds that Paul's got enough on his plate at the moment with Terese anyway. Harlow agrees that Paul certainly has a lot of things to atone for. She asks if Paul's spoken to Jesse, and Paul says he has. It wasn't easy but things have been put into motion with him at least. Getting antsy, Britney takes Abigail from Paul and says they should head off. Harlow asks for a lift back home and follows Britney to the car. While Paul's hugging Leo goodbye, Terese watches them from inside her parked car across the complex.
Lassiters Hotel Penthouse
Paul is pleasantly surprised to see Terese, thinking she's there to talk. He gets a rude shock when he realises she's dragging bags of his belongings in with her. Paul is frustrated and asks her to be reasonable, but Terese just says if she's missed anything then he can call Harlow and she'll take care of it.
PAUL: You have got every right to be angry, but don't you think this is a bit extreme?
TERESE: You of all people will not lecture me on extreme behaviour.
PAUL: I promise I will make it up to you. I've even got a special surprise organised for tomorrow.
TERESE: Save it, Paul.
PAUL: No, no, I've got Jesse, he's coming down. You're going to be able to spend the entire day together. (Terese glares at him) I thought you'd be happy?
TERESE: This is exactly why I've had enough. Instead of saying you're sorry, all you're doing is trying to manipulate me into forgiving you. I can't do this anymore. I want a separation.
The elevator door closes on Paul's devastated expression.
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Aaron Brennan, Chloe Brennan, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8711
Aaron Brennan, Chloe Brennan, David Tanaka

Leo Tanaka, Terese Willis, Britney Barnes in Neighbours Episode 8711
Leo Tanaka, Terese Willis, Britney Barnes

Jane Harris, Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8711
Jane Harris, Nicolette Stone

Jane Harris, Nicolette Stone, David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8711
Jane Harris, Nicolette Stone, David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan

Isla Tanaka-Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8711
Isla Tanaka-Brennan

Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8711
Chloe Brennan

Paul Robinson, Harlow Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8711
Paul Robinson, Harlow Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8711
Paul Robinson

Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8711
Nicolette Stone

Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8711
Chloe Brennan

Terese Willis, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 8711
Terese Willis, Jane Harris

Paul Robinson, David Tanaka, Nicolette Stone, Aaron Brennan, Isla Tanaka-Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8711
Paul Robinson, David Tanaka, Nicolette Stone, Aaron Brennan, Isla Tanaka-Brennan

Paul Robinson, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8711
Paul Robinson, Leo Tanaka

Nicolette Stone, Britney Barnes in Neighbours Episode 8711
Nicolette Stone, Britney Barnes

Paul Robinson, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8711
Paul Robinson, Terese Willis

Britney Barnes, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8711
Britney Barnes, Leo Tanaka

Chloe Brennan, Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8711
Chloe Brennan, Nicolette Stone

Leo Tanaka, Britney Barnes, Aaron Brennan, Abigail Tanaka, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8711
Leo Tanaka, Britney Barnes, Aaron Brennan, Abigail Tanaka, David Tanaka

Abigail Tanaka, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8711
Abigail Tanaka, David Tanaka

Harlow Robinson, Abigail Tanaka, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8711
Harlow Robinson, Abigail Tanaka, Paul Robinson

Leo Tanaka, Britney Barnes in Neighbours Episode 8711
Leo Tanaka, Britney Barnes

Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8711
Terese Willis

Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8711
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8711
Paul Robinson

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