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Neighbours Episode 8643 from 2021 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8643
Australian airdate: 15/06/21
UK airdate:
Writer: Emma J Steele
Director: Iain Pirret
Guests: Pierce Greyson: Don Hany
Leo Tanaka: Tim Kano
Summary/Images by: Carly/Graham
- Paul announcing that Leo's returning on a one- way flight
- Nicolette tearing up Chloe and Pierce's wedding album
- Nicolette apologising to Chloe for her temper and saying it'll never happen again
- Kyle querying why Levi was looking up his attackers
- Kyle discovering surveillance photos Levi took of the guys who attacked him
- Levi finding a toy train on the front doorstep
Number 26
Levi is rattled and explains to Kyle that he was playing with a toy train the day he got bashed. He believes Mitch and Nelson know he was surveilling them and have left the train on his doorstep as a warning. Kyle says that if it was Mitch and Nelson then they need to report it before something else happens. Levi says he'll get onto it first thing in the morning.
Number 24
Jane and Nicolette are chatting about the dinner Nic cooked and try to get Chloe involved in the conversation, but she's distracted. Nicolette wonders if Chloe wants to curl up on the couch and watch a movie - she even got Chloe's favourite ice-cream. But Chloe claims she just wants to have a bath and head to bed. Once they're alone, Jane comments to Nicolette on how tense things are still. Nicolette says she apologised, and Chloe accepted, but they haven't really had a chance to talk more on the topic because Chloe's been so busy.
NICOLETTE: Hopefully Pierce slithers back to Sydney and things can go back to normal.
JANE: Well, I wouldn't rely on Pierce leaving to fix things.
NICOLETTE: I can't exactly force her to talk to me, mum.
JANE: No but you can't leave it too long either. One thing I've learnt after what happened with Clive and I is that how things can go from bad to worse very quickly.
Number 32
The next morning Paul and Terese have coffee with David and Aaron while they wait for Leo to arrive. Paul's keen to see his son and asks David if he knows anything more about why Leo's decided to come home. David says Leo was eager to meet Nicolette, but that's all the intel he got. Paul then thinks that Leo will be staying at #22 with him, but David and Aaron were assuming he'd be their houseguest. The conversation is paused for a moment when Leo suddenly appears, jokingly wondering where the red carpet is for his arrival. David races over for a hug, which Leo happily returns. Leo then hugs Paul and Aaron, leaving an awkward little hug with Terese for last. The matter of where Leo's staying is decided when he says he'll unpack his stuff at #32, then he'll join everyone for brunch.
The Waterhole
Yashvi and Kyle sit with Levi after his meeting with the Sarge about the toy train. Levi confessed to using the database for his own gain, and Yashvi says he's lucky their boss didn't throw the book at him, "I would have if I was in that interview." Levi's surprised he wasn't suspended over it. Kyle wants to know what Levi's going to tell Sheila, but Levi's determined to keep the matter quiet. He gave the train to the Sarge to dust for prints and they'll decide what to do from there. Yashvi thinks Levi should come clean to Sheila, especially since Mitch and Nelson know where the Cannings live now, but Levi tells her to drop it. Levi then heads home alone to clear his head. Yashvi and Kyle look worried.
Lassiters Complex
Pierce spies Paul as they pass by the hotel and tries to engage him in some verbal sparring. But Paul's determined not to retaliate so he won't spoil the happy mood he's in now that Leo's home. Pierce says he'll give Leo a call to say hello, but Paul tells him not to bother as they're about to have a family brunch. Paul then can't help himself and adds that Pierce probably doesn't know what it's like to have family around who want to spend time with him.
Paul leaves and Pierce is about to keep walking when Chloe catches up with him. She's carrying an envelope that he left at reception for her and he explains they're copies of their wedding photos. He knows she was upset to lose them so he had the photographer print out a new set. There's some particularly nice ones in there of Fay from the Adelaide ceremony.
PIERCE: I know it's a bit odd given our circumstances but I hope it's not out of line.
CHLOE: Yeah, a little odd, but totally in line.
She thanks him and looks touched by the nice gesture.
Harold's Café
Chloe immediately goes over to see Nicolette (and Jane) to offer full transparency about Pierce giving her the photos. She clarifies that she didn't ask for them either, but she's grateful Pierce reached out. "Despite that part of our lives being over, our wedding day was special," she explains. Nicolette is doing her part to be understanding and can see how it would have been special for Chloe to have her friends and family around to celebrate on the day. But when Chloe leaves, Nicolette's calm demeanour changes and she looks ready to throttle Pierce. She angrily tells Jane that Pierce only printed out the photos so Chloe felt indebted to him, calling him manipulative.
JANE: Perhaps if you hadn't destroyed them in the first place.
NICOLETTE: No, every chance he gets is payback. Why can't Chloe see that?
JANE: Working yourself up isn't doing yourself any favours.
NICOLETTE: No, no, no, someone needs to teach him a lesson, mum!
JANE: Nicolette you said that you didn't want to be this person anymore. So take a breath and calm down.
Number 26 Backyard
Levi is looking quite upset when Yashvi finds him. She explains she took an extended lunch break to check up on him because she was worried he's been spending too much time alone lately. Levi starts crying and says he can't deal with the situation anymore.
Number 22
Terese sorts out food in the kitchen while Leo catches up with Paul, David and Aaron. Paul asks Leo if there have been any interesting work projects lately, and then asks if Leo's been seeing anyone in New York. Leo looks uncomfortable and David tells Paul to let the poor guy get over his jet lag first before he keeps grilling him. Paul says he's merely taking an interest in his kids, but Terese thinks it'd be more beneficial for him to take an interest in helping her with brunch. Leo then gives David and Aaron a little present he picked up for the baby. He couldn't decide between which colour booties to get so he bought both pairs. Aaron says their little girl is going to be spoilt rotten, and Uncle Leo agrees. David then thanks his brother for coming back to spend time with them. In the kitchen, Terese quietly tells Paul off for bombarding Leo with twenty questions. But Paul explains that the time he spent with Leo at Christmas gave them a really solid foundation and he wants to keep building on that. Maybe even try to get Leo to stay in Erinsborough on a more permanent basis if he can.
Number 26 Backyard
Yashvi brings Levi a chamomile tea after he's calmed down. Levi admits he didn't realise just how much everything had been weighing on him. But Yashvi's not surprised - he's been pushing himself too hard ever since Bea left. Levi says that the train on the doorstep made him feel like that nine-year-old kid again who didn't stand a chance. Yashvi thinks he should tell Sheila what's been happening, but Levi doesn't want to put that burden on his gran. He doesn't want to keep unloading things on Kyle either. So Yashvi says Levi can come to her with any troubles.
Number 22
Brunch is coming to an end. Aaron tells Leo that Nicolette has been busy but she'll take her break when they get to the Café. Leo says he's looking forward to meeting the woman who's tied to their families "in more ways than one". Chuckling, Terese admits that Nicolette can be a "firecracker" but her and Chloe are happy together, and she's given David and Aaron an amazing gift. Leo says that Paul didn't really rate Nicolette when he spoke about her at Christmas, but Paul says the only thing he cares about is that the baby is happy and healthy. Aaron thinks they should head out to see Nic, so while Terese sees him and Leo out, Paul asks David for a quick word alone. Paul wants David to suss out just how long Leo is interested in staying in town for as he'd like to offer Leo a job, but if he's not keen on sticking around then there's not much point. David concedes it would be great to have Leo around and says he'll try and find out some info.
Harold's Café
Pierce puts in a drink order with Nicolette but she tells him to shove his coffee. She can't believe the nerve of him, trying to undermine her relationship with Chloe and remind her how crappy she was in wrecking the photos. Pierce comments that Nicolette's been doing a pretty good job of that on her own.
NICOLETTE: You love to stir the pot. You need to butt out of our relationship.
PIERCE: Oh, and where have I heard that before? That's right, I told you to stay out of our marriage but you didn't listen did you.
NICOLETTE: (shrugging) That was different.
PIERCE: That's right. I haven't done anywhere near the amount of damage you've done to us.
NICOLETTE: You're just jealous that I'm having a baby with Chloe. I am giving her everything you never could.
PIERCE: It's not yours and Chloe's baby. It's David and Aaron's. You're completely delusional.
He walks out and Nicolette knows she's put her foot in it.
The Waterhole
Levi and Kyle catch up with Sheila. Levi wants to take his gran to dinner and a movie, mainly to make up for snapping at her the other day, but also because he wants to keep her out of the house. But Sheila says she doesn't have time as she's about to interview people at The Hive for the manager position. Levi privately freaks out because he thinks that could be the perfect way for Mitch and Nelson to get to his gran, so he tells Sheila she might be better off interviewing the applicants at the pub where it's more crowded. Levi nudges Kyle into the act as well but Sheila gets sick of them treating her like a fragile old woman and says she'll be perfectly fine at The Hive. Once Sheila leaves, Kyle snarks that Levi will have to play it a lot cooler next time if he still wants to keep Sheila in the dark. But Levi says once they get an update from Sergeant Rodwell things will be easier.
Harold's Café
David and Aaron introduce Leo to Nicolette and they share a hug. Chloe soon arrives and she gives Leo a happy hug as well. She wants to hear all about New York; the buildings he's built, the hearts he's broken. Leo says he's more interested in Chloe's heart, then gives her a bashful grin and asks if that's weird given their history.
NICOLETTE: (with a panicked laugh) Oh, you've got history?
CHLOE: Yeah! Brief but fun.
LEO: (teasing) Oof, there goes my heart again.
NICOLETTE: (with a forced smile) Any other exes turning up that I don't know about?
Ignoring Nicolette, Chloe asks Leo how long he's in town for. David would also like to know the answer, but Leo's unsure; it all depends on business. This excites David and he wonders if Leo will be sticking around longer if something interesting comes up. Leo says that it could, plus he's already feeling quite relaxed being back in Erinsborough again. "I could get used to it," Leo says, as Nicolette continues to paint on a pained smile.
Number 24
Pierce was hoping to see Chloe but Jane's the only one home. She's concerned that Pierce is trying to meddle in Chloe and Nicolette's relationship again, but Pierce tells her that Nicolette said something troubling to him before. "She said she could give Chloe a happy life, and a baby," Pierce informs her. Jane says that Pierce must have misunderstood what Nicolette meant, but Pierce says she was quite clear.
JANE: Maybe she's talking about the parenting arrangement? Obviously she will be spending time with the baby, and seeing as she and Chloe are together, it's only natural that they'll both be there.
PIERCE: Yeah, well, spending time with a child and raising a child, they're two completely different things. I think Chloe, David and Aaron ought to know how she's feeling.
JANE: You just let me speak to Nicolette first. She was furious earlier, and knowing how hotheaded she can be, it was probably said without thought simply to try and get a rise out of you.
PIERCE: Yeah as much as I know that was probably her MO, my gut tells me there was a lot more to it than that.
JANE: From the moment that she suggested the idea of carrying David and Aaron's child she has made it perfectly clear what her role in its life would be. This child is what the boys have wanted for so long, and for them to hear this, it would be devastating. Why put them under that kind of stress when it's most likely there's no reason to?
PIERCE: Even if there was no truth to what she said, doesn't that just demonstrate how manipulative Nicolette is? I think Chloe deserves to know that.
Lassiters Complex
Paul gets a text from David letting him know Leo's keen to stay in town so he should go ahead with his plan. Speaking of Leo, he walks over to Paul after checking out the Flamingo Bar and says it's a nice addition to the complex. Paul then asks Leo for a moment of his time as he's got a proposition for him. They sit out the front of the hotel and Paul says he'd like to offer Leo his old role back as Paul's business manager, and managing his personal portfolio. No one else knows the business like Leo does, and since Paul's also having money troubles at the moment, having Leo onboard would get him back on track. Plus Paul wants to keep rebuilding their bond. Leo says it's a great offer but he'd like some time to think about it. Paul's slightly taken aback Leo didn't immediately jump at the chance, but then smiles and tells Leo to take his time. But when Paul leaves, Leo gets a phone call from someone and says with an air of mystery: "I haven't told them yet but I'm about to."
The Waterhole
Yashvi tells Levi and Kyle that Sergeant Rodwell is going to Hastings to speak with the local cops about Mitch and Nelson. Kyle asks why they didn't just call the Hastings officers, but Yashvi says they wanted to do it in person. Levi's stoked that the Sarge is taking things seriously. Kyle then wonders if Levi's off the hook for the unauthorised stakeout. Yashvi says that everyone understands Levi did it because he was stressed and worried, so hopefully the outcome isn't too dire, but Levi still has to see a counsellor. Levi's fine with that, he's just relieved something is being done and Sheila doesn't have to worry about "two idiots turning up on her doorstep".
Number 22
Paul is absolutely convinced Leo is going to take up his offer to come work for him again. Terese thinks Paul should hold off on the celebratory scotch until Leo actually says yes, though, as there's more to him moving back than just a job. Leo then drops in to give Paul his answer. While he's happy to be sticking around and working on rebuilding their relationship, he's not going to accept the job.
LEO: I appreciate the offer but I'm going to go out on my own. And in some ways I'm going back to my roots. I'm buying Pierce's winery!
Paul is gobsmacked.
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Levi Canning, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 8643
Levi Canning, Kyle Canning

Nicolette Stone, Jane Harris, Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8643
Nicolette Stone, Jane Harris, Chloe Brennan

Jane Harris, Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8643
Jane Harris, Nicolette Stone

Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8643
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Leo Tanaka, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8643
Leo Tanaka, David Tanaka

Levi Canning, Yashvi Rebecchi, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 8643
Levi Canning, Yashvi Rebecchi, Kyle Canning

Paul Robinson, Pierce Greyson in Neighbours Episode 8643
Paul Robinson, Pierce Greyson

Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8643
Chloe Brennan

Chloe Brennan, Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8643
Chloe Brennan, Nicolette Stone

Levi Canning in Neighbours Episode 8643
Levi Canning

Aaron Brennan, Leo Tanaka, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8643
Aaron Brennan, Leo Tanaka, David Tanaka

Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8643
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Levi Canning, Yashvi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8643
Levi Canning, Yashvi Rebecchi

Paul Robinson, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8643
Paul Robinson, David Tanaka

Nicolette Stone, Pierce Greyson in Neighbours Episode 8643
Nicolette Stone, Pierce Greyson

Levi Canning, Kyle Canning, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 8643
Levi Canning, Kyle Canning, Sheila Canning

Levi Canning, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 8643
Levi Canning, Sheila Canning

Leo Tanaka, David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan, Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8643
Leo Tanaka, David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan, Chloe Brennan

Nicolette Stone, Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8643
Nicolette Stone, Chloe Brennan

Pierce Greyson in Neighbours Episode 8643
Pierce Greyson

Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 8643
Jane Harris

Paul Robinson, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8643
Paul Robinson, Leo Tanaka

Levi Canning, Yashvi Rebecchi, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 8643
Levi Canning, Yashvi Rebecchi, Kyle Canning

Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8643
Leo Tanaka

Leo Tanaka, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8643
Leo Tanaka, Paul Robinson

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