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Neighbours Episode 8532 from 2021 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8532 (Melanie Pearson returns)
Australian airdate: 08/01/21
UK airdate: 05/02/21
Writer: Stephanie Carter
Director: Scott Major
Guests: Des Clarke: Paul Keane
Melanie Pearson: Lucinda Cowden
Jacinta Hay: Maurial Spearim
- "New Roads" by Altitude X Faber & Matthew Swinnerton
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Clive visiting Sheila in hospital following her heart attack
- Clive tells Jane he thinks they should pause their relationship until Sheila's better
- Sheila begs Des to stay in town and keep Jane occupied, so Sheila can spend time with Clive
- Kyle's entering The 82 in the Best Dish contest; Paul's entering The Waterhole and Terrace
- Terese tells Paul to give Kyle a break as he's recreating Gary's dish, but Paul wants to win
- Kyle tells Roxy they're going to win the contest and make Gary proud
- Yashvi tells Clancy off for going near poisonous mushrooms while out for a walk
- Roxy spies the same type of mushroom near the tram and throws them straight into Kyle's gravy
The 82
Kyle and Roxy are frantically preparing Gary's speciality dish prior to the arrival of the judge for the Best Dish of Erinsborough competition - they have one hour to go. Kyle asks Roxy how the gravy tastes; she says it's 'amazing', and he's about to test it himself when he gets a phone call.
It's the judge, Jacinta, and after the call, Kyle tells Roxy that she's not coming today after all - their appointment has been pushed back to mid-morning tomorrow.
ROXY: This is good, babe. We can put the lid on the gravy and let the flavours develop overnight.
Cue ominous underscore, as Kyle agrees that this would make the gravy 'rich as'.
ROXY: The competition will be dead in the water.
We see a foreboding close-up of the bubbling pot of gravy.
No 26
In the garden, Sheila is fussing over Gary the Pigeon. Levi confirms the boys have been feeding the pigeon while Sheila's been in hospital. He encourages Sheila to come and sit down at the table given she's just out of hospital.
Des turns up, having been summoned by Sheila, and Levi goes to make a start on dinner. Des asks how Sheila's feeling; she's a bit tender and can't use one arm properly, but says she's called Des here to talk about how he's going with Jane. Des replies that he's surprised Jane isn't sick of the sight of him, given all the time they've been spending together.
Sheila is appreciative, but asks Des for 'one more favour'. She explains Clive has the day off tomorrow, so wants Des to keep Jane busy so that Sheila can spend more time with Clive.
DES: Sheila, I am struggling coming up with excuses for us to catch up as it is! She's gonna start thinking I'm obsessed.
SHEILA: Yeah, but when I was in the hospital, I did a bit of what the young kids call Facebook stalking. I have the absolute perfect cover for you. Trust me.
Lassiter's Complex
Jane comes across Clive outside Harold's; he's just picked up a takeaway for one.
JANE: I could come over to yours? No harm in dinner and a glass of wine. No-one would need to know.
CLIVE: I want to say yes - you know that?
JANE: It's just that we haven't really spoken properly for ages.
CLIVE: No, it's been a while. But...
JANE: Sheila.
CLIVE: Yeah. She's just out of hospital; she's very fragile. If word got out...
JANE: Of course.
CLIVE: It's only gonna be for a couple of weeks.
They both look regretful, and Clive heads off. At this point, Des turns up. He guesses Jane's 'long face' is to do with Clive; she admits she's just feeling sorry for herself.
JANE: No-one's paying attention to little old me!
DES: What am I, chopped liver?
JANE: Oh, Des! No, you have been a wonderful friend.
DES: I am so glad I ran into you. What are you up to tomorrow?
No 26
The following morning, Kyle and Levi are fussing over Sheila in the garden. Levi is spending the day with her, and tells Kyle just to worry about winning the Best Dish competition. Clive turns up to see Sheila.
SHEILA: Here's my morning house call, right on time!
LEVI: I didn't know the hospital did check-ups this soon after getting discharged?
CLIVE: Oh, Sheila's got a few questions about the pacemaker. It's all very new, so I said I'd drop in, have a chat.
Roxy shows up, and tells Kyle they need to hurry to The 82 and prepare for Judge Jacinta's arrival. They leave, and a sly Sheila is keen to get Levi inside doing the dishes, so she can spend time alone with Clive...
Lassiter's Complex
Des and Jane are heading past the café.
DES: Aren't you worried that Clive and Sheila are spending so much time together? He was really worried about her.
JANE: Well, of course he's worried. She's his friend, and she's been in hospital.
DES: You don't reckon that they might, uh, you know, spark things up again?
JANE: No. Clive assures me that that ship has well and truly sailed, and I believe him.
DES: Good to know.
As Jane and Des duck into Harold's, Paul and Terese come out of a vacant lot next door, discussing listing it with an agent so as to have more luck renting it out. Paul tells Terese he'll meet her later, a smirk developing on his face; Terese guesses he's headed to the tram to get under Kyle's skin about the Best Dish contest, and tells Paul to go easy on Kyle.
At this point, the two are surprised by the sound of distant but very distinctive laughter, rather like a barking seal. A look of vague recognition and mild horror crosses Paul's face.
TERESE: What's wrong?
PAUL: Hmm? Oh, no, nothing, nothing. I just thought... No, I must be hearing things!
The 82
Kyle is sprucing up the tram in preparation for Judge Jacinta's arrival, while Roxy stirs the mushroom gravy. She offers Kyle a taste test, but once again he's interrupted before he can taste it, this time by the arrival of Paul.
KYLE: What do you want, Paul?
PAUL: You are open, aren't you? And I'm a paying customer in need of a caffeine hit.
ROXY: Course you are!
KYLE: The Waterhole magically run out of coffee beans?
Paul remarks that he's seen Kyle's 'little table' outside for the judge, and Kyle responds that this is why Paul should be 'anywhere else but here'.
PAUL: Bangers and mash, though - bit of an odd choice, don't you think, for this competition? I thought you'd have gone for something more like the emu egg omelette with the myrtle jam. Something a little less pedestrian.
KYLE: Paul, you have zero chance against Dad's recipe, and I think you know that.
PAUL: Is that a fact?
ROXY: Come on, Paul. There's no way you're beating Gary's sausage.
KYLE: ...
PAUL: You make sure you tell the judge that. In those exact words, yeah?
Paul puts in his macchiato order and goes to take a table outside. Kyle moans to Roxy that Paul is all he needs right now. To make him 'feel better', Roxy's about to give him a taste of the mushroom sauce - but for the third time, fate intervenes and Kyle spills coffee beans everywhere, causing him to shriek with frustration.
Overhearing this from outside, Paul smirks with satisfaction.
Lassiter's Complex
The source of the laughter that chilled Paul to the bone earlier has become clear, if it wasn't already, as we learn who Jane and Des have met up with outside Harold's - Melanie Pearson! Jane wonders how Des knew the former Ramsay Street resident was back in Erinsborough before she did.
MELANIE: Oh, don't you know? He was stalking me! (seal laugh)
DES: I wasn't... I wasn't stalking. I called you cos a little birdie told me you'd moved to Anson's Corner.
MELANIE: I'm joking, silly. I don't get stalked! I do the stalking - because, girl power! Am I right, Jane?
JANE (laughs): Oh, I still can't quite believe it! I mean, Melanie Pearson!
We learn that Jane and Melanie last saw one another in London, but that Mel has since moved back to Australia; Jane says it's good to have her back.
MELANIE: And what about you two? Oh, I had always hoped that you two would get back together, and look at you now! So happy!
DES: Oh, we're not together! I mean, we *were*. We were married.
JANE: It didn't work out.
MELANIE: Oh. You didn't break up with him over the phone again, did you?
JANE: No - no, of course not.
MELANIE: Oh, that's a relief. Can you imagine what that would've felt like, Des? You may never have got over it! Devastating! So, there's no chance at all for you two, then? Not even a third-time-lucky?
JANE: No, no. I'm actually seeing someone else. Sort of (...) It's complicated. We're currently on a break, and... and his ex is unwell, and he's looking after her.
MELANIE: Sounds like a disaster. My advice - get out now!
JANE: Oh, no. I know that Clive is very -
MELANIE: Clive?! (seal laugh) The only Clive I have ever met is the one who lived with me and Des for a while. And he had his eye on Kerry Bishop. And we all know how that turned out!
JANE and DES: ...
MELANIE: Seriously?! You and Clive Gibbons?!
JANE: Well, don't sound *so* surprised.
MELANIE: Oh, I'm sorry - but you and Des, totally, I see that. You and Clive... (shakes her head) And if his ex is still on the scene, trust me, I can see this ending in so many tears.
Jane smiles politely.
No 26
Clive and Sheila are finishing up their chat in the garden; Clive says she can contact him if she has any more questions about the pacemaker. But Sheila's keen to keep him here and move the conversation onto their former romance. She reminds him about their first date at the art gallery, when she pretended to be an art expert.
CLIVE: You had Paul do a Cyrano de Bergerac in your ear. How could I forget it?
SHEILA: I don't even know who he is, but it worked a treat!
CLIVE: Well, no-one else has gone to those lengths to get my attention. I'll give you that.
Levi comes out to collect his shirt off the line; Roxy has summoned him down to the tram to help get rid of Paul, who's hanging around trying to get under Kyle's skin to sabotage the tasting. Sheila is furious to hear this, and declares she's going to the tram herself. Clive and Levi tell her she shouldn't be stressing herself out in her condition.
SHEILA: It's more stressful to be sitting here worrying about it!
With Sheila insisting on going to the tram, Clive says he'll take her, so he can keep an eye on her health, while Levi stays here.
CLIVE: If you're gonna put yourself under pressure, I am not gonna let you out of my sight.
At this development, Sheila smiles towards a worried-looking Levi, evidently believing that her plan to spend time with Clive is already paying dividends.
The 82
Paul is still smirking outside the tram as he hears Roxy giving an increasingly frantic Kyle a pep-talk, prior to the judge's arrival. Kyle's clearly let Paul get to him.
KYLE: Bangers and mash, babe - I am such an idiot!
ROXY: You're not an idiot. You picked the perfect dish, and you're gonna make your dad proud.
KYLE: I haven't even tasted the gravy!
ROXY: Okay, you need to stop with the second-guessing, kid. You're gonna drive yourself and me nuts. The only reason Paul's here is because he sees you as serious competition. He's tasted Gary's sausage and he knows how good it is.
KYLE: Yeah, you're right! I'm doing this for Dad. You know what? Paul can stick his Michelin-star chef where the sun don't shine!
Kyle walks outside and tells Paul to leave, saying he knows he's trying to put him off his game. Paul's quite content to stay, but Kyle reminds him that the judge will be on her way to Lassiter's as soon as she's done at the tram.
KYLE: But, hey, if you want to waste your time hanging out here instead of watching your guys get ready, be my guest.
Paul sees his point and goes, leaving a tip and quipping as he goes...
PAUL: Only win you're gonna get today!
Lassiter's Complex
Des and Jane are still catching up with Melanie. We learn she's still temping as a PA, and still taking her life advice from Madame Zolga, her astrologer from the olden days.
JANE: Madame Zolga is still alive?!
MELANIE: Hangin' in there! As she keeps telling me... (imitates Madame Zolga's heavy accent) It's not my time yet! (seal laugh)
The conversation comes back round to Clive, and Melanie wonders aloud whether he has any single friends.
MELANIE: It's been a bit of a dry run for me since Joe and I split. No regrets, though. And no cats yet! So where there's life, there's hope!
Jane gets a message from Clive, and smiles. When Melanie demands to know what it's about, Jane reluctantly admits that Clive's just telling her he's thinking of her.
MELANIE: Aww. Isn't that adorable? I do remember having a bit of a crush on Clive myself! Can you imagine me and Clive together today? Could've been a disaster! That's why I know that he's not right for you.
JANE: Oh, well, perhaps that's something that we should find out for ourselves.
MELANIE: What about you, Des? What's your take on the Jane/Clive debacle?
JANE: Hardly a debacle.
MELANIE: I didn't mean it like that. What's your gut saying, Des?
DES: I just want Jane to be happy.
JANE: And I am! And Clive is a wonderful man, and... I'm very lucky.
MELANIE: Well, good for you!
But Jane looks peeved...
The 82
Sheila and Clive have arrived at the tram; Sheila's pleased to find that Kyle has already managed to drive Paul away.
SHEILA: Although I will have a crack at him next time I see him.
She thanks Clive for being her 'knight in shining armour'. Roxy appears to take a photo of the pair of them. Sheila looks more excited at this prospect than Clive.
At this point, the council judge, Jacinta Hay, arrives, to sample Kyle's entry for Best Dish of Erinsborough. She's impressed with the tram and says she's eaten here before with family, so is looking forward to tasting the dish.
While Sheila and Clive sit down at another table nearby, Roxy shows Jacinta to a seat, and Kyle explains the background of the business.
KYLE: The tram restaurant was my dad's idea, but me and him ran the business together, up until he passed away last year.
JACINTA: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
KYLE: Yeah, it's been hard. But one of the ways we keep his memory alive is through his menu. Everything that he put on there has local and native ingredients, and all of our produce is sustainable and organic.
Jacinta is suitably impressed, as Kyle presents her with 'Gary's Aussie sausage'.
KYLE: With a mixed mushroom gravy, and a creamy parsnip puree.
The judge takes a photo of the dish, then an ominous underscore kicks in as she cuts into the sausage, dips it into the mushroom gravy, and takes a bite...
Lassiter's Complex
Melanie, Des and Jane are still chatting. Mel thinks it's 'gorgeous' that Jane and Des have remained such close friends despite the marriage break-up. Jane says they've worked hard to achieve this.
MELANIE: You're so lucky. Especially to have Des here to help you work through your tricky love life!
Des gets a notification on his phone, and opens it to see the photo Roxy took of Sheila and Clive together outside the tram. Meanwhile, Jane insists to Melanie that she and Clive are on the same page with their relationship, but just 'on the back burner for now'.
MELANIE: Hmm. While he tends to his ex-lover.
JANE: His friend. Who has had a heart attack.
MELANIE: I'm sure you know what you're doing. (To Des) And I'm so glad you have her back.
Des is looking concerned.
The 82
Jacinta is making some notes following her taste of the sausage dish; she can only have a small sample, she explains, as she's judging numerous dishes today.
JACINTA: I don't want to give away too much. But I wish I could have more of your dish. You should be proud of what you've done here, in your dad's memory.
KYLE: Thank you so much.
She tells him that the list of finalists will be out later in the week, and wishes him luck, before going on her way.
SHEILA (to Kyle): Your dad would be so proud, love.
ROXY: For a lady who can't give away too much, I'm pretty sure she loved Gary's sausage.
But Kyle isn't counting his chickens yet.
KYLE: I've got plenty of gravy left over, so why don't we get started on the next batch of roo pies?
As Kyle and Roxy go inside to get cooking, Sheila admits to Clive that after the year the Cannings have had, it would be nice to start this one on the positive note of winning the competition.
SHEILA: Gary's death, and the way he died - well, it made me a little crazy at times. I know the reason we're not together anymore is because I involved myself in things I shouldn't have. I'm sorry I ruined it.
CLIVE: You're not the only one that makes mistakes.
SHEILA: Mine aren't mistakes. They're catastrophes.
They smile at one another.
The Waterhole
Paul and Terese are at a table when Kyle and Roxy come in. Levi waves at Kyle and Roxy from another table.
PAUL (to Kyle): Come to drown your sorrows, have you, hey?
ROXY: Quite the opposite, actually.
PAUL: Oh, really? You know, Councillor Hay could not get enough of what we were presenting.
Lassiter's Complex
We rejoin Jacinta, who is just leaving the complex following her latest taste-test. Her stomach gurgles, and she looks uncomfortable.
The Waterhole
Paul continues to taunt Kyle, saying he's looking forward to seeing the list of finalists.
PAUL: No reaction? Come on, Kyle - you've normally got a comeback!
KYLE: I'll let my food do the talking, Paul.
Lassiter's Complex
Jacinta is now looking severely uncomfortable, and sweating profusely. She clutches her head.
The Waterhole
Roxy congratulates Kyle on not throttling Paul, as they join Levi at his table. The three of them raise a toast to...
LEVI: Uncle Gary's sausage, mate!
ROXY: And the mushroom gravy.
Lassiter's Complex
Jacinta has reached her car, but is now looking like she's going to throw up. Ominous underscore strikes again.
The Waterhole
Kyle declares he's going to win this competition, and Roxy agrees.
KYLE: This is gonna be Dad's legacy. His memory's gonna live on!
Lassiter's Complex
And now Jacinta is throwing up next to her car...
Meanwhile, outside Harold's, Melanie is bidding farewell to Des and Jane, saying it's been lovely to see them. She tells Jane to stay in touch now that they know they're living so close to one another. Jane forces a smile.
MELANIE: Especially with everything that's going on with... look, I don't want to push your buttons again, but you know who I mean!
Jane looks awkward, and as Melanie leaves, Des puts his head in his hand! As Melanie takes a look around her former stomping ground, Paul almost walks straight into her - but, recognising her at once, he ducks quickly behind some plants before she spots him! Paul breathes a sigh of relief as Melanie breezes past, then runs into Des and Jane.
PAUL: You will never guess who I just saw.
DES: Melanie Pearson.
Jane explains she's back in the area, and they've spent the last 'five hours' having coffee with her!
DES: No lie. That woman could talk the hind legs off a donkey.
JANE: I'm sure you'll be seeing her around. She's very keen to reconnect.
DES: She asked if you were single.
PAUL: She used to ask if everyone was single! Guess she hasn't really changed?
JANE: No. No, not at all.
Des jokingly suggests Paul give her a temp job - needless to say Paul is not keen, as he admits Melanie was never his cup of tea.
As Paul rushes off to take a phone call, Clive approaches - and an angry Des decides to confront him about his behaviour having seen the photo earlier. Jane watches uncomfortably.
DES: Why are you sending Jane cutesy little text messages, while you're messing around with Sheila down at the tram?
CLIVE: I'm not messing around with anyone!
DES: What, are you having it off with both of them?
CLIVE: What?!
DES: Don't try and scam me, mate. Sheila said you'd got form - cheating on Bev Robinson with her. Is that what this is all about?
CLIVE: That is a really inappropriate line of questioning, Des, and I am offended at the accusation.
DES: Sounds to me like you're trying to dodge the question!
CLIVE: I don't answer to you. This is none of your business.
JANE: No. But it is mine. And I'd like to know the answer!
Coming up on Neighbours
- Jay suggests to Hendrix that they go to the cops, but Hendrix insists not
- Kane tells Hendrix the next bullet he gets 'won't arrive by mail', and with no witnesses
- Hendrix apparently stealing a gun
- Hendrix tells Jay he has a day to put the house in Kane's name, or he's coming after him
- Shrieks of pain off- camera in the No 28 garden, as Hendrix and Jay stare in astonishment
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Roxy Willis, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 8532
Roxy Willis, Kyle Canning

Sheila Canning, Levi Canning in Neighbours Episode 8532
Sheila Canning, Levi Canning

Sheila Canning, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 8532
Sheila Canning, Des Clarke

Clive Gibbons, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 8532
Clive Gibbons, Jane Harris

Des Clarke, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 8532
Des Clarke, Jane Harris

Levi Canning, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 8532
Levi Canning, Sheila Canning

Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 8532
Clive Gibbons

Jane Harris, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 8532
Jane Harris, Des Clarke

Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8532
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Kyle Canning, Paul Robinson, Roxy Willis in Neighbours Episode 8532
Kyle Canning, Paul Robinson, Roxy Willis

Des Clarke, Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 8532
Des Clarke, Melanie Pearson

Sheila Canning, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 8532
Sheila Canning, Clive Gibbons

Sheila Canning, Levi Canning in Neighbours Episode 8532
Sheila Canning, Levi Canning

Kyle Canning, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8532
Kyle Canning, Paul Robinson

Melanie Pearson, Des Clarke, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 8532
Melanie Pearson, Des Clarke, Jane Harris

Sheila Canning, Clive Gibbons, Jacinta Hay, Roxy Willis, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 8532
Sheila Canning, Clive Gibbons, Jacinta Hay, Roxy Willis, Kyle Canning

Jacinta Hay, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 8532
Jacinta Hay, Sheila Canning

Des Clarke, Jane Harris, Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 8532
Des Clarke, Jane Harris, Melanie Pearson

Jacinta Hay, Sheila Canning, Clive Gibbons, Roxy Willis, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 8532
Jacinta Hay, Sheila Canning, Clive Gibbons, Roxy Willis, Kyle Canning

Roxy Willis, Paul Robinson, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8532
Roxy Willis, Paul Robinson, Terese Willis

Jacinta Hay in Neighbours Episode 8532
Jacinta Hay

Levi Canning, Paul Robinson, Terese Willis, Roxy Willis, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 8532
Levi Canning, Paul Robinson, Terese Willis, Roxy Willis, Kyle Canning

Paul Robinson, Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 8532
Paul Robinson, Melanie Pearson

Paul Robinson, Des Clarke, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 8532
Paul Robinson, Des Clarke, Jane Harris

Des Clarke, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 8532
Des Clarke, Clive Gibbons

Jane Harris, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 8532
Jane Harris, Clive Gibbons

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