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Neighbours Episode 8106 from 2019 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8106
Australian and UK airdate: 20/05/19
Writer: Elizabeth Packett
Director: Lawrence Wilson
Guests: Vance Abernethy: Conrad Coleby
Harry Sinclair: Paul Dawber
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- Mark telling Aaron what happened at the Community Centre.
- Finn seemingly recognising Harry when they passed one another.
- Ned explaining his role in the incident and hearing here are going to be consequences.
- Harry confronting Finn that he does remember him.
- Finn reassuring Elly that her secret is safe.
- Mark planning on doing some digging into Finn.
- Vance introducing himself to Leo.
- Terese thinking she's seen an ex-boyfriend.
- Vance asking if Terese needs help after she fell off the mechanical bull.
Number 22
Vance helps a shocked Terese off the ground as Roxy does the intros - she also asks her aunt to keep their relationship quiet from her parents. It seems to dawn on Vance that he recognises Terese as someone he remembers from the 90s but she quickly replies that he is mistaking her for someone else. Terese wants to send Roxy out to the supermarket to get supplies for a welcome dinner (to allow her to chat with him privately) but Roxy wants someone to carry the bags for her!
Harold's Café
Finn is googling 'memories returning after amnesia' when Elly burst into the café tell him that she's heard Dean is transferring to another school. He thinks that is good news, but Elly is demanding to know what he said to Dean that this is happening. We finally hear how Finn achieved this - he paid Dean off using some of the cash left over that his mum gave, however Mark's appearance in the café has the conversation quickly curtailed.
Bea is happy to see Finn when he arrives at the garage as a welcome distraction from thinking about Ned. He wants to talk to her about his memory but of course who happens to pass the garage (Ned) so Finn quickly departs.
Number 22
The duo are back from the supermarket and knowing how bad a cook Terese is, Roxy volunteers to prepare the dinner instead as it also allows Terese to chat with Vance.
The confirmation that Terese and Vance do actually know each other comes out when Roxy heads back out to the car to see if she's left one of the dinner ingredients there.
VANCE: So, Auntie T, what shall we talk about?!
TERESE: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't claw your eyes out!
VANCE: Ah, there's the wild cat I remember! She must be lurking underneath that corporate suit somewhere!
"Don't be cute!" she warns then screws up her face at the acknowledgement he is with her niece... "who obviously knows nothing about us." She wants to know what game he is playing at, but this time its Ned that walks through the door interrupting the conversation.
Terese is now the one surprised that Vance and Ned know each other - turns out he was the one that introduced Roxy to Vance!
Number 28
Finn wants to know if Karl has ever visited anyone in prison as he wants to go and see Harry to apologise. Karl isn't sure, thanks the huge grudge he harbours, that Harry will want to see him, but Finn is determined to go as he wants to make amends with everyone. Finn agrees to Karl accompanying him, partially as Karl isn't sure given the release conditions if Finn would be allowed in without him.
Number 22
Terese has a face like thunder on her as Roxy thanks Ned for introducing her to Vance, although he isn't happy to hear she continued to go back to Abernethy station behind his back.
Terse seems relived when Paul arrives home, although he doesn't look too chuffed at seeing who their visitor is... nor when Vance comes up to do the proper introductions.
VANCE: G'day little buddy!
PAUL: Paul Robison, I'm Terese's partner.
VANCE: Yes, the owner of that giant hotel right? (turning to Terese) You work there too?
TERESE: Actually, I'm joint owner with Paul.
"Ah," Vance acknowledges as Roxy calls them to the kitchen for dinner, warning them that it's going to be hot and spicy!
VANCE: That's the way I like it!
Dinner finished and Ned is giving Roxy a hand clearing up although it's also doubling up as a 'let's have a go at the opposite person' too. She tries to reassure him that Vance isn't as bad as the rest of his family, which is why he is here, to get a fresh start.
Meanwhile in the livingroom, Paul is quizzing Vance on his new career path, and he rationalises it as there is "more to live than money" such as love and family. Vance then tries to wind them up by saying he has been talking about such topics with Leo lately but neither bite, and he instead decides to head back to his motel.
With the pair gone (Roxy heads off with him), Paul can't but help comment:
PAUL: What anyone would see in him is way beyond me.
Terese remains silent but has a smirk on her face!
Police station (next day)
Ned has been formally charged and will hear in time when he is up in court. Mark suggests he can help his case if he can find out what Finn was really up to at the time of the incident.
NED: Believe me, if I knew something that would put that guy behind bars I would have said it already.
As Ned is leaving, he runs into Karl and enquires about Bea and is told not great... so he should keep his distance.
Mark is somewhat surprised to see Karl at the station and asks if everything is okay, it is, and tells him about Finn's visit to Harry being approved as long as he accompanies him.
Number 22
Paul thinks that Ned about to hear if he was going to be charged was the reason for Terese tossing and turning all night. Terese then gives him a somewhat version of the truth by telling him a bit about Vance's family "being fairly loose with the law," and Paul is already worried for his son being mixed up with him. Paul immediately wants to go talk with Leo, but Terese thinks she might be better to do the chatting, which he agrees to although warns her for having the wool pulled over her eyes.
Bea reassures her sister she is fit to go back to work when she stops by to check up on her. She tells her sister about Ned's visit and that it interrupted Finn's visit, who she thought had something to tell her, then thought better of it before leaving.
Warrinor Prison
Karl sits at the rear of the visiting room to allow Finn and Harry to talk privately.
Finn assumes that he hurt Harry badly and thus apologises to him. "You don't mean that," Harry immediately replies and thinks the real reason for the visit is because Finn remembers him and thus doesn't want anyone else knowing because "your life is over" if it came out.
Back Lane Bar
"Here we are, alone at last," Vance greets Terese with as she walks into the bar's office. Terese isn't so polite - she demand that he leaves because of the promise she made to Roxy's parents to keep her out of trouble. Vance tries to reassure her that he doesn't want trouble, which is why get got away from the family station.
She is also curious to know why he hasn't told Roxy about knowing her and assumed he would have made the connection between them. His get out is that she wasn't a Willis when they were together, but she isn't buying that, he would have "found out at some point." "We're history," Vance reminds her and wants to know why it's important.
TERESE: You should have told her.
VANCE: Well I kinda missed my window of opportunity didn't I?!
He'd rather it was kept secret to not spoil Roxy's fresh start... "unless umm you know, it's stirring up old feelings for you." Terese quickly assures him she has long moved on from him and curtails him trying to take her back down memory lane!
TERESE: Vance listen, is your love for my niece genuine? Or is this just some weird way of getting back at me?
VANCE: I love Roxy. I wouldn't hurt her for the world.
Warrinor Prison
After telling Harry about the flash memory he got (the rest is still a blank), Finn then begs him to keep it quiet because he doesn't want to be looked at like the 'old Finn' again (because of all the things he did). "You really don't remember us?" Harry asks and with a puzzled look on his face, Finn replies "no" and seems almost horrified at the thought of them being together.
HARRY: It's what you led me to believe, that's why I helped you when you were on the run. Yes, I thought your feelings were for real but... you were just using me.
FINN: Harry, I'm really sorry.
Harry asks if he could keep coming to see him, so they could "go back to that place we were."
HARRY: Only for real this time.
As Harry said that, he reached over and touched Finn's hands with his own, but Finn immediately pulled his own hands away.
HARRY: And then I wouldn't have to say anything about your memory.
The Waterhole
Terese catches up with her niece to let her know that she really has to tell her parents. "No you don't," is Roxy's immediate reply as they would freak out (because of the Abernethy's reputation) and when Terese pushes it, Roxy threatens to set up home with Vance.
ROXY: You either give us more time to prove mum and dad don't have to flip their lid, or I go, and you never hear from us again.
Terese concedes on the understanding that Roxy will be safe and careful. "I know what I'm doing Auntie T, you don't have to worry, I'm really happy." the lass tells her aunt with just as Vance comes into the bar and up to their table.
"She warning you off me?" Vance asks after Terese rejects the offer of a drink and heads back to work. "Not exactly," Roxy replies but does say that she is worried, but Vance is sure she will come around.
VANCE: And once our little lady's here, everything's going to fall into place.
Ramsay Street
Elly catches up with Finn, determined to know what it was that he was going to tell Bea in case it was about her. He reassures her he will keep her secret, but she still demands to know what he was going to say.
FINN: I remember Harry Sinclair.
ELLY: What?!
FINN: Not everything, but when I saw him last week, I knew that I knew him.
ELLY: Are you saying your memory's coming back?!
FINN: It's just this one little thing, there's been nothing else since.
She urges him that he's got to come clean with everyone, but he is fearful of doing that as he doesn't want "to lose everything."
FINN: I'm just getting a new life here. I can't have that in prison.
ELLY: It's too risky. If you don't tell people, I will.
He is the one now begging Elly not to tell, pointing out that he is keeping her secret, so the least she can do "is keep mine."
Of course someone has spotted them talking - Mark as he walks up the street and looks alarmed at what he is seeing.
Terese's office
Over coffee, while Ned admits to seeing Vance around rather than actually knowing him, Terese reveals that she does know him.
TERESE: We went out.
Ned can't believe what she has just said, and she tells him it was just for "a few crazy months" when she was acting out because her family were falling apart. She describes him as being "just as wild as I was," and admits that she thought she'd found her soulmate.
NED: Well that's a plot twist!
He is curious to know how it didn't last and she explains that they were both out of control, so she was faced with two choices - "staying with Vance and ending up who knows where or I could get out and get my act together."
TERESE: I chose the latter.
NED: Does Paul know this?
She replies that they are both going to keep it quiet - her from Paul and him from Roxy. Ned doesn't think that is the best idea.
TERESE: It was a fling 25 years ago Ned!
Ned points out that "Vance will be around all the time now" but Terese fears she's too late anyway, she should have said something straight away.
TERESE: If I tell Paul now, it's just going to be bigger than it needs to be.
NED: And what about Vance? Do you think he's going to be okay for Roxy?
TERESE: He's trouble and his families mixed up in a lot of dangerous things.
NED: Yes, my guess is if you try to warn her about that, she'll just want him even more.
TERESE: All I can do is just try and find a way to quietly remove him before Roxy walks down the same path that I almost did.
Number 24
Elly is very surprised to see Mark home when she enters the house. He though just wants to know what she was talking to Finn about after seeing them out on the street. "We were only talking," she replies but Mark points out that it actually looked like they were arguing. She denies that was the case, so Mark instead asks if it was about Harry, letting her know that Finn visited him in prison and is seeking permission to keep on visiting him.
MARK: Why do you think he would do that?
ELLY: No idea.
MARK: Well something's going on and I think you know more than you're telling me.
ELLY: Mark.
MARK: We almost lost our baby two weeks ago and now I keep seeing you anxious and stressed talking to Finn.
ELLY: You have nothing to worry about.
MARK: Elly, I'm your husband and I want to make sure you and our baby are safe. So please just tell me what is going on.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Aaron surprised at a visitor to the Men's Shed.
- David unhappy at his husband.
- Toadie sure Finn is hiding something.
- Ned warning Bea to not come running to him.
- Finn telling David his mind "feels like a time bomb.
- Karl trying to explain that they don't know what is happening in Finn's brain.
- David asking Finn if there's been a change in his amnesia.
- Finn thinking his brain is playing tricks on him and curious to know what happens if it comes back.
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Vance Abernethy, Roxy Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8106
Vance Abernethy, Roxy Willis, Terese Willis

Finn Kelly, Elly Brennan, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8106
Finn Kelly, Elly Brennan, Mark Brennan

Bea Nilsson, Finn Kelly in Neighbours Episode 8106
Bea Nilsson, Finn Kelly

Ned Willis in Neighbours Episode 8106
Ned Willis

Vance Abernethy, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8106
Vance Abernethy, Terese Willis

Karl Kennedy, Finn Kelly in Neighbours Episode 8106
Karl Kennedy, Finn Kelly

Terese Willis, Ned Miles, Roxy Willis, Vance Abernethy in Neighbours Episode 8106
Terese Willis, Ned Miles, Roxy Willis, Vance Abernethy

Paul Robinson, Terese Willis, Vance Abernethy in Neighbours Episode 8106
Paul Robinson, Terese Willis, Vance Abernethy

Ned Willis, Roxy Willis in Neighbours Episode 8106
Ned Willis, Roxy Willis

Ned Willis, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8106
Ned Willis, Mark Brennan

Ned Willis, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8106
Ned Willis, Karl Kennedy

Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8106
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Elly Brennan, Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 8106
Elly Brennan, Bea Nilsson

Finn Kelly, Harry Sinclair in Neighbours Episode 8106
Finn Kelly, Harry Sinclair

Terese Willis, Vance Abernethy in Neighbours Episode 8106
Terese Willis, Vance Abernethy

Harry Sinclair in Neighbours Episode 8106
Harry Sinclair

Roxy Willis, Vance Abernethy, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8106
Roxy Willis, Vance Abernethy, Terese Willis

Finn Kelly, Elly Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8106
Finn Kelly, Elly Brennan

Ned Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8106
Ned Willis, Terese Willis

Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8106
Mark Brennan

Elly Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8106
Elly Brennan

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