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Neighbours Episode 7705 from 2017 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7705
Australian and UK airdate: 06/10/17
Writer: Sam Meikle
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Hamish Roche: Sean Taylor
- "Blackout" by Freya Ridings
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Terese learns she's being sued by Courtney for unfair dismissal - for $5 million!
- Paige tells Terese not to settle; she's made a string of poor decisions since sleeping with Paul
- Terese tells Susan that she slept with Paul; Susan promptly pulls out of being wedding celebrant
- Hamish fakes an injury to stop Mark searching the boat, following a scuffle between the pair
- At the hospital, Tyler tells Mark to stop treating Hamish so badly - he doesn't deserve it
Erinsborough Hospital
David is examining Hamish, while Tyler looks on anxiously. David hasn't found anything untoward, but Hamish is still a bit woozy - or, more likely, pretending to be. David goes to organise a CT scan to be on the safe side.
No 22
Piper and Xanthe are excitedly discussing how they'll soon be living together, but Xanthe admits the wedding is stressing her out. She's found a celebrant - the same guy who married Sheila and her grandfather!
PIPER: What?! He must be, like, a hundred and fifty!
But Xanthe is struggling to find someone to provide music, since the band she'd booked has cancelled. Piper suggests Xanthe could ask Ben. But Xanthe is clearly unwilling to involve him, making the excuse that he's a guest, and also that he has a lot on.
Gary comes in with boxes, saying he wants to get a head-start on the house move. He's looking forward to the wedding tomorrow, and suggests they have a pre-wedding barbecue at No 26 tonight. Xanthe is alarmed when Gary makes it clear he wants Terese to be there, as he's not supposed to see her the night before the wedding, it being bad luck.
GARY: It's just an old wives' tale, Princess!
XANTHE: Alright - Piper, you are my witness. I tried to warn him!
Piper nods mock-solemnly.
Erinsborough Hospital
In the waiting area, Aaron is chastising Mark for going in 'all guns blazing' with Hamish. Mark explains that he was following up Jack's concerns about Hamish putting off making the wellness centre donation, and that he didn't want Steph to get screwed over.
MARK: So I went to poke around.
AARON: Yeah, well you must have poked pretty hard.
MARK: He was hiding stuff. I went to have a look; he tried to stop me, and he slipped.
AARON: What stuff?
MARK: Charts of Indonesia, for one thing (...) He reckons they're Dad's.
AARON: No, Dad never spoke about travelling. He didn't speak about Indonesia either. Then again, I guess we didn't even know about the boat. Maybe it was all part of his retirement plan.
MARK: Or Hamish is hiding something.
In Terese's office, she and Paige are discussing Courtney's lawsuit. Terese is feeling bad for Courtney, because of all the legal back-and-forth.
TERESE: This whole thing's making me think about Paul and what he did to Nick. But at least he had a decent excuse for his actions, unlike myself.
PAIGE: I think there's a massive difference between your brain-snap at Courtney, and Paul setting Nick up to go back to jail!
TERESE: But he only did it in a misguided attempt to help Amy and I. Not that she can see it. Hey - you know he never even made it to New York?
PAIGE: Relevance?
TERESE: ... Well, I'm just saying. I just think it's weird. I'm sure he would've been looking forward to seeing Elle and Andrew.
PAIGE: You know you're getting married tomorrow, right?
TERESE (sighs): Yes, I do, thanks.
PAIGE: Then what are you still doing here? Talking about someone you vowed to put behind you?
TERESE: Point taken.
Terese gets a message from Gary, inviting her over for the barbecue - and to watch a movie on The Couchtm!
TERESE: As if that's gonna happen!
PAIGE: You know, it doesn't have to be a thing!
TERESE: But it is a thing! Every time I look at that Couchtm, all I can think about is what happened.
PAIGE: It won't always be that way.
Harold's Café
Ben and Kirsha come in, following another guitar lesson, which has gone well judging by her enthusiasm. Kirsha is singing the praises of musical idols Jimi Hendrix, Kim Gordon and Robert Johnson. She's also looked up Ben's website, and opines that his songs are amazing. Ben reports to Dipi that Kirsha is a super-fast learner on the guitar.
Piper comes in, and tells them all that Xanthe's having trouble booking another band for the wedding. She says she knows Ben's busy, but asks if he can recommend anyone. Ben denies he's busy, and says he and Kirsha could play at the wedding. Piper says that would be great. Kirsha seems nervous at the prospect of playing at a wedding, but Dipi and Ben encourage her and she agrees.
Erinsborough Hospital
Tyler is on the phone to Piper, who sends get-well wishes for Hamish. Afterwards, Tyler tells Hamish that Mark can't get away with doing stuff like this. Hamish makes out like he's playing it down, but says Mark's 'temper got the better of him'.
HAMISH: It happens to all of us.
TYLER: Not like this. Not putting people in hospital.
HAMISH: What am I going to do? It's not like I'm going to dob him in to the cops!
TYLER: ... Well, if you did, I wouldn't blame you.
HAMISH: Well, I'm sure you don't mean that.
TYLER: It's your call.
HAMISH: It must be hard for him and Aaron. I mean, seeing you and me getting close, and missing their father.
TYLER: So that gives him the right to lash out, does it?
HAMISH: No, of course not. But they're hurting. I don't know. I mean, maybe it's better if we spend more time away from them. Don't want to rub their noses in it.
TYLER: Yeah, I suppose not. It's probably better.
No 32
Toadie and Gary are hanging out at the Doug-Out. Gary makes out he's excited for the wedding, but Toadie senses tension.
GARY: It's nothing really. It's just, Terese and I have been a bit... rusty, that's all. We haven't, erm... we haven't gone there lately.
Toadie says it's understandable, given her illness, but Gary says she's been feeling better for a while, and he wants their wedding night to be memorable. Toadie suggests a 'practice run', and to 'get in there' and 'blow those cobwebs away'!
Terese is working at her desk when Gary comes in. She says she just needs to finish up some work before tomorrow, and he asks if she wants to take a break.
TERESE: Actually, I do. Your timing's perfect.
GARY: That's good. Because there's something I really want to share with you.
GARY: In the garden earlier - now, I didn't find a limber ladybird. But I found something new. A damselfly.
TERESE: Oh! I've never heard of the damselfly!
GARY: No? Well let me introduce you!
They begin to kiss passionately, but Terese begins having flashbacks to her kissing Paul in the same place - and pulls away from Gary suddenly, babbling about having to get back to work.
GARY: Work?! Come on, Terese. In that quiz, we both said how important intimacy was to us. But lately it feels like you're not interested in me at all!
TERESE: No! Look, it's not you. It's just, I've got Courtney on the warpath, I've got the Udagawas demanding that I make the situation go away, and we're reeling losing the star rating. It's just hard to keep work out of my head!
GARY: We're supposed to be getting married tomorrow!
TERESE: I know! And I understand how hard it must be. But you have to understand that there is nowhere I'd rather be than here with you.
GARY: Yeah?
TERESE: Nowhere.
She suggests that she finish up here, and then she'll come over for the barbecue afterwards.
TERESE: And we'll spend the last night of freedom together.
Gary kisses her, and leaves. Terese looks worried.
Harold's Café
Shane arrives, and hears the news about Kirsha playing with Ben at the wedding. Shane asks Kirsha if she feels confident about it.
KIRSHA: Yeah, I do. When I'm playing, it's like I'm someone else.
BEN: You sound like the Kirsha I know.
KIRSHA: I just mean it's, kind of...
DIPI: Liberating? I know exactly what you mean. When that curtain lifted on the opening night of Bye-Bye Bourke, I felt like I was transported to -
KIRSHA: Please, Mum! None of us want to hear about how you and Dad wrote and starred in your own musical! Again!
'My daughter, the muso, eh?' says Shane, and Kirsha looks happy.
Erinsborough Hospital
Hamish is with Tyler, David and Aaron. David is again giving Hamish the all-clear, with no abnormalities showing on his CT test. Aaron suggests Hamish take his old room back at Lassiter's while he recovers, but Hamish says he prefers being on the boat.
Outside, Aaron asks David whether they can catch up tonight - but David says Karl wants him to take pictures for the liveability bid. They kiss, and David leaves, just as Mark arrives to see Hamish.
MARK: I know things got a little bit out-of-hand, and I just want to say how sorry I am about that.
HAMISH: Oh, it's forgotten.
TYLER: A less reasonable person would take this to the police.
MARK: ... I can see I'm not wanted here. I'll leave you to it.
But as Mark leaves, Tyler goes outside to confront him.
TYLER: You're always telling me to take responsibility, but you won't?
MARK: It was an accident!
TYLER: That landed him potentially with a serious head injury!
MARK: That's laying it on a bit thick, isn't it?
Back in the hospital room, Hamish grins evilly as the boys argue.
TYLER: You're not even sorry, are you?!
AARON: Ty, of course he is!
TYLER: No, I can't do this. Whether you believe it or not, you have anger issues.
MARK: I told you what happened.
TYLER: No, no, I've felt it. Now Hamish has. Now until you get yourself under control, I don't want to talk to you.
No 26
Terese arrives for the barbecue. Gary and Xanthe are pleased to see her, but Terese is less pleased to see The Couchtm! Xanthe encourages her to sit down on it anyway, and she grudgingly complies. Xanthe is worried about missing Sheila (who's Not In This Episodetm, attending to the barbecue) when they move out, but Gary says she'll be able to visit whenever she wants.
TERESE: And besides, you'll be too busy watching our streaming services, and lounging around on the patio, playing with Gabe.
XANTHE: He is pretty cute! And I suppose it will feel more like home with more of our things. Like this Couchtm! It's so comfy!
Terese looks horrified at the prospect that The Couchtm will be moving in too, and is even more shaken when Xanthe asks why she got rid of it from her office.
TERESE: Well, it just didn't have a lot of support.
XANTHE: Really? It's so sturdy!
GARY: I mean, the three of us sit on it all the time!
Gary and Xanthe start moving up and down on the couch, much to Terese's horror!
XANTHE: Yeah, can we please bring it?
Terese snaps.
TERESE: No, I just don't have room in my house! Our house! End of story!
She marches out of the front door, leaving Gary and Xanthe looking puzzled.
No 22
Gary turns up, looking for Terese. He finds her in the kitchen, looking contrite.
GARY: Should I strap on some body-armour?
TERESE: Honestly, I don't know what came over me. I'm sorry.
GARY: No idea?
TERESE: Well, clearly it's the stress.
GARY: Maybe. Or maybe there's something else. Something you don't want to look at.
TERESE: Well, what do you mean? Like what?
GARY: Like moving on. I mean, look at this place - reminders of Brad and Josh all over the joint.
We see framed photos of Terese, Josh, Imogen and Brad on the sideboard.
GARY: I mean, they were your family for a long time, and they're gone now - and to top it off, me and Xanthe are hauling our stuff in here, crowding you out.
TERESE: No, it's not like that.
GARY: It'd be strange if you didn't have some adjustment issues. But you need to know, we can take as much time as you need.
She takes his hand.
TERESE: I don't need time.
GARY: It's okay if you do.
TERESE: No, I - I just need you. And I want you, and I'm sorry if I pushed you away before. I miss you.
GARY: Oh, I've missed you too.
They kiss passionately.
No 26
Xanthe is telling Piper about Terese's meltdown earlier.
XANTHE: I don't know what it is with her and this Couchtm.
PIPER: Oh, come on - it's not the Couchtm.
XANTHE: What, you think she's worried about the wedding?
PIPER: Obviously.
Piper has good news on the music front at least, saying that she's secured Ben and Kirsha to play at the wedding. Xanthe doesn't look happy.
PIPER: You feel weird about it.
XANTHE: Well, yeah. I mean, I always thought the first wedding he would play at would... you know... be ours.
PIPER: Oh. I just thought that - I'm so sorry.
XANTHE: No, it's fine. I feel like an idiot. I mean, I'm the one who broke Ben's heart because of Finn, and he didn't do anything to deserve it.
Piper offers to tell Ben they don't need him anymore, but Xanthe says it's fine - she'll do it.
XANTHE: I'm the one who can't get over it. I'll go see him.
PIPER: I'll come with you.
XANTHE: You don't have to do that.
PIPER: Of course I do. We are family now.
Erinsborough Hospital
Tyler and Hamish are leaving the hospital. Hamish mentions that Mark said Tyler was thinking of changing his surname; Tyler admits he thought it might be a way he and Hamish could connect.
TYLER: Are you okay? Are you dizzy?
HAMISH: No, no, no. You're a great kid, Tyler. That's all.
TYLER: Thank you.
HAMISH: Thing is - if you do change your name, it might make things worse.
TYLER: That's not on me.
HAMISH: Oh, of course not. But I think we should let it lie for a while, because your brothers didn't ask for this either. And I know you don't want to hurt them.
TYLER: I guess you don't have to have the same name to be family.
HAMISH: No-one can take that away from us.
Tyler asks Hamish about the charts from Indonesia, which Aaron told him that Mark found on the boat. Hamish claims they were Russell's.
TYLER: Do you think it would make it that far?
HAMISH: Well, one day you might find out!
The Waterhole
Mark is looking miserable at the bar when Paige comes in; she's on the phone to someone saying that Terese will be incommunicado for a few days, but that she'll be in touch when she's back at work. Hanging up, Paige is initially concerned that Mark doesn't want to see her, but remarks that it looks like he's had a rough day.
MARK: Do you think I have anger issues?
PAIGE: ... I'm probably not the right person to be talking to about -
MARK: Paige, just be honest with me.
MARK: Paige!
PAIGE: ... Well, you do give off the feeling sometimes. Like you're holding things back. And I have seen you snap. But it's rare. You've had a really tough year, with the surrogacy and everything that's happened with your family. Don't worry - you'll get on top of this.
MARK: What if I can't?
PAIGE: Mark...
MARK: All I know for sure is that this has created a massive problem for me and Tyler.
Paige gets another work phone call, and looks very worried at the news she receives, vowing to find Terese and tell her ASAP...
No 32
Ben and Kirsha are practicing their songs in the back garden, as Shane and Dipi listen. Xanthe and Piper arrive, intending to break the bad news about cancelling their performance at the wedding. Piper's about to do the deed, but seeing how much Ben is putting into it and how happy Kirsha is, Xanthe doesn't have the heart - and tells them they can play whatever they want at the wedding.
BEN: We can handle that!
XANTHE: Yeah, I know you can.
No 22
Gary and Terese are getting frisky in the kitchen!
GARY: You make my heart sing, you know that?
TERESE: You make every part of me sing! You know it's true - I can't quite believe how lucky I am to have you.
GARY: I will see you down the aisle, my love.
They kiss again, but Paige comes in, interrupting - and Gary darts into the laundry room to hide!
PAIGE: I just got a call from housekeeping.
TERESE: What, asking if I want the honeymoon suite?
PAIGE: Letting you know that they've been asked to service the penthouse.
TERESE: The penthouse? Why, who's asking?
PAIGE: Paul, Terese! He's coming back tomorrow! Just in time for the wedding.
Terese looks horrified.
A Must-See Week of Neighbours
- Terese looks worried, as Paige is concerned Paul will try to derail the wedding
- The assembled wedding guests are waiting for Terese to arrive...
- Paul tells Paige he has no interest in Terese anymore, and smirks
- A graphic reminds us to tune in for the wedding week
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Hamish Roche, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7705
Hamish Roche, Tyler Brennan

Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7705
Piper Willis

Xanthe Canning, Gary Canning in Neighbours Episode 7705
Xanthe Canning, Gary Canning

Mark Brennan, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7705
Mark Brennan, Aaron Brennan

Paige Smith, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7705
Paige Smith, Terese Willis

Ben Kirk, Kirsha Rebecchi, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7705
Ben Kirk, Kirsha Rebecchi, Piper Willis

Dipi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7705
Dipi Rebecchi

Hamish Roche, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7705
Hamish Roche, Tyler Brennan

Toadie Rebecchi, Gary Canning in Neighbours Episode 7705
Toadie Rebecchi, Gary Canning

Gary Canning, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7705
Gary Canning, Terese Willis

Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7705
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Kirsha Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7705
Kirsha Rebecchi

Dipi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7705
Dipi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi

Hamish Roche, Tyler Brennan, Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7705
Hamish Roche, Tyler Brennan, Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka

Tyler Brennan, Aaron Brennan, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7705
Tyler Brennan, Aaron Brennan, Mark Brennan

Gary Canning, Terese Willis, Xanthe Canning in Neighbours Episode 7705
Gary Canning, Terese Willis, Xanthe Canning

Gary Canning, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7705
Gary Canning, Terese Willis

Piper Willis, Xanthe Canning in Neighbours Episode 7705
Piper Willis, Xanthe Canning

Hamish Roche, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7705
Hamish Roche, Tyler Brennan

Paige Smith, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7705
Paige Smith, Mark Brennan

Kirsha Rebecchi, Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 7705
Kirsha Rebecchi, Ben Kirk

Xanthe Canning, Piper Willis, Dipi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7705
Xanthe Canning, Piper Willis, Dipi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi

Gary Canning, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7705
Gary Canning, Terese Willis

Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7705
Paige Smith

Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7705
Terese Willis

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