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Neighbours Episode 7638 from 2017 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7638
Australian and UK airdate: 05/07/17
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Jamie Hyatt: Alex Forras
Gabriel Smith: Kian Bafekrpour
- "Big Picture" by London Grammar
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Mark and Karl persuade Finn to drop his allegations against Elly and confess
- Xanthe is devastated when Finn admits to manipulating her
- Xanthe tells Ben she's stupid and dumb and an idiot - he insists she isn't
- Amy advises Jack to be honest with Paige about his feelings - maybe there's something there
- Paige tells Jack she'll always care for him, but that's as far as it can go
- David is concerned that Mannix could go into septic shock if he doesn't go to hospital
- Leo tells David that Mannix thinks he's being targeted because Leo turned in the Renshaws
Erinsborough Backpackers
Leo explains to David why he blew the whistle on the Renshaws.
LEO: The police were breathing down my neck. What choice did I have?
DAVID: So that knife was meant for you?
LEO: It was meant for whoever informed on them. And Mannix knows it. That's why I can't call an ambulance. With this sort of injury, the hospital will have to report it to the police, right? And if the Renshaws catch wind of it...
DAVID: How do you know that Mannix won't go to the Renshaws and tell them to go after you?
LEO: Well, he hasn't already. And if he does, it won't get him off their list.
David encourages Leo to go to the police - it's his only option.
LEO: Unless you keep helping me.
DAVID: You know I can't.
David walks away, just as Jack emerges - he tells Leo that Mannix's wound isn't looking good and the painkillers don't seem to be working. Jack tells Leo he won't let Mannix die here; if Leo doesn't sort something out, Jack will take him to the hospital himself.
No 26
Sheila and Gary are trying to encourage a still-traumatised Xanthe to keep busy (specifically with macramé, and helping Sheila choose new furniture), but Xanthe knows they're just trying to distract her from her woes.
We learn that Xanthe has decided to quit school in the aftermath of Finn's revelations, and at that moment, Susan rocks up to try and change her mind in order for Xanthe to finish Year 12 and become a nurse. But apparently Xanthe's turned against the idea of being a nurse.
XANTHE: What kind of hospital wants a no-brain wonder like me anyway?
Xanthe says that in quitting school, she's finally being realistic in her goals. She stomps off, leaving Susan, Sheila and Gary looking worried.
No 22
Paige is clearing up after her birthday party, while Piper lies on the sofa, recovering from her dancing excesses. Paige tells Piper about how Jack asked whether there was a chance of them getting together.
PAIGE: He was offering everything that I wanted six months ago. Now it's different.
PIPER: Okay, just take a second. Are you sure?
PAIGE: I am. I was so in love with him - and now, I've moved on. It's too late.
But Paige is concerned that Jack is really upset with her, as he's not answering her messages. Susan turns up with a present for Paige, apologising for missing the party - she's been busy with The Departmenttm trying to sort out the mess Finn left at school.
Susan tells Piper that Xanthe has decided to quit school. Piper blames Finn, and tells Susan to leave it with her - she'll sort it out.
Robinson's Motel
Jamie Hyatt, the guy who we saw going into Mannix's motel room last week, is in the reception area, apparently searching for something behind the desk. Steph turns up.
STEPH: What are you doing here?
JAMIE: Looking for Mannix.
STEPH: Well, you're not gonna find him here.
JAMIE: I just need to find my mate.
STEPH: Well he's gone! Just get out of here, before I call the cops!

Jamie leaves, and Steph leaves a voicemail on Leo's phone, saying that 'some creep' is looking for Mannix, and demanding to know when Mannix will stop causing her grief.
No 22
Xanthe is visiting Piper, and is making a point of feeling sorry for herself, comparing herself to baby Gabriel in terms of credulity.
XANTHE: You were born a few weeks ago and I was born yesterday.
Gabriel doesn't contradict her, but Piper insists it isn't true. Xanthe again does herself down when they discuss Piper's media assignment, saying she should get someone smarter to help her 'like Ben, or Gabe'. Piper asks what Xanthe will do instead of school - she doesn't know. Piper tries to talk her into changing her mind, saying they're so close to finishing and reminding her of the formal.
Xanthe is clearly worried about everyone gossiping about her; Piper says they're losers and she shouldn't care what they say. Piper thinks Xanthe should at least think about staying on at school, but Xanthe doesn't want to talk about it.
Harold's Café
Leo reports to David that Mannix's condition is worsening. Leo is keen to dose Mannix up on heavier painkillers, but David says they can't be acquired without a prescription; Leo needs to get Mannix to hospital. But Leo asks David if he could write a prescription, perhaps in Leo's name. David says that, ethics aside, this would create a paper trail that anyone could follow.
LEO: I don't care how it works. We just need to find a way.
DAVID: And destroy my career in the process?
LEO: A career you've got because of me. I'm the one who put you through uni. Gave you money for everything. Didn't you ever wonder where it came from? I mean, yeah, the Renshaws paid well. But they also pushed me into a dangerous world. I would never have kept working for them if I hadn't had to support you.
DAVID: It was incredibly generous, you giving me that money. But it doesn't mean you can use it against me as leverage!
LEO: Please, David. Just understand the position I'm in. If I don't help Mannix and get him out of here, he's gonna set the Renshaws onto me. Is that something you can really live with?
Erinsborough Backpackers
Paige turns up to see Jack, wanting to know why he's not returning her messages. Jack says some things have come up which he needed to take care of; he wasn't ignoring her on purpose.
PAIGE: I think it's important that we have another talk about what happened today.
Jack says now's not a good time, but suggests they meet for a coffee at Harold's in half an hour. Paige agrees, and heads home to check on Gabe. Leo turns up, and reports to Jack on his meeting with David, who hasn't changed his mind about helping Mannix further - adding that now David thinks Leo is 'rotten' for using his past help as leverage.
LEO: It was emotional blackmail. I pretty much asked him to steal the painkillers for Mannix.
Jack is now very worried. He says he's not asked what's going on with Mannix, but Leo now needs to open up and tell him what's going on if he wants his continued help.
LEO: It's too late for that. I've made too many bad decisions.
Lassiter's Complex
Paige has arrived to meet Jack, and smiles as she sees an extra with a baby nearby. Mark turns up, and Paige invites him to join her while she waits. It's awkward, though, and Mark replies that he'll get his own table. Paige then gets a text from Jack saying that he can't make it after all. Paige then notices wet patches on her top, and realises she's lactating because of the nearby baby crying.
She's clearly embarrassed and Mark, who's noticed what's going on, rushes over to give her his jacket to cover up the patches. He offers to walk her home, and she agrees.
No 22
Piper and Xanthe are playing a video game, prompting an extensive commentary from Piper on the inherent, like, sexism of the medium.
PIPER: Seriously, all the women in this game are, like, non-playable background decorations.
XANTHE: What about the Pythoness? She seduces men, then takes away their life-force.
PIPER: Nah, nah. That just furthers the idea that female sexuality is dangerous... Oh, my god! Sorry - was I just rewarded a night with the snake-charmer's daughter? Okay, not only is that deeply misogynistic - it assumes that my beefcake character is hetero! This whole game is, like, designed around the male gaze. Don't developers realise how damaging that is?
XANTHE: Maybe they don't care. As long as they get what they want, so what if they hurt anyone?
PIPER: Xanthe, if this new attitude is because of Finn, you're giving him way too much power. You shouldn't change the way you view the world.
XANTHE: I'm just sick of being na´ve, that's all.
PIPER: You're not na´ve.
XANTHE: How did I get him so wrong, then?
PIPER: Xanthe, it wasn't just you he fooled. It was everybody.
XANTHE: I didn't see you getting on a plane to Hong Kong, did I?
Piper reminds Xanthe of her own problems with Chas, the ex-boyfriend she almost ran off to Perth with before realising he was 'a massive jerk' and moving on.
PIPER: You need to do the same with Finn.
XANTHE: I already have. He's completely wiped from my life.
PIPER: Then why are you not coming back to school?
XANTHE: Because Mr Kelly was the one who said if I studied hard enough, that I could become a nurse (...) He told me that I was special. It was a lie - I'm not, I'm dumb.
PIPER: No, you're not dumb, Xanthe.
XANTHE: Yeah. I am. I was hardly going to scrape into uni, if at all. And so now I can just go back to my old life. Forget about my grades.
Piper tells Xanthe that everyone's in the same boat; she doesn't like studying either. Xanthe points out that Piper doesn't have to try as hard. Piper says she just doesn't want Xanthe making a rash decision she'll regret. Xanthe says she won't change her mind, so just to drop it.
Later, on the patio, Piper gives Susan (and Gabe) a progress update. Xanthe's convinced she's useless, Piper explains, and isn't interested in returning to school. She adds that Xanthe's such a people person, that she'd have made a great nurse - and Susan agrees. They decide they'll have to prove to Xanthe what she stands to lose by throwing it all away.
No 26
Susan has returned to talk to Xanthe, Sheila and Gary. She suggests that Xanthe could do another work experience placement at the hospital - but Xanthe suspects the hospital wouldn't want her back after she looked at Finn's patient file.
SUSAN: Xanthe, when you first told me you wanted to be a nurse, I was surprised. But I was wrong. You've proven yourself over and over, and if you don't believe you can do it, I do.
GARY: So do I.
XANTHE: That's what Mr Kelly said.
But Gary tells her to look at the facts - it was Xanthe who did all the hard work to improve her grades and blitz her hospital prac. Susan asks Xanthe if she'll consider giving it a go if she can organise a second placement for her. Xanthe agrees, so Susan promises to speak to Karl. Gary says he'll go one better and speak to Clive Gibbons, the chief operating officer.
Ramsay Street
Mark is walking Paige home - she's grateful for him stepping in to help at the complex, and is glad they can hang out.
MARK: I know you don't have space for romance at the moment, but I'm really glad that we can be friends.
PAIGE: Yeah, me too.
Elly turns up, and apologises for missing Paige's party - she notices Paige's top and assumes she spilled something. Mark leaves them to it. Elly wonders if she said something wrong; Paige replies that Mark was just being a hero as usual. They head into No 22.
Erinsborough Hospital
David enters the ward looking shifty. He makes his way to a medicine cabinet in the corner of the room, and looks conflicted. Gary turns up suddenly, and David is taken aback. Gary remarks that he had the same effect on Sheila recently while she was gardening.
GARY: Here's a hot tip for ya! Never sneak up on a woman with a weak bladder! In fact, never sneak up on any woman!
DAVID: Sorry, Gary - did you need me for something?
GARY: Are you sure you're alright? You look a bit frazzled.
DAVID: Oh, just the life of a doctor!
Gary asks if David has seen Clive around, so he can speak to him about Xanthe's work experience. David says he'll have to speak to Clive's assistant first, but Gary retorts that...
GARY: Who cares about breaking a few rules when it's family, right?
David looks awkward as Gary leaves - then heads back over to the medicine cabinet, fiddling with the key apprehensively.
Erinsborough Backpackers
Leo is talking to Jack. He's regretting suggesting that David should help him by stealing painkillers for Mannix.
LEO: David's the one person who's always been there for me. He's all I've got.
JACK: So you think you've lost him?
LEO: I know how much he loves his job. And how hard he's worked to get to where he is. What kind of brother takes advantage of that?
JACK: Well, at least you've realised your mistake.
LEO: Yeah, it's a little too late, though. The damage is done.
JACK: No, it's not. Give him a call, say that you're sorry - and make sure you tell him not to take any stuff from the hospital.
LEO: What about Mannix? What happens to him?
JACK: We call an ambulance (...) From now on, it's about taking responsibility.
Leo agrees - but at that moment, David arrives with a brown paper bag full of painkillers.
DAVID: I got what you asked for. Consider the debt repaid.
He throws the bag at Leo and walks off. Leo and Jack look worried.
No 22
In the garden, Paige is explaining the mechanics of involuntary lactation to Elly.
ELLY: Wild party trick - I'm gonna make a recording of a kid screaming, and play it to you in public to embarrass you.
Paige says she'll appoint Mark as her full-time bodyguard to combat this eventuality. Elly asks if Paige ever regrets splitting up with Mark.
PAIGE: Gabe's the only guy I need in my life right now.
ELLY: Still, you can't be selfless all the time with a neighbour that's that hot.
PAIGE: ...
ELLY: Relax - we're just friends!
Paige gives Elly two vouchers for a winery tour that her adoptive mum Mary gave her, saying it's a bit tricky now she's breastfeeding. Paige doesn't want the winery tour to go to waste, presumably figuring that with Elly, it certainly won't.
ELLY: You know me - never one to turn down a vino!
PAIGE: Mm-hm.
Mark turns up to return Paige's purse, that she left in his jacket pocket. Elly asks Mark if he wants to go with her on the winery tour!
MARK: Yeah! Sounds like fun!
Paige looks worried.
Erinsborough Hospital
Leo comes to find David. He said he was just about to call David earlier, to tell him not to take the drugs - he doesn't owe him anything.
DAVID: Oh yeah? What about all the times that you fought off my bullies? Should I have been paying you protection money? All those years, I thought you were looking out for me. You were actually keeping score.
LEO: Please - can't we move on from this?
DAVID: It's too late for that! I can never take back what I've done. And you can never take back asking.
LEO: I'm sorry!
DAVID: That doesn't make a difference! You may be my brother - but that means nothing to me anymore. Go back to Mannix. We're done.
Unmissable Neighbours
- Sheila reminds Xanthe that Cannings are made of tough stuff
- Karl asks Xanthe if she's sure she's ready to work at the hospital; she looks nervous
- Clive says he likes fiery women; enter Sheila
- Mark and Elly seem to be practicing dance moves in the street
- Paige asks if Elly is trying to impress Mark
- Elly and Mark get to know each other better at the winery
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Leo Tanaka, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7638
Leo Tanaka, David Tanaka

Susan Kennedy, Sheila Canning, Xanthe Canning, Gary Canning in Neighbours Episode 7638
Susan Kennedy, Sheila Canning, Xanthe Canning, Gary Canning

Piper Willis, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7638
Piper Willis, Paige Smith

Jamie Hyatt in Neighbours Episode 7638
Jamie Hyatt

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 7638
Steph Scully

Gabriel Smith in Neighbours Episode 7638
Gabriel Smith

Piper Willis, Xanthe Canning in Neighbours Episode 7638
Piper Willis, Xanthe Canning

Leo Tanaka, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7638
Leo Tanaka, David Tanaka

Paige Smith, Jack Callahan in Neighbours Episode 7638
Paige Smith, Jack Callahan

Leo Tanaka, Jack Callahan in Neighbours Episode 7638
Leo Tanaka, Jack Callahan

Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7638
Paige Smith

Piper Willis, Xanthe Canning in Neighbours Episode 7638
Piper Willis, Xanthe Canning

Susan Kennedy, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7638
Susan Kennedy, Piper Willis

Gary Canning, Susan Kennedy, Xanthe Canning, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7638
Gary Canning, Susan Kennedy, Xanthe Canning, Sheila Canning

Paige Smith, Elly Conway, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7638
Paige Smith, Elly Conway, Mark Brennan

Gary Canning, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7638
Gary Canning, David Tanaka

Jack Callahan, Leo Tanaka, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7638
Jack Callahan, Leo Tanaka, David Tanaka

Mark Brennan, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 7638
Mark Brennan, Elly Conway

Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7638
Paige Smith

David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7638
David Tanaka

Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 7638
Leo Tanaka

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