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Neighbours Episode 7462 from 2016 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7462
Australian and UK airdate: 27/09/16
Writer: Peter Matessi
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Ned Willis: Ben Hall
Madison Robinson: Sarah Ellen
Angus Beaumont-Hannay: Jai Waetford
Logan Dunne: Nick Slater
Bree Wozniacki: Kate Boladian
Clara Winter: Emma Louise Pursey
Ken Giles: Peter Rossi
- "Worlds" by Sarah Aarons Michael Fatkin And Jai Waetford
Summary/Images by: Clare/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Ben and Madison are surprised to find Xanthe on the beach in the Gold Coast
- Sheila explains the contents of Xanthe's letter to Susan, Terese and Gary, she's done a flit
- Xanthe tells Ben she wants to go all the way
- Angus surprises Ben and Xanthe
- Madison is surprised to see Logan
- Elly tells Regan to stop hitting on Ned
- Regan tells Steph she was head over heels with the guy and gave him a lock of her hair
- Mark tells Steph that Ned used to carry the girl's hair in her wallet
- Jacka tells Steph he wants the name of the guy
Elly answers a knock at the door. Steph walks in asking where he is. Elly starts going on about Steph thinking Mark likes Elly. Steph interrupts her saying she's looking for Ned. Elly wants to know why Steph is looking for Ned. Steph tells Elly it's serious.
Cue titles
The Waterhole
Steph reminds Ned that he knows Jacka and is aware what Jacka is capable of doing. Despite this Ned still went there with Regan. Ned denies knowing Jacka very well, they have mates in common and seeing each other around. Steph points out one of the same mates has probably told Jacka about Ned and Regan. Ned explains that as Jacka never mentioned Regan he didn't know she was Jacka's wife. Ned doesn't care anyway as Jacka's responsible for Josh and Doug's deaths. Ned thinks he should be the one with the problem. Steph advises Ned to go away to a place Jacka won't think of looking. Ned points out he's not able to just leave, there is family here, Elly plus Brad and Lauren's wedding. Ned wants to know how Jacka will do anything from jail. Steph can't believe Ned's attitude, Jacka will be hunting for the name. Jacka will know Steph has lied once he finds out Ned's name. Then Jacka will be after Steph as well. Ned promises that Regan won't tell and they need to make sure her mates won't tell either. Steph can't believe this and asks who else knows about this.
Gold Coast Hotel (Outside)
Xanthe, Ben and Angus are by the pool. Angus explains that his Dad Peter had business in Byron Bay and suggested to Sarah that Angus flew out with him. Ben asks if Angus and his Dad are getting along. Angus explains that it's Peter's way of fulfilling his parental duties without worrying about Angus. Xanthe asks after Sarah
ANGUS: She's smashing it. She finished one cycle and now off on some retreat in Devon doing yoga 50 times a day or something.
Ben comments that Angus was the last person he was expecting to see here. Ben and Xanthe look adoringly at each other and Angus comments they finally got together. Angus suggests celebrating and filling him in on what everyone is up to. Ben and Xanthe aren't so keen Ben says they need to go back to the room. Xanthe claims it's for a rehearsal. Madison's got an audition and Ben is playing the guitar for it. Angus wonders why they haven't rehearsed yet. Ben claims he's tired and needs to lie down! Angus finally gets the hint and says he understands. Angus loves a good lie down. Ben and Xanthe leave.
ANGUS: I'll just entertain myself. (He looks rather forlorn.)
Gold Coast
Madison is sitting and talking to Paul on her phone. She tells Paul that she thought Logan had moved to California, now he has emerged from the water like a sea God. Paul asks for Logan's explanation about not returning her texts. Madison explains they barely spoke. Madison explained about her newspaper job and Logan said he had told her so. Paul asks if he said that exactly. Madison explains it was the look on his face. Madison explained about her singing and thinks Logan hates the idea of her moving back. Madison goes on to tell Paul that she was ditched for a phonecall, probably the new girlfriend. Paul agrees it's disappointing. He tells her to pull herself together and get to the audition. Madison explains she was going to sing their song as a kind of closure. Madison points out if she hasn't had a chance to say anything how can there be closure? Paul advises Madison to go and see Logan and get everything off her chest. He tells her to get herself to the audition. Madison agrees and thanks Paul. He wishes her good luck.
The Waterhole (Outside)
Bree and Ned are sitting at a table. Bree asks Ned if he thinks she's stupid. Ned points out that someone told Jacka and Bree insists it wasn't her. (The camera pans back to show Steph is sitting at the table as well. She wouldn't dob her friend in. Thanks to Ned Regan has been through enough. Ned understands but Bree is doubtful. Ned is sorry Regan is upset but it's important that no one else is told. Jacka can't know it was Ned. Steph asks Bree if she knows if Regan has spoken to anyone else about Ned, Bree says Regan hasn't. Ned says they're safe as long as Regan is kept quiet by Bree. Bree points out under pressure Regan isn't so great. Ned suggests he and Steph talk to her. They hear the sound of a motorbike and Bree tells them Regan's going to visit Jacka. Ned worries about Regan cracking and Steph agrees they'll be in trouble.
Gold Coast Hotel
Xanthe and Ben are on the balcony. Ben tells Xanthe how beautiful she looks. He reassures her they don't have to do this if Xanthe doesn't want to, they don't have to rush into anything. Xanthe says she wants to. Ben reminds her together they have their whole lives ahead of them. Xanthe repeats that she wants to and she loves him. Ben tells her he loves her too. They share a kiss. They head into the bedroom and see some clothes on the bed. Susan appears and asks if she's interrupting anything! Ben and Xanthe are both surprised to see her.
Susan tells Xanthe to grab the rest of her stuff. Ben wants to talk but Susan tells them it's not up for discussion. Ben insists they're old enough to make their own decisions, they can't be stopped from doing what they want to do. The reason Susan is here because 'someone' chose to travel 1500 km without telling her family first. Susan asks if that's so mature! Xanthe points out she left a note. Susan has read the note and understands that Xanthe wanted to see her old home. Xanthe has lied though and that isn't an excuse for just disappearing. Xanthe apologises and confirms she knows that. Sheila points out Xanthe needs to apologise to Sheila and Gary. Xanthe promises to do that. She tells Susan she loves Ben and Ben loves her. Xanthe wanted to show Ben where she grew up. None of Xanthe's friends made the time to see her and she doesn't know where her Mum is.
XANTHE: Everything I try and plan never works out except for with Ben. He's like the one great thing in my life always.
Susan pauses and then tells them she understands. This isn't the way they should go about it. Xanthe also knows that now. Ben asks if Xanthe can stay tonight as she's already here. Susan isn't so impressed! She tells Xanthe her family need to agree. Xanthe happily agrees with this. Also Xanthe will be staying in Susan's room if they do stay. Ben and Xanthe aren't so impressed!
Gold Coast
Madison arrives and tells Logan she needs to say a few things. She has loved him since she was fifteen. She points out it is bad how he has treated her recently. He tries to interrupt her but she goes on to tell him firstly he was right about the newspaper job, it was a complete failure and she was over her head. Madison was heartbroken when they split up. Secondly Logan didn't return her texts, but he uploaded loads of photos to Instagram of him and his new girlfriend. Thirdly she wants to talk about her singing. He must think she's chasing another dream that's hopeless and wants to know why he can't be supportive the same as everyone else is being. He ditched her for a phonecall when she told him of her plans earlier.
Logan finally gets a chance to speak! Firstly he realised Paul was going to ruin things for her. Madison told him Paul had a bad reputation, Logan wasn't insulting her intelligence. Secondly Logan threw his phone over the Storey Bridge as he was so upset after Madison left. Logan needed to get a new phone and a new number. Madison realises Logan didn't get any of her texts. Madison asks about the very pretty girl on his Instagram. Logan agrees Sasha is very pretty and her girlfriend shares that view! Madison wants to know how she got it so wrong. Logan points out there's no stopping Madison when she gets something stuck in her head. He's always loved that about her and he still does. Logan explains that the phonecall was from California. He can get a place after all as someone has dropped out. Madison says it's amazing and comments he's leaving as she's back. She wants to know if this is a joke of worst timing. Logan suggests he comes with her. He loves her and leaves in two days for LA.
LOGAN: Nothing would make me happier than if you were on the plane with me.
Ned arrives and Elly wants to know where he's been. Ned apologises distractedly and looks through the window. Elly tells him Steph has been standing over her looking for Ned. Ned tells her he needed to take care of some things. Elly wants to know what they were and what Steph said. Ned explains she wants him to disappear for a while. Elly thinks it's about brunch. Ned explains that Regan's husband is Jacka Hills. When Elly looks blankly at him Ned explains that Jacka is awaiting sentencing for the Lassiter's explosion. Jacka is a jealous and notoriously dangerous guy. Elly asks if they're in danger. Ned says it does if Regan tells Jacka the truth. Elly wants to know if Regan will tell Jacka. Ned doesn't know and hopes she won't. Elly asks if she does what will happen? They will need to think of a Plan B! Elly doesn't want anything to happen to Ned. She kisses him on the lips and cuddles into him. Ned agrees.
Gold Coast Hotel
Susan hugs Angus and is pleasantly surprised he's there. Susan asks if Peter is there as well. Angus explains that Peter is tied up with work and Angus is allowed to do his own thing. Susan comments that Karl will be jealous that he's missed seeing Angus. Xanthe is trying to get hold of Madison who's gone AWOL. Ben thinks that it's due to Logan, they bumped into each other at SeaWorld. Xanthe reminds him Madison has moved on from Logan. Madison wouldn't miss out on the opportunity due to Logan. Ben asks how much time is left and Susan says it's now. Angus checks that Madison really wants this and Xanthe agrees. Xanthe points out that as Lucy set this up for her Madison wouldn't miss this opportunity.
The female comes out and asks for Madison. Susan asks for a couple more minutes. The female judge refuses as the panel only has a short window of time. This is the last call. Angus claims to be Madison.
They enter into the room with the other judges. Angus tells the others his plan is to stall the judges as long as possible. He tells Xanthe to go and find Xanthe. Xanthe asks how long he can stall them, Angus says it'll be four or five minutes. One of the male judges says he was expecting a female. Angus says he gets that a lot! The man asks what Angus will be singing. Angus explains he'll be singing one of his own songs. Ben points out quietly he doesn't know any of Angus's own songs and asks for the key it's in. Angus asks for Ben's guitar and heads up to the performance area. Angus thanks the judges for this amazing opportunity, it means a lot to be allowed to sit down and perform, Angus explains the song is about anyone who has had their heart broken. Angus says that has probably happened to all of them. Angus continues waffling. The male judge says they can do without this so Angus agrees to start singing.
Angus accompanies himself to the song 'Worlds' as Madison paces outside the hotel. Xanthe comes outside calling for Madison. Madison calls her over and Xanthe asks her what happened. Everyone is waiting for Madison and Xanthe tries to lead Madison to them. Madison isn't so sure and is wondering whether this is what she really wants. Xanthe tells Madison it is what she wants. Madison agrees a career is important but it's not the only important thing. Xanthe asks what's happening with Madison. Madison explains she was wrong about everything and Logan still loves her. Logan wants Madison to go to California with her. Xanthe wants to know if Madison's considering it, Madison isn't sure. Madison was so prepared to move here but she loves Logan. Xanthe points out Madison hasn't got the job yet. She suggests Madison audition and they can then figure it out if Madison is successful. Madison agrees that's logical but the song is their song. Madison was fine when the song was meant to be closure but she's not sure now. She could be a blubbering mess in front of the judges. Xanthe tells her that she needs to put on a brave face and sing that song in the audition. Madison is still unsure about getting the job and Logan getting on a plane. She might regret it forever. Xanthe tells her to get the job, they will figure the rest out later. Xanthe drags her back inside.
Angus is still playing the song. He is applauded at the end. The judge points out Angus isn't 18. Angus admits he's 16 but very mature for his age. Angus isn't impressed when the judge says he looks 14! Madison comes in and the judges ask who she is. Madison introduces herself. The judges look enquiringly at Angus.
ANGUS: British humour. We're famous for it.
One of the female judges tells the other judges that they really need to move along. Madison starts to sing as Ben accompanies her on the guitar. Xanthe records it on her phone. The judges smile at each other as Madison sings. Everyone claps Madison at the end of the song. The female judge asks what Madison is doing for the next few months. Madison asks if this is serious. The male judge tells her to pack her bags as she's moving to the Gold Coast. Everyone claps and congratulates her. Madison doesn't look so sure.
Angus tells Madison it was amazing. Ben agrees there was no preparation or warmup and it was perfect straightaway. Madison thanks them all for their support. Susan tells Madison it's ok to be excited. Madison agrees, she needs to weigh a few things up. Susan tells Angus he was terrific also. Ben ribs Angus about looking 14. Angus admits he wrote the song, he has been jamming back home. Ben thinks it was awesome that Angus was inspired by their busking. Xanthe suggests that Madison goes for a walk along the beach to clear her head, the air might help. Madison wants to get some rest in her room. Xanthe insists Madison stops talking she needs to go for a walk along the beach.
Gold Coast
Madison is by the spot she met up with Logan earlier. Logan comes along and Madison realises she's been set up. Logan explains that Xanthe promised that she would get Madison to come here. Madison tells Logan she got and it feels amazing. Logan agrees it would have done that. Since Madison has seen Logan she's realised that they broke up due to her actions. Logan points out there were also a few misunderstandings. Madison explains she decided to accept the job in Melbourne, she should have factored Logan into the decision. Now Logan is factoring Madison into his plans. Madison does want to go to the US with him. Logan tells her she can't as he's not going to California. Xanthe sent the video of Madison singing by Facetime. He keeps listening to that song since Madison left. Madison asks if it was before or after he threw his phone off the bridge. Logan admits it was before and after. Madison is willing to give up the opportunity or him, he's blown away by that but he can't let her do that. He doesn't need to go to California and he can study here. Madison can follow her dream here and they can both have what they want and each other. They share a loving kiss and Logan spins Madison around.
Ned and Elly are on the couch half dressed. Elly comments that dinner is burnt but Ned doesn't care. Ned's phone beeps so he goes to check it. Elly points out there's not meant to be any phones in the bedroom. Ned points out they're not in the bedroom, Elly points out functionally they are. Elly keeps talking but Ned interrupts her. Elly asks who it is. Ned explains it's Regan and Elly asks what it says.
NED: He knows everything.
- Steph tells Elly to tell Ned to go if she loves him
- Elly asks Mark how worried they need to be
- Toadie tells Brad he doesn't want to be the reason for Steph and Mark not having kids
- Steph tells Toadie she's worried about telling Mark
- Susan rings someone to talk about Angus
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Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 7462
Steph Scully

Steph Scully, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 7462
Steph Scully, Elly Conway

Steph Scully, Ned Willis in Neighbours Episode 7462
Steph Scully, Ned Willis

Xanthe Canning, Ben Kirk, Angus Beaumont-Hannay in Neighbours Episode 7462
Xanthe Canning, Ben Kirk, Angus Beaumont-Hannay

Madison Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7462
Madison Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7462
Paul Robinson

Ned Willis, Steph Scully, Bree Wozniacki in Neighbours Episode 7462
Ned Willis, Steph Scully, Bree Wozniacki

Xanthe Canning, Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 7462
Xanthe Canning, Ben Kirk

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7462
Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Xanthe Canning, Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 7462
Susan Kennedy, Xanthe Canning, Ben Kirk

Madison Robinson, Logan Dunne in Neighbours Episode 7462
Madison Robinson, Logan Dunne

Ned Willis, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 7462
Ned Willis, Elly Conway

Susan Kennedy, Angus Beaumont-Hannay, Ben Kirk, Xanthe Canning in Neighbours Episode 7462
Susan Kennedy, Angus Beaumont-Hannay, Ben Kirk, Xanthe Canning

Clara Winter in Neighbours Episode 7462
Clara Winter

Ken Giles, Clara Winter in Neighbours Episode 7462
Ken Giles, Clara Winter

Angus Beaumont-Hannay in Neighbours Episode 7462
Angus Beaumont-Hannay

Madison Robinson, Xanthe Canning in Neighbours Episode 7462
Madison Robinson, Xanthe Canning

Xanthe Canning, Madison Robinson, Ken Giles, Susan Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Clara Winter in Neighbours Episode 7462
Xanthe Canning, Madison Robinson, Ken Giles, Susan Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Clara Winter

Madison Robinson, Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 7462
Madison Robinson, Ben Kirk

Angus Beaumont-Hannay, Xanthe Canning, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7462
Angus Beaumont-Hannay, Xanthe Canning, Susan Kennedy

Xanthe Canning, Madison Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7462
Xanthe Canning, Madison Robinson

Logan Dunne, Madison Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7462
Logan Dunne, Madison Robinson

Ned Willis, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 7462
Ned Willis, Elly Conway

Ned Willis in Neighbours Episode 7462
Ned Willis

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