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Neighbours Episode 7438 from 2016 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7438
Australian and UK airdate: 24/08/16
Writer: Jo Watson
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Ned Willis: Ben Hall
Madison Robinson: Sarah Ellen
Tim Collins: Ben Anderson
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Elly brags to Aaron about how she's playing hard- to- get with Ned
- Terese decides she wants live music at The Waterhole, and enlists Madison to organise it
- When Paul intervenes to sabotage her plans, Terese boasts she has moves he hasn't seen before
- Gary tells Maureen Knights that if Cooper doesn't pull his head in, he'll pull it in for him
- Gary turns up at Erinsborough High and asks Piper if she knows where Cooper lives
- Maureen tells Karl that Cooper's in hospital - someone's beaten him up, and she thinks it's Gary
No 26
Gary comes in from looking after his pigeons. He, Sheila and Amy discuss names for them, although Sheila refuses to be endeared to Gary's 'flying rats'. Xanthe, who seems down and distracted, eventually suggests Cortina, Monaro and Porsche, after Amy comes up with the idea of naming them after cars for their speed.
Mark and a colleague arrive; they need to ask Gary some questions.
MARK: Cooper Knights has been assaulted.
Gary looks worried. The titles roll.
Afterwards, Mark tells Gary that Cooper is being treated for concussion - he was struck on the back of the head. Mark explains that Maureen has claimed Gary threatened to hurt Cooper.
GARY: I was angry.
SHEILA: The only thing Gary's guilty of is being a really good father.
GARY: Yeah. Ask any dad who has a daughter.
Questioned by Mark as to his movements following Maureen's visit, Gary says he had a meeting with Paul at around 3.30pm, and then went for a walk. He claims he can't remember how long he was out, but Sheila says she heard Gary come home at around 6pm.
MARK: So quite a long walk, then.
But Gary insists he just had a lot to think about; he didn't attack Cooper. Mark and his colleague leave, promising to be in touch. While Amy shows them out, Sheila worries that the cops have made up their minds that Gary is guilty.
XANTHE: Dad, can you honestly tell me that you didn't do this?
GARY: I wanted to real bad. And I'm not sorry that little toad got hurt. But like I said, it wasn't me. If I lose it, I'm go back inside. And there's no way I'm gonna desert you like that. It's not worth it. They can't put me inside for something I didn't do. Can they?
No 28
Mark is filling in the Kennedys on the situation regarding Cooper's injuries, while Piper and Ben listen in from the sofa. Mark says it's Maureen's word against Gary's, and asks Karl what he thinks of Maureen as a colleague. He says she's a good surgeon and that he trusts her judgement.
As Susan shows Mark out, she mentions that she has to consider how all this will impact on Cooper as well as Xanthe; and once they're out of earshot, Ben expresses annoyance to Piper that Susan is so worried about Cooper.
PIPER: Because she's a teacher.
BEN: It's not like he's an innocent victim. None of this would've happened if he wasn't a jerk in the first place.
PIPER: ...
BEN: Don't tell me you feel sorry for him too?
PIPER: No, no. It's not that. I saw Xanthe's dad, while I was on detention.
BEN: What was he doing there?
PIPER: Looking for Cooper. I kind of - I sort of told him where he lives.
BEN: Why did you do that?
PIPER: Well, I thought he was just gonna yell at him! Do you think I should say something?
Ben looks worried.
Terese is having a meeting with Toadie in her office - but she asks if they can pick this up again tomorrow, as she has another meeting now. Toadie agrees, but on his way to the lift, isn't pleased to find that her next appointment is none other than Tim Collins!

TOADIE: In fact I'd rather not be in the same room. In the same city, for that matter.
TIM COLLINS: How's Sonya?
TOADIE: Receiving threatening mail, thanks to you.
TIM COLLINS: Oh. Well, maybe she's in the wrong job if she can't handle just a little bit of media attention.
Toadie takes a deep breath, but decides to be the better man, and walks away, without saying anything further to Tim Collins. Once Toadie's gone, Terese says she's not a fan of Tim's smear campaign against Sonya either. But Tim asks how Terese would feel if his newspaper levelled that kind of scrutiny on Paul instead.
TIM COLLINS: Imagine that, in combination with positive coverage for the new Lassiter's.
TERESE: Sounds like pay for play?
TIM COLLINS: Didn't mention anything about money changing hands. I'm merely suggesting there's a slight tilt in the editorial mix.
TERESE: What's in it for you?
TIM COLLINS: Just the personal satisfaction of watching Paul fail. Oh, and I'd like a room made available for, erm, corporate hospitality. Starting tonight.
Back Lane Bar
Elly and Tyler are having a drink together. She admits she may have taken the "treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen" thing a bit far with Ned. Tyler says not all men like complicated women, but Elly retorts that Madison is more complicated than she looks, having scored the dinner date with Ned.
ELLY: Don't be fooled; that one's cunning.
At that moment, Madison and Ned walk in. They've been to dinner at Cirrus (not Lanzini's?!) and Madison has helpfully photographed their meals to show to Elly and Tyler.
MADISON: The food was a work of art.
TYLER: It's quite a small work of art!
NED: Yeah, I'm getting a burger!
Elly invites Ned and Madison to join them, but Ned says he doesn't want to crash their party. Madison suggests they all catch up tomorrow morning at No 32 instead; Ned has invited her over for a swim. Ned seems unsure, as does Tyler, but Madison convinces him. Elly is keen to come to the pool party - and drapes herself over Tyler, blatantly trying to make Ned jealous.
Ramsay Street
The next day, Paige and Jack are walking back from church following a morning sermon. Paige asks how Jack preaches without being 'too preachy'. Jack says he doesn't use the word 'thou' except when quoting from the Bible. (Does any priest, anywhere? Or for that matter, any human being?)
PAIGE: Father Jack, keeping it real.
JACK: Making fun of me now?
PAIGE: Not at all. I like your sermons. I wouldn't get up that early for anyone, you know that.
Meanwhile, Ben is putting the bin out when Xanthe approaches. He confirms he's heard about what happened to Cooper, and Xanthe says the police think Gary did it.
XANTHE: Ben, I know that my dad didn't do this.
BEN: You've got nothing to worry about, then.
XANTHE: Well, you were pretty mad with Cooper about the whole hotel thing...
BEN: The guy is a loser.
XANTHE: So you don't care that he got hit?
BEN: I feel bad that your dad's getting blamed for all this. But after everything Cooper's put you through, I think he deserves it.
Xanthe looks concerned as Ben walks away.
No 32
In the garden, Paige is power-skipping, while Ned has made Madison a (presumably non-alcoholic) cocktail. They discuss Rhonda Riley, the live music act that Madison has prepared for The Waterhole. Madison praises her 'purity of tone', and admits she used to sing a bit herself, but stopped as she didn't think she was good enough.
Elly and Tyler arrive for the pool party. Tyler says Paige should join them, but she says she's too busy training for her boxing career, reminding him tersely that she no longer has a training partner. Paige watches jealously as Elly hands Tyler some sun lotion, saying she needs help with it.
ELLY: You do me, I'll do you.
TYLER: Sure, yeah.
Paige scowls.
No 26
Mark has come round to interview Xanthe, but she says she doesn't want to say anything until Gary gets back. Sheila comes in, with Piper, who's come round to see Xanthe - but when she sees Mark is there, Piper suggests she come back later. However, Sheila suggests Piper stay, pointedly saying that she's sure Mark won't mind.
Mark seems to be trying to ascertain whether Xanthe thinks Gary could have beaten up Cooper. Sheila tells him not to put words into Xanthe's mouth; and Xanthe says lots of people could have hit Cooper.
XANTHE: Maybe he had an argument with one of his friends.
MARK: Or maybe one of your friends, or your boyfriend?
XANTHE: Ben is not my boyfriend.
MARK: I never mentioned Ben... Do you think he's responsible?
Piper looks concerned.
XANTHE: Well, he was acting a little bit strange when I talked to him this morning.
MARK: Strange, how?
XANTHE: He said Cooper deserved it.
No 32
In the pool, Tyler, Madison, Ned and Elly are playing a game called 'Marco Polo', defined by Wikipedia as a form of tag played in a swimming pool. Paige is doing some angry boxing in the foreground. Elly is once again draping herself all over Tyler, much to Paige's annoyance. Elly suggests Madison should have another go.
MADISON: I'm not really used to it being such a contact sport.
ELLY: Well maybe you're playing it wrong.
PAIGE: Babe, can you stop flirting with him for five seconds? Some of us are trying to keep our breakfast down over here.
ELLY: Well, at least I'm throwing myself at someone who's available (...) Look at you and Father What-a-Waste. I mean, you follow him around like a lost puppy, babe. No wonder you have to train so much - you're never gonna get any action.
It all goes quiet and awkward, and Paige storms into the house, while Tyler, Madison and Ned all judge Elly.
ELLY: What? I was just kidding.
The Waterhole
Terese is meeting Tim Collins again. He thanks her for arranging the 'corporate hospitality' hotel room for him last night, saying he hopes it can be a permanent arrangement. Terese says she still doesn't like the way Tim's newspaper treats Sonya.
TERESE: But business is business. And right now, Paul will do anything to bring me down. It's like a game to him.
TIM COLLINS: So change the rules.
TERESE: Okay, fine. But I reserve the right to terminate our little arrangement at any point.
TIM COLLINS: Of course.
Paul comes in, and is disconcerted to see Terese and Tim together. Once Tim has left, Paul hopes aloud that Terese is preparing some damage control regarding the situation with Cooper.
PAUL: Teenage misconduct makes a great story. I mean, how exactly do you spin loaning out a hotel room to a bunch of teenagers?
TERESE: A student's parent hired it, Paul. I'm not responsible for what happened.
PAUL: Oh, is that so? You see, if it were me, I'd do everything in my power to find out what went on. Because as the owner of the establishment, it could all come back on you.
No 26
Having taken Paul's advice, Terese pays a visit to the Cannings, saying she's come to see how Xanthe's shaping up following her ordeal. Sheila and Piper are also still there. Xanthe tells Terese she wishes she hadn't said anything about what Cooper did to her; she didn't mean for him to end up in hospital, or for Ben or Gary to get into trouble.
XANTHE: This whole thing is a mess, all because I spoke up.
SHEILA: Oh, no, it's not your fault, love.
TERESE: No. No, it's not your fault. Look, Xanthe - something like this happened to me. So I know what it's like. No-one deserves to be violated against their will.
XANTHE: Thanks.
Terese leaves, and Piper goes with her.
No 28
Karl and Susan are present while Ben is being interviewed by Mark.
MARK: If someone made a pass at my girlfriend, and didn't know when to stop...
BEN: Okay, she's not my girlfriend.
MARK: So you wouldn't lash out at someone you thought had harmed her?
KARL: Ben, you're not gonna get into trouble for telling the truth.
BEN: Okay. I like her. A lot. And yeah, it's made me do some stupid things. But yesterday I was in my room.
SUSAN: Well, I can vouch for that. We came home together.
MARK: You saw him in there?
SUSAN: Well, no. But if that's where he says he was, then that's where he was.
Mark explains that Xanthe suggested Ben knows more about the situation than he's letting on. Hesitantly, Ben admits that Piper saw Gary at the school yesterday, looking for Cooper.
Paul storms into Terese's office, while she's having another meeting with Toadie. Paul's furious because the West Waratah Star has published a story about him, calling him a 'greedy ex-mayor' for trying to get council permission for tables for his new restaurant on a public sidewalk. Terese gloats, and Paul demands to know how much she's paid Tim Collins to give Paul negative coverage.
TERESE: Why would I pay Tim to publish information that's on public record?
PAUL: This isn't over.
TERESE: Ooh. Idle threat duly noted.
PAUL: Tim is a mercenary. He will work for the highest bidder - so I'll just buy him off.
TERESE: Oh, really? What with, Paul?
PAUL: Content! I'll give him a scandal so good it's gonna finish you for good.
Paul storms out.
TOADIE: I hate to agree with Paul, but he is right. Tim is a dirtbag.
TERESE: Paul's no saint either.
TOADIE: Yeah? So where does that leave you, Mother Teresa?
Harold's Café
Tim Collins is on the phone to someone, looking worried.
TIM COLLINS: What files?... Well, don't do anything till I get there.
Tim gets up and walks out, ignoring Lauren's "have a great day"! Tyler comes in, looking for Paige.
LAUREN: Yeah, she's out the back. I had to keep her away from the customers. I have no idea what's wrong with her.
Paige comes out with a face like thunder. Tyler assures her nothing's happening with him and Elly; Paige makes out that she doesn't care.
PAIGE: You can hook up with whoever you want. Just don't do it on my back doorstep.
TYLER: She was trying to make Ned jealous.
PAIGE: I don't care what Elly's doing. You're letting her. Have some dignity.
Tyler admits he may have liked the fact it was getting a rise out of Paige too, conceding that he suffered a 'jab to the ego' when Paige ditched him after two hook-ups. Paige admits she was upset when Tyler ditched her as a boxing training partner, too.
TYLER: So you missed me?
PAIGE: Yes. Training alone sucks.
TYLER: Well, since we fight anyway, why not make it official? Training buddies?
Paige agrees. Jack turns up, on his way to church - he wanted to see if Paige fancied coming along. She says yes, and Tyler looks annoyed. While Paige goes to fetch her stuff, he confronts Jack.
TYLER: What's the deal? Because this isn't about Bible studies.
JACK: Paige is interested.
TYLER: Seriously? You buy that?
JACK: Look, I'm just trying to help her. There's more to this than you understand.
TYLER: You're keeping her close - separating her from her friends. It's a power trip. And the sooner Paige wakes up to that, the better.
Tyler walks out.
Back Lane Bar
Elly and Ned are out for a drink. Ned admits that his friendship with Madison is totally platonic - she's still getting over her ex Logan, and spent most of their dinner last night talking about him. He also admits that he may have been using their date to make Elly jealous.
NED: You're not the only one who can play hard-to-get.
But he admits he had fun in the pool this morning, as Elly 'knows how to bring a party'.
ELLY: That's me. Party girl.
NED: You say that like it's a bad thing.
ELLY: No, I'm just over it. I've never been the shy and retiring type.
NED: Yeah, I noticed.
ELLY: I mean, normally I'm not asking guys out.
NED: Well, I'm sure you wouldn't have got many complaints.
ELLY: Well, the thing with diving in head-first is, you never really find out how much they like you. And sometimes, you find out that they don't really like you that much at all. So I thought, new town, new me. I'll try being a little bit more unattainable.
NED: And how's that working out for you?
ELLY: Terribly.
Ned kisses her on the lips.
NED: Maybe that'll help.
ELLY: Maybe.
They laugh.
Robinson's Motel
Gary is protesting his innocence to Paul over Cooper's assault.
GARY: I'm telling you, if I'd laid into that punk, he'd have a lot more than a concussion.
PAUL: I don't think that argument's gonna hold much weight with the police!
Gary asks for Paul's help, admitting he was right outside Cooper's house in Eden Hills when the attack happened. He wanted to rip into him, he says, but then thought about how it would affect Xanthe if he went back to jail.
Paul tells Gary that Mark's on his way over to interview him, and sure enough, Mark turns up.
MARK: Some new information's come to light. Cooper was assaulted at 5pm yesterday. At around 4pm, you obtained his home address - is that correct?
GARY: Yeah.
MARK: Did you then go to his house?
PAUL: Well, that would have been impossible, officer - because Gary was here at work with me between five and six.
Paul claims that Gary came back to the motel after his walk - and Gary backs this up.
GARY: Yeah. I should've said something - it must have slipped my mind.
MARK: If I find out you've provided a false alibi...
PAUL: No, you won't. But if you want to check his punch card, please by all means come back with a warrant.
Paul shows Mark out.
GARY: I don't have a punch card.
PAUL: Well, let him go to the trouble of getting a warrant, eh?
GARY: So what do you want, Paul?
PAUL: Anything I need. Legal or not. No questions asked.
Tim Collins is in Terese's office. He presents her with a USB stick.
TIM COLLINS: That is footage from hidden cameras planted around your hotel. It was posted anonymously to me at the Star.
TERESE: What?!
TIM COLLINS: They sent me a teaser, and promised the rest of the footage, for a fee. Which I have paid, on the basis that it stays buried.
TERESE: It's Paul. He's desperate for a story to use against me. And he could easily have gained access to the hotel. He knows it inside out.
TIM COLLINS: I don't think it was him. There is stuff on that USB that he knows I would never publish.
TERESE: I'm not following you.
TIM COLLINS: The 'corporate entertaining' I was doing last night. My wife can never find out. So I have destroyed that piece of the data.
TERESE: Okay. Well how much footage was actually recorded?
TIM COLLINS: Weeks and weeks. Multiple cameras, multiple rooms. In any case, this person assures me that's the only copy.
TERESE: How can I trust that?
TIM COLLINS: You can't. So you've got to destroy the cameras, and find the data. Because if any of that got out...
TERESE: We'll both be ruined.
- Madison sings 'Even When I'm Sleeping' over a montage of events, namely...
- Brad and Lauren dancing in Harold's
- Elly leads Ned towards her bedroom, and kisses him
- Paul looking smug, and giving Terese a sly smile. She smiles back
- Aaron, Steph and Amy swaying to Madison singing in The Waterhole
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Amy Williams, Gary Canning, Xanthe Canning in Neighbours Episode 7438
Amy Williams, Gary Canning, Xanthe Canning

Mark Brennan, Sheila Canning, Gary Canning in Neighbours Episode 7438
Mark Brennan, Sheila Canning, Gary Canning

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7438
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Mark Brennan

Ben Kirk, Piper Willis in Neighbours Episode 7438
Ben Kirk, Piper Willis

Toadie Rebecchi, Terese Willis, Tim Collins in Neighbours Episode 7438
Toadie Rebecchi, Terese Willis, Tim Collins

Ned Willis, Madison Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7438
Ned Willis, Madison Robinson

Tyler Brennan, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 7438
Tyler Brennan, Elly Conway

Jack Callahan, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7438
Jack Callahan, Paige Smith

Ben Kirk, Xanthe Canning in Neighbours Episode 7438
Ben Kirk, Xanthe Canning

Ned Willis, Paige Smith, Madison Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7438
Ned Willis, Paige Smith, Madison Robinson

Xanthe Canning, Sheila Canning, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7438
Xanthe Canning, Sheila Canning, Mark Brennan

Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7438
Paige Smith

Elly Conway, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7438
Elly Conway, Tyler Brennan

Terese Willis, Paul Robinson, Tim Collins in Neighbours Episode 7438
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson, Tim Collins

Terese Willis, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7438
Terese Willis, Sheila Canning

Piper Willis, Xanthe Canning in Neighbours Episode 7438
Piper Willis, Xanthe Canning

Susan Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7438
Susan Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Mark Brennan

Toadie Rebecchi, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7438
Toadie Rebecchi, Terese Willis

 in Neighbours Episode 7438

Lauren Turner, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7438
Lauren Turner, Tyler Brennan

Tyler Brennan, Paige Smith, Jack Callahan in Neighbours Episode 7438
Tyler Brennan, Paige Smith, Jack Callahan

Ned Willis, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 7438
Ned Willis, Elly Conway

Paul Robinson, Mark Brennan, Gary Canning in Neighbours Episode 7438
Paul Robinson, Mark Brennan, Gary Canning

Tim Collins in Neighbours Episode 7438
Tim Collins

Terese Willis, Tim Collins in Neighbours Episode 7438
Terese Willis, Tim Collins

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