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Neighbours Episode 7399 from 2016 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7399
Australian and UK airdate: 30/06/16
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Gary Canning: Damien Richardson
Tom Quill: Kane Felsinger
Archie Quill: Harrison Mark
Brinsley Belden: Jack Green
Summary/Images by: Sarah/Graham
- Xanthe says the formal is the biggest night of anyone's life
- All the summarisers despair
- Paige is upset that Jack didn't tell her he was back
- She watches as he rejects her call
- Lauren tells Jack that Paige is confused
- Amy tells Aaron that she used to be a "sexy maid"
- Amy's ex- boss Ryan approaches her at the Handywoman
- Aaron tells Ryan that Amy isn't interested
- Amy receives an envelope containing a photo of herself as "Anika", the sexy maid. On the back, it suggests it could be a new ad for the local paper.
No 24
Amy asks Aaron what she told Ryan, challenging him to say if he gave away her workplace. He says he wanted to show she didn't need his money.
AMY: Well, that backfired, didn't it?
She says she thinks it's just the beginning.
Roll credits.
Ramsay Street
Amy asks Jack if he's staying - he's not sure, and he tells her he doesn't know if he can come back to work. She says he should have called, and he says he's got a lot on his mind. She gets a text from Ryan asking if she liked the picture... She looks worried and Jack tells her he hopes she gets everything sorted out.
No 32
Paige is playing a game on her phone. She comments to Lauren that she can't fight her opponent for real.
PAIGE: Don't think that I wouldn't try though. Ya hear me?
(Knock at the door)
PAIGE: What if that's him?
PAIGE: Jack.
Paige tells Lauren not to let him in. Lauren points out she has to see him sooner or later, but Paige wants to go for later.
PAIGE: Mum, I can't handle the rejection again.
LAUREN: Don't you think you're being a little bit dramatic?
PAIGE: NO. This is the rest of my life we're talking about. I need time.
No 26
Xanthe is scrubbing the floor and Sheila tells her she's missed a spot.
XANTHE: There are laws against child labour you know.
SHEILA: I think there's a couple against stealing other people's money too. So get on with it, Cinderella.
Gary arrives, closely followed by Ben, who wants to borrow the vacuum cleaner. Xanthe jumps up and acts flirtatious, but Ben ignores her. When he's gone, Xanthe tells her dad she wants Ben to ask her to the formal.
XANTHE: I've dropped like a million hints, but he's so oblivious.
Sheila's not sure she deserves to go, but Xanthe has been planning it "for ever". Gary tells Xanthe that the Canning women weren't born to wait, and she should ask Ben.
Lassiter's complex
Tom is (or rather isn't) having lunch with Archie, who asks for the money to have lunch elsewhere while Tom takes a call. Aaron is sitting nearby, and Tom tells him the toilet paper delivery has gone missing. As they are walking along, Tom says he's taken over as General Manager now that Julie is unavailable. Aaron asks about his charges, but Tom says he got off his charges with a suspended sentence - apparently having Julie in the family helped. But Tom's not celebrating because Archie is back. Tom invites Aaron for a drink. Aaron agrees, as long as it's "not a date".
TOM: Nice shirt by the way.
No 32
Jack is in the kitchen, and Lauren insists that Paige go and talk to him. She asks him why he's back.
JACK: I came back because there was something pulling me back, so I followed my gut.
PAIGE: Are you gonna stay?
JACK: Yeah, I am. But I still need to decide whether I'm going back to the church.
PAIGE: (annoyed) Right.
JACK: Paige. How do I choose between two things I love?
She tells him he can't keep her waiting, and he says he's no good at the personal stuff.
JACK: I've only had one relationship.
PAIGE: You and God, huh?
JACK: No, God would make it two.
He tells her he had a girlfriend, Simone, before he'd decided to become a priest, although the idea was always at the back of his mind. However she went off the rails and got in with a bad crowd. And now, he has no idea where she is. Paige asks if he ever thinks he made the wrong choice.
JACK: I have no regrets about my past. It's just the future I have so many questions on.
Aaron and Tom are drinking wine outside. Aaron tells Tom about Amy and how he's sorry he's made things worse. Tom comes up with the idea of hiring Ryan's company to do the cleaning at Lassiter's if he leaves Amy alone. Aaron asks why he would do that, and Tom says he wants to make it up to him.
No 28
Karl wants to get VIP tickets to go to an 80s gig (Men Without Hats).
SUSAN: Stop right there. Unless they're free, we can't afford it.
Ben is listening, and is concerned. Karl tries to persuade Susan, but she says that Karl will have a tax bill to pay when the government catch up with him.
KARL: If they catch up with me.
Ben suggests the Rubens (who would be cheaper), but Karl suggests that's a sandwich.
KARL: Three words: Katrina and the Waves.
I make that four words. Susan says he might have to make do with playing his cassettes. Xanthe turns up with a football, and asks if it's Ben's.
SUSAN: It says Kyle right there.
XANTHE: Ah. So it does.
She asks if she can talk to Ben, and reluctantly Susan agrees. Outside, Xanthe tells him that she's not sure if she's going to go to the formal.
XANTHE: I was thinking - maybe we should go. Isn't like writing the passage or something?
BEN: You mean rite of passage?
XANTHE: Yeah, exactly. It's lame, but it's something that you gotta do. And I was thinking if I decide to go, maybe we could go together.
BEN: Yeah, you're right.
BEN: It's gonna be lame.
Ben says he thinks his grandparents are broke and he doesn't want to ask them for cash. Xanthe is upset.
No 26
Xanthe is crying. She tells Gary that Ben turned down her invitation.
XANTHE: You said it would work.
GARY: Yeah, I wasn't counting on him being a complete idiot.
XANTHE: He's not an idiot. It's obvious he doesn't like me.
Amy comes in and Xanthe goes to her room. Gary tells Sheila he was trying to help Xanthe and make it up to her.
SHEILA: You've got to remember that when dealing with a teenage girl, it's like defusing a bomb.
GARY: (to Amy) I really thought I was helping.
AMY: Men always seem to think that I guess, don't they?
Aaron tells Amy about Tom's idea. She is annoyed that Aaron told Tom, but Aaron points out that Ryan was hassling her because his business is failing. This way, he should leave her along. She agrees they should go ahead.
Lassiter's Reception
Tom is on the phone to Ryan. Aaron reminds him to confirm the condition about Amy, and they arrange to meet later. Aaron thanks him, and Tom repeats that he wants to make up for things. He glances at the plaque to Josh and Doug and says he can't make up for everything. Archie turns up. He's had a milkshake, even though he's lactose intolerant, and he's about to be sick. Aaron asks Tom if they can catch up again.
No 26
One of Xanthe's classmates is in the loungeroom. Sheila says he's from a very good family. He asks Xanthe to the formal and she points out they've never spoken to each other before.
BRINSLEY: Your grandmother said you had no-one to go with.
XANTHE: Does it look like I need a pity date?
Sheila reminds her he's a lovely boy from a lovely family, but Xanthe says it's not fair to use him.
XANTHE: Obviously you thought no-one would ever ask me for real.
GARY: Nice work defusing that bomb(!)
No 32
Lauren asks Paige how it went with Jack, and she says she might still be in with a chance.
LAUREN: You're still in limbo but you're happy about it?
PAIGE: Well he's still here isn't he?
She says that Jack has had doubts before, so that has to count for something. So, although she hates waiting, she's going to bide her time and hope it works out. Paige goes to the bookshelf, and asks Lauren not to put doubts in her head.
LAUREN: I'm not doing it on purpose. But if God really is your rival then...
PAIGE: Then I have to be prepared.
She picks out a Bible and says she's going to brush up.
No 26 drive
Amy gets a text from Ryan thanking her for the gig, and that she won't see him again.
In Ramsay Street, Gary is putting pegs on a shrub, explaining that if you've got something you don't want to bring home, you pin it to the tree. Amy asks for a couple of pegs, then sighs. Gary asks if she wants to talk. She starts by apologising for earlier, because he only wanted to help Xanthe, and you have to leave the past in the past. She tells him it's better to move forward with good intentions. He looks thoughtful, and says he's got an idea.
No 28
Karl finds two tickets for the gig on an auction site. Susan points out there will be a bidding war.
KARL: We'll keep an eye on them. We might get lucky.
SUSAN: Yeah and that will be a flying pig crashing into the door now.
Actually it's not. It's Gary. He asks if Ben's in. When Karl and Susan have left, he offers Ben $300 to take Xanthe to the formal.
GARY: I want Princess to have the night of her life. Hey, she can never know about this though. What do you say? Do we have a deal?
BEN: Yeah. You bet.
- Madison is writing a story on Brad
- Tom tells Terese she should let Madison write a story on her
- Madison interviews Sheila and Karl
- Xanthe hugs Ben
- Xanthe excitedly says that Ben has asked her to the formal
- Sheila challenges Gary over Ben's change of heart
- Piper tells Ben he can't tell her
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Aaron Brennan, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7399
Aaron Brennan, Amy Williams

Jack Callahan, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7399
Jack Callahan, Amy Williams

Lauren Turner, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7399
Lauren Turner, Paige Smith

Xanthe Canning, Gary Canning in Neighbours Episode 7399
Xanthe Canning, Gary Canning

Ben Kirk, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7399
Ben Kirk, Sheila Canning

Tom Quill, Archie Quill in Neighbours Episode 7399
Tom Quill, Archie Quill

Tom Quill, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7399
Tom Quill, Aaron Brennan

Jack Callahan, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7399
Jack Callahan, Paige Smith

Tom Quill, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7399
Tom Quill, Aaron Brennan

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7399
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Xanthe Canning, Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 7399
Xanthe Canning, Ben Kirk

Xanthe Canning, Gary Canning in Neighbours Episode 7399
Xanthe Canning, Gary Canning

Amy Williams, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7399
Amy Williams, Aaron Brennan

Tom Quill, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7399
Tom Quill, Aaron Brennan

Gary Canning, Brinsley Belden in Neighbours Episode 7399
Gary Canning, Brinsley Belden

Xanthe Canning, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7399
Xanthe Canning, Sheila Canning

Paige Smith, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 7399
Paige Smith, Lauren Turner

Gary Canning, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7399
Gary Canning, Amy Williams

Ben Kirk, Gary Canning in Neighbours Episode 7399
Ben Kirk, Gary Canning

 in Neighbours Episode 7399

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