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Neighbours Episode 7342 from 2016 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7342
Australian and UK airdate: 12/04/16
Writer: Chris Phillips
Director: Scott Major
Guests: Sarah Beaumont - Nicola Charles
Nene Williams - Ally Fowler
Summary/Images by: Clare/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Susan wants to know what Sarah wanted and what she's doing here
- Aaron tells Nate time didn't stand still when he was away, they can't pick up where they left off
- Paul persuades Nene to give a false alibi
- Nene sees Terese and Paul kissing
- Mark tells Paul he needs to come down to the station for questioning
Erinsborough Police Station
Mark is interviewing Paul as another police officer stands in the corner of the room. Paul says he's already answered these questions and wants to know why they're going over them again. Mark says Paul is a person of interest. Paul says this is because the police are too lazy to look at anyone else. Mark points out Paul has motive and form. Paul says that Nene's alibi is watertight. Mark agrees with this but Nene came to see them and she has changed her story. She told the police that Paul asked her to lie for Paul.
Cue titles!
Paul says that doesn't prove anything. Paul says Nene is an unbalanced woman. Mark points out Paul is saying Nene was credible yesterday but she isn't credible today. Paul says it's not his fault that Nene blows hot and cold. Paul confirms the sabotage times and Mark says it's an estimate. Paul points out the security footage will show he wasn't at the hotel. Mark wants to know why Paul asked Nene to lie. Paul says he didn't ask Nene to lie and it's her word against his. Mark wants to know what motive Nene would have to change her story. Paul says Nene is in love with him so maybe Nene realised he didn't feel the same way. Paul wants to know if they checked the blueprints for fingerprints. Mark says they're clean. Paul says they haven't got anything on him. Mark points out the blueprints were found in his possession and his alibi has been thrown into doubt. Paul suggests that Mark checks on Nene's mental state and find Tom Quill.
Terese is sitting down looking at a framed photograph and Brad walks in through the back door.
TERESE: When I saw you at the door I... for a split second I thought... I just keep expecting to see him.
Brad says he hopes Paul's been making himself useful and asks where Paul is. Terese explains Paul is down at the police station. Brad asks if they think Paul's at fault but Terese tells him that they had questions for Paul. Paul told Terese he's innocent and she believes him. Brad wants to know then why the police are questioning Paul. Terese knows Paul is not responsible and Brad wants to know why Terese is sure. Terese says it's because Paul wouldn't do this to hurt her, Paul is in love with her. Brad asks if she loves him and she says she does, she has feelings for Paul.
No.26 Backyard
Amy and Daniel are sitting at the table whilst Nene is by the fence. Nene explains she saw Paul and Terese kissing and Paul had been playing her. Nene then told the police the truth, that will teach Paul. Nene knows that told her not to get her hopes up about Paul. Amy tells Nene it was right she came clean, Paul shouldn't have put her in that position asking Nene to lie. Daniel doesn't believe Paul would be capable of this. Nene's phone rings and she answers it. Nene is surprised but agrees to come in. She rings off and tells Amy and Daniel that the police want her to talk more about what she was doing yesterday.
Ramsay Street
Sarah greets Ben and he wants to know if he can help her. She's looking for Dr. Kennedy so Ben explains he's not in. Sarah realises Ben lives here and Ben introduces himself as Karl's grandson. Sarah says she sees the resemblance to Libby. Ben is surprised Sarah knows Libby. Sarah says they were friends when they lived next door. Sarah explains her sister Catherine is married to Ben's uncle Mal.
BEN: Oh you're that Sarah.
Sarah confirms this and there is an awkward pause. Sarah just wanted to thank Karl for helping her yesterday after the explosion. Ben says Karl will be home soon and Sarah asks to wait inside if Susan doesn't mind. Ben says that won't matter as Susan isn't home either. He agrees for Sarah to go in.
Brad checks if Terese is really sure about Paul's innocence and she's not being biased Terese insists that Paul had nothing to do with the explosion and she can prove it. She's got CCTV footage of before the explosion and Paul hasn't near the hotel and goes to the laptop. Brad checks if they're now a thing. Terese isn't sure as it's all so new. She says it's odd that one of the files is missing. Brad wants to know if she's sure. She is, there's a file for each camera and camera 4B isn't here. She's going to get onto IT Brad asks if Paul was involved but Terese is now talking to the IT department. She asks what happened to the file. She gets the answer, triple checks and rings off. She tells Brad the footage was deleted from the server. It was done remotely. Brad asks if it was done from here. Terese says yesterday only she and Paul were home.
Sarah and Ben are standing by the kitchen counter. Sarah says she guesses it's changed a bit over the years but the things she loves about Erinsborough have stayed the same. Ben says it took him a while to settle in but it's a good place. Sarah asks what it's like living with Karl and Susan. Ben says they're cool. Sarah says it's amazing they're still together after all these years. She asks Ben if' he thinks they're soul mates and he tentatively agrees. Sarah always wanted that for herself but she never met the right guy. Ben says he doesn't get girls and marriage sounds like a bad idea. Sarah says when he grows up he'll change his mind! Sarah hopes they're setting a good example and not throwing each other onto the couch. Sarah sees Karl's guitar and says it was always a passion of Karl's.
There's a knock at the door and Ben answers it. It's Xanthe, she wants to come in but Ben tells her it's not a good me. Xanthe realises someone is here and was wondering if Ben still had the book so they could touch base about the fridge assignment. Ben says they can do that later. Xanthe comes in and introduces herself to Sarah. Sarah admires Xanthe's top and Xanthe admires Sarah's top. Ben explains that Sarah is married to his uncle. Sarah says she can wait unsupervised if they have homework to do. Ben says the assignment is not due for ages and gently pushes Xanthe out the door.
Erinsborough Police Station
Nene, Amy and Daniel are waiting as Mark comes to talk to them. Amy asks why the police want to talk to Nene again. Mark explains that some new evidence has come to light and they need to ask Nene some more questions. Paul arrives and Nene says he is so low.
Mark tells Paul he's free to go for now and asks Nene to follow him. They wander off and Paul wonders how this is happening. Amy asks how he put Nene in this position and Paul says he can explain. Amy says Paul used Nene because she likes him. Paul claims he wouldn't do anything to hurt her or Terese so Amy asks why he asked Nene to lie. Paul says he had no choice as someone is setting him up. Something dodgy was planted on him and he needed a really solid alibi. Daniel says Paul was acting so weird before the explosion. Paul says he didn't do it. Amy tells Paul to stay away from Nene as Amy doesn't want Paul going anywhere near Nene.
Harold's Café
Aaron is leaving a voicemail for Tom asking him to ring him back. He orders a coffee and Nate wanders over. Nate wants to buy Aaron a coffee but Aaron says he's already ordered one. Nate asks if Aaron's meeting someone as he doesn't want to make it awkward. Aaron isn't but he's expecting a call. Nate asks if it's the person Aaron's been seeing and Aaron asks who told him and Nate says it doesn't matter. Aaron agrees, Nate says it does hurt though. Aaron is surprised as Nate disappeared for a couple of months. Aaron didn't know where Nate was and Nate wouldn't answer his calls. Now Nate's upset that Aaron didn't wait around. Nate is sorry for taking off but he wants things to go back to how they were before. Aaron apologises but he has enough going on already. Nate agrees and leaves.
Lassiter's Complex
Amy and Daniel come out of the police station. Paul comes over to them and asks where Nene is. Daniel says Nene will be out soon and Amy reminds him he's to stay away. Paul just wanted to apologise. He admits he used Nene for an alibi but he's innocent. Daniel points out he has a pretty shady track record. He says it doesn't make him guilty. Terese arrives with the laptop and angrily demands to know why Paul deleted a folder from the CCTV footage from the server. Mark has arrived and is surprised there's more footage. Terese says it's camera 4B and Mark didn't know it existed. Terese says it was deleted remotely from the laptop.
TERESE: (To Paul) There's only one reason you'd do that. You've got something to hide. You did it. You did it didn't you? You're the reason my son is dead!
Terese angrily attacks Paul as Amy drags Terese off Paul. (Mark and other officers are there as well. Paul keeps protesting his innocence as Terese keeps shouting at him. Daniel realises that Paul told him and Terese to get out before the explosion. Paul agrees and he has explained why. Daniel points out they would have been protected and accuses Paul of causing the explosion. Daniel angrily tries to get Paul to admit it which he doesn't. Mark says they will have forensics look into it and he's placing Paul under arrest. Paul asks why this is as they don't know how or why the explosion happened. Mark says it's for Paul interfering in the investigation and tampering with evidence. They take Paul into the station as he keeps protesting his innocence.
Sarah and Ben are sitting on the sofas in silence. Ben suggests calling Karl to see where he is. Karl and Susan arrive home and Sarah explains Ben said she could wait for them. Karl asks how Sarah is. She's ok and thanks Karl for getting her out of the hotel. Karl agrees it was a close call for a lot of people. Susan tentatively invites Sarah to stay for lunch. Sarah can't as she has an appointment so Susan says she should another time. Sarah says it was nice hanging out with Ben and leaves.
Susan asks Ben how long Sarah's been here. Ben says she's been here for ages, Sarah's strange. Susan asks why he said that. Ben explains Sarah was talking about marriage and if he believes in soul mates, it was bizarre. Karl and Susan exchange a look.
The Waterhole
NENE: Have you ever had a moment where the thing you never wanted to face becomes shockingly clear?
Amy thinks she has had that moment. Nene says it was her at the police station. She was forced to explain why she lied in a criminal investigation. Amy thought that was the moment when Amy caught Nene in the nurses' uniform. Nene agrees with this but she didn't realise she has the same pattern in her work and relationships. She goes to extreme lengths to make them work and she's ready to deal with it. Nene has got to face her demons and has decided to check into a treatment facility. She knows a great one up in the Blue Mountains. She hates leaving Amy though when Amy is like this. Nene suggests Amy and Jimmy come with her to help her settle in. They can spend time together and it's a nice trip. Amy would like that but is unsure. Nene tells her there are no buts, the world can wait for a couple of days. People will understand after what has happened around here. They can look after each other. Amy says that Jimmy can look after them both and they laugh together. Nene says they can be a family and Amy agrees. Amy doesn't know what she'd do without Nene's support and they share a hug.
Sheila is watching them from behind the bar. Sarah orders a drink and Sheila apologises that things are a mess around here. It will take a while for things to get back on track. Sheila comments after what has happened it makes her realise people you love can be taken in a heartbeat and Sarah agrees. The community really cares about each other in a crisis. Sarah says Sheila's lucky to have that. Sheila says when it comes to the crunch lots of people will be there for you if you need them. Sarah is counting on it!
Terese and Brad arrive home. Terese thanks Brad for coming to get her, he didn't need to do that. Brad doesn't think Terese should be on her own. Terese says the girls will be home soon. Brad asks what Terese will tell them, Terese doesn't know. Brad offers to talk to them but Terese refuses. It's something she needs to do. She can't believe Paul would go this far and wondering if it was for money or revenge on Julie. Josh has gone, Paul must have known someone would get hurt. Terese wants to know what type of person would do that. Brad says it doesn't make sense. Terese comments Paul wanted her and Daniel away from the hotel when it happened. She wishes she was there instead of Josh and breaks down. Brad comforts her but she really wishes that. If Brad could he would trade places with Josh in a second.
Harold's Café
Nate walks in and sits at Aaron's table. He apologises for earlier, he had no right to expect anything from Aaron. It's none of Nate's business if Aaron is seeing anyone. Nate knows he was messed up before he left but he hopes there's something still between them. Aaron's phone rings and he answers it. Aaron tells Nate they've found Tom's ID in the stairwell leading to the carpark. Nate realises Tom is the person Aaron's been seeing. Aaron explains the carpark is directly next to the boiler room and the whole area has caved in. When the boiler room exploded if Tom was down there he wouldn't have survived. Nate points out he might not be there even though his ID is there. Aaron says Tom's been missing for 24 hours. Nate is sorry and knows Aaron obviously cared about Tom. Aaron leaves without answering.
The Waterhole
Sarah realises the hotel is closed until further notice so she'll need to find alternative accommodation. Sheila points out it will be slim pickings around here so Sarah should try the motel. Everyone else is going there. Sarah thanks Sheila for the tip. Sheila asks how long Sarah's staying but Sarah's not sure, it might be a couple of days.
Nene comes and thanks Sheila for all her help while she's been here. Sheila says it's the least she could do as Nene is Amy's mother. Nene says they'll be heading off soon before Sheila finishes work. Amy and Jimmy are coming with Nene for a couple of days dropping Nene off at a retreat in the mountains. They have psychiatric care. Amy says it will be good to get away and Nene agrees a change of scenery will be good. Amy and Sheila share a hug. Sheila tells Amy to look after herself and wants Amy to let her know she's got there safely. Amy and Nene leave.
SHEILA: Poor Amy. A change of scenery's one thing but I'm not sure travelling with Nene is going to be much of a break for her. She's a real handful. She gets herself into some sticky situations. She said she hit on Karl Kennedy because she got confused about his kindness and took it for something else.
Sarah wants to know how Susan reacted. Sheila says Susan didn't love it but she knows Karl's a good man. Sarah agrees.
Erinsborough Police Station
Mark retrieves the deleted scene from the server. Mark stares at the footage.
Terese and Brad are sharing a hug with tears streaming down their faces.
Erinsborough Police Station
The footage shows Paul going down the steps to the boiler room. (It switches back to Brad and Terese twice) Mark takes the footage on the laptop into the interview room to show Paul. Mark gets Paul to stand up and handcuffs him.
Ramsay Street
Sheila is unloading the boot of her car outside No.26. She tells Xanthe she picked up some extra things because she might make a few meals for the Willises. Xanthe has spoken to Piper but she seemed pretty spacey. Sheila says it happens to most people after they lose someone they love. Xanthe didn't really know what to say. Sheila advises that being around means more than Xanthe thinks. Sarah arrives and Sheila says that Sarah mentioned meeting Xanthe before. Sheila explains Sarah's staying with them for a few days. Xanthe wants a sneak peek at the rest of Sarah's wardrobe and Sarah agrees. They go inside. Susan looks on and is not happy!
Unmissable Drama
- Tyler tells Paige the young man's man not her responsibility, Paige is staying till he wakes up
- Karl tells Susan they should make Sarah talk
- Sarah tells someone on the phoned she sometimes wishes things had worked out with Karl
- Piper accuses Steph of knowing what Paul was up to and if not for Steph and Paul, Josh and Doug would be alive
- Piper cries and Ned comforts her
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Paul Robinson, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7342
Paul Robinson, Mark Brennan

Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7342
Terese Willis

Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 7342
Brad Willis

Amy Williams, Nina Williams, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7342
Amy Williams, Nina Williams, Daniel Robinson

Ben Kirk, Sarah Beaumont in Neighbours Episode 7342
Ben Kirk, Sarah Beaumont

Terese Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 7342
Terese Willis, Brad Willis

Xanthe Canning, Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 7342
Xanthe Canning, Ben Kirk

Sarah Beaumont, Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 7342
Sarah Beaumont, Ben Kirk

Paul Robinson, Mark Brennan, Nina Williams, Amy Williams, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7342
Paul Robinson, Mark Brennan, Nina Williams, Amy Williams, Daniel Robinson

Aaron Brennan, Nate Kinski in Neighbours Episode 7342
Aaron Brennan, Nate Kinski

Mark Brennan, Paul Robinson, Daniel Robinson, Terese Willis, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7342
Mark Brennan, Paul Robinson, Daniel Robinson, Terese Willis, Amy Williams

Sarah Beaumont, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7342
Sarah Beaumont, Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7342
Susan Kennedy

Amy Williams, Sheila Canning, Nina Williams in Neighbours Episode 7342
Amy Williams, Sheila Canning, Nina Williams

Sarah Beaumont, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7342
Sarah Beaumont, Sheila Canning

Brad Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7342
Brad Willis, Terese Willis

Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7342
Aaron Brennan

Amy Williams, Nina Williams, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7342
Amy Williams, Nina Williams, Sheila Canning

Sarah Beaumont, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7342
Sarah Beaumont, Sheila Canning

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7342
Paul Robinson

Brad Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7342
Brad Willis, Terese Willis

Mark Brennan, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7342
Mark Brennan, Paul Robinson

Xanthe Canning, Sarah Beaumont, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7342
Xanthe Canning, Sarah Beaumont, Sheila Canning

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7342
Susan Kennedy

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