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Neighbours Episode 7250 from 2015 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7250
Australian airdate: 06/11/15
UK airdate: 20/11/15
Writer: Lesley Lewis
Director: Kath Hayden
Guests: Steph Scully: Carla Bonner (did not appear)
Aaron Brennan: Matt Wilson
Chris Pappas: James Mason
Lucy Robinson: Melissa Bell
Ben Kirk: Felix Mallard
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Paul plots and schemes with Sue Parker to get rid of the 'Save Our School' petition
- Amy finds a copy of the petition in Paul's penthouse, and is furious
- Aaron calls Nate a control- freak; Nate accuses Aaron of being too impulsive
- Tyler tells Amy that she perhaps shouldn't wait for someone who isn't 100% into her
- Sheila tearfully admits to Karl that she left Toadie in the fire to save herself
- Sheila overcompensates for what she's done by insisting on running errands for Sonya
- Just as Bossy runs into the road, Sheila has a panic attack and loses control of her car
Sonya's Nursery
We see that it's not Bossy that Sheila has run over, but Ben! Kyle and a horrified Sheila rush to his aid. Ben's conscious but hurt - he explains he was patting Bossy, which is why Sheila didn't see him. While Sheila apologises, Kyle calls for an ambulance.
Suite 1 Eclipse Apartments
Amy confronts Paul with the petition she's found against the school closure. He tries to fob her off by saying a visiting concerned citizen must have left it here, but Amy isn't buying it - and says she knows Paul stole the petition. She's about to march out, when Paul admits that he did steal the petition from the school, on the night of the fire.
AMY: Did you start it?
PAUL: No, of course I didn't!
Paul claims he had to stop the petition getting out, as he has a lot of money riding on the Freestyle development plan for the area around the school.
AMY: Yeah. I know what money means to you. Enough to push aside anything in your way!
PAUL: Amy, I did not start that fire!
AMY: Okay, fine, you're not an arsonist. But you're a greedy opportunist.
She reveals that she was about to ask him if she and Jimmy could move in, too - and storms off into the lift, despite Paul's protestations.
Erinsborough Hospital
Karl is examining Ben, while a concerned Susan fusses over him. Karl explains that Ben has two fractured ribs, and not to laugh or sneeze! But other than that there's no damage. Ben asks after Sheila; Karl says she's more shaken than anything, and Ben reiterates that Sheila wouldn't have seen him as he was knelt down with Bossy.
Susan is due to go to an appointment with the education department about the future of the school, but she's keen to stay with Ben instead, so plays down its significance. But Ben says she has to go to the meeting, if it's going to help ensure the school stays open - and Karl agrees.
Susan's not sure what she's going to say at the meeting with the petition up in smoke, but Karl and Ben remind her of all the online campaigning that's been happening, and say she needs to highlight that to the department. Susan hurries off to the meeting, kissing a rattled-looking Ben goodbye...
The Waterhole
Aaron is telling Nate of his plan to go and buy a new laptop, to show Paul he's taking his bodyguard job seriously. Nate is sceptical.
AARON: I've got to be on top of any online threats that he gets!
Nate calls upon the persuasive powers of Amber, who's sitting nearby, to convince Aaron not to waste his money - but she's distracted, trying to get her Wi-Fi working so she can video-call Chris and Lucy, who've recently had their baby.
AMBER: Did you wanna say hi?
NATE: Oh, no, it's alright.
Nate makes out he knew that the baby had been born, but he clearly didn't. Aaron senses that the mention of Chris is bringing painful memories for Nate, so leaves him to talk to Amber while he goes off to buy his laptop. Nate's not the only one who seems disconcerted by the prospect of talking to Chris - Amber looks on edge too, and Nate guesses it's because her own baby is still in hospital. But she's keen to talk to Chris, as he's been supporting her during the pregnancy from afar.
AMBER: He and Lucy have a perfect, healthy little baby. What more could you want for your friends?
NATE: Yeah...
Erinsborough Hospital
Karl is taking Sheila's blood pressure, which he tells her is dangerously high - so he decides to increase her dosage of medication and tells her to check in with her dietician. Toadie turns up to see how Sheila is, saying she shouldn't have volunteered to help Sonya if she was feeling unwell. Karl tells Sheila she must start taking it easy, and Toadie surmises that this isn't the first such incident.
Sheila wants to go and see Ben to see how he is, but Toadie says he'll go instead, saying Sheila needs to rest. Once Toadie's gone, Karl chastises Sheila for self-flagellating over having left Toadie in the fire, and now for hurting Ben because of it.
KARL: You need to tell Toadie why you're doing this.
SHEILA: I can't.
KARL: The guilt is not gonna go away. You just have to deal with it. Otherwise the next person you hurt might not be so lucky.
Ramsay Street
Amy talks to Daniel about Paul having stolen the petition. She says she's thinking of going to the cops; Daniel thinks that's excessive, but Amy points out that Paul has started fires before - and is worried he could be responsible for that, too.
AMY: I don't trust him anymore.
DANIEL: I don't think going to the cops is the answer.
AMY: I do. Let them deal with it.
Daniel looks worried as Amy walks off.
The Waterhole
Nate watches from the sidelines out of view of the webcam, as Amber talks to Lucy and Chris via video chat. They're holding their newborn baby.
CHRIS: And we finally settled on a name.
LUCY: Yeah. Ann(e).
(Presumably named after Lucy and Paul's late mum Ann(e).) Amber asks if there have been any sleeping or feeding issues with baby Ann(e).
CHRIS: No, not at all. And the birth went really smoothly, too.
LUCY: Easy for you to say!
CHRIS: True, true. This one did all the hard work.
Nate smiles fondly as he watches Chris on the screen. Lucy talks about how she fell in love with Ann(e) the moment she held her in her arms, and Amber looks sad as she contemplates how she still hasn't been able to hold her own daughter.
CHRIS (to Amber): Do you see Nate around much?
Amber doesn't let on that Nate is listening in - just says that he still lives in Ramsay Street.
CHRIS: Can you do me a favour - can you just say hi to him for me? Tell him I hope he's doing okay?
Amber promises to do that, and Chris and Lucy sign off to give Ann(e) a feed. Once Amber's closed the laptop, Nate remarks that Chris seems happy. He admits he hasn't spoken to him lately, and probably should have. Nate and Amber agree that seeing Chris and Lucy has hit home for them about the responsibilities of parenthood.
NATE: We broke up because I wasn't ready for that. But it feels like I ended up with a kid after all. Only, it's my boyfriend!
Suite 1 Eclipse Apartments
Paul is leaving a message on Amy's voicemail, asking her to call him back so they can talk. Daniel turns up to talk to Paul.
DANIEL: Did you set fire to the school?
Paul insists that he didn't, and Daniel reveals that Amy's going to the cops about it. Paul tries to justify his theft of the petition, but Daniel isn't interested in his excuses.
DANIEL: You might believe in what you're doing, but others don't - and the more you stick to your guns, the more right you give them to tear you down.
Paul plays the 'family' card, saying Daniel and Amy should have faith in him.
DANIEL: Not blind faith. I had to learn that the hard way, and so has Amy!
PAUL: Alright, so what do I do then?
DANIEL: You show her she's wrong about you!
The Waterhole
Nate is sulking and throwing corks into a jar, when Aaron turns up. He hasn't bought a laptop, but a present for Nate instead - a portable battery to recharge his phone. Nate's rude and ungrateful.
AARON: I thought that was gonna cheer you up. But that must have been tough, seeing Chris again.
NATE: Return it.
AARON: What?
NATE: I don't need you to buy me new toys.
AARON: Yeah, says the man playing cork basketball (!) I'm lost. You didn't like my last job, now you don't like this job. You don't even want presents from me - what do you want?
NATE: I want you to stop acting on every little impulse and grow up!
Aaron walks out, and Nate goes back to his cork-throwing.
No 30
Sheila comes round, and to Toadie's relief, tells him that she's not going to be able to help him and Sonya out anymore - since Karl's told her she has to take it easy because of her blood pressure. Toadie tells Sheila they appreciate everything she's done for them.
SHEILA: I left you in the fire.
SHEILA: I heard you when I was in the school. And I left you there - I just ran.
Sheila reveals she told Sonya that she thought she heard someone inside the building, but not that it was Toadie.
SHEILA: I was so ashamed that I ran - I just wasn't thinking straight.
TOADIE: You know what? It was a fight-or-flight moment. Fear can be very overwhelming. But we both survived, so let's keep it that way, and stop tempting the cardiac gods by overdoing it on my behalf.
SHEILA: So you forgive me?
TOADIE: If it wasn't for you, I may never have been found. There's nothing to forgive.
SHEILA: Thank you.
He draws her in for a hug.
Lassiter's Complex
Amy waits outside the police station, debating with herself whether to go and shop Paul to the cops and listening to his voicemail message. At that moment, Paul himself appears, with the petition, and marches straight into the police station.
Erinsborough Police Station
Paul hands the petition to Mark, as Amy watches from outside. Paul tells Mark that he stole the petition, but that he left the school grounds before the fire started.
MARK: Would you like to call Tim Collins before you say anymore?
PAUL: What for? I haven't got anything to hide.
He says he's confessing now because he wants Amy to know he's telling the truth. But Mark isn't satisfied to leave it at that, and insists Paul follow him into the interview room to answer some questions.
PAUL: Oh, Mark, don't be silly. I haven't got time for that sort of nonsense.
MARK: Well, consider this a formal request for your assistance into the arson attack on Erinsborough high.
A while later, Mark is interviewing Paul. He says he went into the principal's office at about 7pm, and that the door was unlocked. Having taken the petition, he left the school. Fed up of answering questions, he gets up to go.
MARK: Sit down, Mr Robinson!
PAUL: I have nothing else to tell you.
MARK: Well, in that case I'm informing you that you're gonna be charged under the Crimes Act...
PAUL: Oh, would you use your brain! I wanted Eden Hills to take over the school - they'd hardly buy a burnt-out shell, would they?!
MARK: Maybe. Maybe not. But for now, I'm charging you with burglary and theft.
Paul rolls his eyes.
No 28
Sheila brings around a guilt-cake and gives it to Ben, who's already forgiven her - saying the accident wasn't her fault. But Sheila continues to apologise all the same.
SHEILA: I'm not sure if you've ever done something you're not very proud of. Something you're deeply ashamed of, even. But if you have - well, the guilt sits in your gut like a rock.
Ben looks like he knows exactly what she means.
SHEILA: And that's what was happening to me today when I got into the car. And I was stewing over it like an old fool, when all I should've been doing is owning up to what I did from the start.
Ben asks if the feelings of guilt wouldn't have faded after a while. But Sheila says not.
SHEILA: Being honest about what happened is the only way to move on.
Ben looks worried.
The Waterhole
Aaron comes in with another present for Nate - it's an empty drawer, which he tells Nate he can keep his clothes in, for when he's staying over at No 24.
AARON: I've cleared it out, just for you! ...
NATE: And you carried it all this way?
AARON: Well yeah. Let's be honest, bringing the entire tallboy here would've looked goofy. I was going for dead serious. Will you, Nate Kinski, accept my empty drawer?
Nate apologises for his earlier temper tantrum. He admits he found it tough seeing Chris, saying he wanted to talk to him, but couldn't even say hello in the end. Nate says that seeing Chris moving on made him question his relationship with Aaron. But Nate says Aaron makes him happy, and that he loves the drawer. They go in for a kiss, but the drawer gets in the way.
No 28
Susan is back from her meeting with the education department, but it doesn't seem to have gone well - they weren't too impressed with the online comments she showed them, and were concerned about how much it would cost to rebuild the school after the fire. While Karl sympathises, a pale-looking Ben writes a text to Piper: 'This is so hard! Grandma is Devo!'
Mark then arrives, and hands Susan a copy of the petition. He explains that Paul stole it from the office before the fire started, and Karl and Susan are flabbergasted. Mark says that Paul's denying any responsibility for the fire for now, and that they don't have any evidence to the contrary. Ben listens in with interest.
Once Mark's gone, Susan admits that she doesn't think even the petition will help save Erinsborough High now.
SUSAN: That fire pretty much killed any chance we had of saving the school.
KARL: Since when were you one to give up?
SUSAN: Since now! I don't know what to do anymore. The school is all but lost.
Karl comforts Susan as she breaks down in tears. Ben gulps, and sends the message to Piper.
Suite 1 Eclipse Apartments
Paul returns home to find Amy and Daniel waiting for him. He tells Amy that he didn't want to put the burden of going to the police on her, so reported himself. Daniel says he's proud of Paul.
PAUL: Can you forgive me?
AMY: You did the right thing. So what happens next?
PAUL: Well, I've been charged. Oh, and the council is holding an emergency meeting to discuss my position as mayor.
Daniel tells Paul that at least he owned up to what he did. Amy says she's sorry Paul has to go through this, but that he has to face the consequences of his actions. He nods with resignation.
No 28
Susan is preparing dinner, and Ben comes to help - but she says it's all under control.
BEN: Would you still be fighting for the school if there hadn't been a fire?
SUSAN: Oh, darling, I don't know.
BEN: If the, erm... if the police catch the people who started it, then, will that change your mind?
SUSAN: Maybe it's time I was a bit more realistic about it.
Ben gets a text from Piper, saying: 'Don't do anything stupid!'
BEN: I'm sorry this happened.
SUSAN: Yeah. So am I.
BEN: No, I mean I'm REALLY sorry.
SUSAN: ...
BEN: It was me. I started the fire.
Unmissable Drama
- A shocked Susan reminds Ben that people nearly died in the fire
- Imogen tells Piper and Terese that Ben has confessed to starting the fire
- Ben is led away in handcuffs, as Toadie watches
- Susan says sorry isn't enough - there are consequences with something this big
- Ben insists he didn't start the fire on purpose, and the police take his mugshot
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Ben Kirk, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 7250
Ben Kirk, Kyle Canning

Amy Williams, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7250
Amy Williams, Paul Robinson

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 7250
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Ben Kirk

Amber Turner, Aaron Brennan, Nate Kinski in Neighbours Episode 7250
Amber Turner, Aaron Brennan, Nate Kinski

Toadie Rebecchi, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7250
Toadie Rebecchi, Sheila Canning

Amy Williams, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7250
Amy Williams, Daniel Robinson

Amber Turner, Nate Kinski in Neighbours Episode 7250
Amber Turner, Nate Kinski

Lucy Robinson, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 7250
Lucy Robinson, Chris Pappas

Daniel Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7250
Daniel Robinson, Paul Robinson

Aaron Brennan, Nate Kinski in Neighbours Episode 7250
Aaron Brennan, Nate Kinski

Sheila Canning, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7250
Sheila Canning, Toadie Rebecchi

Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7250
Amy Williams

Paul Robinson, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7250
Paul Robinson, Mark Brennan

Mark Brennan, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7250
Mark Brennan, Paul Robinson

Ben Kirk, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7250
Ben Kirk, Sheila Canning

Aaron Brennan, Nate Kinski in Neighbours Episode 7250
Aaron Brennan, Nate Kinski

Susan Kennedy, Mark Brennan, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7250
Susan Kennedy, Mark Brennan, Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7250
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Daniel Robinson, Paul Robinson, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7250
Daniel Robinson, Paul Robinson, Amy Williams

Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 7250
Ben Kirk

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7250
Susan Kennedy

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