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Neighbours Episode 7216 from 2015 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7216
Australian airdate: 21/09/15
UK airdate: 05/10/15
Writer: Emma J. Steele
Director: Chris Langman
Guests: Ben Kirk: Felix Mallard
Liam Barnett: James Beck
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Kyle not happy at Amy's accusations that he's ripping her off.
- Amy discovering more debt her ex has left her with.
- Mark being told he's acting like an old man.
- Kyle reminding Ben that Libby is due back from China and expecting him home.
- Tyler trusting Ben to lock up the garage then discovering it's been broken into.
Mark goes through with Tyler what's been stolen and is hoping that the CCTV might provide a clue however as they chat about the break-in, it dawns on Tyler that Ben might not have locked the garage up.
Number 28
Walking straight into #28, Tyler comes in and asks Ben if he locked up the garage. While Ben thought he did, it turns out that while he did lock up; he forgot to push the bolt across first. Tyler isn't pleased and thinks the new owners will go ballistic when they find out and refuses Ben's offer of letting him talk to the owners.
After Tyler leaves, Ben sulks off to his room and it dawns on Karl/Susan that because the garage wasn't locked up, the insurance won't cover it. They also aren't looking forward to telling Libby all the things that have gone wrong with Ben while they've been looking after him.
Number 30
Jimmy isn't chuffed when his mum puts the kybosh on him getting Kyle's old phone as he's got himself a new one. When Jimmy heads to bed, Kyle tries to talk Amy round but she's adamant he isn't getting a phone.
Number 24
Tyler is still annoyed at what happened with the garage, fearful it's going to cost him his job. Paige is round waiting for Mark but he's a now a no show (got to work late) and suggests to Tyler that they put their 'crim hats' on to try and work out who robbed the garage.
PAIGE: We use our powers for good rather than evil.
Number 30
Amy bemoans turning into her mother as she unloads on Sonya. In turn, Sonya gives her experiences of dealing with the phone issue with Callum and subtly asks if there was more to saying no to Kyle (about the phone). "Of course!" Amy is quick to respond with.
Harold's Store (next day)
"It's all here!" Tyler declares after seeing the stuff from the garage for sale online thanks to Paige's idea and they celebrate the breakthrough with a big high-five.
When Tyler goes to get some paper/pen from Amber, she asks if he remembers she's dating Mark (he does) and explains that if she didn't know better, she'd think (having seen their high-five) that they were the couple. Tyler says that there is nothing other than being good friends with Paige and heads back to the table they were at.
Number 30
Amy has relented about the phone and Kyle is round to deliver it. He's wondering what changed her mind and she replies his point about Jimmy being able to contact her was the clincher. Kyle is gobsmacked since he isn't a parent/doesn't know anything.
Jimmy is delighted to get the phone and agrees to abide by the rules Amy is setting for him.
Number 24
Tyler is telling Mark about finding the stolen goods for sale online. He in turn is pleased to hear that the CCTV showed someone breaking in but Mark adds that because of what they were wearing they can't be identified and adds that even though it looks like their stuff online, unless the serial numbers match up, it doesn't prove anything.
Mark heads off to work and Tyler looks peeved at his hopes being quashed but Paige wants them to call the seller and pretend to be interesting in the items.
The Waterhole
Kyle tells Amy about the text Jimmy has sent as he gets used to his phone but refuses to let her see what he's replying back to him.
Number 28
Ben doesn't show much enthusiasm about going to meet his mum at the airport when Karl talks to him about it and eventually reveals why he's down (he overheard them talking about all that's' happened while staying with them). Karl reassures him that they love having him here and Ben thanks him for that, and for helping him through the things that have happened adding that they've done such a great job, he doesn't want to leave.
Number 24
Paige has worked her charm on the seller and gets a commitment from them to text her the info as a prelude to a sale. During the celebrations that occur once she's off the phone, Tyler inadvertently kisses her! Paige recoils immediately and asks what he is doing!
"That was totally out of line," Paige tells Tyler and he tries to explain that he simply got caught up in the emotion but points out that he wouldn't have kissed her if she'd not been sending him signals.
PAIGE: I haven't given you any signals! I am dating your brother, there is a signal!
Tyler asks why she hangs out with him (they're friends) and why she hung out with him after he rescued her from the meal (that doesn't mean anything).
TYLER: And you're still here!
PAIGE: BECAUSE THIS IS MARK'S HOUSE! Tyler I am sorry but I do not feel that way for you at all.
TYLER: Well why do you act the way you do around me?
Paige doesn't get a chance to reply as Mark arrives home because he forgot his wallet and asks what's going on. "Nothing," Paige replies and tells Mark that Tyler will fill him in as she then exits the house. Mark is happy stunned when Tyler tells him that they are getting the serial numbers and then rushes out the door after Paige.
Number 30
Jimmy tries being helpful to see if his mum will give him more money for phone credit but she's not giving in and asks to see his phone to see what he spend the $20 credit on.
Harold's Store
Paige seeks Amber's thoughts on whether she hangs out with Tyler too much but her reply is that they are friends, so what is too much? "That's what I thought," Paige replies then explains that Tyler thinks she is leading him on and confesses to her about the kiss and that it totally freaked her out.
PAIGE: But then he said he wouldn't have done it unless he thought that I wanted it.
AMBER: Right...
PAIGE: Anyway, why would he do that?
AMBER: Really!
Paige isn't getting what Amber is meaning, so she puts it bluntly to her sister.
AMBER: You're a flirt!
PAIGE: No I'm not!
Amber looks at her to say she is but Paige's response is that doesn't mean she likes Tyler. "I know, I'm just saying he might have got confused," Amber replies but their conversation is curtailed when a customer needs serving with Paige giving the (good looking) customer all her charm and attention. Amber silently shakes her head at her sister when he leaves.
Ramsay Street
As they finish loading the car with Ben's belongings, Susan comes rushing out to apologise to Ben for the conversation he overheard her having with Karl, joking that they are a bit rusty in dealing with teenagers! Karl follows it up by reassuring him that they want him back sooner rather than later.
Tyler shouts on Ben from the other side of the street and he hesitantly heads over, fearful that Tyler is still peeved at him but he's quick to reassure Ben that he's over it as he makes mistakes too. Tyler apologises to him and tells Ben about finding the person who stole the stuff. "I'm going to miss hanging out with you," Ben tells him and Tyler reassures him that they will keep in touch but wants him to I want you to promise me one thing - he's got to stand up for himself if he sees Emma (his ex).
TYLER: Be proud of who you are, don't let her walk all over you. You've owned your mistakes so keep doing it... not the mistakes, owning it!
Number 30
Sonya/Amy are comparing notes on how quickly kids get through their phone credit although Amy is kind of proud of the text messages Jimmy was exchanging with Kyle although it could be more his replies than what Jimmy sent!
AMY: Kyle is so good with Jimmy and he just adores Kyle.
With all the gushing Amy is doing, Sonya subtly asks what she feels about Kyle. After the penny drops over what it is Sonya is really asking, she replies that she's not thought about it as its been a long time between drinks.
AMY: Me and relationships just don't mix. I set these really high expectations and no-one can ever live up to them and plus Kyle is only just broken up with Georgia and I would never...
Sonya gets where she's going so doesn't let her finish the sentence and comments that she can sense there is a connection between them.
SONYA: I guess all I'm saying is don't shut yourself off completely to it.
Number 26
While Jimmy plays with Bossy in the front garden, Amy/Kyle talk about him and his texts and Kyle's a bit miffed at her reading the texts he exchanged with Jimmy.
KYLE: There were secrets on there about me!
AMY: Oh, what kind of secrets?!
KYLE: Wouldn't you like to know!
Just at that a car pulls up and the guy Paige was serving in Harold's, jumps out and shouts to Jimmy, "hey kiddo!"
Turns out that Mr Hunk is Jimmy's dad and while he looks chuffed at Liam appearing, Amy certainly doesn't!
Unmissable drama
- Amy wanting to know why Liam has turned up.
- Paul having a word with Liam.
- Lucas being manhandled by Tyler until Mark recognises him.
'Steph is back' appears onscreen and we see Steph on her bike on Ramsay Street.
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Mark Brennan, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7216
Mark Brennan, Tyler Brennan

Ben Kirk, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7216
Ben Kirk, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Tyler Brennan

Amy Williams, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 7216
Amy Williams, Kyle Canning

Jimmy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7216
Jimmy Williams

Tyler Brennan, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7216
Tyler Brennan, Paige Smith

Sonya Rebecchi, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7216
Sonya Rebecchi, Amy Williams

Amber Turner, Tyler Brennan, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7216
Amber Turner, Tyler Brennan, Paige Smith

Kyle Canning, Jimmy Williams, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7216
Kyle Canning, Jimmy Williams, Amy Williams

Mark Brennan, Tyler Brennan, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7216
Mark Brennan, Tyler Brennan, Paige Smith

Amy Williams, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 7216
Amy Williams, Kyle Canning

Karl Kennedy, Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 7216
Karl Kennedy, Ben Kirk

Tyler Brennan, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7216
Tyler Brennan, Paige Smith

Tyler Brennan, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7216
Tyler Brennan, Paige Smith

Jimmy Williams, Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7216
Jimmy Williams, Amy Williams

Paige Smith, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 7216
Paige Smith, Amber Turner

Liam Barnett in Neighbours Episode 7216
Liam Barnett

Susan Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7216
Susan Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Karl Kennedy

Ben Kirk, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7216
Ben Kirk, Tyler Brennan

Amy Williams, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7216
Amy Williams, Sonya Rebecchi

Jimmy Williams, Liam Barnett in Neighbours Episode 7216
Jimmy Williams, Liam Barnett

Amy Williams, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 7216
Amy Williams, Kyle Canning

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