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Neighbours Episode 7193 from 2015 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7193
Australian airdate: 19/08/15
UK airdate: 02/09/15
Writer: Sam Carroll
Director: Scott Major
Guests: Aaron Brennan: Matt Wilson
Russell Brennan: Russell Kiefel
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Amber is suspicious when she interrupts a 'moment' between Brad and Lauren
- Nate strops off when he learns Sheila's cocktail- making session is an excuse to cheer him up
- Josh admits to Aaron that Amber might not let him see their child if she knew he was 'Phoebe'
- When Amber texts 'Phoebe' and hears Josh's phone going off, she realises the awful truth
Erinsborough Hospital
Josh comes back into the waiting room with a drink for Amber, to find her looking exceptionally annoyed. She confronts him with the special phone he's been using to pretend to be 'Phoebe'. Josh tries to explain himself, but Amber is absolutely livid.
AMBER: I am not interested in anything you have got to say.
JOSH: Amber, please...
AMBER: Just go. Get out!!
Josh exits sheepishly, as Amber looks upset.
Lassiter's Complex
Mark tells Kyle that he's 'set his dad straight' about Sheila - but they soon turn around to see Russell and Sheila walking towards the complex, arm in arm! Naomi shows up, and the three of them look at Sheila and Russell.
MARK: Do they seem a bit different?
NAOMI: Oh! They've just done the deed!
MARK: What? How do you know?
NAOMI: Oh, sixth sense. A special skill of mine.
Kyle is sceptical, but Naomi insists Russell and Sheila have just had an 'afternoon delight'!
MARK: Whoa! Go, Dad!
MARK: Sorry.
Russell is talking to Sheila about the prospect of him sticking around in Erinsborough, and she seems keen. Russell admits that although he was nervous about seeing his sons, he's enjoying being around them - and meeting new people. He kisses her. But he says if he's going to stay in town, he needs an income; his garage back in Port Lincoln is struggling.
Sheila points out that Fitzgerald Motors is up for sale, and since he already has family working there it would be a perfect business for him.
Lassiter's Park
Aaron is out for a run, when he finds a glum Josh sitting on the steps. He throws Aaron the 'Phoebe' phone, saying he doesn't need it anymore and explaining what happened with Amber.
JOSH: All I wanted was to be there for her. Is that really so evil?
AARON: No. Actually, I think that's pretty sweet. Sickly sweet, even. Although she might not see it that way.
JOSH: Yeah, no kidding.
Aaron tries to persuade Josh to come on a run with him to take his mind off things. Josh agrees, and they head back to his house so he can get changed.
Erinsborough Hospital
Imogen is at the hospital, and finds Amber in the waiting room; Amber explains she's here for glucose and blood tests, but it's clear something's wrong. She tells Imogen about how the only friend who knew what she was going through 'has disappeared into thin air'. Imogen tries to persuade a reluctant Amber to explain...
Lassiter's Park
Sheila and Russell are walking along. Russell comes off the phone from his accountant, who's told him that he can't buy another business until he sells Brennan Motors in Port Lincoln. Sheila mentions that she has some 'money she needs to get rid of' - 'family money' that she's had saved up for a while. She points out that investing in a business might get her a tax break.
RUSSELL: I appreciate your offer, I really do. But I can't take your money.
SHEILA: You'd be doing me a favour!
Sheila says that this could give Russell a chance to spend more time with his sons, adding that she'd give anything to see more of her son Gary.
SHEILA: He's a lout. But he's my lout, and he always will be. Besides, there might be certain advantages to having you stick around.
Erinsborough Hospital
Amber is telling Imogen the full story about Josh's stalking behaviour. Imogen's sure Josh's intentions weren't 'all bad', but Amber is desperately upset at having lost a friend in 'Phoebe'.
AMBER: The thing I can't wrap my head around is, we had a connection. But it turns out it was all just lies; it was just Josh, trying to get close to me again. And now I'm back to having no friends that understand what I'm going through.
IMOGEN: I know I can't understand. But I am here. I've always been here.
AMBER: Really? Because you seem pretty preoccupied... With other things.
Imogen looks guilty. Amber is crying heavily now, but blames it on pregnancy hormones.
Lassiter's Complex
Russell has gathered Mark, Aaron and Tyler outside The Waterhole for a beer and a family meeting.
AARON: That's an understatement. I think the last one was when you told us you were splitting up with Mum.
RUSSELL: Yeah, well. We thought it was time.
Sheila turns up to join them, and Russell tells them all he's got some good news - he's going to make an offer to buy Fitzgerald Motors.
RUSSELL: So all us Brennan boys can work together again.
Aaron seems pleased, but Tyler looks upset. Mark asks how Russell can afford to buy the garage when he still has Brennan Motors. Russell explains that Sheila has offered to invest, and Mark thinks it's a good idea, and will provide Aaron and Tyler with work. As the others continue to talk, Tyler goes quiet, and their voices become distant. Russell looks at him steadily.
As Mark raises a toast, Tyler suddenly announces that he's got to leave. Russell looks worried and follows him, and Mark wonders what's going on.
Lassiter's Park
Tyler is sitting on a bench looking upset, when Russell comes over.
TYLER: Why are you doing this to me?
RUSSELL: You calm down!
TYLER: Are you messing with me? Trying to control me? Is that it?
RUSSELL: What? No!
TYLER: Rubbish.
RUSSELL: All I want is for us to work together as a family again.
TYLER: Well it's a little too late for that, Dad.
RUSSELL: You think I don't regret the way things were between us?
TYLER: The way things were? Like it was something that just happened? Something out of your control?
RUSSELL: I can't turn back time, son. I wish I could. But I'm here, and I want to stay.
TYLER: So we can all play happy families.
RUSSELL: Yeah. I want us to be happy again. I'd be lying if I said I didn't. And I wanna see more of Sheila; she's very special to me.
TYLER: Great. Good luck with that (!)
RUSSELL: Look, I don't think a second chance is too much to ask for. It'll be different this time. It'll be like the old days, before things went bad. Can't we just let the past be the past?
He puts a hand on Tyler's shoulder, but Tyler flinches sharply and stands up, before beginning to walk away.
RUSSELL: What have I gotta do, son?
TYLER: I dunno.
Tyler gets on his bike and drives off.
No 22
Josh is doing warm-up exercises in the garden when Hurricane Imogen arrives to shout at him about what he's done to Amber.
JOSH: You can judge all you like, but Amber needed a friend. And that's what I was trying to be to her. And it's not like you've been around.
Josh adds that Imogen's been missing all the drama at home too, with their mum and dad fighting. Imogen admits she's noticed Terese drinking a lot lately, and Josh admits he's worried it's 'too late' for them - before continuing to guilt-trip Imogen about spending too much time with Daniel. He says that their mum and dad need her support, as does Amber.
IMOGEN: She's got Lauren and Paige.
JOSH: Yeah well, once she had Daniel and us, too.
The Waterhole
Kyle and Naomi are discussing his plans for the accessibility features he's installing in Toadie's house, in preparation for his coming home in a wheelchair. Naomi is suitably impressed. Mark arrives, with more news about Russell and Sheila.
NAOMI: Oh, no. If they're off having more nookie, I don't wanna know!
But he explains that Sheila has offered to invest so that Russell can buy Fitzgerald Motors. Kyle and Naomi are both surprised, as they didn't think Sheila had any spare cash - saying it's all tied up in her superannuation. Naomi asks Mark if his dad's going to fleece her! He insists Russell isn't dodgy, but Naomi and Kyle are still worried. They all agree to go off and speak to Russell and Sheila separately.
Fitzgerald Motors
Russell is looking around the garage with Mark. He seems keen to put in an offer, but Mark warns him that Sheila's family is worried she's going to mess up her retirement plans by dipping into her pension for him. Russell insists it will be profitable for both of them, as Sheila's becoming an investor - and in any case, that she isn't dipping into her pension.
RUSSELL: She's got family money she wants to invest for tax reasons. It was all her idea. Don't you worry; I wouldn't do anything to hurt her, financially or otherwise. She's a very special woman. And she's come along at just the right stage in my life. For the first time in a long time, I'm actually looking forward to the future.
MARK: I haven't seen you like this for a while, Dad.
RUSSELL: What, happy?
MARK: Yeah. Happy.
RUSSELL: Yeah. It feels good.
The Waterhole
Kyle and Naomi accost Sheila about her investment in the garage. She insists she has some 'pennies saved for a rainy day' and that she isn't touching her superannuation, but is cagey about the idea of seeing a financial advisor. Eventually she admits that the money is the payment Gary made to her, that he got from Paul. Kyle and Naomi are horrified, but Sheila argues that he paid it into her account while she was in hospital, and that going to the police would simply have got her, Gary and Paul into bother.
KYLE: It's the proceeds of crime, Gran.
SHEILA: I know that. But this way I can get rid of the money, and help keep the man around that makes me happy. Something good out of something bad.
Sheila tells them to keep their mouths shut; she's made up her mind.
Harold's Store
Imogen sits down with Amber, who apologises for having a go at her at the hospital. Imogen insists she should be the one apologising, as she knows she hasn't been around much for Amber lately. Imogen adds that she knows things are a bit weird because of her and Daniel, and Amber doesn't disagree. But they both agree that they're still there for one another. Imogen admits she's worried that her parents' marriage is on the rocks. Amber says they'll get through it if they love each other.
IMOGEN: This is really nice. Feels like we're finally getting back to normal.
AMBER: You've never been normal, Imogen. That's why I love you.
They laugh.
Off Air
Mark finds Tyler sitting outside with a beer, and asks what's going on with him and Russell. Tyler says it's nothing, but Mark reminds Tyler how he avoided moving back in at No 24 while Russell was there, and how he left Port Lincoln in such a rush. All Tyler says is that he and Russell weren't getting along before he left Port Lincoln, and that he's not relishing the prospect of working with him again. Mark asks whether, since Russell's sticking around, Tyler will give him another go.
TYLER: If it's what everyone else wants, then cool.
MARK: Glad to hear it.
Mark walks off, leaving Tyler still looking upset.
No 32
Josh finds Amber in the garden; she's been ignoring his calls. He says he wanted to tell her everything about being 'Phoebe' today, but Amber says she can't believe anything he says now.
AMBER: I said those things in confidence. They were - they were private. If I'd known it was you, I would never have told you about our parents.
Josh asks when it was that Amber saw Brad and Lauren together; she explains about the power cut, and their 'moment' in the dark that she witnessed. She confirms they didn't kiss, but asks Josh not to say anything to Terese, as if she found out it would make her marital problems worse. Josh agrees to keep quiet.
JOSH: I really am so sorry about all of this, but I promise I didn't do it to be deceptive.
AMBER: You made me feel really stupid and vulnerable. And that is the last thing that I need to feel right now.
JOSH: I just wanted to be there for you. Still do.
AMBER: Yeah, well that's not an option. You can be there for the baby, and that's it.
Gutted, Josh leaves.
Lassiter's Complex
Josh and Aaron are having a drink, as Josh explains the latest development with Amber. Aaron tells Josh he should look at this as a sign that he should move on. They raise a toast to being young and single.
Nearby, Mark reconvenes with Kyle and Naomi, and tells them he's learned that Sheila isn't dipping into her pension to invest in the garage. Naomi says the money is from 'a loan', but Mark is confused as Russell said it was family money. Naomi says she must have got it wrong, and awkwardly goes to leave, clearly worried about talking to Mark about the money. Kyle makes an excuse to leave suddenly too, and Mark looks suspicious as they both go.
The Waterhole
Later, Mark finds Kyle drinking at the bar. Kyle goes to leave as well, having barely started his drink, so Mark tells him he should stay and finish it. He pressures Kyle into telling him whether Sheila's cash is family money, or a loan, but Kyle continues to be evasive, and says it's none of his business. But he nonetheless suggests that Mark should talk to Russell and convince him not to buy.
MARK: Okay, Kyle, you've never been a very good liar. Now, out with it. If there is something dodgy happening, you need to tell me about it. I don't want my dad getting in a mess.
KYLE: Well I don't want my gran in trouble either!
Mark insists that they need to protect Sheila and Russell 'for their own good'. So Kyle finally spills the truth - Sheila's money 'isn't exactly legit'.
KYLE: It's dirty money. From my dad.
Next Time
- Seeing Sheila and Russell happy, Naomi expresses relief to Kyle that they didn't tell Mark anything!
- Mark questions Sheila about the origin of her money
- Naomi confronts Paul about the time he paid Gary to beat up Ezra Hanley
- Sonya shows Amy a piece of paper with 'I regret getting married' printed on it
- Terese tells Paul that Brad didn't say he loved her when she said it to him
- More domestic strife between the Willises
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Amber Turner, Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 7193
Amber Turner, Josh Willis

Mark Brennan, Naomi Canning, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 7193
Mark Brennan, Naomi Canning, Kyle Canning

Russell Brennan, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7193
Russell Brennan, Sheila Canning

Josh Willis, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7193
Josh Willis, Aaron Brennan

Amber Turner, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 7193
Amber Turner, Imogen Willis

Sheila Canning, Russell Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7193
Sheila Canning, Russell Brennan

Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 7193
Amber Turner

Mark Brennan, Aaron Brennan, Tyler Brennan, Sheila Canning, Russell Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7193
Mark Brennan, Aaron Brennan, Tyler Brennan, Sheila Canning, Russell Brennan

Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7193
Tyler Brennan

Russell Brennan, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7193
Russell Brennan, Tyler Brennan

Josh Willis, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 7193
Josh Willis, Imogen Willis

Kyle Canning, Naomi Canning, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7193
Kyle Canning, Naomi Canning, Mark Brennan

Mark Brennan, Russell Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7193
Mark Brennan, Russell Brennan

Naomi Canning, Kyle Canning, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7193
Naomi Canning, Kyle Canning, Sheila Canning

Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7193
Sheila Canning

Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 7193
Imogen Willis

Mark Brennan, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7193
Mark Brennan, Tyler Brennan

Josh Willis, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 7193
Josh Willis, Amber Turner

Josh Willis, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7193
Josh Willis, Aaron Brennan

Kyle Canning, Mark Brennan, Naomi Canning in Neighbours Episode 7193
Kyle Canning, Mark Brennan, Naomi Canning

Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 7193
Kyle Canning

Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7193
Mark Brennan

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