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Neighbours Episode 7133 from 2015 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7133
Australian airdate: 27/05/15
UK airdate: 10/06/15
Writer: Fiona Bozic
Director: Kath Hayden
Guests: Phil Tractor: Michael Gwynne
Rich Doyle: Jordan Rif'at (does not appear)
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Paige and Tyler kiss down the well
- Later, Paige awkwardly tells Tyler that she still has feelings for Mark
- Somewhere along the way, they've misplaced $6,000 of the money they were supposed to drop off
- Georgia asks Kyle to go to Germany with her
- Sheila is upset that Kyle could be leaving, but he insists Georgia needs him
- Lauren tells Daniel and Imogen that Amber's in hospital, and that Josh is with her
- Sheila tears strips off homophobic punter Alistair in The Waterhole, and throws him out
No 26
Sheila and Kyle come home. Kyle showers praise on Sheila for sticking up for Nate by throwing the homophobe out of the pub - but he says he got the feeling it wasn't just Alistair she was angry at. He's worried she's upset about him going to Germany with Georgia; Sheila insists that's nothing to do with it, but does remind Kyle of the opportunity that winning the Erinsborough Beautification Project has afforded him.
SHEILA: But if you do want to throw away the greatest opportunity of your career, I mean, that's your problem. Nothing to do with me.
No 32
In the garden, Paige has received a text from Tyler, asking what time they should 'do this'. She replies, asking him to give her an hour. Paige then apologises to Amber, who's sitting with Daniel, saying she can't hang out today after all as they'd planned, as she has to help Tyler with 'a work thing'.
Paige tells Amber to call her after the doctor's appointment, to let her know the results of the baby's paternity test. Once Paige has gone, Amber and Daniel agree to forget about the paternity test for a few hours, and just have some fun.
No 26
Georgia is looking through some of Kyle's artwork and schematics for the Erinsborough Beautification Project. Sheila comes in, and there's tension between them - Georgia admits she's worried about Sheila, since Kyle told her about their disagreement over him going to Germany.
GEORGIA: Why are you so angry at me?
SHEILA: Love, it's not you. It's me - I'm just scared I'm gonna lose him.
GEORGIA: Sheila, you're not going to lose him.
Sheila admits that Kyle's like a son to her, and that now it feels like he's leaving and not coming back, like her actual children have a tendency to do. Georgia promises Sheila will see Kyle again in a few months, but Sheila says that you never know, with her recent heart problems. However, Sheila says Georgia has to live her own life, and advises her to go to Germany to support Rhonda and take Kyle with her: life's too short for regrets.
SHEILA: Anyway, who knows? Naomi and I might pop over to see you.
GEORGIA: Well, if you do that, there will be a couch there waiting, just for you.
SHEILA: What, with my back? I think you should take the couch, and I'll have the bed.
Sheila laughs and Georgia smiles.
No 32
Amber is sunbathing by the pool when Imogen shows up. Things are still tense between them, but Imogen says she's sorry for what she said the other day.
AMBER: Hmm. So you should be. What you said was horrible.
IMOGEN: Well, newsflash - being pregnant doesn't automatically give you immunity from truth-bombs.
AMBER: What? But it said that in the manual! They lied to me!
IMOGEN: You're an idiot, you know that?
AMBER: Well, I'm pregnant, and I don't know who the father is. So, yeah, I think I know I'm an idiot.
Having made up, they get onto the topic of the paternity test results. Amber admits she's worried about the outcome. Imogen says that it's amazing what you can forgive when you love someone, using their own friendship as an example! Imogen reaffirms that she loves Amber as her best friend, despite their past spats - and that she'll be here for her no matter what happens. They hug.
Ramsay Street
Karl, who is about to head off on a bike ride, asks Josh how he's feeling about the paternity test results. Josh doesn't want to talk about it, but Karl's keen to make clear he's not taking sides, having given Daniel 'a lot of support'. He tells Josh he can talk to him about it if he needs to, and then suggests Josh come for a bike ride with him to take his mind off it. Josh politely declines, but Karl persists...
Lassiter's Complex
Tyler and Paige are lingering around near the well, worrying about the missing $6,000. Paige is worried someone else could have taken it from the well, or that they weren't given the right amount of money in the first place. Tyler gets a text from Michelle, asking when they can meet. Once a nearby refuse collector is sufficiently far enough away, they rush to the well to retrieve the money...
The Well
Shortly afterwards, Paige and Tyler are at the base of the well, searching for the missing money - while the bin-man continues to collect rubbish in the area near the entrance. Paige finds a piece of broken plastic separate to the rest of the junk in the well, which leads her to immediately conclude that someone's been down there and stolen the missing money.
At this point the bin-man decides to cut corners, and tips the rubbish he's been collecting down the well, all over Paige! Amidst the inevitable squealing, she loses the piece of plastic, but they soon find again. Paige is fuming, and tells Tyler it's all his fault.
PAIGE: You're an idiot, and a moron, and -
TYLER: Stupid, yeah I know! I've heard it all before!
But Tyler reminds her that this all started because Paige wanted to cover up Bailey's car theft, so it's her fault.
PAIGE: You're horrible, you know that? And I hate you!
TYLER: Yeah, well I hate you! And I also hate the fact that you used me.
PAIGE: I didn't use you!
TYLER: What do you call the other night? You had your fun, and then you were all like - 'Oh, sorry Tyler, but I'm still into your brother'. So before you start throwing around accusations, maybe you should take a good hard look at yourself. Now let's get out of here, before one of us does something we regret.
No 26
Georgia is packing for her trip to Munich, when Kyle turns up. He decides he should start packing too, but Georgia tells him not to.
GEORGIA: You're not coming to Germany with me.
She says that she can't let Kyle throw away all the hard work he's put into the beautification project. Kyle protests, saying he wants to be there for Georgia and to go with her. But she insists it makes sense for him to stay, rather than having two of them not working in Munich - adding that she knows Kyle will regret ditching the project later down the line. Kyle looks sad.
KYLE: You could be gone for months.
GEORGIA: Then we'll talk every day.
KYLE: I'll miss you.
But Georgia says he can come and see her when his project's finished, adding that it's the right thing for them to do. They hug.
No 32
Imogen, Amber and Daniel are messing about in the pool. While Imogen goes to get them some drinks, Amber kisses Daniel and thanks him for getting Imogen to come over. Daniel admits he's missed seeing Amber smile and laugh; he wishes things were back to normal, but Amber's worried they never will be after the paternity test result.
DANIEL: No matter what happens today, nothing's gonna change between you and me.
They hug, then continue to splash about.
No 26
As part of an impromptu send-off for Georgia, she is playing 'Letting You Know' on her guitar, while Naomi and Sheila drunkenly sing the words! When they're finished, Sheila gets emotional, saying she's going to miss having fun with Georgia. Naomi reminds her she still has her!
SHEILA: Thanks love, but it's not quite the same, is it?
Kyle comes in, and Sheila tells him he's made the right decision to stay in Erinsborough. But he has some other news - someone filmed Sheila tearing strips off Alistair and posted it online, where it's since gone viral!
Harold's Store
Paige and Tyler are rubbing themselves with antibacterial lotion following their well-and-litter-searching exploits, rather than going home for hot showers like sensible folk. Paige apologises for mouthing off at Tyler before.
PAIGE: I really didn't mean to hurt your feelings. In fact, I didn't even know you had any (!)
TYLER: I just don't like being stuffed around, that's all.
They continue to examine the piece of broken plastic they found down the well. They decide it looks like part of a badge of some kind, and hope that it will lead them to the money somehow.
No 26
Various VIPs have joined the Cannings for Georgia's send-off - namely, Karl, Toadie and Sonya. Georgia thanks them all for coming, and Karl in particular for all his support at work lately - calling him an amazing doctor and a really good friend. Karl gets a page from work, so has to leave, but gives Georgia a goodbye kiss and hug before he does.
In the kitchen, Naomi is on the phone, presumably to one of the social media sites. She informs Sheila that they aren't going to be taking the video down of her giving Alistair a hard time.
Back in the living room, Georgia explains to the Rebecchis that she is heading up to Birregurra with Kyle, and that she and Rhonda will then fly to Munich tomorrow. Sonya says how much they'll miss Georgia.
SONYA: Who am I going to have coffee with, and yoga with, and whinge to about Jarrod?
TOADIE: You whinge about me?
Meanwhile, Sheila is on the phone to Terese, playing down the popularity of the video and its impact on The Waterhole's reputation! It appears as if Terese is shrieking down the phone, and Sheila eventually hangs up on her! Naomi reassures Sheila that the video could be yesterday's news by tomorrow, and they rejoin the others in the living room.
KYLE: I would like to make a toast - to my beautiful wife. We hope that your mum's treatment goes well, and that you both come home to us as soon as possible. I love you.
GEORGIA: I love you too.
They kiss.
KYLE: To Georgia and Rhonda!
Everyone raises a toast.
Ramsay Street
Outside No 26, Kyle is loading Georgia's cases into the pick-up. Georgia's feeling apprehensive about leaving, but Kyle reminds her she's doing the right thing.
GEORGIA: I don't know if I can do it without you.
KYLE: Babe, you are the most incredible, competent, courageous woman I know. Of course you can do it.
Georgia walks into the middle of the street and shouts.
GEORGIA: Goodbye, street! See you in a few months!
She then hugs Toadie, Sheila and Naomi goodbye, and gets into the pick-up with Kyle. They drive away.
As the others wave Georgia off, hotshot lawyer Phil Tractor shows up, and hands Sheila some documents, telling her she's been served! Sheila opens the envelope, to learn that she's being sued for defamation...
Erinsborough Hospital
Josh joins Daniel and Amber in the consultation room, followed swiftly by Karl, who has the results of the paternity test for them. Opening the envelope, he reveals that Josh is the father of the baby. Josh grins, while Daniel and Amber look considerably less pleased.
KARL: Life's never gonna be the same again.
Unmissable Drama
- Amber tells Lauren that the baby is Josh's
- Imogen asks Josh how Daniel is...
- ... And judging by the way Daniel's smashing up Off Air, the answer is not good
- Sheila is pleased when Nate tells her she's a gay icon!
- Naomi attempts to track down Amy Williams' address
- Terese dredges up the past during a row with Lauren about Amber's pregnancy
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Kyle Canning, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7133
Kyle Canning, Sheila Canning

Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7133
Paige Smith

Amber Turner, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7133
Amber Turner, Daniel Robinson

Sheila Canning, Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 7133
Sheila Canning, Georgia Brooks

Amber Turner, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 7133
Amber Turner, Imogen Willis

Josh Willis, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7133
Josh Willis, Karl Kennedy

Tyler Brennan, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7133
Tyler Brennan, Paige Smith

 in Neighbours Episode 7133

Paige Smith, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7133
Paige Smith, Tyler Brennan

Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 7133
Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning

Daniel Robinson, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 7133
Daniel Robinson, Amber Turner

Georgia Brooks, Naomi Canning, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7133
Georgia Brooks, Naomi Canning, Sheila Canning

Paige Smith, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7133
Paige Smith, Tyler Brennan

Georgia Brooks, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7133
Georgia Brooks, Karl Kennedy

Naomi Canning, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 7133
Naomi Canning, Sheila Canning

Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7133
Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi

Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning, Sheila Canning, Naomi Canning in Neighbours Episode 7133
Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning, Sheila Canning, Naomi Canning

Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 7133
Georgia Brooks

Phil Tractor, Toadie Rebecchi, Sheila Canning, Naomi Canning in Neighbours Episode 7133
Phil Tractor, Toadie Rebecchi, Sheila Canning, Naomi Canning

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7133
Karl Kennedy

Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 7133
Josh Willis

Daniel Robinson, Amber Turner, Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 7133
Daniel Robinson, Amber Turner, Josh Willis

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