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Neighbours Episode 7055 from 2015 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7055
Australian airdate: 06/02/15
UK airdate: 20/02/15
Writer: Nick King
Director: Chris Langman
Guests: Michelle Kim: Ra Chapman
Young Man: Travis Burns (uncredited)
Rain Taylor: Airlie Dodds (flashback - uncredited)
- "Geronimo" by Sheppard
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- A freeze on police overtime leads Matt to secretly seek night work as a security guard
- Amber decides that she and Daniel belong together
- Paige and Imogen prepare to mount a topless protest against Paul's logo censorship
Lassiter's Complex
Imogen looks increasingly scared as the topless protest is about to kick off, until she's forced to apologetically tell Paige she can't go ahead with it. Terese shows up, having received a text from Brad asking her to get here urgently, and wants to know what's going on. Imogen walks off with Terese, saying she couldn't go through with the protest.
While Georgia stands around listening, Lauren suggests to a disappointed Paige that she could cancel the protest.
PAIGE: No! There is still a principle to defend here. Even if I have to defend it myself.
LAUREN: I can't let you.
PAIGE: Well you can't stop me either.
LAUREN: Who said I was going to?
Lauren smiles at Paige.
Erinsborough Police Station
Bailey bursts into the police station, telling Matt that he needs him urgently outside - and to bring his jacket!
Lassiter's Complex
Lauren and Paige are now topless! They realise that Imogen still has the letter they were going to symbolically post, so they decide that a walk to and from the postbox will suffice! They're cheered on by the crowd, but a mortified Matt and Bailey rush across, desperately trying to cover the girls from view with the jacket!
MATT: Would you put some clothes on, please?
LAUREN: We're protesting against Paul Robinson's doctoring of Paige's logo.
PAIGE: The female body is nothing to be ashamed of.
MATT: Well that might be true, but nudity in public is an offence.
LAUREN: We're not nude, we're topless.
MATT: If you don't put something on, I'll be forced to charge you with indecency!
PAIGE: Would you charge a man?!
MATT: Of course not!
LAUREN: This is exactly the kind of hypocrisy that we're talking about!
PAIGE: What is so indecent about this?
MATT: Could we debate this somewhere else, please?
PAIGE: I'm sorry. But you can't mess with these sisters today, Mr Policeman.
But Matt follows through with his threat, and marches them to the police station, while Bailey helps protect their modesty!
The Waterhole
Sonya, Toadie and Karl are having a coffee as Daniel and Amber pass by. Sonya asks if Amber's looking forward to uni; she admits it's a bit scary, but Daniel says it's exciting. Karl and Toadie exchange uni orientation ('o-week') stories, including Toadie painting UN flags on his bum and Karl pretending to be a corpse! Amber and Daniel look bemused.
Toadie then recalls the many parties he had at uni, and how everyone would hook up with everyone else. Daniel looks increasingly concerned.
KARL: Two of my roommates broke up with their long-term girlfriends in the first week!
Sensing that this could be tricky territory for the newly reunited Amber and Daniel, Sonya tries to change the subject, but Amber insists uni won't change how she feels about Daniel. They exit sheepishly.
Erinsborough Police Station
Paige and Lauren sit around in the station, but haven't actually been arrested.
LAUREN: Yeah, well, I can't stay here tonight. I've got plans with Matt.
PAIGE: Oh! There is something quite romantic about a police cell (!)

Paige gets a text from Paul, saying: 'Call off the dogs - you win!' So it seems the protest was a success after all. Paige thanks Lauren for getting on-board. Matt comes in, and tells them the senior officer is letting them both off with a warning. Paige rushes off to tell Brad the good news, while Matt tells Lauren not to do that again - until they go on a European beach holiday!
The Waterhole
Amber and Daniel are looking at the schedule of events for o-week at Eden Uni. Amber points out that there's a toga party later and suggests they go. Daniel doesn't seem keen, and when Amber says partying is what uni's all about, he reminds her that he dropped out of uni himself. Daniel says he's not trying to put her off - uni just wasn't for him.
Amber seems worried, but Daniel tells her she'll be fine - and even if she does find uni isn't right for her, it's not the only way to explore her 'gift' for photography. Amber has a flashback to Daniel's deranged ex-girlfriend Rain telling her that she had a gift.
RAIN: You were put on this earth to take photos, not sit exams.
The flashback spooks Amber, and she quickly makes an excuse to leave, claiming she needs to organise some togas! Daniel's confused as to what's upset her, while Josh, who has been lingering in the background, looks on with interest.
No 32
Matt is lying down for a nap on the sofa when his phone rings. Bailey's in the room, and Matt tells the caller that he has plans tonight.
MATT: ... Really? That much? Okay. Yeah. Send through the details. Thanks.
Hanging up, Matt tells Bailey he has to go back in to work this evening. Bailey reminds him about his dinner date with Lauren. Matt says she'll understand, but when Bailey sarcastically suggests otherwise, Matt shouts at him unexpectedly - before saying he'll explain to Lauren later, and leaving.
Factory car park
Matt turns up and meets a woman called Michelle, who will be his supervisor. She tells him he'll be manning the gates to the car park this evening, and preventing anyone going in without authorisation. She says to radio her if there's any trouble, and points him towards a uniform inside the guard's cabin - promising to drop in on him later.
Harold's Store
Imogen comes in and apologises again to Paige for backing out of the topless protest - claiming she didn't want to embarrass Terese. Paige says Terese would have understood, and that saying you support something isn't enough - you have to have the guts to go through with it. She reminds Imogen that she said she wanted to live a little, and have some fun.
PAIGE: You cannot do that unless you take some risks, and get out of your comfort zone.
Paige tells Imogen to get the uni events calendar, pick something that's on tonight, and do it.
PAIGE: It could be a flash mob, or a lecture on medieval glassware, or... tango!
When Imogen mentions the toga party, Paige says that's perfect - and Imogen agrees to go.
Factory car park
Matt has changed into his security guard uniform. Michelle comes back, warning him that the job can be pretty dull and that he may need to bring a book. We learn the building he's guarding is a clothes factory, and that Michelle has acquired some free stock on her way out. His police instincts kicking in, Matt questions this; she assures him it's not stolen, just production excess, and gives him some of the clothes to take home to Lauren. Matt is tempted, but says he wouldn't feel comfortable. He excuses himself and goes back inside the cabin, while Michelle leaves.
No 32
Josh has come over to collect a toga from Amber, to give to Imogen for the party. Amber tells him she's looking forward to uni, but is worried about how she'll balance everything. Josh remarks that she seemed upset as she left The Waterhole earlier and, insisting he's only asking as a friend despite recent events, encourages her to talk about it.
She gets as far as saying it was something Daniel said, when Daniel himself comes in, and is visibly disappointed to find Josh there. Josh makes a quick exit, and Daniel tells an awkward-looking Amber that she doesn't need to explain why he was here. He quickly presents Amber with a present he's bought her - it's a top-of-the-range new camera. Daniel apologises for upsetting Amber earlier; she admits he said something that reminded her of Rain, which he says is the last thing he'd want to do.
DANIEL: I just want to see you achieve your dreams. Please believe that.
AMBER: I do.
DANIEL: And I want to be right there by your side to see it happen.
AMBER: You know, we are so lucky to have this second chance. Which is why I think we should get things back to the way they were.
DANIEL: I thought we had?
AMBER: We were getting married before. What's stopping us?
Amber gets down on one knee!
AMBER: Daniel Robinson, will you marry me?
DANIEL: Are you kidding me? Yes!

They kiss happily, then hug.
Eden University
The toga party is in full swing, but Imogen looks a little lost. She cheers up when Amber and Daniel arrive, but her face drops when they announce they're engaged again. She quickly covers it up, saying it's fantastic news - and Amber asks Imogen to be her maid of honour again. She says she'd love to, but the moment they turn away, she looks mortified, and downs her drink.
The Waterhole
Karl, Toadie and Sonya are still drinking coffee, as Paige and Lauren tell them about their topless protest. Toadie laments not being there, but when everyone gives him funny looks, gets defensive and insists he didn't mean it in a pervy way.
TOADIE: I can't win, can I? I say I support you and I'm a perv, and if I don't, I'm a misogynist!
LAUREN: Oh, well. The world is full of double standards, Toadie!
Lauren gets a call from Matt, and asks him where he is. He tells her that he's cancelling their dinner date.
Factory car park / The Waterhole
Matt economises with the truth, saying something came up at work. He apologises, but says it's really busy, adding that they could use the overtime money. They each tell the other that they love them, and hang up.
Factory car park
Michelle turns up again, having overheard Matt's conversation, and asks if Matt's got a problem at home. Matt insists it's all good, and she leaves the cabin. But outside, she makes a phone call...
MICHELLE: Dimato, it's me... Not yet, but I'll get him on-side soon. Shouldn't be hard... I'll let you know.
She looks back at Matt through the glass.
The Waterhole
Toadie and Karl are still discussing nudity, Toadie reminding Karl how he streaked in their living room not so long ago!
KARL: Seven grand was at stake!
TOADIE: Yeah, you got the seven grand. All I got was emotional scarring.
Paige sees Lauren looking disappointed, and asks if everything's okay. Lauren admits that Matt's told her he can't make their date later, and how much she was looking forward to it. Paige invites Lauren to the toga party at the uni, as they've been invited by the women's study group.
LAUREN: Do they know how old I am?
PAIGE: Who cares? We're hellraisers now! Come on!
Eden University
Lauren and Paige turn up at the toga party, and get a rapturous reception from fans of their protest. Imogen can be seen dancing tipsily nearby.
PAIGE: We don't even go to uni and we own this place. Rebels!
Paige and Lauren get talking to Daniel and Amber, who is also supportive of their protest against Paul. She also announces their own good news, about them resuming their engagement. Lauren tries to hide her reservations.
AMBER: I know you said it was too soon to think about getting re-engaged...
LAUREN: And you agreed!
AMBER: Yeah, but then we talked, and we decided we are ready to make this commitment.
Paige congratulates them, and is immediately invited to be Amber's other bridesmaid - which she agrees to, provided she can pick the outfit. Amber and Daniel dance off elsewhere, and Lauren and Paige immediately agree that it's way too soon for them to decide they're getting married again.
Paige goes over to talk to Imogen, who looks seriously sozzled, and is having a great time dancing on her own - although she points to a new extra-friend she's made, saying she's staying at her place tonight. Paige tries to convince Imogen to switch to water, and to have something to eat. Paige looks bemused as Imogen drunkenly hugs her, declaring their shared membership of the 'sisterhood'!
The camera pans in on a nearby sculpture of a topless female figure, to remind us that Neighbours isn't remotely prudish. Shortly afterwards, Imogen has taken to dancing on a wall! Amber and Daniel tell her they're leaving.
IMOGEN: What?! Already?! But this party is wiiiiiild!
AMBER: Yeah, I know, but we've had enough.
IMOGEN: Oh, laaaame! This is uni life, this is what you do!
AMBER: Maybe you should slow down just a little bit?
IMOGEN: Oh, stop being so boring, and old, and married!
She keeps dancing as Amber and a slightly concerned Daniel leave her to it. Likewise, Lauren and Paige decide it might be time to head home too, Paige telling Lauren that Imogen's staying at a friend's place tonight. Imogen carries on drinking and dancing alone like a wild thing!
No 32
On the sofa, Lauren calls Matt, but gets his answerphone. She leaves him a message, asking him to call her when he gets it.
LAUREN: We need to talk about Amber.
Eden University
The next morning, a mysterious young man walks through the uni courtyard, which is strewn with overturned chairs and drinks cups - the carnage of the night before. He finds Imogen lying unconscious on the floor, and looks at her curiously.
Unmissable Drama
- Mark and Naomi have a flirtatious jogging encounter
- The young man picks Imogen up and carries her off, as she screams at him to put her down!
- Josh and Brad tend to an ill- looking Imogen, who claims someone punched her
- The young man tells Paige that 'she loved every minute of it', provoking Paige into a frenzied attack
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Imogen Willis, Terese Willis, Georgia Brooks, Lauren Turner, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7055
Imogen Willis, Terese Willis, Georgia Brooks, Lauren Turner, Paige Smith

Matt Turner, Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 7055
Matt Turner, Bailey Turner

Lauren Turner, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7055
Lauren Turner, Paige Smith

Matt Turner, Paige Smith, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 7055
Matt Turner, Paige Smith, Lauren Turner

Karl Kennedy, Amber Turner, Daniel Robinson, Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7055
Karl Kennedy, Amber Turner, Daniel Robinson, Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi

Paige Smith, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 7055
Paige Smith, Lauren Turner

Daniel Robinson, Amber Turner, Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 7055
Daniel Robinson, Amber Turner, Josh Willis

Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 7055
Matt Turner

Michelle Kim in Neighbours Episode 7055
Michelle Kim

Imogen Willis, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7055
Imogen Willis, Paige Smith

Matt Turner, Michelle Kim in Neighbours Episode 7055
Matt Turner, Michelle Kim

Josh Willis, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 7055
Josh Willis, Amber Turner

Amber Turner, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7055
Amber Turner, Daniel Robinson

Imogen Willis, Amber Turner, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7055
Imogen Willis, Amber Turner, Daniel Robinson

Karl Kennedy, Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi, Lauren Turner, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7055
Karl Kennedy, Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi, Lauren Turner, Paige Smith

Michelle Kim, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 7055
Michelle Kim, Matt Turner

Paige Smith, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 7055
Paige Smith, Lauren Turner

Lauren Turner, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7055
Lauren Turner, Paige Smith

Daniel Robinson, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 7055
Daniel Robinson, Amber Turner

Tyler Brennan, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 7055
Tyler Brennan, Imogen Willis

Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 7055
Lauren Turner

Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 7055
Imogen Willis

Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7055
Tyler Brennan

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