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Neighbours Episode 7044 from 2015 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7044
Australian airdate: 22/01/15
UK airdate: 06/02/15
Writer: Pete McTighe
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Lucy Robinson: Melissa Bell
Dennis Dimato: David Serafin
Summary/Images by: Sarah/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Lucy says she's going with an anonymous sperm donor
- Nate tells Chris if he wants to be a dad, he should go for it
- Susan is angry with Brad
- Paul turns down Dimato's contribution, then Sheila tells him that Naomi is running everything
- Dimato gives Naomi money
Outside Harold's
Paul is discussing the festival while Naomi stares into space. Paul challenges her, but she assures him she can cope. Paul leaves and Mark jogs over and asks how she is.
NAOMI: I don't want to tell you, which means I probably should. I think I've been bribed.
No 26 garden
Chris and Kyle are enjoying bacon sandwiches for breakfast. Georgia comes out and tells Chris he's got to be healthy to be a donor, so she takes away his sandwich, and tells him what's good and what's bad. Chris gets a call from his mum. He hasn't told his parents about Lucy yet, and isn't sure of their reaction, because they are very traditional.
Outside Harold's
Mark tells Naomi to go to the police. She refuses, saying she'll give the money back. Mark points out that she's essentially working for the council, so it's serious. She's worried about being accused of corruption, and wants to give the money back and forget about it. Mark offers to go to the police with her, and she reluctantly agrees.
Ramsay Street
Georgia is pushing Kyle off to work. They get to his ute, and she shows him the tools she has bought off eBay (albeit on credit card). He is delighted.
Outside no 22, Terese tells Brad their air-miles are about to expire, and points out they could go to Canada since she's got leave and he's on school holidays. He says he's got Professional Development Days. She tells him to asks Susan, but he's doubtful whether Susan will let him take the time off.
No 28
Susan and Nate talk about the situation with Chris and Lucy. He comments that he wants to support Chris, and Lucy will be raising the child in New York.
Chris tells Lucy that Georgia has put him on a diet, and advises her to do the same. She is pleased, and says that she'd like to get started next week. Chris is taken aback, and explains that he hasn't told his parents. Lucy asks if it would change anything if they didn't give their blessing. He says no, it's his life, not theirs.
Outside Grease Monkeys
Dimato tells Naomi he's bought a new suit for the VIP parties. She tells him that she can't take the bribe. He says it was a gift, and is impressed when she insists he takes it back. She tells him she doesn't want anything to jeopardise the festival. He comments that he hopes she hasn't told anyone about it.
DIMATO: My reputation's important to me. I don't want anyone getting the wrong idea.
NAOMI: I haven't said a word.
DIMATO: You wouldn't... lie to me, would you, Naomi?
She laughs nervously as she assures him she wouldn't.
No 28
Karl is home, and wastes no time in getting Susan and Nate to attend to his every whim. There's a knock at the door.
KARL: I can't get that, obviously.
SUSAN: Your legs bung too, are they?
It's Terese with some chocolates, which Susan looks forward to sharing. Karl decides it would be comfier in the bedroom, and disappears off with the chocolates. Terese asks Susan if Brad can miss the Personal Development days to go to Canada. Susan tells her that Brad will have to ask for himself.
No 26
Chris tells Nate that he spoke to his parents, and after talking it through, they were supportive. He adds that Lucy wants to start right away, whereas he thought he'd have more time. Nate tells him he has to say something to Lucy.
Brad is researching flights. Terese admits that she spoke to Susan for him. He's a bit frustrated, and reminds her that she'd promised to curb her controlling behaviour. She admits his approach would have been better, but in the circumstances, she suggests he should go over.
Mark finds Naomi and asks why she wasn't answering his calls. She explains she didn't want to go to the police: it might mean her career ended before it started. So she's returned the money.
MARK: So you're happy letting a criminal walk free in Erinsborough?
NAOMI: He was trying his luck, OK? It wasn't serious.
MARK: Bribery is a criminal offence!
NAOMI: Would you stop the cop impression OK? It's getting boring.
She apologises but asks him to leave it... which he doesn't. He tells Paul that Dimato tried to bribe her, but she gave the money back.
PAUL: Why did she take the bribe in the first place?
MARK: Well, she was in shock. She didn't want to rock the boat.
Paul says if she gave the money back, he doesn't have a problem. Mark tells him that Dimato is bad news. Paul says he's small fry, and he's not going to tell Naomi to go to the police.
PAUL: Brennan, when are you gonna give up the superhero routine, eh? Come on, time to hang up the cape and tights.
Power Street shops
Mark introduces himself to Dimato, and tells him he's heard about the bribe he offered Naomi, and that he's got a bad reputation. He says he's going to keep an eye out, as he works across the road.
No 28
Karl comes into the lounge to watch TV. Brad arrives, and apologises for Terese.
BRAD: Hi Karl.
KARL: Good thanks.
Susan mentions the Canada trip, and Brad offers to take unpaid leave because he's missing the Personal Development days. Susan asks about his preparation for the new term, and Brad admits he hasn't started.
SUSAN: So you spent last week making surfboards and you want to take next week off, but you've done no school prep?
Brad promises it will be done, and Susan says if he's sure he can do a good job, then he can go. He admits that he won't be able to do it all, and he'll stay. After Brad has gone, Karl asks Susan if she still bears a grudge against Brad, because she seemed harsh. Susan says she was actually quite lenient. She feels that Brad lacks commitment and passion for his work.
Chris and Nate meet up with Lucy and Georgia. Chris says that his parents took it better than expected, but wonders why they are rushing things when they could wait for IVF. Georgia says Lucy is doing the right thing and she's coming up to right time in her cycle.
NATE: You'll be at that point next month too, though, won't you?
LUCY: Yes, but every month counts at my age.
Georgia says there are other considerations as well, so the sooner the better. Nate suggests drinks first. He and Chris talk, and Chris says why wait?
Lassiter's Complex
Dimato catches up with Naomi. He tells her that he told her not to tell anyone about their "arrangement", and that he doesn't like liars.
NAOMI: Are you threatening me?
DIMATO: That's for you to decide.
As he walks off, he barges her shoulder. She looks concerned.
Unmissable Drama
- Bailey asks Kat to put her money where her mouth is
- Sue Parker says it's outrageous
- Josh and Amber in a darkroom. Imogen says there's nothing going on between them
- Naomi tells Mark to back off, and that she can handle Dimato
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Naomi Canning, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7044
Naomi Canning, Paul Robinson

Kyle Canning, Georgia Brooks, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 7044
Kyle Canning, Georgia Brooks, Chris Pappas

Naomi Canning, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7044
Naomi Canning, Mark Brennan

Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 7044
Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning

Brad Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7044
Brad Willis, Terese Willis

Susan Kennedy, Nate Kinski in Neighbours Episode 7044
Susan Kennedy, Nate Kinski

Chris Pappas, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7044
Chris Pappas, Lucy Robinson

Dennis Dimato, Naomi Canning in Neighbours Episode 7044
Dennis Dimato, Naomi Canning

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Nate Kinski in Neighbours Episode 7044
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Nate Kinski

Terese Willis, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7044
Terese Willis, Susan Kennedy

Chris Pappas, Nate Kinski in Neighbours Episode 7044
Chris Pappas, Nate Kinski

Terese Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 7044
Terese Willis, Brad Willis

Naomi Canning, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7044
Naomi Canning, Mark Brennan

Paul Robinson, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7044
Paul Robinson, Mark Brennan

Mark Brennan, Dennis Dimato in Neighbours Episode 7044
Mark Brennan, Dennis Dimato

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 7044
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Brad Willis

Chris Pappas, Georgia Brooks, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7044
Chris Pappas, Georgia Brooks, Lucy Robinson

Nate Kinski, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 7044
Nate Kinski, Chris Pappas

Dennis Dimato, Naomi Canning in Neighbours Episode 7044
Dennis Dimato, Naomi Canning

Naomi Canning in Neighbours Episode 7044
Naomi Canning

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