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Neighbours Episode 6965 from 2014 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<6964 - 6966>>
Episode title: 6965
Australian airdate: 05/09/14
UK airdate: 19/09/14
Writer: Sarah Duffy
Director: Chris Langman
Guests: Alice Azikiwe: Vivienne Awosoga
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Paul worries about having hit something or someone in his car during the storm
- As the roof at Harold's collapses, Susan saves Lou's life with an emergency tracheotomy
- Nate tells a traumatised Susan she faced something she should never have had to
- Lauren finally confesses to Matt that she kissed Brad in Adelaide, forcing Brad to tell Terese
- Furious Terese tells Lauren never to talk to her again, and Brad not to go near Lauren
No 22
Breakfast-time. Brad remarks that Ramsay Street is starting to look like its old self thanks to the clean-up effort after the tornado - but the atmosphere between the family is still tense.
IMOGEN: Yeah. Soon it'll be like the past few days never even happened (!)
Terese reassures the kids that, just because she and Brad are having a tough time, it doesn't mean they're not family., and that they need to support each other. Josh seems more accepting of this than Imogen is, and they both leave the room.
Terese asks Brad if he's thought about what she said - presumably about him not going near Lauren - and asks if they're in agreement. Brad says of course, and thanks Terese for not kicking him out last night. He goes to kiss her on the cheek, but she pulls away coldly, saying she has to get to work.
No 32
Lauren is in the kitchen when Bailey comes in. He asks if she's heard from Matt, but she says he's busy with the storm clear-up.
BAILEY: Is that why he didn't come home last night?
Lauren makes out that it was easier for him to sleep at the station as he was working late, and tries to change the subject. Bailey's heading down to Lassiter's to help with the clean-up, so Lauren gives him a packed lunch to take to Matt. Bailey thinks Lauren should go to Matt herself and speak to him, but Lauren says Matt will talk to her when he's ready.
LAUREN: Stop worrying. It's gonna be okay.
Bailey hugs Lauren, sensing she's upset, and leaves with the lunchbox.
Lassiter's Complex
The courtyard is still strewn with debris and full of workmen; Chris, Susan, Karl and Nate are among the volunteers helping with the clean-up. Chris greets Susan as a local hero after saving Lou's life, but she plays it down, evidently still distressed. Chris suggests to Nate that they go to Harold's Store to help clean up there, and Karl says he was about to do the same. But on hearing this, Susan says she might head home instead, claiming she wants to clear up the back yard and the gutters. But Karl says he's already taken care of all that.
Karl walks off; and Nate, who can see that Susan isn't keen on going into Harold's, tells her there's no rush to go back there. He advises her to get her swollen wrist seen to, but she insists she's fine, and that she'll join them at Harold's in a minute. But she stares at the building pensively, clearly traumatised by the thought of going in there.
The Waterhole
The pub has become a base of operations for the clear-up, and Chris sings Susan's praises to Nate, commenting on how modest she's being.
NATE: It's pretty natural to avoid talking about traumatic events. Especially so soon.
Imogen comes in with a shirt she's found hanging in a tree. Daniel, who is sitting at a table with Paul, immediately recognises it as his, and thanks her for returning it.
IMOGEN: Oh, so you're living in a tree now? (!)
DANIEL: No - I was drying some stuff on the balcony when the storm hit. So far I've found a pair of jeans in the lake, and some of my undies were on the front door at Harold's!
IMOGEN: That's vile.
DANIEL: Oh, relax. They were clean when the storm hit. Oh, wait, no - those ones weren't.
Paul, who appears to be directing the clear-up operation, instructs Daniel and Imogen to go and clean up some parkland. A rattled Imogen objects, saying she was planning on working with Bailey. But he's already deployed elsewhere - and Paul tells her that Daniel doesn't bite. She grudgingly agrees, and they head off to work.
Bailey shows up with the lunch Matt made for Lauren. He also asks if they're still on for Father's Day lunch, but Matt claims he's pretty busy.
BAILEY: You said you'd forgive Mum.
MATT: Bailey!
BAILEY: You promised.
MATT: This is between your mother and I. I've got to go.
Matt leaves the lunchbox on the bar before walking off. Bailey looks sad.
Lassiter's Complex
Bailey is sweeping up outside when Space Camp rival Alice shows up. She immediately starts goading him, saying that helping with the tornado clean-up fulfils the community service prerequisite for the Space Camp application, and that she's been here since 7am.
BAILEY: Not everything is about Space Camp.
ALICE: Since when?!
BAILEY: Since people lost their homes and businesses to the storm. You know what, Alice? Every once in a while something important happens on this planet.
Thus chastised, a surprised Alice walks off.
Meanwhile, Sonya receives news that the work team is going to come and lift trees that have fallen on the nursery, and Lauren tells her she should go and deal with that - everything's under control here. Susan comes over, and Lauren thanks her again for saving Lou. Sonya and Karl praise Susan too (Karl referencing his own doubts over conducting the procedure on their son Mal all those years ago), and Susan is increasingly uncomfortable with the discussion. She makes an excuse to leave and ducks off into the Waterhole. Nate notices she's struggling.
No 22
Brad comes in - Josh is just about to leave to help out at Lassiter's. Before he goes, Brad asks how Josh is coping with the revelation about his kiss with Lauren. Josh says he's fine, and tells Brad not to worry about him and Imogen - just to sort things out with Terese.
JOSH: Dad - for what it's worth, I know what it's like to be cheated on. And it's the worst.
BRAD: I know.
JOSH: But, I reckon this is completely different. Amber was going behind my back for weeks. And with you and Lauren, it was just one kiss. Wasn't it?
BRAD: Yeah.
JOSH: If Amber had asked me to take her back, I would've. Even after everything. And Mum's got a whole lot less to forgive. So you just hang in there. I just thought I should say that.
Brad smiles, and Josh leaves.
Daniel and Imogen are cleaning up debris in the park, as per Paul's instructions - Imogen still visibly uncomfortable around Daniel. He offers her a chance to talk about what happened with Brad and Lauren. She doesn't want to, but brusquely thanks him for the offer. They hear an animal making noises from under the bushes.
DANIEL: Oh, don't touch it. It's probably a rat or something.
IMOGEN: You're scared of rats?!
DANIEL: Err, yeah, they spread disease. Haven't you heard of the Black Death?!
IMOGEN: That was spread by fleas!
DANIEL: Yeah, fleas on rats!
But Imogen's convinced it's not a rat - and sure enough, it turns out to be a baby wombat. The pair of them fuss over the wombat to a heartwarming underscore, wondering what it's doing here.

Lassiter's Complex
As the clean-up continues, Alice is looking more sombre, and comes over to talk to Bailey.
ALICE: Fun fact - they've replenished the volunteers' food inside. There are mini-meatballs. Do you want to join me?
BAILEY: No. I'm not hungry.
ALICE: Then you obviously don't have the appetite of an astronaut.
BAILEY: I guess not.
ALICE: Come on. It's not fun if you don't bite back! Why don't you tell me what's on your mind?
BAILEY: Trust me. You would not want to know - it involves emotions!
ALICE: I can do emotions.
ALICE: I can!
BAILEY: Okay. My mum cheated on my dad with her old boyfriend, and now I'm afraid they're gonna break up. So...
ALICE: That's terrible... So - meatballs? I'm sorry. I just don't know what else to say.
BAILEY: You can't say anything. You can't solve this.
ALICE: I don't like seeing you all sad and emotional. It's not the Bailey I'm used to.
BAILEY: Yeah, well I don't like feeling like it either.
ALICE: What can I do?
BAILEY: ... Just hang out?
ALICE: That's it?
BAILEY: That's it.
ALICE: I can do that.
Bailey smiles, and hands her the broom.
The Waterhole
Susan admits to Nate that he was right - she isn't ready to go back inside Harold's Store after her traumatic experience there. She's also fed up of everyone reminding her what happened. Nate tells her that talking about it helps, however.
NATE: In Afghanistan, if things got ugly, we'd sit around and talk about it afterwards. All the details - everything. And those of us who didn't want to talk would just listen. Karl's been through a similar situation - you could ask him about it. It could help. And humour's good too.
SUSAN: I'm not ready to make jokes about it yet. I don't think I've ever been so frightened in my life.
NATE: Every mission I went on, I was scared.
Susan says her situation doesn't compare, but Nate says it's all trauma. She should keep talking it through and only go back to Harold's when she's ready. Susan thanks him for the advice and leaves.
Chris, who has been earwigging from the bar, is visibly impressed with how Nate has helped Susan, and goes over to join him, smiling.
NATE: What?
CHRIS: Come here, you.
Chris kisses Nate on the lips, and they smile at each other.
Imogen is looking after the baby wombat. Daniel comes back, telling Imogen that he found the wombat's mother - she was hit by a car. Imogen's already called Wildlife Victoria, and in the meantime they decide to find a safe place for the baby. They wrap the wombat in Daniel's jumper, and Daniel flinches when the wombat moves. Imogen laughs.
IMOGEN: And here I was thinking you'd be an animal person.
DANIEL: Yeah, I am. I'm just sort of more into, like, sharks and stuff, you know.
IMOGEN: Oh, okay. So you like animals that could eat you, but you're scared of a little baby wombat.
They decide to take the wombat home, the tension between them clearly having thawed somewhat.
Lassiter's Complex
Lauren comes over to talk to Matt, asking if he got his lunch from Bailey. He says he did, and that the insurance people are sending someone out to Harold's tomorrow to assess the damage. Lauren suggests they go through the policy together later, but Matt says he'll be working late again. He gets a phone call, and cuts their conversation dead, leaving Lauren looking worried.
No 22
Daniel and Imogen continue to fuss over the baby wombat, as they make a nest for him in a cardboard box while they wait for the wildlife people to come and collect him. Imogen's gone all mushy, and wishes they could keep the wombat. They decide to name him, settling on Oliver, after Oliver Twist because he's an orphan.
IMOGEN: I wish he could stick around for tonight. It'd be nice to give everyone something else to focus on.
DANIEL: Your mum and dad'll be okay.
IMOGEN: I used to think they had this great love. You know the kind of love that you can almost feel, in everything they do? Every morning, Mum puts Dad's towels in the dryer for a few seconds, just so they'll be warm when he gets up. But it's all a big lie.
DANIEL: No, no. People make mistakes.
IMOGEN: No. This is not a mistake. This is different. My dad and Lauren have history.
DANIEL: That doesn't mean your mum and dad love each other any less.
IMOGEN: Mum didn't bring Dad a warm towel this morning.
DANIEL: Well, she's hurting. Love, it can be messy, and great, and bizarre. If you felt real love between them, then it is real. Don't write off their marriage because of one kiss.
There's a knock on the door, and they realise it's the wildlife people, coming to collect Oliver. They both laugh and fuss over the wombat before Daniel carries him away. Imogen glances at Daniel, and looks thoughtful.
No 32
Alice calls round to see Bailey. She has a present for him - it's a copy of 'The Art of War', the book she's been reading to inspire her tactics in their Space Camp contest.
ALICE: Thirteen chapters of military tactics from the second century BC. Might be just what you need... I first read it in Grade 5, when I lost the spelling bee state finals. I strongly recommend the chapter on weaknesses and strengths.
Alice calls Bailey 'the best sworn enemy I've ever had.'
ALICE: I don't like seeing you all sad and weird. I need you at your best so we can keep being arch frenemies. If this helps, then...
BAILEY: Thank you.
He smiles, then impulsively kisses her on the lips - before immediately apologising.
ALICE: No. It was nice.
Alice kisses him back.
BAILEY: That was nice too!
Alice looks uncomfortable, and says she has to go. She leaves, and Bailey smiles.
The Waterhole
Daniel tells Paul that he found out what he hit in the car the other night - the baby wombat's mother. Paul feels so guilty that he announces he'll donate some money to the animal rescue people.
No 22
Imogen shows Josh, Brad and Terese pictures of Oliver the baby wombat on her phone - his injuries were only superficial, so he's going to be fine.
IMOGEN: But you should have seen Daniel around him. He was so nervous. Oh, he's such an idiot.
Josh gives her a knowing look. Brad and Terese leave the room, the tension between them still palpable. The twins discuss their parents.
JOSH: Should we be worried?
IMOGEN: It was just one kiss. I think they're gonna be okay.
JOSH: Wow, one-eighty Willis.
IMOGEN: Yeah, well they really love each other. Things are a bit messy at the moment, but I think they're gonna be fine.
She walks off. Josh doesn't look so sure.
No 32
Bailey is smiling absently as Lauren clears up after dinner - he hasn't eaten much, but says he's fine. Matt comes in, and Bailey quickly makes an excuse to leave so he and Lauren can talk.
Matt seems keen to get back to work as quickly as possible, but Lauren insists on talking.
LAUREN: If taking these night shifts is your way of putting distance between us, I understand. I'm just glad you haven't moved out, or checked into a motel.
MATT: Whatever's going on between us, we're still family. I'm still your husband. You're either married or you're not.
Lauren smiles and approaches him, but he backs off.
MATT: If I ever left, it would be for good.
He walks out, leaving her upset again.
The Waterhole
Chris tells Nate how awesome he was with Susan, talking to her about Afghanistan and trauma. He says he'd like to hear more about what Nate did over there, if he ever wanted to talk about it.
NATE: I don't.
But Chris keeps prodding, saying he can relate to what Nate said - after the time he got beaten up at the garage, he didn't want to go back there afterwards.
NATE: I'm sorry that happened to you.
CHRIS: So if you ever want to tell me what you've been through...
NATE: What I've been through isn't the same.
CHRIS: No, of course it's not. I don't understand what you've been through at all. But that's the thing. I want to.
NATE: Can we drop this?
Nate walks towards the door, but Chris follows, still prodding.
CHRIS: You yourself said talking about things helps. I mean, I just want you to feel that you can talk to me about anything.
Nate suddenly goes wild, slamming Chris against the wall and grabbing him by the collar.
NATE: You're not listening! I said I didn't want to go there!
CHRIS: Okay! Alright!
NATE (shouting): You don't want to know what I've seen or done, so just leave it!
He walks out, leaving Chris shaken.
Unmissable Drama
- Chris tells Kyle and Georgia how frightened he felt of Nate
- Nate tells Sonya he may not be staying in town for much longer
- Chris goes to talk to Nate as he waters plants at the nursery
- Paul is talking to journalists about community spirit, and Sue Parker overhears
- Sue Parker suggests to Paul that he seems to be looking to get his old job back
- Lauren goes to talk to Terese, but she's still cold towards her
- Brad comforts Lauren, and Paige remarks how they obviously still care about each other
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Josh Willis, Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6965
Josh Willis, Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Imogen Willis

Bailey Turner, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6965
Bailey Turner, Lauren Turner

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Nate Kinski, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6965
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Nate Kinski, Chris Pappas

Chris Pappas, Nate Kinski in Neighbours Episode 6965
Chris Pappas, Nate Kinski

Imogen Willis, Daniel Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6965
Imogen Willis, Daniel Robinson, Paul Robinson

Bailey Turner, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6965
Bailey Turner, Matt Turner

Alice Azikiwe, Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6965
Alice Azikiwe, Bailey Turner

Lauren Turner, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6965
Lauren Turner, Sonya Rebecchi

Susan Kennedy, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6965
Susan Kennedy, Lauren Turner

Josh Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6965
Josh Willis, Brad Willis

Imogen Willis, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6965
Imogen Willis, Daniel Robinson

Alice Azikiwe, Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6965
Alice Azikiwe, Bailey Turner

Nate Kinski, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6965
Nate Kinski, Susan Kennedy

Nate Kinski, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6965
Nate Kinski, Chris Pappas

Imogen Willis, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6965
Imogen Willis, Daniel Robinson

Lauren Turner, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6965
Lauren Turner, Matt Turner

Daniel Robinson, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6965
Daniel Robinson, Imogen Willis

 in Neighbours Episode 6965

Alice Azikiwe, Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6965
Alice Azikiwe, Bailey Turner

Daniel Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6965
Daniel Robinson, Paul Robinson

Imogen Willis, Josh Willis, Brad Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 6965
Imogen Willis, Josh Willis, Brad Willis, Terese Willis

Matt Turner, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6965
Matt Turner, Lauren Turner

Nate Kinski, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6965
Nate Kinski, Chris Pappas

Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6965
Chris Pappas

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