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Neighbours Episode 6940 from 2014 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6940
Australian airdate: 01/08/14
UK airdate: 15/08/14
Writer: Jutta Goetze
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Lucy Robinson: Melissa Bell
Alice Azikiwe: Vivienne Awosoga
- "Catch Me" by The Jezabels
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Bailey learns there is a rival Space Camp applicant, Alice, at Erinsborough High
- Amber admits to Daniel that she's worried they've ruined their chances as a couple
- Lucy is worried to learn about Paul's depressive spell from Daniel
- Karl tells Lucy not to tell Paul to 'snap out of it'; when Paul tells her to leave, she does just that
Harold's Store
Chris lolls around aimlessly as Matt and Lauren tell him about their plans for a roast this evening. Amber overhears, and asks if she can invite Daniel. Lauren says yes, but Matt listens through the service hatch, and doesn't look so pleased.
Amber leaves as Lucy comes in, looking tearful. She explains to Lauren that she lost it at Paul, and Lauren sits her down at a table.
LUCY: Who tells a depressed, grieving person to snap out of it? I'm awful!
Lauren tries to reassure Lucy, while Chris brings her a glass of water. Lauren's suspicious that something else is going on with Lucy besides her spat with Paul, and asks her about it.
LUCY: My life is just such a mess!
Suite 1 Eclipse Apartments
Daniel tries to assure Paul that Lucy didn't mean what she said about snapping out of it.
DANIEL: I think siblings have this weird right to say doozies to each other. Madison, she's said a fair few to me.
PAUL: Were they true?
DANIEL: Well, I think sometimes she was just trying to annoy me. And other times she was bang on.
Daniel apologises for making Paul go to lunch, but Paul says he was the one who picked a fight.
PAUL: I just keep bringing everyone down.
DANIEL: No, no. Why did you say that stuff to Lucy?
PAUL: ... I don't think I want her here. Well she's just another person I have to deal with.
DANIEL: But she's your sister!

Paul says he knows he should want his family around, but he's too preoccupied thinking about Kate's death. Paul's having discomfort from his prosthetic leg, and Daniel asks how he coped when he lost his real one. Paul admits he was angry at first, but learned to live without it. Daniel suggests a similar approach to his current malaise.
PAUL: No, because it's not the same.
DANIEL: When Granny Madge died, I remember a counsellor telling Mum to try and accept the grief. Make room for it. Maybe if you learned to do that, you wouldn't feel like you were drowning?
Harold's Store
Lucy reveals to Lauren that she did a pregnancy test just before her lunch with Paul and Daniel, but that it was negative - which she says is probably a good thing. Lucy explains she's been seeing one of her colleagues in New York, Rico, for about six months - and that he told her he was moving out just before she flew to Melbourne, as a coward's way out.
Lucy says she didn't tell anyone about their relationship because they worked together, so it was sensitive. Lauren points out how much a difference Matt's support meant to her when she told him she had another daughter - and suggests Lucy should trust that her family will support her, too. But Lucy's worried her problem is dwarfed by what Paul's going through, and doesn't want to tell him.
Meanwhile, Matt is impressed when Bailey shows him his Space Camp application, while Bailey's nefarious rival Alice watches them from behind a book ('The Art of War') in the corner.
MATT: You certainly know a lot of big words.
BAILEY: Does it stand out? I mean, what's the X-factor? I want them to remember me.
MATT: Maybe you could write something like, erm, you'd be 'over the moon' if they accepted you.
BAILEY: Erm, no. I don't think so.
He and Alice give each other evil looks across the room.
Suite 1 Eclipse Apartments
Karl arrives, as Daniel is leaving. We learn that Daniel has told Karl about Paul's fight with Lucy, and Karl tells Paul he needs to start looking for simple, day-to-day pleasures to get him through his grief. Paul thinks of a couple of examples - his morning macchiato, for one, and wearing his official robes for another.
KARL: What about family? Under normal circumstances, what do you like about having your sister here?
PAUL: I'm myself. I don't have to prove anything.
KARL: There you go. That's a big positive.
Outside Grease Monkeys
Daniel tells Amber about how Paul seems to be regressing into himself. He feels helpless, but Amber tells him that just being himself is enough - and that Paul will be thankful deep down that Daniel is there. Amber has an idea to help Daniel distract himself in the meantime, drafting him in to work on a 'special project'. They leave.
No 32
Amber and Daniel enter the garden. She reveals she's doing a photoshoot for someone, and wants Daniel to be her assistant. They kiss; and Matt, who is lurking in the background, coughs awkwardly. Clearly uncomfortable around Amber and Daniel, Matt asks Amber to tell Lauren he has to go to work for a couple of hours. Daniel mentions that Amber invited him round for their roast tonight, and says he's looking forward to having a beer with Matt later. But Matt claims he'll probably be working late, so might see Daniel another time. Amber looks worried.
Shortly afterwards, Amber is still setting up for the shoot, when Daniel takes a call from Karl. While he's on the phone, Amber asks Matt why he told Daniel he was working late, when he just said seconds earlier that he'll only be a couple of hours at work.
AMBER: Do you not like Daniel?
MATT: I don't really know him that well. Does my opinion matter?
Amber tells Matt about what a big heart Daniel has, citing his support of Paul as evidence. She's desperate for Matt to give Daniel a chance - but Matt is clearly not keen, and asks Amber to tell Daniel he can't come for dinner after all. Matt walks off, leaving Amber worried.
Harold's Store
Lauren is surprised to see Matt in his uniform, but he says he'll only be a few hours at work. Matt explains he asked Amber not to invite Daniel to dinner. He claims he's worried about looking as if they're rubbing it in the Willises' faces by having Daniel round so soon. Lauren agrees they should be more respectful, and kisses Matt for being so considerate.
No 32
In the garden, Bailey is surprised to find Amber and Daniel taking photos of Alice. When he demands to know why, Amber explains the photos are for Alice's Space Camp application - they're not required, but she thought it would lend her application more personality. Alice leaves once she's finished her shoot, calling Amber 'a genius'. Bailey decides he needs his photo taken for his own application - and Amber offers to take some free of charge.
Suite 1 Eclipse Apartments
Lucy arrives to see Paul. They each apologise to the other for what they said earlier, and Lucy's about to leave as swiftly as she came in. Paul notices that she's upset, and demands to know what's going on. She tries to leave, but Paul asks her to let him try to help. Lucy breaks down in tears, and Paul hugs her.
Shortly afterwards, Lucy is telling Paul about her relationship with her colleague Rico. She thought they had something special, but when she thought she was pregnant, Rico got cold feet. She came back to Erinsborough so she wouldn't be alone when she took the pregnancy test.
PAUL: But if you're not together, it's a good thing that it was negative, right?
LUCY: Maybe. Or was it my last chance? No man. No baby. A great career. But I'm all alone.
PAUL: You're not alone, Luce. Hey - you've got me.
LUCY: Even so. I don't know why the universe would dangle him in front of me and then just take him away.
PAUL: Because life is unfair.
Lucy admits that her relationship began falling apart around the time Kate died, which is why she couldn't make the funeral. She says she regrets not being there for Paul. Suddenly, Paul gets up, and suggests they both go out, to somewhere he hasn't been for quite some time. He thinks it might do both of them good. They leave together.
No 32
Amber takes photos of Bailey in an array of awkward poses. It's not working, so Daniel encourages Bailey to loosen up. Eventually they get a picture Bailey's happy with - him posing with his telescope, with a NASA baseball cap on. Bailey thanks them, and heads off to post his application with the picture in it.
Amber then breaks the news to Daniel that Matt doesn't want him to come to dinner.
AMBER: I think he's got a problem with you.
Daniel's not too fazed, and is sure Matt will come around in time. He then gets a text, revealing Paul has finally left the apartment. Daniel's happy for his uncle, and he and Amber go off to meet him.
Amber, Daniel, Lucy and Paul all stand gawping at Kate's grave, while uplifting music plays.
The Waterhole
Paul, Lucy, Daniel and Amber have a family drink, Paul and Lucy having put their dispute behind them. Lauren turns up, and they explain they've been to pay their respects to Kate. Paul's still struggling with Kate's death, but seems more upbeat with his family around him.
LUCY: At some point down the track you'll feel like your old Machiavellian self again!
Everyone laughs. Paul asks Lauren to join them, but she has to go and get dinner on. Before she goes, she asks for a word with Amber in private. Amber tells Lauren that it's good Daniel's family wants her around, the implication being that her own family doesn't want him. Amber's convinced it's because Matt hates Daniel.
LAUREN: Listen, your father does not hate anyone. Not even Paul!
She tells Amber to give everyone time to get used to the change.
Lassiter's Complex
Bailey clips the photo Amber took to his Space Camp application form, seals the envelope, and puts it in the postbox. Alice sidles up, and reveals she sent her application yesterday!
BAILEY: But you did the photoshoot today.
BAILEY: So you couldn't have sent them a photo of yourself.
ALICE: But I'm presuming you did? You are such a rookie! I knew you'd fall for it. As if Space Camp care what we look like!
BAILEY: But that's what you told my sister.
ALICE: Why do you think I asked her to take my shots? So she'd tell you. Let me guess, you were wearing a NASA cap and a stupid grin!
BAILEY: You set me up.
ALICE: As Sun Tzu once said - 'the greatest victory is that which requires no battle.' Hey, look at it this way. At least the assessors will be entertained!
She wanders off smugly, leaving Bailey open-mouthed.
No 32
Matt comes in, and Amber says she's told Daniel not to come to dinner - but has since changed her mind, insisting that her parents will love Daniel when they get to know him.
MATT: Amber... He's not the problem.
AMBER: What is?
MATT: You. You're my daughter and I love you. But the way you've conducted yourself - cheating on your boyfriend and then leaving him for this guy - that is not how we raised you. And this isn't about me being uptight, or old-fashioned. It's about your behaviour. You don't even seem to feel guilty.
AMBER: Wow. You obviously haven't been paying attention. Of course I feel guilty! I didn't set out to hurt Josh - I tried to tell him so many times. I really did.
Matt asks Amber to put herself in Josh's shoes, but she thinks he's being unfair.
MATT: What you and Daniel did is not okay, and I can't pretend I'm comfortable with this relationship just to make you feel better. I am disappointed in you.
Matt leaves the room, and Amber looks sad.
Monday on Neighbours
- Lauren defends Amber to Matt, saying sometimes people are put in difficult situations
- Terese and Kathy debate whether they can trust Paige
- Lauren wonders why all the questions about Paige, as Kathy accuses them of being close
- Kathy tells Matt there's something not right with Paige
- Paige adds warts onto her drawing of Kathy, and captions it 'Grandma Witch'!
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Chris Pappas, Matt Turner, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6940
Chris Pappas, Matt Turner, Lauren Turner

Lauren Turner, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6940
Lauren Turner, Lucy Robinson

Daniel Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6940
Daniel Robinson, Paul Robinson

Lauren Turner, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6940
Lauren Turner, Lucy Robinson

Bailey Turner, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6940
Bailey Turner, Matt Turner

Karl Kennedy, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6940
Karl Kennedy, Paul Robinson

Daniel Robinson, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6940
Daniel Robinson, Amber Turner

Daniel Robinson, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6940
Daniel Robinson, Amber Turner

Amber Turner, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6940
Amber Turner, Matt Turner

Lauren Turner, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6940
Lauren Turner, Matt Turner

Bailey Turner, Amber Turner, Alice Azikiwe, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6940
Bailey Turner, Amber Turner, Alice Azikiwe, Daniel Robinson

Paul Robinson, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6940
Paul Robinson, Lucy Robinson

Lucy Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6940
Lucy Robinson, Paul Robinson

Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6940
Bailey Turner

Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6940
Bailey Turner

Daniel Robinson, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6940
Daniel Robinson, Amber Turner

Amber Turner, Daniel Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6940
Amber Turner, Daniel Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Paul Robinson

Lucy Robinson, Paul Robinson, Daniel Robinson, Lauren Turner, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6940
Lucy Robinson, Paul Robinson, Daniel Robinson, Lauren Turner, Amber Turner

Lauren Turner, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6940
Lauren Turner, Amber Turner

Alice Azikiwe, Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6940
Alice Azikiwe, Bailey Turner

Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6940
Matt Turner

Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6940
Amber Turner

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