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Neighbours Episode 6903 from 2014 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6903 (Libby and Ben return)
Australian airdate: 11/06/14
UK airdate: 25/06/14
Writer: Emma J. Steele
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Mark Brennan: Scott McGregor
Daniel Robinson: Tim Phillipps
Libby Kennedy: Kym Valentine
Ben Fitzgerald: Felix Mallard
Holly Hoyland: Lucinda Armstrong-Hall
Female Backpacker: Jyselle Des Forges (photograph only)
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Lou guesses something happened between Lauren and Brad in Adelaide; she admits they kissed
- As the police find Cleary's den, Sonya encourages Brennan to concentrate on ensuring he's caught
- At Kate's grave, Paul finds a box of ashes with a Lassiter's card in it - and someone's watching
The Waterhole
Paul is at the bar with a whisky, looking pensive, when Terese comes in, handing out photos of Victor Cleary to the staff and warning them not to approach him but call the police if they see him. Terese claims Matt asked her to do it, but Paul isn't happy, saying it will put everyone on edge and that someone will end up trying to be a hero by doing something stupid. He tells her to let the police do their own job.
No 32
In the garden, Lauren tries to explain to Lou about her kiss with Brad. She was in a lot of pain over their daughter and having reached another dead end in looking for her, she explains - Brad comforted her and it happened from there. She insists she loves Matt and hates what she did, but knows he'll be devastated if she tells him. On the other hand, she feels she ought to be honest. Lou says neither outcome is ideal, but that the decision is ultimately Lauren's to make.
Ramsay Street
A car pulls up outside No 28. We can see a familiar woman in sunglasses in the driving seat.
No 28
Inside, Karl, Susan and Holly are preparing for some guests' arrivals.
KARL: I cannot believe you didn't tell me earlier.
SUSAN: I didn't want to get your hopes up till it was confirmed.
Ramsay Street
At closer quarters, we can see that the woman in the car is Libby Kennedy! And she has a teenage boy with her. They get out of the car, and Libby smiles, surveying Ramsay Street.
No 28
Karl is running around panicking, looking for clean sheets.
Ramsay Street
The boy removes an electric guitar from the car boot, and he and Libby head towards the house.
No 28
Susan and Holly are teasing Karl for trying to make everything perfect for Libby's arrival.
SUSAN: They have met us before, Karl - there's no need to roll out a red carpet!
KARL: I just want Libby and Ben to feel at home, that's all.
SUSAN: Well, since they used to live here, I don't think that's gonna be a problem.
Libby and Ben (looking much different to the last time we saw him) come through the door, and there are hugs and kisses aplenty. We learn from Ben's conversation with Karl that he is still 'writing lines', but has more recently taken up the guitar too - following in his grandad's footsteps!
LIBBY: The house looks great. It's different but exactly the same!
SUSAN: Well, home never really changes, does it?
We learn Libby and Ben have met Holly before, during a trip to London. Karl goes off to make up the guest rooms, clearly thrilled to have Libby back. As Susan hugs Libby, Ben looks a little less happy.
The Waterhole
Terese has been filling Daniel, who has been surfing out at Port Fairy, in on the developments with Victor Cleary. Imogen is there too, and asks how Brennan is taking it; Terese says he's angry with Paul, but that Sonya's managed to calm him down. Terese suggests that Daniel let Paul know next time he goes away, as Paul will need some support over the next few weeks.
No 28
The extended Kennedy family continue to catch up. Holly wishes she was staying longer, but Libby promises they'll come and see her in London again soon. We learn that Libby is Susan's temporary assistant principal and so will be back working at Erinsborough High for a while - and that Ben will also be attending school there while they're back. We also learn that the school where Libby's been working has closed down, so she doesn't have a definite job to go back to afterwards. Karl is intrigued.
Harold's Store
Georgia and Kyle continue to be over-amorous, having stopped off for 'fuel' before getting back to it. However, Kyle gets a text from a potential client, saying he didn't get the job, and is starting to worry about the state of his business. Georgia offers to help him drum up new business, which would mean they could spend more time together. Kyle likes this idea, and they kiss.
Meanwhile, Bailey is hoping to spend some quality time with Callum before he jets off to San Francisco - but Cal has packing to do, and Josie to see. Bailey looks sad, but Cal insists they'll be able to hang out at the street barbecue that is being thrown in honour of his departure.
Brennan comes in, and Matt tells him the police have found the building where Victor Cleary has been squatting, and that the evidence they've found suggests he's definitely responsible for Kate's murder. Brennan thanks Matt but seems oddly uninquisitive about the news, and Matt frowns, before leaving.
Suite 1 Eclipse Apartments
Daniel apologises to Paul for not being around when the news broke about Victor Cleary, and has finally decided to use the mobile phone Paul bought him, so he can contact him more easily. Paul isn't reacting - just staring sadly out of the window.
DANIEL: You know when I was travelling around, I met a bunch of different people, and all of them had stories about when things went crazy in their lives. Some crazier than others. And the ones who got through - it's as if they had this peace about them, like they had looked into the eye of the storm and yelled 'do your worst', and it did. And they managed to get through it. Those people - they always had people around them. It was the love and support of friends and family that made the difference.
PAUL: ... Have you ever had anything crazy happen in your life?
DANIEL: No, but I'm sure it'll happen eventually.
PAUL: Alright, then you get back to me when it does. Because right now you're just a kid who has no idea of what loss is. What it's like to be responsible for the death of someone you love. So don't you come to me with your tree-hugging, touchy-feely advice. You have no idea what you're talking about.
No 32
Lauren is in the conservatory, when Matt comes in and kisses her. He's had a hard day reassuring the community that they're safe from Victor Cleary. He takes Lauren into the garden to show her a pair of bikes he's bought for them, following the fun they had riding on their second honeymoon in Daylesford. Lauren looks a bit guilty, but tries to be upbeat.
No 28
Libby is asking Susan how her celebrant work is going, when Callum comes in, and is surprised to see Libby, who rushes over to give him a hug. She explains Ben's out the back, and congratulates Cal on his scholarship. He invites them all to his leaving barbecue, and Susan promises they'll be there. Callum thanks Susan for being such a good teacher, and she hugs him, telling him they're very proud.
Holly is busy playing on Cal's app, and Karl asks how much money you can make from software development. When Cal says it could be millions, Karl tells him not to forget the people who supported him! Libby leaves the room, and Karl suggests they could combine Cal's leaving party with a welcome home party for Libby and Ben, to show how happy they are to see them. Cal says that's fine, and goes outside to see Ben. But Susan tells Karl to tone it down, or he'll scare Libby off. Karl reminds Susan that Libby doesn't have a job to go back to, raising the possibility that she could end up staying longer-term...
Ramsay Street
Matt and Lauren cycle into the street on their new bikes, observing that set-up for Callum's party has begun. Brad comes out of his house and greets them, and there's awkwardness as Matt mentions how much bike-riding they did on their second honeymoon. Lauren hurries him inside to sort out food for the party.
Imogen comes out of No 22, and when she looks wistfully at next-door, Brad asks if she's thinking of calling in on Brennan, but she explains he's been off with her - saying he didn't even reply to a text she sent him to check he was okay. Brad tells her to be more patient.
No 26
Chris and Georgia are setting up a Facebook page for Dial-A-Kyle, as part of her drive to help Kyle drum up business. Callum comes in to put some desserts in the fridge, claiming he's obtained Sheila's permission. Callum tells Georgia that things have been strained between his parents, and asks her to look out for them while he's away. She promises she will, and they hug.
Callum leaves, and Georgia decides they should mock up a brochure for the business - after which, she can go and get it printed, and Chris can find a profile picture of Kyle to go on the Facebook page.
No 32
In the garden, Lauren and Matt put their bikes away in the shed.
LOU: You're braver than I am. Last time I rode one of those, I finished up sore in places I didn't know existed.
Matt explains they're going to use them for regular couple outings, exploring bike paths and having picnics. He heads inside for a shower. Lou tells Lauren he's all packed for his latest trip to Cambodia to see Mai Ling.
LAUREN: I've made a decision about Matt - I'm not going to tell him. It was a grief-fuelled kiss, Dad, nothing more. Matt's so happy at the moment. You know, we're both so happy. And I don't want to spoil that. And I don't want to disappoint him. I'm just gonna put it in the past.
LOU: It's your decision.
Ramsay Street
Callum's leaving barbecue is in full swing - among the attendees are Karl, Lou, Imogen, Libby and Ben. Lou is thrilled to see Libby and gives her a hug.
LIBBY: You look exactly the same!
LOU: And so do you.
Karl asks Ben if he's going to catch up with any of his primary school acolytes while he's back, but he claims to have lost touch with them all. Karl says he'll have to make new friends, and suggests Bailey could show him around. We learn Ben's in Year 10, and he thinks Bailey won't want to talk to him as he's in the year above. But Karl promises to introduce them nonetheless.
Daniel turns up, and asks Imogen if Amber is around. Imogen explains Amber and Josh will get here later. Daniel notices that Imogen's miserable and enquires as to why, prompting Imogen to launch into a whinge about how she's made an idiot of herself with Brennan and how he obviously couldn't care less about her. Daniel says he's met with similar indifference from Paul, explaining how he bit his head off earlier.
No 26
Kyle's heading to work, and tries to bribe Bossy into coming with him - but she's happier sitting on the floor next to Chris. Kyle leaves.
CHRIS (to Bossy): You could try and put in effort for your dad.
But Bossy's having none of it, and stays put. Chris goes back to work looking for pictures of Kyle for the Dial-A-Kyle Facebook page, but is surprised by the first one that comes up...
Ramsay Street
At the street party, Callum tells Lou that Josie isn't answering her phone, and that she was supposed to be here by now. Lou insists she'll be here soon, but Cal is clearly worried.
LOU: Don't forget, absence makes the heart grow fonder.
CALLUM: Do you really think that's true?
LOU: Oh yeah, sure. That's why I go to Cambodia so much. So nobody can get sick of me.
Lou is about to head off to Cambodia. He tells Cal to look after himself in the US, and gives him a hug. Lou bids Lauren and Matt goodbye and heads off to the car, where Karl and Holly (who is presumably flying off as well, or else why would she randomly be accompanying Lou to the airport?) are waiting for him.
No 26
Georgia is preparing party food in the kitchen, and tells Chris to put the laptop on so she can inspect potential pictures of Kyle for the Facebook page. Chris is reluctant to let her see the pictures, and suggests they use the Dial-A-Kyle logo instead. But when he physically prevents her from opening the laptop, she gets suspicious, and demands to see the pictures. She (and we) see the image that surprised Chris earlier - Kyle and a random woman grinning and lifting their tops to the camera. Georgia looks worried.
Suite 1 Eclipse Apartments
Paul gets an unexpected visit from Libby. She says she is back for a few weeks, and wanted to pay her condolences having heard about Kate's death.
LIBBY: Kate was a beautiful, smart young woman, and it's a tragedy.
PAUL: Yeah, it is.
LIBBY: I know you and I have had our differences. Kate was my friend, but she was your family. I know she only ever tried to bring out the best in those she loved. You'll always have that. If there's anything I can do, please ask.
He starts to show her out.
PAUL: Yeah, alright - thanks for your sympathies Libby, but I'd prefer to deal with this on my own.
LIBBY: Yeah. I'm sure you've had many people offering well-meaning advice, and you've chosen to ignore it.
PAUL: But that's not gonna stop you.
LIBBY: No. No, it's not. I've never held back from speaking my mind with you, Paul. When Drew died, I didn't wanna hear how sorry people felt for me. Offers of help and support - I found it suffocating. You know, I finally realised, it didn't matter what anyone had to say. It wasn't going to change what happened. I needed to move forward, and I needed to do it on my terms, no-one else's. It was up to me to do something.
Libby gets in the lift and leaves, while Paul examines the box of ashes he found at Kate's grave.
The Cemetery
Paul visits Kate's grave again, with a bunch of flowers. He looks around, as if expecting to see someone, but can't, and leaves. But he is being watched by someone, who approaches the grave when Paul's gone. It turns out to be Brennan, who examines the flowers - and finds a note inside them. It reads 'Victor, we need to meet' - followed by Paul's phone number and email address. Brennan puts the note back in the flowers and returns them to the grave.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Georgia worries Kyle won't trust her if she asks him about the picture, but Chris thinks otherwise
- Georgia asks Kyle who the woman in the picture is
- More chemistry between Daniel and Amber as she injures her ankle at the street party
- Josie L tells Callum his life is no longer here with her, and that he's starting a new one
- Callum tells Toadie he doesn't want to lose Josie
- Callum's friends and family raise a toast to him in Ramsay Street
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Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6903
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Lou Carpenter, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6903
Lou Carpenter, Lauren Turner

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6903
Libby Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6903
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 6903
Libby Kennedy, Ben Kirk

Imogen Willis, Terese Willis, Daniel Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6903
Imogen Willis, Terese Willis, Daniel Robinson

Holly Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6903
Holly Hoyland

Georgia Brooks, Callum Rebecchi, Bailey Turner, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6903
Georgia Brooks, Callum Rebecchi, Bailey Turner, Kyle Canning

Bailey Turner, Callum Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6903
Bailey Turner, Callum Rebecchi

Mark Brennan, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6903
Mark Brennan, Matt Turner

Daniel Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6903
Daniel Robinson, Paul Robinson

Matt Turner, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6903
Matt Turner, Lauren Turner

Susan Kennedy, Callum Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6903
Susan Kennedy, Callum Rebecchi

Matt Turner, Lauren Turner, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6903
Matt Turner, Lauren Turner, Brad Willis

Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6903
Brad Willis

Callum Rebecchi, Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 6903
Callum Rebecchi, Georgia Brooks

Lauren Turner, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 6903
Lauren Turner, Lou Carpenter

Lou Carpenter, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6903
Lou Carpenter, Libby Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 6903
Karl Kennedy, Ben Kirk

Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6903
Kyle Canning

Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6903
Chris Pappas

Lou Carpenter, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6903
Lou Carpenter, Lauren Turner

Kyle Canning, Female Backpacker in Neighbours Episode 6903
Kyle Canning, Female Backpacker

Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 6903
Georgia Brooks

Libby Kennedy, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6903
Libby Kennedy, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6903
Paul Robinson

Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6903
Mark Brennan

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