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Neighbours Episode 6896 from 2014 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6896 (Paige Novak's first appearance)
Australian airdate: 02/06/14
UK airdate: 16/06/16
Writer: Pete McTighe
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Mark Brennan: Scott McGregor
Paige Novak: Olympia Valance
Holly Hoyland: Lucinda Armstrong-Hall
Security Guard: Neil Goldsmith
Mickey Simmons: Ben Klarenaar
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Brad/Lauren kissing.
- Matt asking Lauren to renew their wedding vows.
- Holly singing along to one of Karls songs.
- Callum telling Holly/Karl about a talent quest Georgia is judging.
- Paul telling Mark which room he needs to get into.
- Someone coming to the door when Mark is inside.
Fulton Security/The Waterhole
Mark hides himself when the security guard opens the door/has a quick peek around but as soon as the door is closed, instead of looking inside his file, he places it back in the box it came from. As he tries to exit the building, he's almost caught by a guard walking the corridors but manages to sneak into an unlocked room to evade being caught.
In between these two scenes, weve cut back to seeing Paul sitting waiting for news at The Waterhole.
Number 28
Karl and Holly eventually come up with a song for her to sing at the talent quest Free as a River! He thinks they are onto a winner and encourages her to practise singing along just as Georgia arrives with the entry form after hearing she was planning on entering. Whether its the song or Georgias arrival but Holly looks decidedly nervous about singing now.
The Waterhole
Sheila shows Terese the final promotion material for the forthcoming singles night but its not going to be needed for the very much in love Matt/Lauren who have returned from Daylesford and tell Terese the news about the new bubs. Lauren is surprised to hear Terese say that Brad is still in Adelaide and she is slightly flummoxed asked if anything else happened in Adelaide! I think Brad was gutted when we hit another dead end, Lauren quickly replies with to deflect any attention off what actually did happen! Terese seems reassured with the answer and agrees to meet up with her tomorrow.
Harold's Store
Lou picks up that Georgia seems a bit down despite Kyles impending return. She admits that she isn't looking forward to giving bad news to the kids at the talent quest and Lou suggests that she should get in another judge so its not just her giving the bad news.
Number 24
Paul is round demanding an update and is most annoyed when Mark informs him that he didn't read the file. He cites that Kate would have stopped him from doing something like that and is reminded that Kate is gone because of him!
PAUL: (shouting) She would have wanted you to find the person responsible and that file was the key!
Mark is standing firm with not breaking the law, so Paul throws in some cheap comments that he didn't love Kate/that if he loved her then hed have taken the file.
MARK: Kate loved me for who I am. She wouldn't want me to turn into you, not for anything!
Paul walks out of the house disgusted.
Number 22 (next day)
Brad is back and isn't getting a warm welcome home from his wife, who indeed is still extremely miffed at him not coming home at the same time as Lauren. Please forgive me, he begs and Terese replies eventually but you could cut the tension between the pair with a knife especially when Terese then adds in that Matt/Lauren have returned home from their second honeymoon.
Outside the Community Centre
Georgia arrives to open up and to meet Sheila who she asked to help judge after Lous comments the previous night. What neither was expecting though, was Lou to rock up too to also be one of the judges!
SHEILA: You wouldn't know talent if it slapped you in the face.
LOU: Showbiz is in my blood. I was involved in a major musical.
SHEILA: What as an audience member?! I run talent quests back in Frankston.
LOU: Karaoke does not count as an experience!
Georgia eventually gets them to stop trading insults and agrees that they can have 3 judges that must play nicely!
Number 32 front garden
Matt/Lauren are reminiscing about their time away as they look for a suitable place for the plant they took home when she spots Brad and quickly suggests they head to the backyard to plant it there. Her plan to hide from Brad backfires when Matt spots him and he comes over to update them on the news from Adelaide (nothing more) before chat gets around to what happened in Daylesford although its more Matt doing the talking. Brad suggests meeting later to decide where they go to next and Lauren does her best to wriggle out of that but Matt thinks that's a great idea so they all know what's happening, so Brad says that he will text Lauren to sort something out.
Community Centre
Lou becomes the hard judge and tells a kid he was an awful singer (he truly was!) so should concentrate on dance which he was good at, unlike Sheila who was trying to be all positive when delivering the comments post routine. Georgia puts a stop to their squabbling and in between acts warns them to be nice!
Number 32
Terese is round for the promised catch up with Lauren and she breathes a sigh of huge relief when Terese says that the confession Brad told her wasn't about their kiss but whether or not he wants to continue looking for Lily. Lauren admits she's not sure how she feels about that news but Terese promises to support her, whatever direction she takes. I'm lucky to have a friend such as you, Lauren replies after thanking her for the offer and turns confidant when Terese admits that shes having problems with Brad because hes keeping so much from her lately.
TERESE: You did the right thing but Brad didn't.
Community centre
Susan double checks with Holly that she does want to perform and while the voice says yes the body language most certainly doesn't! She eventually goes up in front of the judges and while Karl begins playing the guitar, Holly can't get any words out. It all becomes too much for Holly and she bolts from the building.
Commercial break later, Georgia thinks that its Lou/Sheila bickering that scared Holly off and tells them that they should both be ashamed of themselves and decides that shes had enough and fires them!
GEORGIA: Clearly you cannot work together, so Ill do it on my own, so please just go home!
SHEILA: I take it back; I don't like your hair.
LOU: Its your loss.
Both Sheila/Lou walk away and from the peanut gallery Susan says it was a good decision but more because she didn't want to get the wrath of Georgia!
Lassiters Park
Karl catches up with Holly and she apologises for letting him down and admits that while she likes singing, she doesn't like singing in front of people. Karl is aghast at making her go through with the audition but then Holly confesses that there was another reason for her doing the audition she wanted to make him happy. This puzzles him slightly, so she explains that Izzy had told her that he dyed his hair because people thought she was his granddaughter not his daughter and Susan also told her that he did that to feel younger too. Karl decides to take the funny way out to make her feel better.
KARL: You have to make the effort haven't you, even if you're ancient like me?!
HOLLY: I wanted to cheer you up. I thought if I sang it would make you smile and feel young again.
KARL: You make me smile just by being here.
Holly is pleased to hear that and they make a deal so that she just needs to sing at home.
The Waterhole
Despite Mark coming back empty handed the day before, Paul still isn't giving up their own investigation and wants him to track down people on a list and ask them some appropriate questions. I'm not working with you any more, Mark reminds him but Paul isn't setting for that and tries to taunt him back into helping but it doesn't work and Mark gets up and leaves.
Lauren arrives to meet Brad after he texted her and they begin to clear the air over what happened in Adelaide.
LAUREN: We betrayed our partners and were going to have to live with it. Theres only one good thing that came out of it, it made me realise just how much I love my husband. I'm more committed to Matt now than ever.
BRAD: I'm happy for you.
LAUREN: I hate that our daughter is out there somewhere but I should never have agreed to search for her in the first place and I'm not going to do it again and Id appreciate it if you didn't either.
Lauren is relived when he replies I agree with you, and he adds that its taken its toll on both families and they need to let her go.
The Waterhole/Number 32/Lassiters Hotel
Commercial break later and Brad meets up this time with his wife (she was delayed in a meeting) and tells her that they've agreed to give up looking for Lily. This stuns Terese and she questions if he really means it.
BRAD: I won't risk hurting you or the kids anymore. I want us to start over.
And it would appear that Lauren has been having the same conversation with Matt at #32 and confirms (to him) that they both want to put it behind them. And you really okay with that? he double checks.
LAUREN: I have to be. I have to accept that she may never be found.
Thanks for putting us first, Terese tells Brad at the bar and she reassures him that they will be okay.
At #32 Matt double checks that Lauren really wants to pack the Christmas teddy away.
LAUREN: I can still hang it on the Christmas tree every year but theres no point in me carrying it around.
Lauren then goes and puts the teddy back into the box and tells Matt that, I just hope that she still has the original bear, the one that went missing at the birth. Guess well never know.
During those interchanging scenes, a taxi made its way to the Lassiters Hotel entrance where a young, dark haired, lassie exited. And as Lauren puts her teddy back in the box, the lassie pulls an identical teddy out of her bag. Has Lily just arrived in Erinsborough?
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- They mystery girl going into Harold's where Matt/Lauren are.
- Brad admitting to Matt that Lily might not have wanted anything to do with them even if shed been found.
- Terese asking the mystery girl her name.
- Georgia nervously excited at Kyle returning.
- Sheila ordering Kyle to go explain himself!
- Josh admiring the mystery girls tattoo and Amber asking who she was (he didn't know).
- Daniel asking mystery girl what brings her to Erinsborough?
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Security Guard in Neighbours Episode 6896
Security Guard

Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6896
Mark Brennan

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6896
Paul Robinson

Holly Hoyland, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6896
Holly Hoyland, Karl Kennedy

Georgia Brooks, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6896
Georgia Brooks, Karl Kennedy

Terese Willis, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 6896
Terese Willis, Sheila Canning

Lauren Turner, Matt Turner, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 6896
Lauren Turner, Matt Turner, Terese Willis

Georgia Brooks, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 6896
Georgia Brooks, Lou Carpenter

Mark Brennan, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6896
Mark Brennan, Paul Robinson

Terese Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6896
Terese Willis, Brad Willis

Sheila Canning, Georgia Brooks, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 6896
Sheila Canning, Georgia Brooks, Lou Carpenter

Lauren Turner, Matt Turner, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6896
Lauren Turner, Matt Turner, Brad Willis

Sheila Canning, Mickey Simmons in Neighbours Episode 6896
Sheila Canning, Mickey Simmons

Sheila Canning, Georgia Brooks, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 6896
Sheila Canning, Georgia Brooks, Lou Carpenter

Terese Willis, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6896
Terese Willis, Lauren Turner

Sheila Canning, Susan Kennedy, Georgia Brooks, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 6896
Sheila Canning, Susan Kennedy, Georgia Brooks, Lou Carpenter

Karl Kennedy, Holly Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6896
Karl Kennedy, Holly Hoyland

Sheila Canning, Georgia Brooks, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 6896
Sheila Canning, Georgia Brooks, Lou Carpenter

Karl Kennedy, Holly Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6896
Karl Kennedy, Holly Hoyland

Mark Brennan, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6896
Mark Brennan, Paul Robinson

Lauren Turner, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6896
Lauren Turner, Brad Willis

Brad Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 6896
Brad Willis, Terese Willis

Lauren Turner, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6896
Lauren Turner, Matt Turner

Paige Novak in Neighbours Episode 6896
Paige Novak

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