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Neighbours Episode 6781 from 2013 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6781
Australian airdate: 25/11/13
UK airdate:
Writer: Emma J. Steele
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Gemma Reeves: Kathryn Beck
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Gem suggesting to Susan that she shouldnt talk to Bailey except in the presence of another teacher.
- Gem asking Bailey to hack into Kates email account.
- Georgia reading out an email that Kate wrote to Kyle.
Number 26
Georgia rushes from the house followed in hot pursuit by Kyle and Gem while those remaining are momentarily stunned into silence. Eventually Kate goes to pick up the email Georgia read and Sheila wants to know what its about, while ignoring Chris suggestion that they should get everyone to leave.
SHEILA: What exactly did you do with my grandson?!
I'm so sorry, Kate says, ignoring actually answering the question, before fleeing the house with Sheila hastily following her.
Number 30
It was once and it was ages ago, Kyle tries to tell Georgia as they both enter #30. She wants details and he explains it was when theyd broken up after the eclipse. It didnt mean anything, he adds and she asks back that she thought he really loved her. I do, Kyle replies but she ignores him and heads into her room instead.
Gem orders Kyle to leave and is told to butt out but she explains that Georgia will understand when she calms down however for now he should go home, which he reluctantly does.
Number 26
Toadie and Sonya say bye to Chris to head home to check on Georgia.
Sheila has managed to get hold of Kate and wants to know if its still going on. Kate quickly says no and adds that it was a one off after hed split from Georgia. Sheila isn't amused one bit and plans on giving it worse to Kyle when she sees him! Kate is bemused as to how the email became public knowledge full stop and ignores the newly arrived Mason who presumably had arrived for the party.
MASON: What did I miss?
Number 30
Georgia has come out of her room and Gem is giving her the full sympathy treatment including the standard you're too good for him before putting the knife into Kyle when he calls Georgia (the call is ignored).
GEM: I know that it hurts now but least you found out what type of a guy he was before you ended up marrying him.
Toadie and Sonya arrive home just as shes saying that and Toad thinks that she is a bit premature with the comments but Gem is insistent that Georgia moves on and forgets all about Kyle. He reminds her that Georgia is still engaged to Kyle and he deserves a chat at the very least! Gem is very anti this even happening and Toadie pulls her aside to make some tea so not to poison the atmosphere even more.
In the kitchen, he tells Gem that she has to calm down but she explains that shes been in Georgias shoes and the best way to deal with it is to move on. She needs time to think things through, Toadie says but its falling on deaf ears.
Number 26
Just as Kate is about to leave the house, she runs into the returning Kyle. He is bewildered by what she has done and she tries to explain why/when she wrote the email and adds that she did not send it (to him) because she knew that he wouldnt be able to read it so saved it intending on sending it to him later but simply forgot. Kyle isn't buying it and even Kate agrees its hard to buy.
KATE: I didnt deliberately give it to Georgia.
Kyle also isn't buying that either, reminding Kate that she was in charge of the emails. She can't explain how it got there either other than somehow printing it too by mistake. I thought I knew you better, is his comment before going into his room.
Number 30
Gem finds Kate on the doorstep and informs her she isn't coming in but Kate wants to hear that from Georgia. Georgia has heard the conversation and tells Gem to let her in. Kate can't apologise enough but Georgia doesn't want to hear that, instead she wants answers.
GEORGIA: You owe me at least that much.
KATE: Of course.
Georgia asks if the fling with Brennan did actually happen and is told no but Kate adds that she simply didnt correct the misunderstanding that Georgia thought she had. I felt like such an idiot, Georgia then tells her after adding all the things up (Kyle running off to Frankston/the pregnancy scare Kate had) and is refusing to believe what Kate is telling her.
KATE: Its the truth. We didnt mean to hurt you. It didnt mean anything.
GEORGIA: You guys are housemates, you're friends, how can it mean nothing?
KATE: Honestly it didnt.
Georgia looks unsure whether she believes Kate or not.
GEORGIA: Were you ever going to tell me?
KATE: Kyle wanted to.
GEORGIA: But you didnt?
KATE: I saw what you went through with Scotty and how upset you were and how you were and I was just doing this to protect you.
GEORGIA: Sleeping together?! That is one thing but the lie, that is what hurts the most.
Georgia asks Kate to leave and when she goes to say more is told to get out, which she does.
Penthouse suite
Kate checks her emails and a certain one in particular and it clearly says at the top this message has not been sent leaving her more perplexed over how it got out.
The lift pings and Kate goes to see who it is its Mason who used his staff card to gain access. He is after answers but Kate isn't doing any answering today and asks him to leave and Paul (who heard the commotion and came out of his room) shows him the direction out.
What's going on? he asks when Mason leaves and Kate replies that she's made a mess of everything.
Harold's Store
Mason is unloading to his mum/Imogen/Amber about Kate not talking to him and their advice is to just wait for her to cool down. Hes not setting for that and thinks that Kate was into Kyle all the time she was supposedly with him and leaves to go and get some answers from him.
Bailey swaps places with his brother and Amber can't think why Kate would suddenly bring this up now. Lauren explains that really she didnt, it came from an email read by Georgia that Kate had written to Kyle. Alarm bells seem to be going off in Baileys head given the look he has on his face. Imogen is aghast that someone could deliberately do that and even Amber thinks something doesn't add up too.
BAILEY: Look, Kate didnt do it.
AMBER: Did she tell you that?
He then tries to think quickly of an answer (other than the right one of course!) and comes up with that he thinks that its not something that she would do. Lauren/Imogen both agree that it was Kates email and implying that she is guilty as the camera pans on Bailey who looks extremely guilty!
Number 32 backyard
Gem secretly arrives after being summoned (and isn't amused to have been either) by Bailey to ask if it was her that did the email and her silence says it all. Why would you do that? is Baileys next question and she plays the innocent and replies that she didnt mean to but knew that Georgia had to see it. She also adds that she did mean to show her it privately but it somehow got mixed up with the others.
GEM: I feel terrible Georgia found out like this but she deserved to know. Its lucky you helped hack into Kates emails otherwise it would still be a secret.
BAILEY: Well I feel sick.
She tries to reassure him that nobody is going to find out but he wants to know why she is making it look like Kate did it deliberately since everyone is upset.
BAILEY: We need to do something.
GEM: The best thing to do is to just stay quiet.
BAILEY: No! No, I'm not going to let I'm not going to let Kate take the blame for this okay. I have to tell them.
GEM: Well you can't, you'll get arrested, you broke the law.
BAILEY: Yes because you asked me to help you out.
GEM: Prove it! Its your word against mine, so you can say whatever you like but no- ones going to believe you and youll be blamed because you're obsessed with me.
BAILEY: What?!
GEM: Everyone knows it Susan, Callum, even your parents and remember, you're the one who hacked into Kates emails not me.
Mason eventually finds Kyle in the bar nursing a beer and is after answers. Kyle confirms that it did happen (with him) but not with Brennan.
MASON: Great, that makes me feel so much better! I break up with my girlfriend for five minutes and shes only slept with one other guy, not two.
Kyle tells him to talk to Kate about it not him but Mason is after more answers.
MASON: Do you love her?
Kyle also adds that she doesn't love him either when Mason asks that question. The poor thing is having trouble understanding why Kyle encouraged Kate to get back with him after they slept together and ignores his reply (because they were good together) feeling it was more so Kyle could stay close to Kate. Of course not, Kyle quickly denies and frustrated at not getting the answers he is really after, Mason leaves the bar.
Number 26
Chris and Sheila finish clearing up outside and she is now regretting organising the party in the first place since its turned into a right disaster! She is also peeved at Kyle not being honest with Georgia and when Chris keeps quiet, the penny drops that he didnt seem too surprised when the email was read out.
SHEILA: You knew!
Chris silence confirms her suspicions and she asks how long. Since the day after it happened, he replies and explains that he hated being in on the secret but felt that they did the right thing in keeping quiet. Sheila seeks clarification that it was just the one night, which he does.
SHEILA: Did she want more?
CHRIS: If you're asking whether she was in love with Kyle when it happened, no, she wasnt.
He then adds that he doesn't think it was Kate who put the email there either; its not something shed do.
SHEILA: When it comes to love youd be amazed what people are capable of!
CHRIS: No, I said she wasn't love with him.
SHEILA: You said when it happened and don't think I didn't pick up on that little technicality. The fact is that Kate was in charge of those emails and what better way of breaking them up? What I need to know is Kate in love with Kyle now?
CHRIS: ...
Penthouse suite
Paul hands Kate a cuppa when they hear the lift ping and neither are aware of any impending visitor arriving and when he goes to the lift, isn't amused to see Sheila walk out and wonders how she got here.
SHEILA: I told reception you needed a spare leg.
She bypasses him and heads straight to where Kate is sitting to ask if she deliberately planted that email? No I didnt, is Kates reply and reaffirms that its something she would ever have done. I wouldnt do something like that, she further adds and confirms Sheila's question too, that she wouldnt hurt Kyle either.
SHEILA: (penny dropping) Because you're in love with him?
Kate's expression answers that question and having got what she came for, Sheila departs.
The penny has also dropped for Paul as he now knows why Kate moved out of #26 and consoles his now teary niece.
Number 30
Gem enters the kitchen happy to report that Georgia has calmed down and grabs the food Sonya is dishing up for Georgia to take into her. Toadie suggests giving her space but that isn't on Gems agenda, so he lays down the law by reminder her that she is a guest in his house and orders her to stay away from Georgia. The message seems to get through and she heads to the living room instead.
Number 32
Amber is still stressed that Josh hasnt contacted her while Imogen is relived when Mason finally gets in. She invites him to join them at the movies but hes not up for that and the girls depart.
Its music montage time as Bailey sits worrying in the outhouse of #32, while inside Mason deletes a photo of Kate/himself from his iPhone. In the penthouse Kate is sitting worrying too while at #24 Kyle looks despondently at the teapot he gave to Georgia. Finally, at #30 Georgia removes her engagement ring from her finger.
Number 24 (next day)
Kyle receives an early morning visitor, Kate, who has been up all night trying to figure out a solution - that if they both go see Georgia she might understand.
KYLE: We did what we did. Theres no changing it, there's no going back and we can make all the excuses in the world but its not going to change what happened. We lied and we shouldnt have now Georgias hearts broken.
KATE: Kyle, I'm so sorry.
KYLE: Yes, I know the feeling.
Georgia arrives at the doorstep and comments that the pair of them are, celebrating already. Both try to explain but its falling on deaf ears and she instead explains why she is here to return the ring and after placing it into Kates hand remarks that she always liked it more than I did.
She goes to head out of the house and Kyle quickly follows but then stops. Kate then says she will go after her but is told to stay away from her and from him.
KYLE: I don't want anything to do with you.
Kate hands him back the ring and Kyle closes the door on her and looks dejectedly at the engagement ring.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Mason and Imogen sharing a milkshake.
- Amber spotting Josh talking to the journalist.
- Kate suggesting to Gem that she could have been the one to print off the email.
- Kyle frustrated at not being able to talk to Georgia.
- Gem happy to hear Georgia proclaim that she wouldn't know what she'd do without her.
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Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 6781
Georgia Brooks

Chris Pappas, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6781
Chris Pappas, Kate Ramsay

Kyle Canning, Gemma Reeves, Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 6781
Kyle Canning, Gemma Reeves, Georgia Brooks

Sheila Canning, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6781
Sheila Canning, Kate Ramsay

Georgia Brooks, Gemma Reeves in Neighbours Episode 6781
Georgia Brooks, Gemma Reeves

Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6781
Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi

Kyle Canning, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6781
Kyle Canning, Kate Ramsay

Georgia Brooks, Kate Ramsay, Gemma Reeves in Neighbours Episode 6781
Georgia Brooks, Kate Ramsay, Gemma Reeves

Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6781
Kate Ramsay

Mason Turner, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6781
Mason Turner, Kate Ramsay

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6781
Paul Robinson

Lauren Turner, Mason Turner in Neighbours Episode 6781
Lauren Turner, Mason Turner

Amber Turner, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6781
Amber Turner, Imogen Willis

Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6781
Bailey Turner

Bailey Turner, Gemma Reeves in Neighbours Episode 6781
Bailey Turner, Gemma Reeves

Mason Turner, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6781
Mason Turner, Kyle Canning

Chris Pappas, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 6781
Chris Pappas, Sheila Canning

Paul Robinson, Kate Ramsay, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 6781
Paul Robinson, Kate Ramsay, Sheila Canning

Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi, Gemma Reeves in Neighbours Episode 6781
Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi, Gemma Reeves

Mason Turner, Lauren Turner, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6781
Mason Turner, Lauren Turner, Imogen Willis

Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6781
Bailey Turner

Mason Turner in Neighbours Episode 6781
Mason Turner

Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6781
Kate Ramsay

Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6781
Kyle Canning

Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 6781
Georgia Brooks

Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6781
Kyle Canning

Kyle Canning, Georgia Brooks, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6781
Kyle Canning, Georgia Brooks, Kate Ramsay

Kate Ramsay, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6781
Kate Ramsay, Kyle Canning

Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6781
Kyle Canning

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