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Neighbours Episode 6767 from 2013 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6767
Australian airdate: 05/11/13
UK airdate: 03/12/13
Writer: Sarah Smith
Director: Peter Sharp
Guests: Hudson Walsh: Remy Hii
Josie Lamb: Madison Daniel
Glen Darby: Luke Jacka
Summary/Images by: David/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Lauren assures Matt that what she had with Brad doesn't even come close to what she has with Matt. Matt doesn't understand why she hid the sketch of Brad.
- Hudson tells Chris to go and live his life.
- Paul offers Terese the job of Director of Operations of the Lassiters complex.
- Paul unveils his plan to hav3e paid parking at Lassiters.
- Lauren, Terese and a group of angry protesters turn up at Lassiters and complain about the parking. Paul suggests that if they have a bone to pick, they take it up with Terese who is now in charge.
Terese accuses Paul of setting her up. Paul says that he gave her a solution to the problem of financing the changes she wanted to make. He tells her if she wants to take away the paid parking, she has to find another way to finance her ideas to the hotel. If she doesn't, she won't meet the conditions required in her contract, and she'll lose her job.
Chris tells Brad that he apologised to Josh for what he did, who is going to speak to the police about dropping the charges against him. Chris has apologised to Kate, Sheila and Kyle, and he's now apologising to Brad. He says he's turned a corner and he's better now. Chris and Brad wish each other luck with the fun run. Matt and Karl enter, and Brad taunts Karl, telling him to take it easy with his dodgy ankle. Matt buys Karl a drink, and Lauren wishes Matt luck, but there's an air of tension between them.
Lassiters Complex
Terese asks Lauren how the protest went, and wants to make it clear it wasn't her idea. Paul meanwhile is talking to participants, and Brad and Matt get into some friendly competitive banter. Sonya and Toadie gear up for the race, Toadie has Nell in her pram and is planning on taking her on the race too. Sonya says she's been reading some mummy blogs while she's been up at night and has found them funny and insightful.
TOADIE: How come you weren't this excited about my Nellyfish Twitter feed?
SONYA: Because that was ridiculous
TOADIE: Hey, it was funny thanks.
Sonya is planning on writing a blog of her own. Toadie thinks it's a great idea. Sonya sees Josie and worries she's overdoing it again. Sonya goes over to Josie and asks if her mums are there. Josie says they couldn't come, so Sonya suggests they run together. Josie declines the offer as she prefers to get into the zone. Josie knows she overdid things before, but this is just for fun. She jogs off, while Sonya looks concerned.
Karl tells Chris he doesn't need to apologise to him, but Chris is going around the whole neighbourhood apologising just to be on the safe side. Chris tells Karl that he and Hudson love each other, but Hudson thinks it's unfair to ask him to wait. Karl says that people can get through difficult situations if they love each other enough to make it work. Karl says that the worst mistake he ever made was letting Susan go, but luckily she took him back. If they really want to be together, isn't that worth fighting for? Chris takes off his running number for the fun run, thanks Karl and leaves.
Lassiter's Complex
Lauren and Terese decide to sneak off for a coffee while the fun run starts. Paul welcomes everyone to the event, and the race begins.
While sitting down for a coffee, Lauren and Terese discuss the situation Paul has put Terese in. Lauren assumes Terese will scrap the paid parking now she's in charge, but Terese says it isn't that easy. She has no other way of funding the changes she's making to the hotel. Lauren pleads with her as this could drive her customers away. Lauren says she's the boss and she could change it if she wants.
LAUREN: You're just going to let everyone think this is not your idea but you're going to do nothing to change it.
Lassiter's Complex
Callum and Bailey are handing out cups of water for the runners. Bailey asks Callum if Gem is on her way, Callum wonders why he's asking. Josie runs past and says hi. Callum asks her if she's seen Imogen. Josie tells him she isn't running, and Callum is disappointed and walks away. Josie is saddened and runs off without taking a drink.
Meanwhile Kyle and Georgia take a break from the run for a second to catch their breath. Kyle starts grinning at Georgia, saying how great she is.
GEORGIA: Oh, this is just because I got a CD out, you just want me for my fame.
Kyle suggests they head back to theirs for a bit. Georgia doesn't think she can miss out on her own fun run, but after a moment agrees and they sneak off. Meanwhile, Toadie and Nell take a shortcut and catch up with Sonya, who is surprised to see them. She asks if he's seen Josie, and runs off to find her, before Toadie takes another shortcut.
Warrinor Prison
Chris brings Hudson a drink and sits down with him. Chris says he had to see Hudson, and he doesn't agree with Hudson's suggestion that they break up. He tells Hudson he's appealing his decision. He says that they can make it work; it'll just be like a long distance relationship except better because they can see each other all the time. Hudson says he won't put him through it, but Chris says Hudson would wait if it were the other way around. Hudson gave up swimming for him because he wanted them to be together. Chris feels the same way. Hudson says he feels this way now, but it won't last, he might get sick of him, they'll only get to see each other for a few hours every week and it'll be at least a couple of years before he's up for parole. Chris doesn't care, they'll both be lonely and miserable if they were to break up. Hudson calls him crazy and decides to stay together. Chris smiles and lean across the table, kissing Hudson. They sit back down and hold hands.
Lassiter's Complex
Matt and Brad are racing against each other when Matt gets a stitch. Karl catches up with Matt and tells him to take a short break.
MATT: Good tactic, Karl.
KARL: Hey I don't give out fake medical advice to win fun runs.
Sonya runs after Josie, trying to warn her to take a break, but she can't keep up with her. She joins Matt who's still feeling pain in his chest.
Lauren and Bailey have drinks at the finishing line, as Brad crosses it, winning the fun run. Lauren congratulates Brad. Karl finishes.
KARL: I'll do better next year
BRAD: What do you mean, you came second.
KARL: I did not come second.
BRAD: In the over 60s division you did.
KARL: I am not over 60.
Lauren wonders where Matt is, as she thought he was right behind Brad. A runner comes up, asking for help. Matt Turner needs an ambulance. Lauren and Karl rush down the track.
Men's Shed Exterior
Lauren and Karl join a crowd outside the Men's shed, they find Josie has collapsed. Karl asks Josie some questions while they wait for an ambulance. He tells Sonya and Matt that she's dehydrated, but once they get her to a hospital she should be fine. Matt and Lauren step back. Matt sees how worried Lauren was when she thought he needed the ambulance, and he kisses her.
Callum gets off the phone from Toadie and Sonya who are at the hospital with Josie. Callum is going to head there now, he feels bad for ignoring her when she came over. He should have made sure she got some water. As Callum goes to the hospital, Bailey goes with him.
Kyle and Georgia sell one of her CDs to a customer. Paul gets up on stage and thanks everyone for participating in the fun run to raise money for Erinsborough Hospital. He introduces Georgia who gets on stage and performs her song, 'Letting You Know.'
Matt joins Lauren and tells her that Josie got to the hospital okay. Lauren is impressed that Matt came to the rescue when Josie collapsed. He says it felt good knowing how worried she was for him.
LAUREN: Matt, you're everything to me. I'm so sorry for all the miscommunication between us, all the stupid fighting... (Matt kisses her)
LAUREN: Is that going to be your standard way of shutting me up.
MATT: It works doesn't it?
Matt kisses her again. Terese enters and congratulates Brad for winning the race. Terese moans about the situation she's in with Paul, she can't find a way to pay for the upgrades without keeping the paid parking. Brad says she should have thought it through first before making the agreement with Paul, or picked up the phone and ran it past him before agreeing. He apologises, and tells her he has faith that she'll work it out.
Paul passes an award on to Brad Willis for winning the fun run. He dedicates the award to Josie. Paul gives another speech, and announces he'll be running for mayor of Erinsborough and the first thing he'll do is get rid of the paid parking that Terese is trying to introduce.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Paul decides to call Terese, 'Ticketing Terese'. Terese says Paul's attacking his own company, but he says he's attacking her.
- Josie's mums sit by her bedside in the hospital, as Karl explains she's suffering from malnutrition. Ellen asks Josie when fitness became more important than eating, and wonders if this is something she should be asking Sonya.
- Sonya wonders if Imogen could have a word with Josie, but Imogen angrily refuses.
- Lauren tells Sonya about a romantic dream she has with Brad. Sonya asks if she's having feelings for him again.
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Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6767
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Chris Pappas, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6767
Chris Pappas, Brad Willis

Lauren Turner, Matt Turner, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6767
Lauren Turner, Matt Turner, Karl Kennedy

Terese Willis, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6767
Terese Willis, Lauren Turner

Matt Turner, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6767
Matt Turner, Brad Willis

Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6767
Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi

Josie Lamb, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6767
Josie Lamb, Sonya Rebecchi

Karl Kennedy, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6767
Karl Kennedy, Chris Pappas

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6767
Paul Robinson

Lauren Turner, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 6767
Lauren Turner, Terese Willis

Callum Rebecchi, Josie Lamb, Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6767
Callum Rebecchi, Josie Lamb, Bailey Turner

Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6767
Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning

Hudson Walsh, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6767
Hudson Walsh, Chris Pappas

Hudson Walsh, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6767
Hudson Walsh, Chris Pappas

Matt Turner, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6767
Matt Turner, Karl Kennedy

Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6767
Brad Willis

Glen Darby in Neighbours Episode 6767
Glen Darby

Karl Kennedy, Josie Lamb, Sonya Rebecchi, Matt Turner, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6767
Karl Kennedy, Josie Lamb, Sonya Rebecchi, Matt Turner, Lauren Turner

Matt Turner, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6767
Matt Turner, Lauren Turner

Bailey Turner, Callum Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6767
Bailey Turner, Callum Rebecchi

Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6767
Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning

Lauren Turner, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6767
Lauren Turner, Matt Turner

Terese Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6767
Terese Willis, Brad Willis

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6767
Paul Robinson

Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 6767
Terese Willis

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