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Neighbours Episode 6750 from 2013 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6750
Australian airdate: 11/10/13
UK airdate: 08/11/13
Writer: Emma J. Steele
Director: Laurence Wilson
Guests: Marley Rodney: Clyde Boraine
Manuel Juarez: Robin Brown
Hudson Walsh: Remy Hii (picture only)
Michael: Rob Carerra
- "Im Gonna Wait" by The Temper Trap
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- The Turner and Willis parents discuss whether to try to stop Josh and Amber TITTNL
- Amber tells Lauren they might wait months; Josh tells Brad they might wait weeks
- Mason fails to woo Kate by spraypainting a love- heart on a bedsheet and hanging it near some bins
- Mason and Imogen head out into the country and discuss their respective single- ness
- Chris is upset that Hudson has asked Brad and Josh for character references, but not him
- Kate is much disapproving to find Chris in the hot tub with a random man
- Chris reminds Kate that she slept with Kyle, so can't judge him
No 26 (garden)
Sheila emerges to find Chris's beau from the night before, Manuel, wearing nothing but a towel, picking veggies from her patch!
SHEILA: Nice spinach, Popeye?
In surprise, Manuel drops his towel and gives Sheila quite an eyeful! Chris comes out and apologises to Manuel, saying he should have mentioned there would be other people around. Sheila quickly realises what's going on, and Chris begins to introduce her to Manuel - but can't remember his name! Manuel doesn't seem aggrieved by this, and introduces himself.
MANUEL: Hope you don't mind me borrowing a towel?
SHEILA: I'm so grateful you did.
They all go inside. Manuel, now wearing an apron as well as a towel, gets to work on breakfast.
SHEILA (to Chris): As much as I like to wake up to a stud- muffin, I think that was just a little too much... muffin.
Kate comes in; and Chris, in full brat mode, tells her Manuel seems to have settled in, before asking if she would mind trying to get rid of him! Kate is not impressed, reminding Chris of how he snapped at her last night. Chris offers up a barely- serviceable apology, but Kate tells him Chris will have to do the deed himself. Chris tries to politely tell Manuel he doesn't need to make breakfast, but he doesn't take the hint - much to Kate's amusement.
Harold's Store
Amber is enthusing about her work experience placement at Lassiter's, and Lauren seems a little bitter, saying Amber never seems interested in hospitality when she works at Harold's. Oblivious, Amber continues to wax lyrical about what an amazing person Terese will be to learn from.
LAUREN: Oh, I'm glad she's such an inspiration, darling.
AMBER: Mum, I wasn't knocking Harold's. But it's not like I can do my work experience here.
LAUREN: Ooh, no (!).
Amber thinks if she does a good job at Lassiter's, people will take her more seriously. Lauren assures her they already do. Josh comes in, and takes Amber to the hotel to get her swipe- card.
Lassiter's Complex
Josh and Amber stop for a quick pash en route to the hotel but Terese catches them, jokingly asking if they're looking for a room.
JOSH: Oh come on. You and Dad are shocking in public.
Terese asks Amber which aspect of the hotel interests her the most; Amber hadn't thought about it, but Terese says that they'll need to, so she can make the most of her week. Amber expresses an interest in reception, but Terese says she would need to wear something more appropriate for that - and offers to help her pick something out. Amber agrees, and Josh leaves them to it.
No 26
Kate has filled Kyle in on Chris's exploits with Manuel.
KYLE: Chris and a random? Can't even imagine it.
KATE: Hmm.
KYLE: Oh, no wait, there we go - I just got a mental image!
Kate says she's worried, saying not everyone is built for one- night stands - some people can do it, others get hurt. Awkward silence. Kyle says Kate's making too much of this, but she begs Kyle to talk to Chris and suggest there are other ways of dealing with his problems. However, Kyle tells her that not every hook- up is the end of the world; Chris is just having fun and not hurting anyone.
Harold's Store
We see a picture of Hudson in a newspaper on one of the tables. Chris is getting a drink from the fridge, when he walks straight into another random bloke, Marley. There seems to be a bit of chemistry there as they each apologise - and Kate watches judgingly from a seat by the door, but Chris just ignores her. Imogen comes in, and Kate starts another one of those total inappropriate teacher/pupil conversations by asking if she's spoken to Mason lately. Imogen says he's fine, or as much as he can be after everything that happened with Kate.
KATE: I still care about him as a friend.
IMOGEN: Well you should. He's a great guy; you were lucky to have him... Not that it's any of my business.
KATE: Oh well, he's very lucky to have a friend like you.
Imogen makes an excuse to leave, and Kate looks intrigued.
No 32
Terese is talking to Lauren, while waiting for Amber to get changed into her 'more appropriate' outfit. Lauren says it was nice of Terese to make time for her, but seems a little envious. Amber emerges in her outfit - it's one Lauren bought her recently - but Terese vetoes it, saying Lassiter's has a strict dress code that doesn't allow bare shoulders. There's a little tension between Terese and Lauren as it emerges that Harold's doesn't have a dress code, and Terese implies it ought to. She offers to lend Amber one of her jackets, but Lauren says she's sure they have something here.
Terese takes a phone call and Amber tells Lauren to stop being weird; she wants to make a good impression with Terese. Amber leaves the room, and after she's finished her call, Terese asks if she's stepping on Lauren's toes by helping Amber with the outfit. Lauren admits she's just being over- sensitive and says it's fine. However, Lauren also reminds Terese about their conversation about Amber and Josh - making sure they don't rush things. Terese avoids discussing it, telling Lauren to ask Amber to pop over to No 22, so they can try the jacket.
No 22
Terese gives Amber a jacket to try on, and Josh opines that she'd look better without it. Terese goes to fetch some more from upstairs.
AMBER: What are you looking at?
JOSH: You.
AMBER: Don't you have something better to be doing, like swimming laps, or... swimming laps?
But Josh insists he'd rather spend time with Amber. Amber tries on the jacket but is having trouble getting it on, so Josh rushes over to help - but they end up kissing again. An annoyed Terese interrupts them, telling Amber that if she wants to make a success of her work experience she's going to need to change her attitude. Amber looks sad.
Later, Josh has a go at Terese, as Amber now thinks she hates her, and challenges his mum as to why she gave Amber such a hard time. Terese admits that there's more to it, and sits Josh down for a chat. He immediately catches on that this is about TITTNL.
Josh says Brad's already done this talk, but Terese points out that Lauren and Matt are really worried about Amber, and says Lauren's asked her to keep an eye on them. Josh is outraged that Terese has been tasked with keeping them from sleeping together, and says it's none of her business. He says they've agreed to wait till Amber's ready, and that when they are, it's their call.
TERESE: Hey, that's fine. I've done my bit. Just try and be...
JOSH: Oh, yeah, yeah, Mum - we're gonna be safe! Ugh, this has been really weird and uncomfortable. I wanna go now. Can I go?
Terese lets him go.
Ramsay Street
Josh jogs down the street, and goes past Lauren - they say good morning. Lauren then sees Kate across the road and greets her too, just as Mason is coming around the corner. Kate crosses the street and walks with Mason, asking how he is, but still feeling hurt over her rejection, he's quite cold with her. Kate mentions that Imogen said Mason was doing well, and notes that she's very protective of him - then starts prying to establish whether there could be something more between them.
MASON: Where do you get off? Dumping me, now you're trying to set me up with another chick.
KATE: That's not what I'm trying...
MASON: You know what, Kate? I'm not gonna go out with someone else just so that you can feel better about yourself.
Harold's Store
Terese has relayed the details of her conversation with Josh to Lauren, saying Josh gave her the impression he and Amber wouldn't wait much longer to TITTNL. Lauren's surprised, as Amber said the opposite. Terese admits she feels like a hypocrite trying to control Josh's love- life, given her own memories of being seventeen, and doesn't get what the big deal is, despite Amber's recent problems with Robbo. Lauren replies that Amber has made an informed decision to wait, and that she wants to support that. Terese understands, as Imogen's made a similar decision - but says there's only so much they can do. Before she leaves, Terese checks with Lauren that things aren't weird between them. They both agree that they aren't, but clearly they are a bit.
Kyle is negotiating with Marley, the guy Chris bumped into in Harold's, about a price for what looks like a pallet of wood. Chris shows up and starts with the smooth moves, implying that their meeting again is somehow significant, and inviting the guy for a drink at Charlie's later - or if he'd prefer, just to come straight to his place! Marley laughs and says he's got a girlfriend, shouting back to Kyle that he's taking his business elsewhere. Kyle's annoyed with Chris, and tells him he should have more self- respect.
CHRIS: Yeah - thanks, Kate!
Chris storms off.
Lassiter's Lake
Chris sulks at the rotunda.
Kyle moans to Kate that Chris is out of control, having explained how he scared off his customer by cracking onto him. Kate surmises that he must be going through a lot of pain.
Lassiter's Lake
Chris continues to look despondent, and looks at a picture of him and Hudson on his phone, before deleting it.
Kyle's still frustrated with Chris's behaviour, but Kate says they need to find a way to help him. Kyle thinks that Chris was humiliated by what happened with the customer, and says he hates being in people's bad books - so it might have been the wake- up call he needed.
Lassiter's Lake
Chris gets up and makes a call on his mobile.
Harold's Store
Mason mentions to Lauren that Amber paid him to leave the house, so she could have some alone- time with Josh - and that they were getting pretty cosy. Lauren looks worried. Mason goes to speak to Imogen, telling her that Kate thinks the two of them should hook up. Imogen laughs it off, saying that if she and Mason were together they'd always be fighting.
MASON: It'd get pretty boring pretty quickly.
IMOGEN: It's bad enough just being friends with you sometimes.
MASON: Tell me about it; you're the biggest downer.
IMOGEN: Takes one to know one!
MASON: Seriously, that's the best comeback you've got?
IMOGEN: Please! You don't deserve my best comebacks.
MASON: Okay, look. Apart from the fact that you say lame things, and you give cars weird names, you're actually not too bad.
IMOGEN: Gee, don't hold back... Plus, you love Hermione.
Mason denies this, but thanks Imogen for going on a drive with him, saying it was just what he needed - she's a good mate. Imogen looks a little sad about this.
Meanwhile in the kitchen, Lauren tries to call Amber, but can't get through and leaves her a message asking her to call back.
No 26
Kate arrives home to find another topless man heading into Chris's room.
KATE: Who is that?
CHRIS: Ah, that is Michael. Remembered his name this time.
KATE: Chris, what are you doing?
CHRIS: What are you doing, Kate?
Kate's concerned that Chris's behaviour is uncharacteristic, but Chris agrees and says he feels pretty good as a result. Kate asks about Hudson, and Chris says he's forgetting about him, like Hudson forgot about him.
CHRIS: Don't look at me like that. You can't pull it off.
KATE: Look at you like what? Like a friend?
CHRIS: No, you're judging me. And maybe I've done a bit of that in my time - but not anymore. And guess what? Life is already better. You should give it a try, too.
Chris pulls his T- shirt off and follows Michael into the bedroom, while Kate looks worried.
No 32 (back garden)
Josh and Amber are in the spa pool together, Amber moaning about the forms she has to fill in for work experience. Josh jokes that he should leave and let her get on with it, but she says that would be a waste of the money she gave Mason to leave them alone! They're about to kiss when Lauren dashes into the yard to do the Most Embarrassing Mum Ever routine.
Lauren jumps to the conclusion that they're about to get intimate, and says she thought Amber had decided to wait. Josh realises Lauren has been talking to Terese again, and explains to Amber that they've been keeping tabs on them.
LAUREN: Not tabs exactly.
AMBER: On what?
JOSH: On when we're going to Take Things To The Next Level. How wrong is that?
AMBER: Completely wrong!
JOSH: Horrifying, even.
LAUREN: Can I just say something here?
AMBER: No, Mum, you can't! Not that it's any of your business but we're...
JOSH: Ready now!
AMBER: Waiting months!
Realising she and Josh have very different ideas about their TITTNL schedule, a humiliated Amber runs indoors.
Monday on Neighbours
- Josh and Amber argue about their love- life
- Matt storms in to confront Josh about what's happened with Amber
- Comedy antics with Matt, Brad and Karl as they train for the fun run
- Kate finds out that Gem has been keeping a secret from Georgia about how she met Kyle
- Gem overhears Kate and Kyle talking about her, and demands to know what it's about
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Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 6750
Sheila Canning

Manuel Juarez in Neighbours Episode 6750
Manuel Juarez

Kate Ramsay, Chris Pappas, Manuel Juarez in Neighbours Episode 6750
Kate Ramsay, Chris Pappas, Manuel Juarez

Lauren Turner, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6750
Lauren Turner, Amber Turner

Josh Willis, Amber Turner, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 6750
Josh Willis, Amber Turner, Terese Willis

Amber Turner, Josh Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 6750
Amber Turner, Josh Willis, Terese Willis

Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6750
Kyle Canning

Chris Pappas, Marley Rodney in Neighbours Episode 6750
Chris Pappas, Marley Rodney

Imogen Willis, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6750
Imogen Willis, Kate Ramsay

Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6750
Amber Turner

Lauren Turner, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 6750
Lauren Turner, Terese Willis

Lauren Turner, Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 6750
Lauren Turner, Josh Willis

Josh Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 6750
Josh Willis, Terese Willis

Kate Ramsay, Mason Turner in Neighbours Episode 6750
Kate Ramsay, Mason Turner

Lauren Turner, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 6750
Lauren Turner, Terese Willis

Chris Pappas, Marley Rodney in Neighbours Episode 6750
Chris Pappas, Marley Rodney

Chris Pappas, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6750
Chris Pappas, Kyle Canning

Kyle Canning, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6750
Kyle Canning, Kate Ramsay

Chris Pappas, Hudson Walsh in Neighbours Episode 6750
Chris Pappas, Hudson Walsh

Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6750
Chris Pappas

Mason Turner in Neighbours Episode 6750
Mason Turner

Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6750
Imogen Willis

Michael in Neighbours Episode 6750

Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6750
Lauren Turner

Amber Turner, Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 6750
Amber Turner, Josh Willis

Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 6750
Josh Willis

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