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Neighbours Episode 6674 from 2013 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6674
Australian airdate: 25/06/13
UK airdate: 27/07/13
Writer: Sarah Duffy
Director: Jean-Pierre Mignon
Guests: Gloria Gibson: Lisa Heenan
Baby Patrick: Basquiat Voevodin-Knack
Summary/Images by: Sarah/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Sheila tells Ajay she'll reconsider her decision on the Right Prescription if they mix it up. Karl says she's not a musician, and Ajay replies that she's the one who books the gigs.
- Paul tells Matt that a bit of gratitude wouldn't go astray
- Mason insults Paul at the hotel.
- Vanessa tells Lucas to focus on his recovery
- Lucas collapses at the garage
Lucas gets a call from Vanessa, but he's unconscious.
Vanessa is concerned that Lucas isn't answering. Meanwhile, Lauren tells Kate that Mason was like a love- sick puppy when they'd split up. Kate says she would like to have seen that, as he's adorable when he's sulking. She says it would be nice to have a family dinner, and Lauren agrees, saying they're free tonight. Kate asks if she can ask Paul. There's a strained silence.
KATE: Look, I know that things haven't always been great between you but it would be a great chance to change that.
LAUREN: After the way he tried to sabotage Mason's sentencing?
KATE: Isn't it possible you're mistaken about that?
MASON: I guess we'll never know the real story, will we?
KATE: At the very least, could we put it behind us and start over?
MASON: All right.
Lauren agrees, and says she'll host. Kate is thrilled and goes off to tell Paul. Lauren asks Mason if he's sure. He says no, but it's for Kate. Chris comes in for a take- away coffee, and Vanessa tells him she's worried about Lucas. Chris asked if she's checked the garage - he may have gone to pick something up. Vanessa leaves, saying she's going home to give him a piece of her mind.
Chris opens the door of the garage, and finds Lucas, who is still out cold on the floor. He calls an ambulance.
Getting reading for their gig, Karl asks Ajay if he knows the set list. Ajay says he does - they've done it enough times. Kyle brings over some beer and chips (crisps for UK viewers). Then Karl gets a call from Chris, and rushes off to the hospital. Ajay tells Kyle they have to cancel - there's no way they can get a replacement at this stage, unless he knows someone.
Ramsay Street
Georgia says she can't - she doesn't know any of the RP songs. Ajay says they can play something else.
GEORGIA: Guys, I've just come off a 12 hour shift. My voice is going to be awful and scratchy.
KYLE: Or it could already be warmed up from all the bossing around you do at work.
Georgia asks if it really matters, and Ajay says Sheila won't give them another chance if they cancel, and the band is all he has apart from work and Rani. Kyle offers to bring some friends, which Georgia doesn't want, but it's clear she's going to sing.
Chris, Vanessa and Patrick are at the hospital when Lucas is wheeled in. Vanessa asks Karl why he passed out, and Karl says they have to run some tests, but he thinks it's because Lucas overdid it. She turns to Chris, saying she doesn't understand why Lucas would want to work when he promised not to. Chris doesn't reply, and she guesses it's for the wedding.
Paul's apartment
Paul's incredulous, but Kate points out if she and Mason are going to work out, their families have to get along. Paul doesn't think it will happen in one dinner, but Kate persists, saying they could get to know each other.
PAUL: I know all there is to know about Matt Turner, thank you very much. He's had it in for me since the day he arrived.
KATE: And you've had it in for him, and Mason.
She says that whatever happened with the defence hearing, she wants to put it behind them. And if he wants what's best for her, he has a chance to prove it.
KATE: And be nice.
PAUL: OK. I shall be on best behaviour.
Kate looks pleased
Karl tells Lucas and Vanessa that they found a mass in Lucas's abdomen. Lucas asks what it is. Karl doesn't know, but says it's been bleeding internally which is why Lucas passed out. They have to operate immediately to stop the bleeding, and to do a biopsy.
LUCAS: When you say "mass", do you mean tumour?
Karl says they don't know, but admits that the cancer could have returned and spread. Lucas and Vanessa are upset.
Lucas tells Vanessa they need to make plans - he's going to hire a mechanic. She says they don't know it's cancer, and adds she knows why he's been lying about work. She says it's her fault this happened.
LUCAS: Don't you dare blame yourself, hey? I should have been more honest with you about our finances. I wanted to give you a special wedding.
VANESSA: Just give me a husband who's healthy. That's all that matters.
She tells him they'll get married in a hut. He laughs, and an orderly wheels him to theatre. Vanessa says she loves him and she'll be waiting. She weeps as she watches him go.
No 32
Lauren says that Amber and Bailey aren't in this episode... um, Amber's out and Bailey wants to be excused.
MATT: Can I be excused too?
Lauren glares at him, and Matt points out that Paul nearly landed Mason in jail. Mason asks him to be nice for Kate. Lauren reminds Matt that Paul is their landlord. Kate and Paul arrive and the atmosphere between Paul and Matt is strained. Matt offers to get everyone a drink, but Kate says that Paul's brought some nice wine. He says it goes well with red meat and Lauren says they're having a barbie. Paul doesn't think his classy French Merlot 98 goes very well with sausages. Kate frowns at him. Matt wants to man the barbeque, but Lauren tells him to organise drinks.
MATT: Can I get everyone a beer to start with? We don't have any fancy foreign stuff, just some regular Aussie lager.
PAUL: Oh look, I'll hold out for the wine, I think.
MATT: Suit yourself.
Matt drinks his lager, and Lauren and Paul smile awkwardly.
Chris gets a drink for Vanessa and himself, and she remarks that she seems to spend all her time in hospital. She wants to know why it keeps happening - after all they're good people. Chris points out they don't know what's wrong with Lucas, and whatever it is, there are plenty of people there for them. She thanks him.
Ajay introduces Georgia as the guest singer, and most people applaud, but Gloria, Karl's groupie, asks where he is, saying she wants eye candy. Georgia makes a false start and puts it down to first gig nerves. Kyle holds up a picture of Bossy (sporting a card saying Georgia's Awesome) to encourage her. The second time she's fine. Kyle looks over at Gloria, who shrugs.
No 32
Matt says that they'd looked at a few houses, but then decided to buy Harold's. Paul says he'd thought it was a good investment too. Lauren hopes there are no hard feelings. Paul says he's sure she'll run it very well - after all she ran a riding school in QLD. Matt and Lauren look uncomfortable, and she says it failed. Paul apologises. Kate changes the subject to the apartments, saying they're good for everybody.
PAUL: No thanks to those idiots at the council.
MATT: Still not taking your bribes?
Lauren decides now would be a good time to get the wine, but Paul and Matt continue to argue, ending up with Paul saying they had to leave Mt Isa because Mason got himself into juvie. Mason comes in with the meat, and Kate glares at Paul.
Lucas tells Vanessa he feels hungover. Karl comes in and tells them it's not cancer - it was a complication of the previous surgery he had for the testicular cancer. With rest, he should make a complete recovery.
KARL: When I say rest, I mean rest. You're off the tools for two weeks.
Lucas says he'll do that. Vanessa says she'll throw away the wedding scrapbook, because all she wants is for Lucas to be healthy and happy. They kiss.
Karl comes in, and finds the gig going well. He goes over to Kyle and says that he didn't think he'd be replaced so easily. Kyle says that Georgia is awesome but the Right Prescription is his band. They finish the set, and Karl tells Georgia she sounded great. Georgia is relieved she didn't put them to shame, which they assure her she didn't. Karl says it's been a long day and he's going home.
KYLE: Are you sure you're not leaving because the band's better without you?
They all laugh. Karl goes home and Kyle takes Georgia for a drink. Sheila comes over and offers the band a weekly gig, on the condition that Georgia sings. Ajay says he'll have to think about it. Sheila says he's got till tomorrow to decide.
No 32
Kate is considering doing a part time Masters at Uni. (Who knew she had a degree?) Lauren says she would have loved to go to Uni, although she'd done a few courses at Art College. Paul says that university isn't for everyone. Kate points out that after five years study at TAFE, Mason might as well be a doctor.
PAUL: It's not really the same thing though, is it?
MATT: What are you saying?
LAUREN: Anyone for cheesecake?
PAUL: It's just that some people are cut out for intellectual work, and others are good with their hands. It's not necessarily a bad thing.
MATT: So Kate's smarter than Mason.
PAUL: No, I'm simply saying that Kate and Mason's worlds are very different.
Lauren says their worlds are similar now, while Mason agrees with Paul they are different, and that's why he and Kate work.
PAUL: Lack of common values has been the undoing of many a relationship.
MATT: Values? Are you serious?
LAUREN: Gosh, it's been warm lately hasn't it, Kate?
KATE: I know! But it's meant to be getting cooler next week.
PAUL: You don't think a person's values are important?
MATT: I'm sorry. I can't sit here and take this.
LAUREN: Are you doing anything for Christmas this year, Kate?
KATE: Uh- uh. Nope.
MATT: I won't have some corrupt suit sit in my house and lecture my family. I'm glad we don't share *your* values.
Matt rants at Paul, saying he's a criminal, and Mason and Kate try to get him to stop.
LAUREN: Enough about that. Let's just cut to politics and religion(!)
Paul decides it's time to leave. Kate thanks Lauren for dinner, and she apologises. Lauren asks Matt if that's what he thinks making an effort is. Matt claims he was provoked, but Lauren says he could have tried, for Mason and Kate's sake.
No 26
Kate tells Mason she feels like an idiot for suggesting the dinner and he agrees it was ugly. Kate asks why Matt mentioned Paul rigging the case, and Mason counters that Paul was on the attack from when he arrived. She says that Matt wasn't welcoming, and Mason points out some of the comments Paul had made about Mt Isa. She claims he was nervous.
KATE: He's right though. Compared to the city, Mt Isa is a small town.
MASON: Do you think we're a bunch of hicks?
She denies this, but says that Paul is very protective. Mason says it's no excuse. She says that though Paul hadn't been diplomatic, everything he said had been true.
MASON: So you do think you're smarter than me.
KATE: Come on!
MASON: Or do you just have better values?
She's frustrated, and tells him that they should go to bed and put it behind them. But Mason says that Paul is always going to hate him and Matt, and she is always going to defend Paul. If they don't get it sorted, what hope is there? He leaves, and Kate looks shocked.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Paul says it should be Matt who should apologise. Matt is incredulous at the idea, but Mason asks him to.
- Ajay tells Georgia that Sheila wants her as the lead singer. Karl is furious
- Imogen tells Josh to be honest with Amber
- Josh tells Don that Amber is a stalker, and Don warns her to leave Josh alone
<<6673 - 6675>>
Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6674
Lucas Fitzgerald

Lauren Turner, Mason Turner, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6674
Lauren Turner, Mason Turner, Kate Ramsay

Vanessa Villante, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6674
Vanessa Villante, Chris Pappas

Chris Pappas, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6674
Chris Pappas, Lucas Fitzgerald

Gloria Gibson, Kyle Canning, Karl Kennedy, Ajay Kapoor in Neighbours Episode 6674
Gloria Gibson, Kyle Canning, Karl Kennedy, Ajay Kapoor

Ajay Kapoor, Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6674
Ajay Kapoor, Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning

Chris Pappas, Patrick Villante, Vanessa Villante, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6674
Chris Pappas, Patrick Villante, Vanessa Villante, Karl Kennedy

Paul Robinson, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6674
Paul Robinson, Kate Ramsay

Karl Kennedy, Vanessa Villante, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6674
Karl Kennedy, Vanessa Villante, Lucas Fitzgerald

Vanessa Villante in Neighbours Episode 6674
Vanessa Villante

Mason Turner, Paul Robinson, Kate Ramsay, Lauren Turner, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6674
Mason Turner, Paul Robinson, Kate Ramsay, Lauren Turner, Matt Turner

Chris Pappas, Vanessa Villante in Neighbours Episode 6674
Chris Pappas, Vanessa Villante

Gloria Gibson in Neighbours Episode 6674
Gloria Gibson

Georgia Brooks, Ajay Kapoor in Neighbours Episode 6674
Georgia Brooks, Ajay Kapoor

Paul Robinson, Matt Turner, Lauren Turner, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6674
Paul Robinson, Matt Turner, Lauren Turner, Kate Ramsay

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6674
Karl Kennedy

Vanessa Villante, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6674
Vanessa Villante, Lucas Fitzgerald

Karl Kennedy, Kyle Canning, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 6674
Karl Kennedy, Kyle Canning, Sheila Canning

Sheila Canning, Ajay Kapoor in Neighbours Episode 6674
Sheila Canning, Ajay Kapoor

Paul Robinson, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6674
Paul Robinson, Matt Turner

Mason Turner, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6674
Mason Turner, Kate Ramsay

Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6674
Kate Ramsay

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