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Neighbours Episode 6609 from 2013 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6609
Australian airdate: 28/03/13
UK airdate: 25/04/13
Writer: Sam Meikle
Director: Fiona Banks
Guests: Tim Collins: Ben Anderson
Summary/Images by: Sarah (Stew)/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Tash doesn't understand why Andrew won't stand up to Paul
- Ajay is going to sue Paul for damages
- Sophie is in a strop because Paul stuffed up her application
- Lou wants to know want the cash was for, or he'll find a better use for it
- Amber tells Lauren it's over with Robbo
- Lauren is annoyed with Matt because he didn't tell her Bailey was at the break- in
No 32 kitchen
Matt says Mason chose to do the robbery, but there was no point in saddling Bailey with a record: he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Lauren must see that... There's a pause and she says she does. Matt heaves a sigh of relief. The she adds coldly that she doesn't see why he didn't tell her that night.
No 32 - the boys' bedroom
Amber assures her brothers she's not pregnant. Mason tells her she should have come to him, but she says she felt like an idiot. Mason says she didn't have to go it alone, so she tells them she had Kate. Bailey asks if she talked to Lauren, but she says she couldn't.
No 32 kitchen
Lauren accuses Matt of lying. He says he didn't tell her everything because he was trying to protect her. She is upset, and says Bailey is carrying the burden of a crime he shouldn't have been involved with, and Mason has been to juvie. Matt says that was Mason's own fault. Lauren continues, saying they don't know what's going on with Amber.
No 32 - the boys' bedroom
AMBER: He told me he loved me... and I believed him.
Bailey says Robbo is a con artist, and he shouldn't have got involved. Mason tells him he only got involved because he, Mason, was dumb enough to think Robbo was a mate.
No 32 kitchen
Matt says he was trying to limit the damage, and Lauren says that worked well(!) Matt asks if they could at least deal with Amber.
LAUREN: I'll do that. You've done enough damage for now.
No 28
Tash opens the door to Andrew. He asks if she's OK. She says yes, and she'll probably stay OK if they don't talk about Paul. She says she's been catching up on Summer's blog.
TASH: I feel like she's out there, living her life full- on and loving it.
Andrew reads a text from Paul: "Where are you?" He asks Tash if she's going back to Uni. She says no, and is just launching into an explanation concerning the explosion, when Andrew gets a call. It's Paul, and Andrew says he has to leave.
No 22
Paul is talking to Tim Collins about paying a premium when he hasn't held an outdoor event in years. Andrew asks what it means. Tim says it's not good as he's exposed to the civil action.
PAUL: So we fight.
TIM: We could do that.
PAUL: But?
TIM: They pack a powerful punch. Grieving young widower, disabled mother left behind.
Paul says it's not his fault, but Tim advises him to try to settle with Elaine, even if Ajay won't agree. Andrew asks why she would settle. Paul thinks for a moment, then says she has ongoing medical costs. Tim suggests she might accept a one- off payment, and Paul tells him to make the arrangements.
Sophie is playing the guitar. Tash wanders over and says it sounds good. Sophie hopes so. She's just put it in for a music school in Sydney, after Paul ruined her chance for the NSW Conservatorium. Tash asks how she knows Paul won't do it again. Sophie says she's doing it all through Harry, who lives in the school's catchment area. Tash points out that Sophie is 15 and Paul is her guardian - he's not going to let her go. Sophie says she *will* get his consent.
Georgia is reading /writing in a book. Paul comes in and asks Tash what Georgia is doing. Tash says she's writing in the condolence book - she set it up for Rhys and Priya. Paul is annoyed and strides around the bar. He orders Tash to get the book, saying the customers don't need reminding. She asks him if he thinks they're going to forget.
PAUL: Just go and get it.
PAUL: Excuse me?
TASH: You heard me.
Paul says he's tired of her attitude. She asks if he's capable of thinking of anyone but himself and tells him that Andrew has a good heart. He tells her to keep on his good side, because Andrew listens to his dad.
No 32
Lauren wants Lou to confirm that she wasn't wrong to think Matt should have told her. Lou won't give an answer, except to say they were extraordinary circumstances. She says they moved to Erinsborough to get a fresh start, but it was all built on lies. Lou says there's one thing that isn't a lie: the love he can see between them. Lauren scoffs.
LOU: So maybe Matt has cooked his own goose and you need to let him roast a bit longer.
Lou says he believes Matt did it for the right reasons, and she should trust him. Lauren doesn't know if it's enough.
No 22
Tim tells Andrew and Paul that he's spoken to the insurance company and a cash settlement with Elaine is their best option. They need to decide how much to offer, as well as getting her to agree. Paul says to leave it to him. Andrew shows Tim out, and Sophie comes over to Paul to ask him to sign something. He says it's not a good time, so she says she didn't want to go on the Canberra excursion anyway. Paul signs it, saying a trip to the nation's capital is an essential part of any good education. So is reading a document before you sign it.
Andrew asks Paul how they're going to handle the situation. Paul wants Andrew to get the condolence book so that he'll look like a caring and decent man.
ANDREW: You're going to manipulate a woman in a wheelchair with a book you didn't even want on the premises?
PAUL: I'm going to turn adversity into advantage. Business 101, son.
He sends Andrew off to get the book.
No 32 - the boys' bedroom
Matt comes in and asks Mason why he didn't say anything about Amber and Robbo. Mason says he only just found out. Matt says he was always sure Robbo was involved with the robbery in Mt Isa and couldn't understand why Mason covered for him. Mason says by the time he discovered he wasn't a mate, it was too late. Robbo knew Matt had let Bailey go, and would have implicated Matt if Mason had dobbed him in. Matt sighs, saying he wishes they could have talked like that at the time. Mason asks his father if Lauren has forgiven him. Matt doesn't know, but says he shouldn't have lied.
Lassiters complex
Lauren apologises to Amber for pushing too hard. Amber says it's fine. She obviously isn't because when Lauren mentions a broken heart, she bursts into tears and says she's been an idiot. Lauren gives her a hug and tries to console her by saying everyone's been there.
Andrew comes in and tells Tash that Paul wants the condolence book to show Elaine what a nice guy he is. Tash can't believe it and says Andrew should challenge Paul. Andrew says it won't make any difference.
TASH: Trying to buy Elaine off, using other people's heartfelt thoughts to do it?
ANDREW: That's Business 101.
TASH: Can you not see what he's turning you into?
TASH: Andrew, if you don't realise that this is wrong, then you are not the guy I thought you were.
Tash takes the book from Andrew, who looks concerned.
No 32
Lauren comes in to find Bailey is baking. She says she's sorry he got caught up in all this. He tries to apologise, but she says she's the adult and it's her job to fix stuff. He admits that things have been hard; the worst thing was being unable to talk about it. Lauren says in future they will talk about everything.
Tash tells Georgia that Andrew's not the person she thought. Georgia says it's better to find out now than later. She gets a call and walks off. Sophie comes in looking smug.
TASH: If you keep smiling like that, I can't promise I won't kill you.
Sophie continues to grin like a Cheshire cat, and tells Tash she's got in to the Newton School of Performing Arts. Tash wants to know how she got it past Paul, and Sophie said Paul didn't know what he was signing. Tash says he could still stop her going, but Sophie says it's her life, and Paul's not going to spoil it.
Sophie asks Georgia if she's OK, and Georgia says someone's just made an anonymous donation of $9600 to the Hospital Campout fund.
No 32 - the boys' bedroom
Lou comes in and Mason asks what's happening with the money. Lou says that the money had bad karma, so he's donated it to the hospital. He asks Mason if he agrees and Mason nods reluctantly. Lou says they can put it all behind them now.
No 32 - kitchen
Matt tells Lauren that he didn't mean to hurt her. She says it wasn't just her - it was the whole family. He'd been hiding things, so that she wasn't there for Bailey. He admits he made the wrong call. She says she should have tried to find out about Mason too, but Matt says Mason just needed to feel remorse.
LAUREN: Who are you? You're not the Matt Turner I know.
He insists he was trying to protect her, and she says he's failed. She's let her sons down, and Amber. She doesn't know if she can get past this. He tries to hug her, but she steps back. He looks upset.
No 22
Andrew opens the door to Tash. She tells him that she's leaving. He says it's an overreaction, but she explains that she's leaving Erinsborough. The last couple of weeks have made her realise that life's too short. She's quit Uni, and going to Europe. She's going to stay with Summer for a week and then she's going to go with the flow. Tash says Summer's got enough room for two, but Andrew says he can't come with her: he needs time. She wants to know how long he's going to try to win his dad's approval. She tells him she loves him, but she's not sticking around to watch him turn into Paul.
TASH: It's your call. Are you coming with me?
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Paul tells Andrew that after Tash goes, he should focus on what Paul says.
- Kate asks Paul if he wants Andrew to feel a failure.
- Toadie is scared that Sonya won't recover
- Kyle and Chris recognise someone in a magazine
- Sophie tells Paul that he did give his consent. He tells her to get out of the cab, and she refuses.
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Lauren Turner, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6609
Lauren Turner, Matt Turner

Bailey Turner, Mason Turner, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6609
Bailey Turner, Mason Turner, Amber Turner

Andrew Robinson, Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 6609
Andrew Robinson, Natasha Williams

Tim Collins in Neighbours Episode 6609
Tim Collins

Tim Collins, Andrew Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6609
Tim Collins, Andrew Robinson, Paul Robinson

Natasha Williams, Sophie Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6609
Natasha Williams, Sophie Ramsay

Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 6609
Georgia Brooks

Natasha Williams, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6609
Natasha Williams, Paul Robinson

Lauren Turner, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 6609
Lauren Turner, Lou Carpenter

Paul Robinson, Sophie Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6609
Paul Robinson, Sophie Ramsay

Matt Turner, Mason Turner in Neighbours Episode 6609
Matt Turner, Mason Turner

Amber Turner, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6609
Amber Turner, Lauren Turner

Natasha Williams, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6609
Natasha Williams, Andrew Robinson

Lauren Turner, Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6609
Lauren Turner, Bailey Turner

Natasha Williams, Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 6609
Natasha Williams, Georgia Brooks

Sophie Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6609
Sophie Ramsay

Mason Turner, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 6609
Mason Turner, Lou Carpenter

Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6609
Lauren Turner

Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6609
Matt Turner

Andrew Robinson, Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 6609
Andrew Robinson, Natasha Williams

Andrew Robinson, Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 6609
Andrew Robinson, Natasha Williams

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