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Neighbours Episode 6560 from 2013 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6560
Australian airdate: 18/01/13
UK airdate: 15/02/13
Writer: Chris Phillips
Director: Peter Sharp
Guests: Roy Michaels: Peter Hardy
Anna Hauser: Isabel MacMaster
Baby Nell Rebecchi: Scarlett Anderson
Baby Patrick Villante: Lucas MacFarlane
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Rhys tells Lucas and Vanessa that baby Patrick will need more tests following the diagnosis of Ebstein's anomaly
- Baby Nell reveals she is a country music fan, much to Toadie's chagrin
- After walking out on a meeting with a client, Ajay tells Charlotte he's resigning from Simmons and Colbert
Simmons and Colbert
Ajay arrives to collect his belongings but the receptionist, Anna, has already boxed them all up for him, as per Mr Simmons' instructions. After checking all is present and correct, he wishes Anna luck and leaves the building.
No 30
Toadie gets in from work; Sonya has a doctor's appointment and was going to take Nell with her, but now Toadie's here she doesn't need to. Just after Sonya leaves, Toadie gets a call from Charlotte, telling him that Ajay has resigned and that as a result, he'll have to come back to work for Ajay's meeting with Roy Michaels this afternoon. Toadie protests, but is forced to reluctantly agree.
Erinsborough Hospital
Rhys tells Vanessa and Lucas that baby Patrick hasn't responded as well as hoped to treatment so far, and that he wants to run more tests, starting with a cardiac catheterisation, which will help them evaluate the structure and function of his heart, to decide how best to proceed. Vanessa is concerned that the procedure is too invasive, but Rhys tells her it's the best way to proceed. He tells her he needs her consent to go ahead with the procedure.
Rani and Sophie are talking about how cute baby Nell is, when Ajay comes in. It's clear he wants to talk to Rani, so Sophie makes her excuses and leaves. Ajay sits down, and explains to Rani that he's resigned from his job. He says he hasn't enjoyed being a lawyer for the last couple of years, and it's the right time for a career change - but she doesn't have to worry, as they're financially secure.
RANI: Dad, that's great, but erm - you won't be around too much, right?
AJAY: No, alright, I won't!
RANI: It's just that I've got friends and stuff...
AJAY: Yes, I know, okay?
RANI: I love you, Dad.
AJAY: I love you more.
Erinsborough Hospital
Vanessa looks sadly at gifts people have bought for Patrick. Rhys comes in and asks how she's getting on; she wants his opinion about how the tests will turn out. Rhys thinks they'll need to perform surgery, so they can repair or replace the valve in his heart, but Vanessa is concerned about what will happen if they don't succeed. Rhys insists it's Patrick's best chance.
VANESSA: You make it sound so impersonal.
RHYS: Of course it's personal. Patrick's your baby; you're my fiancée. I just thought if you had all the information, it'd make you feel more in control.
VANESSA: Yeah, but I'm not, am I? You said surgery could be his best chance; that there's only a chance.
Simmons and Colbert
Toadie takes Nell into work, for the meeting with Mr Michaels. He explains to Anna it was too late notice for him to get a babysitter. Anna says Mr Michaels isn't good with personal stuff and might not cope with Nell's presence, but Toadie has little choice in the matter.
Erinsborough Hospital
As Patrick is wheeled in for the cardiac catheterisation, Vanessa is desperate to go in too and be with him during the procedure, but Rhys tells her she can't. He says she should go home and get some rest - Lucas concurs, as he needs a shower. Despite Rhys's advice, Vanessa says she can't leave when she knows what Patrick's going through, and that she's fine where she is. Rhys walks out, and Lucas decides to go home for his shower. Vanessa looks upset.
No 24
Sophie is braiding Rani's hair, and wonders what was up with Ajay earlier. Rani explains, while Priya's in earshot, that Ajay has quit his job. Priya is alarmed, and wonders why he hasn't mentioned it to her. Rani says it's none of Priya's business and that if Ajay had wanted to talk to her about it, he would have. Rani and Sophie go off to Rani's room, leaving Priya worried.
Erinsborough Hospital
Vanessa is still waiting. Rhys comes to see her; there's no news yet, but he's brought her a sandwich and a coffee. She can't have them unless she comes outside with him, though, for some fresh air. He promises nothing will go wrong with the procedure in the meantime.
VANESSA: What if they need you?
RHYS: Then they'll call me. But right now, I need to look after you.
VANESSA: I don't need looking after.
RHYS: Yes you do. And I know you're the last person in the world to ask for help...
VANESSA: Second last.
RHYS: Okay, alright. I'm hopeless at it too, but - you need to let me.
Simmons and Colbert
Toadie is in the meeting with client Roy Michaels, a plain talker who's unimpressed with the online strategy Toadie's firm has proposed (presumably Simmons and Colbert are now business consultants as well as lawyers). Nell, who is hidden under the table, starts gurgling, and Toadie's forced to pretend he has a frog in his throat. Michaels is all but ready to ditch Simmons and Colbert, when he hears Nell whining and looks under the table. Toadie's forced to come clean. Happily, Michaels likes babies and is suddenly in a better mood. He holds Nell while Toadie goes through some more business ideas.
No 24
Ajay comes in from the gym. Priya wants to know why he's quit his job; she's worried about the mortgage, but he tells her their finances are fine. He adds that he liked being a lawyer because it allowed him to look after her and Rani; but it was never really his dream. He says he's always put Priya first, but she's thrown it all away for her fling with Paul, proving that she doesn't really care about their family - and now he doesn't have to look after her anymore. Priya says she'd hate him to resign for the wrong reasons; but Ajay tells her she no longer has any right to question his decisions; and that there's nothing further to say.
Erinsborough Hospital
Outside, Rhys and Vanessa sit on the bench drinking coffee. She's having trouble concentrating on what he's saying because she's so worried about Patrick. Rhys suggests they talk about their plans for the wedding, to take her mind off her worries. He wonders if they could have an engagement dinner, but she isn't interested in celebrating anything before Patrick comes home. Tearfully, Vanessa tells Rhys she can't think of anything else until the baby is out of the woods, and rushes back inside.
No 30
Toadie comes in with Nell, praising her for being such a big help in the meeting with Roy Michaels, and telling her she could be a lawyer some day! Sonya comes back from her doctor's appointment, which went well. Toadie explains how he took Nell to work and how she helped him placate the client. Sonya and Toadie fuss over Nell.
Erinsborough Hospital
The cardiac catheterisation procedure is complete, and Vanessa is pleased to be reunited with Patrick. She tells him he'll be coming home soon, and that in the meantime she'll be with him all the way. Lucas talks to Rhys outside, before coming into the observation room. Vanessa asks Lucas if he could sit with Patrick for a while, as there's something she needs to do.
Vanessa goes to talk to Rhys in the examination room across the hall.
VANESSA: I can't do this.
RHYS: Yes you can. I know it's tough, but you're incredibly strong and you're an amazing mother.
VANESSA: No, Rhys, listen to me. I can't do this. I can't marry you.
Vanessa says she can't give Rhys what he needs in a relationship, when she's got so much to worry about with Patrick. Rhys says he knows Patrick has to be her priority, and he's okay with that; but Vanessa says if Patrick remains ill, she may have to care for him constantly for the rest of his life. Rhys says he wants to help, but Vanessa takes off his mother's ring and gives it back to him - telling him she's really sorry - before returning to Patrick's bedside.
Monday on Neighbours
- Vanessa and Lucas want to take Patrick home, but Karl tells them that could be six months away
- Lucas is tempted by the prospect of gambling, and confides in Sonya
- Paul reminds Andrew of the last time he and Tash were an item, but suffers her presence at his birthday dinner
- Rhys is up to something; and Kate wonders whether he's simply doing it to win Vanessa back
- Susan has some good news for Vanessa
<<6559 - 6561>>
Ajay Kapoor, Anna Hauser in Neighbours Episode 6560
Ajay Kapoor, Anna Hauser

Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6560
Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi

Nell Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6560
Nell Rebecchi

Rhys Lawson, Lucas Fitzgerald, Vanessa Villante in Neighbours Episode 6560
Rhys Lawson, Lucas Fitzgerald, Vanessa Villante

Patrick Villante in Neighbours Episode 6560
Patrick Villante

Ajay Kapoor, Rani Kapoor, Sophie Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6560
Ajay Kapoor, Rani Kapoor, Sophie Ramsay

Rhys Lawson, Vanessa Villante in Neighbours Episode 6560
Rhys Lawson, Vanessa Villante

Toadie Rebecchi, Anna Hauser in Neighbours Episode 6560
Toadie Rebecchi, Anna Hauser

Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6560
Lucas Fitzgerald

Sophie Ramsay, Rani Kapoor in Neighbours Episode 6560
Sophie Ramsay, Rani Kapoor

Priya Kapoor in Neighbours Episode 6560
Priya Kapoor

Vanessa Villante, Rhys Lawson in Neighbours Episode 6560
Vanessa Villante, Rhys Lawson

Nell Rebecchi, Roy Michaels, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6560
Nell Rebecchi, Roy Michaels, Toadie Rebecchi

Priya Kapoor, Ajay Kapoor in Neighbours Episode 6560
Priya Kapoor, Ajay Kapoor

Vanessa Villante, Rhys Lawson in Neighbours Episode 6560
Vanessa Villante, Rhys Lawson

Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6560
Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi

Rhys Lawson, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6560
Rhys Lawson, Lucas Fitzgerald

Vanessa Villante, Rhys Lawson in Neighbours Episode 6560
Vanessa Villante, Rhys Lawson

Rhys Lawson in Neighbours Episode 6560
Rhys Lawson

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