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Neighbours Episode 6509 from 2012 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6509
Australian airdate: 11/10/12
UK airdate: 08/11/12
Writer: Pete McTighe
Director: Jo O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Harley Canning: Justin Holborow
Bradley Fox: Aaron Jeffery
Summary/Images by: Sarah (Stew)/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Rani and Harley kiss
- Callum and Rani welcome Sophie home, and she tells them her legs will get better
- Sonya discovers that Jade has come home, but realises she and Kyle want to catch up
- Bradley admires Susan's top. Vanessa says it means more than clothes.
- Bradley and Summer kiss
Susan's flat
Susan pours herself a glass of wine. There's a knock at the door. It's Bradley, who apologises for coming around so late, but says he had to see her. He says he's in an awkward situation with someone at work. Susan tries to put him off, but he says he's attracted to her. Susan suggests that he's confused. He doesn't think so and walks towards her. She tells him it can't happen and it's completely inappropriate. He says he doesn't care how it looks, or what anyone else thinks. He wants to be with her. He leans in to kiss her, she gasps... and wakes up clutching her cushion. She picks up her phone, and leaves a message on Bradley's voicemail. Sounding a bit flustered, she arranges a meeting for 10am the following morning, saying there are things to discuss.
No 26
Jade is making a smoothie. Harley walks in, and asks Jade if she knows what time it is (in a "that's too noisy for this time in the morning" type way). Jade turns the blender off to ask what he said, then turns it on every time he tries to answer. The fourth time, they both laugh. Harley says that 8.30 is too early for making that racket, and Jade says they've been up for ages. Harley says he's trying to sleep in. He asks Jade what she's making. She says it's Kyle's favourite breakfast. Harley is dubious:
HARLEY: He's a Canning. We're more bacon and eggs kind of guys.
JADE: You'll be a heart attack kind of guy if you're not careful.
Harley tells her that she and Kyle should be making the most of today - spending it outside. She asks if he's trying to get rid of them. He says he wants to sleep in. She says that she and Kyle are going to be on the couch all day, kissing and cuddling and watching movies. Harley pretends to be sick and says he's going out. Kyle comes out of a bedroom and asks Jade where Harley is going. Jade says away from them, which suits Kyle. Jade says she made him a smoothie. Kyle thinks that's awesome and tells her to put it in the fridge, because he's got plans. He's planned breakfast at Charlie's. She says she wanted to stay in, but he says he wants to make the most of their last day together. Jade goes off to get dressed.
Kyle and Jade are having breakfast at Charlie's. It's fruit - on a plate. Kyle says they don't get food like this in LA. Jade says they do, only six times bigger. Kyle is enthusiastic, but Jade says he'll look like the side of a house. Toadie walks over and asks Jade whether she shouldn't be unpacking... or packing. Jade says she's done - she's getting used to the routine. Toadie reminds her to say hi to Sonya.
TOADIE: Hopefully next time you can stay a bit longer.
JADE: Hopefully.
KYLE: I'll chain her up if I have to.
TOADIE: O dude! That is WAY too much information.
Jade wants to back to the couch to watch DVDs. Kyle tells her there's no time: he wanted to make her last day special. He spills some sauce, and goes to clean himself up. Rhys wanders over and tells her to cheer up. She tells him she wanted to spend her last day relaxing with Kyle and he wants to spend their time running round doing stuff. Rhys tells her she should be grateful she's got someone who wants to spoil her. He goes and she looks thoughtful. Kyle returns and they go off for some go-karting.
Erinsborough News
Susan comes into her office (at 9.55) to find Bradley sitting there. He says her message sounded serious. He asks why she was up so late, so she says she couldn't sleep. He recommends a hot toddy, and promises to make her one sometime, but she turns him down. He asks what she wanted to discuss. She asks how he's settling in. He says fine, but adds that he thought they weren't doing a review. She wonders if he wants to discuss any issues, and asks if he's enjoying working there. He says he loves it.
BRADLEY: How could I not, working with you?
She frowns and says they take pride in their professionalism. Bradley says that's one reason he wanted the job. Susan adds that he's very charming. But employees must remain professional and no-one must be made uncomfortable. Bradley looks puzzled, and asks if there's a problem with his conduct, or whether someone has said something about his professionalism. Susan admits that no-one has. She asks if he had anything to say to her. He asks if anyone had seen anything... She asks what they might have seen. He says there's nothing. She presses him a bit more, but he says everything's fine. She ends the meeting, saying if he ever wants to discuss anything, he should let her know. He agrees and leaves. She looks disconcerted.
Priya asks Susan if she's sure it was a nightmare. Susan sighs and asks why Bradley is after her, when he could have his pick of women his own age. Priya suggests he might like a challenge: Susan is smart, beautiful, powerful.
Outside Harold's
Summer is at a table and Bradley comes to join her. She tells him she enjoyed last night and he agrees. She suggests they go and see the movie tonight. He frowns slightly, so Summer assumes it was a once-off. He says he wants to see her again. She's pleased, but he's looking round the complex. She asks what's wrong, and he asks her to come with him.
Priya tells Susan she has to shut Bradley down asap. Susan says she tried, but he got a bit tense. She adds that she doesn't want to make things awkward. She hopes that he got the message and he'll back off. Priya asks if she actually told him that, and Susan says not in so many words...
Lassiters complex
Bradley tells Summer he's not backing off, but he thinks they should tell Susan. Summer doesn't want to, but he says he thinks she already knows, since she had lectured him about professionalim earlier. He adds that he'd have to drop the mentorship as it would be inappropriate. They have to be professional. Summer agrees. Bradley promises to tells Susan, after which he'll be free to see Summer. Summer asks if it's a date tonight and Bradley says yes. They kiss.
Priya tells Susan that Bradley won't ignore his feelings. Susan has to tell him it can't happen. Susan looks determined.
SUSAN: I just have to do it - just be completely open about it.
PRIYA: Exactly.
SUSAN: Make it clear this can't go on
SUSAN: And I will - right after I have another coffee.
Susan says she is nervous, and that she is going for a walk to clear her head, but leaves without that coffee. She walks around the corner from Harold's, and sees Summer and Bradley kissing. She turns around and goes back towards Harold's.
No 22
Rani asks Sophie what she's doing. Sophie says she's studying, but Rani says she can do that any time. Sophi should come and hang out because they haven't seen each other in ages. Besides, you learn more if you take regular breaks. Sophie looks unconvinced. Rani says that she's already asked her dad to drive them to Harold's, and Sophie can meet her boyfriend. For the first time, Sophie looks interested. Rani says that Harley is awesome. Sophie asks if she means Harley Canning, and says she's heard about the trouble he caused. Rani says she doesn't care
RANI: It's kind of cool - you know, going out with a bad boy.
She adds that the other girls at school are jealous. Sophie repeats that she's got to study, but Rani insists they hang out, saying Sophie will love Harley.
Susan and Bradley meet up, and say at the same time that they want to talk about something. She tells him to go first. He says he wants to pull out of his mentorship with Summer. She says she'll find someone else. He says he assumes she knows about him and Summer: that's why he got the chat about professionalism earlier. Susan agrees that it was. Bradley assures her that it only started the previous evening. He apologises for not telling her earlier, but he wanted to tell Summer first. Susan thanks him for being open. Bradley is pleased she's been so understanding and leaves. Susan winces.
A path somewhere
Kyle tells Jade her next challenge is indoor rock climbing. He is enthusiastic and says she might win. Jade asks Kyle if he really wants to climb a cliff: she wants to go home with him and relax. Kyle insists that they are not going home. He wants her to sit on the plane and remember what an awesome day she's had so she'll come back for more. He feels that sitting on the couch is boring compared to LA, and she'll want to stay there. Jade tells him he doesn't have to compete. She tells him she'll be thinking of him when she's on the plane.
KYLE: I wish you would have told me that earlier. I could have saved 50 bucks on the go-karts!
They agree to skip the rock climbing and move on to item 3, which is at home...
Callum and Harley come in to Harold's where Sophie and Rani are sitting at a table. Rani gets up and hugs Harley, then introduces him to Sophie. She tells him that Sophie's been in rehab.
HARLEY: Rehab? Mate, that's hardcore. Respect.
SOPHIE: Yeah, not that kind of rehab.
RANI: She was in a car accident. She smuggled herself in the boot to get to a gig.
HARLEY: Serious? Nice one.
SOPHIE: No, it wasn't nice at all. I nearly died.
Rani sends the boys off to get a drink and asks Sophie why she's being uptight. Sophie tells Rani that Harley isn't right for her - he's an idiot. Rani tells her having a boyfriend isn't going to get in the way of their friendship. Lou comes in and Sophie asks him to take her home. Lou agrees. As they leave, Sophie realises she forgot her wallet. Lou goes to get it, and asks Rani if Sophie is OK. Rani tells him Sophie's being acting weird since she got home. Lou promises to sort it.
No 26
Kyle and Jade are lying on the bed and he is giving her a massage, which she is enjoying. He promises to have a new move every time she returns. He tells her that he's been reading about long-distance relationships and the key is to keep things fresh. He's going to make every effort to make it work. Jade says they'll be fine. He is kissing her shoulder when her phone bleeps, and she tells him she has to go and see Sonya. She tells him she'll be 20 minutes. He says if she's 10 minutes, he'll give her another massage.
No 22
Sophie is showing Lou some apps on her phone (including a birdie thingummyjig). After turning down a drink, he says he's heard she's being distant with her friends. She replies that she's got lots of schoolwork to catch up on. He asks if it's got anything to do with Harley. She replies that she hardly knows him. Lou says it can be strange when your friends get involved with other people, but Sophie interrupts to say she's fine. Lou reminds her she can always talk to him. She repeats that she's fine, and he says he'll let her get on. He leaves and she looks upset.
No 26
Kyle and Jade are hugging and she tells him it will get easier. He agrees. She tells him she's looking forward to her next massage. He tells her to let him know when she's available: he needs notice, because he's popular! She asks if Lou is also on his client list. A car horn beeps outside - it's Jade's cab. She says she'll see him in a few weeks, and that she'll miss him and Bossy. When she has gone, Kyle tells Bossy it sucks.
Susan is standing by the bar. Summer comes up and says she got her message. Susan tells her she's meeting Priya for dinner, and invites Summer to join them. Summer declines, saying she's going out. Susan invites her to sit down. Summer says that Bradley told her he spoke to Susan. She assures Susan it isn't going to affect her work - the paper is very important to her. Susan interrupts and says that's not what she's worried about. She presumes it's not too serious yet. Summer says she likes him, and they're going to the movies and will see what happens. Susan says that Bradley is very charming, but the age gap means he has more life experience. Summer asks what Susan means. Susan tells her to be careful. Summer says she should judge someone she doesn't even know. Susan says she's just looking out for her. Summer says she can look out for herself - she's not a kid.
SUSAN: No, no, you're not. You're 19. And he's 36. It's a big difference.
Susan asks Summer if she's considered why Bradley is interested in a 19 year old. She warns her to think carefully before she commits. Summer is annoyed and says she has to go. Susan realises that it didn't go well.
Outside the Erinsborough News
Bradley asks Summer if she prefers popcorn or lollies. He gets no answer. Then Summer explains that Susan spoke to her earlier. Bradley asks what she said, and Summer says Susan thought they shouldn't be seeing each other. Bradley asks what Summer thinks.
Outside Charlie's
Priya and Susan are leaving Charlie's. Priya tells Susan that teenagers are allergic to advice. Susan says that Summer is normally sensible. Priya says that at least Susan had given her the advice: she can't ignore it. With any luck, she has called tonight's date off. Susan agrees she might. Priya says good night and walks off. Susan looks across the complex and sees Bradley and Summer kissing.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Summer tells Susan she's 19 and she can make her own decisions.
- Susan asks Karl to talk to Summer. He says it will be awkward, but she says it will be awkward when Summer brings Bradley over.
- Lou tells Chris that Sophie is different.
- Vanessa tells Lou and Lucas that someone is coming over.
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Bradley Fox, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6509
Bradley Fox, Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6509
Susan Kennedy

Harley Canning, Jade Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6509
Harley Canning, Jade Mitchell

Kyle Canning, Toadie Rebecchi, Jade Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6509
Kyle Canning, Toadie Rebecchi, Jade Mitchell

Rhys Lawson in Neighbours Episode 6509
Rhys Lawson

Bradley Fox, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6509
Bradley Fox, Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Priya Kapoor in Neighbours Episode 6509
Susan Kennedy, Priya Kapoor

Summer Hoyland, Susan Kennedy, Bradley Fox in Neighbours Episode 6509
Summer Hoyland, Susan Kennedy, Bradley Fox

Sophie Ramsay, Rani Kapoor in Neighbours Episode 6509
Sophie Ramsay, Rani Kapoor

Susan Kennedy, Bradley Fox in Neighbours Episode 6509
Susan Kennedy, Bradley Fox

Kyle Canning, Jade Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6509
Kyle Canning, Jade Mitchell

Sophie Ramsay, Rani Kapoor, Harley Canning, Callum Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6509
Sophie Ramsay, Rani Kapoor, Harley Canning, Callum Rebecchi

Jade Mitchell, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6509
Jade Mitchell, Kyle Canning

Sophie Ramsay, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 6509
Sophie Ramsay, Lou Carpenter

Kyle Canning, Jade Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6509
Kyle Canning, Jade Mitchell

Summer Hoyland, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6509
Summer Hoyland, Susan Kennedy

Priya Kapoor, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6509
Priya Kapoor, Susan Kennedy

Summer Hoyland, Bradley Fox in Neighbours Episode 6509
Summer Hoyland, Bradley Fox

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6509
Susan Kennedy

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