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Neighbours Episode 6424 from 2012 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6424
Australian airdate: 14/06/12
UK airdate: 12/07/12
Writer: Catherine Roden
Director: Laurence Wilson
Guests: Vanessa Villante: Alin Sumarwata
Troy Miller: Dieter Brummer
Tiffany Giles: Shaye Hopkins
Summary/Images by: Emily/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Vanessa watches on as Tiffany flirts with Rhys
- Jade's evidence at the hearing does not help in the way they'd hoped
- Toadie is arrested for breaking his violation
Number 30
Sonya reveals to Callum that things didn't go so well at the hearing. Callum is surprised to hear Jade used to live with Troy and he hurt her too. Sonya reveals they thought the truth from Jade might have helped, but it didn't. Callum wonders if it means Troy might still gain joint custody.
Police station/Number 30
Toadie phones to check in on Sonya and Callum. He reveals the police have given him a warning but remains focussed on making sure his family is safe. Sonya lets Toadie know that Callum is okay and resting, but he's suffered enough.
Ramsay Street
Unbeknown to his mum, Callum has ventured outside. Noticing a stack of bricks in Troy's driveway he picks one up and is about to launch it at Troy's front window, till Lucas appears, forcing the distraught boy to stop.
LUCAS: What's going on?
CALLUM: Nothing.
LUCAS: Nothing? You're just about to chuck a brick through the guy's window.
Lucas points out that Troy is already causing grief for his family and they don't need him getting in trouble. Callum storms back home, claiming Lucas knows nothing.
General Store
Rhys arrives with Tiffany and offers to buy her a coffee. She is surprised to discover Vanessa works at the store, but Rhys doesn't see the problem. As Vanessa goes to get their order, Tiffany suggests to Rhys that they meet up for dinner later. Vanessa reminds Rhys he's already having dinner with her; they arranged it last week. Tiffany is puzzled, especially when Vanessa claims they aren't together....
Number 24/Number 26
Rhys is busy getting ready for a night out as Vanessa sits on the sofa, vegging out. Rhys can't decide which shirt to wear but finally decides on the fourth one he's ironed. Vanessa phones to cancel, but doesn't get a chance as Rhys confirms he's on his way. She warns him it's casual, so not to make a big deal of it.
Erinsborough News
Susan gathers troops together for a few drinks to thank them for all their recent hard work. Summer congratulates Susan on her recent success and updates her on the results of the online poll they're running. The mood is spoilt when Paul makes his entrance; reporting to Susan that sales are down by 10% from the last quarter. Susan reminds Paul it's going to take time for the new demographic to adjust, but Paul's not happy and he wants to see changes now.
Number 24
Vanessa still hasn't got dressed up for the evening as Rhys arrives. She is annoyed to see he's put a fresh shirt on, and brought over a non-alcoholic glass of wine (for the pregnancy). She pulls out some leftovers for the meal; casual of course.
Erinsborough News
Susan is glad to see Summer still in the office, working hard. She asks her to take on the new dating column and Summer quickly twigs that this was Paul's idea.
SUMMER: I'm the last person who should be giving out dating advice.
SUSAN: Think of it as a creative writing exercise then.
General Store
Chris is taking a look at Summer's response to the 'Lost and Lonely' pages. He laughs as he noticed she's used the 'plenty more fish in the sea' line.
CHRIS: It makes you sounds like someone's grandmother.
SUMMER: Do you think I want to be writing this sort of stuff!?
Summer admits working for Susan is great, but is not impressed by this latest column. Andrew arrives, closely followed by Paul. Paul is delighted to see Summer working on the dating column and heads on his way. Andrew advises Summer that if she's doesn't want to continue writing it, she should do a bad job and Susan will give it to someone else. Summer however isn't so sure. Is it in her nature?
Charlie's Bar
The Rebecchi's have come out for the evening. Over at the bar Lucas updates Toadie on Callum's earlier behaviour and he returns to his family. Callum claims he's not hungry and is worried about Toadie's earlier warning. Toadie admits it might affect the court case, which is still a while off. Callum asks Toadie and Sonya dejectedly how long it is before he'll have to start spending weekends with Troy. Toadie says it's not going to happen, but Callum points out that the legalities haven't exactly gone well so far! Sonya can't bear to listen to her family falling apart and bursts into tears. She heads outside, closely followed by Toadie.
Having just arrived, Sophie spots Callum sitting by himself.
SOPHIE: So, things kind of suck right now huh?
Sophie can't figure out why Troy does all the crazy things he does; especially if he wants Callum to like him.
Number 32
Callum comes by to visit Troy. He agrees to spend time with Troy, so long as he stops the court case and intervention order. Troy believes the court case is the right thing to do; he's his son, and he has a right to see him. Callum is adamant that Troy drops the intervention order. Troy admits it's all got a little out of hand, but agrees to have a think about it.
CALLUM: If you don't. We'll never be like father and son.
Number 24
Rhys is impressed by Vanessa's leftovers and is being very polite about the meal but she twigs it's not quite enough for him. She soon reveals a pot of noodle soup she made earlier. Rhys pulls her up on their 'no effort' meal, but Vanessa reveals she was taught never to leave a guest feeling hungry.
Rhys is cautious about digging into the soup on learning Vanessa's ingredients, those she picked up from travelling around Vietnam. He politely proceeds to drink the soup, but he is soon struggling for breathe. It turns out he's allergic to the star anise. Vanessa tells him to quit being polite and is annoyed he didn't tell her he was allergic to it. As she nurses him back to health, (he's now lying on the sofa with a flannel on his forehead) they almost kiss, but are interrupted by Lucas arriving home.
VANESSA: You told me you were going out.
LUCAS: You told me you were working.
VANESSA: I changed my plans.
LUCAS: So did I.
VANESSA: Well, you're going to have to go.
LUCAS: Why should I?
VANESSA: Because we were here first.
Rhys sits dazedly on the sofa as Lucas and Vanessa bicker it out. Lucas reveals he needs the house as he's got a date lined up. Rhys admits they were on a date too. The three are left with a conundrum.
<<6423 - 6425>>
Sonya Mitchell, Callum Jones in Neighbours Episode 6424
Sonya Mitchell, Callum Jones

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6424
Toadie Rebecchi

Callum Jones in Neighbours Episode 6424
Callum Jones

Tiffany Giles, Vanessa Villante, Rhys Lawson in Neighbours Episode 6424
Tiffany Giles, Vanessa Villante, Rhys Lawson

Rhys Lawson in Neighbours Episode 6424
Rhys Lawson

Vanessa Villante in Neighbours Episode 6424
Vanessa Villante

Susan Kennedy, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6424
Susan Kennedy, Summer Hoyland

Paul Robinson, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6424
Paul Robinson, Susan Kennedy

Rhys Lawson, Vanessa Villante in Neighbours Episode 6424
Rhys Lawson, Vanessa Villante

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6424
Susan Kennedy

Chris Pappas, Andrew Robinson, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6424
Chris Pappas, Andrew Robinson, Summer Hoyland

Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Mitchell, Callum Jones in Neighbours Episode 6424
Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Mitchell, Callum Jones

Sophie Ramsay, Callum Jones in Neighbours Episode 6424
Sophie Ramsay, Callum Jones

Callum Jones in Neighbours Episode 6424
Callum Jones

Captain Troy Miller in Neighbours Episode 6424
Captain Troy Miller

Rhys Lawson in Neighbours Episode 6424
Rhys Lawson

Vanessa Villante, Rhys Lawson in Neighbours Episode 6424
Vanessa Villante, Rhys Lawson

Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6424
Lucas Fitzgerald

Rhys Lawson, Lucas Fitzgerald, Vanessa Villante in Neighbours Episode 6424
Rhys Lawson, Lucas Fitzgerald, Vanessa Villante

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