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Neighbours Episode 6321 from 2012 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6321
Australian airdate: 23/01/12
UK airdate: 20/02/12
Writer: Peter Dick
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Emilia Jovanovic: Freya Stafford
Priya Kapoor: Menik Gooneratne
Erin Salisbury: Elise Jansen
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
This week on Neighbours
- Erin figuring out the truth about Rhys.
- Tash telling Chris a few home truths.
- Sophie continuing to see Corey.
- Andrew doing the paperwork to be Red Cotton's manager.
- Jade/Kyle woes.
Previously on Neighbours
Susan calling it quits on her relationship with Karl.
Rhys being told there is no room for him on the surgical programme.
Kate twigging what Rhys is up to with Erin.
Rhys inviting Erin to dinner.
Number 26
Rhys calls Erin to confirm that dinner is still on and that he's booked the restaurant... except he's persuaded Kyle and Jade to go out this evening (shouting them to a night at the cinema) so he can entertain Erin at home instead.
Harold's Store
Rhys is going all out to impress Erin, even buy buying roses for her from the store. He runs into Kate there and she can't believe Erin is falling for it!
Sum finally manages to catch up with Kate in the store - Lyn has sent her to see if Kate can do extra shifts (Kate's avoiding answering her phone just now) and Sum wrongly assumes she is going back to Uni when Kate say she can't do them because she's enjoying her new life!
Number 28
Paul comes looking for Andrew but he isn't there. Before he leaves though, he has a big dig at Karl about the décor of the place and *strongly* urges him to make some changes even though Karl replies that he is fine!
Rhys presents Erin with the roses when she appears and he tells her about going to a Vietnamese restaurant (she's impressed he got in as it's hard to get a reservation apparently). However, disaster strikes when they get a call from the restaurant saying there is an overbooking so Rhys tempts her with some frozen lasagne at #26 instead since they're not going to the restaurant.
Unknown to Erin, the whole thing has been instigated by Rhys - he set his phone to ring back and pretended to talk to the restaurant because in reality they were never going there in the first place!
Number 28
Karl has taken Paul's words to heart and is "de- cluttering" the place I.e. removing Susan's things! And after a chat with Chris it looks like a new fancy TV is on the cards too as Chris vetoed them watching a DVD there (Karl said he was going to his bed to read) in preference to #22 because it's TV has got 3D!
Number 26
Erin gives Rhys some polite comments about his lasagne as they finish their meal. She asks if he home cooks for all his dates and he opens his heart to her about his behaviour after being burnt in a previous relationship. This of course strikes a chord with Erin and they chat about her past relationship and she remarks that being on the programme is helping to keep her sane.
Dessert has impressed Erin unlike the lasagne. Rhys is really turning on the charm, dishing out the personal compliments to Erin about her being gorgeous and smart and that she shouldn't put herself down (she remarked that she didn't think he'd want to go out with her) and agrees with her to take things slowly.
Erin thanks Rhys for the great evening and given how much they've both had to drink, Rhys suggests she stays the night - her in his room and him on the couch, which she eventually agrees to. When she heads off to the bathroom, Rhys goes into her phone and changes the alarm time from 6.30am to 6.30pm!
Number 26 (next day)
Rhys puts the kybosh on Jade making smoothies because Erin is still sleeping but the noise has woke her up and she's just realised the time... and has 10 minutes to get to work before her shift starts! She literally runs out of the house but does thank him for a great night last night.
Harold's Store
Karl subtly quizzes Paul on his TV when he spots him upon entering the store. Paul doesn't give him the answers he was after, instead makes derogatory remarks that it won't fit in his house! Susan arrives for her meeting with Paul and Karl excuses himself. Paul then gives Karl a bit of a cryptic word of advice!
PAUL: Size does matter but performance is more important.
(He then realises that Susan is looking at him questioningly)
KARL: We're talking televisions.
Paul then hands over a card for the place to go to for one and whom to contact before issuing him some advice - get them to install it!
Lassiters Complex
Susan runs into Michael as he's walking through the complex. She enquires about his health and how he's easing himself back into work, remarking that having Priya helping must be great. Priya then literally appears and Susan excuses herself after they agree to meet up for coffee. Michael is evading attending the handover meeting Priya wants them to have but she isn't taking no for an answer (she's even drawn up an agenda!) and will come to meet Michael whenever he can spare the time.
Number 28
Karl is most pleased with himself after managing to install his new 3D television! He is just trying it out when Chris comes looking for Summer and Karl invites him to wait but Sum appears seconds later and they head off to meet Andrew.
Harold's Store
Michael runs into Kate at the store and quizzes her about her future plans but more importantly if she is returning to EHS (plus Priya wanted to know too) but returning to teaching isn't one of them. He also mentioned that because they disciplined her in- house, what happened with Noah isn't a barrier to her retuning, but that doesn't change Kate's mind at all.
Emilia joins a pressured Michael and asks when they are next going surfing but he explains that he hasn't the time due to meetings and seems peeved too that Lucas is asking for time off so he and Emilia can go to Sydney. "I'm sorry I asked," she mutters before bailing out of the store.
Lassiters complex
Michael rushes after Emilia to apologies for biting her head off...and he does seem to cheer up when she mentions that it's just Lucas going to Sydney! After listing to Michael re- explain why he took on the Principal job, Emilia subtly hints that Tash is an adult now and so he should take his own advice - go back to being just a teacher since that is where his passion lies. "Follow your heart," she urges him.
EMILIA: I just think that if you stay where you are it's not going to make you happy.
Emilia heads off and Michael sits down on one of the benches contemplating what has just been said to him.
Michael turns up for the meeting with Priya and drops in the bombshell that he's resigned as being Principal, effective immediately! She is shocked at his decision especially so close to term starting and he drops all his management stuff onto the table for her to have because he is off surfing!
Rhys spots an upset Erin (Martin gave her an official warning for being late) and says all the right words to her even though she is blaming herself for wrongly setting her alarm! He mentions the surgical programme and it dawns on Erin that she is potentially very close to being kicked out - indeed talking about it is upsetting her greatly, so Rhys pulls her in for a comforting hug... and has a smug smile on his face unseen of course by Erin.
"Way too much time on your hands," Rhys comments on Kate's dart skills when he spots her playing after entering the bar. As they chat, he has a dig at her for wasting her life playing darts and she counter- acts by having a dig at him over what he's doing to get on the surgical programme.
RHYS: Difference between me and you, I know what I want and what I need to do to get it. You wouldn't know where to start.
Rhys spots Kate entering the hospital and talking to Erin and begins to look worried... seriously worried! He tries to go over but Karl delays that by talking to him about a case and when he finally manages to get away to head over and talk, Erin meets him half way and slaps his face!
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Rhys pleading to make it up to Erin.
- Erin on to Rhys.
- Rhys informing Kate her plan has backfired.
- Andrew unimpressed with Sophie.
- Kyle happy with the profits he is making and wanting to run some adverts.
- Callum and Kyle coming to a deal.
- Kate quizzing Paul about the guy Sophie is hanging around with.
- Sophie unimpressed with her sister.
<<6320 - 6322>>
Rhys Lawson in Neighbours Episode 6321
Rhys Lawson

Jade Mitchell, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6321
Jade Mitchell, Kyle Canning

Rhys Lawson, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6321
Rhys Lawson, Kate Ramsay

Kate Ramsay, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6321
Kate Ramsay, Summer Hoyland

Paul Robinson, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6321
Paul Robinson, Karl Kennedy

Rhys Lawson, Erin Salisbury in Neighbours Episode 6321
Rhys Lawson, Erin Salisbury

Karl Kennedy, Chris Pappas, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6321
Karl Kennedy, Chris Pappas, Summer Hoyland

Erin Salisbury, Rhys Lawson in Neighbours Episode 6321
Erin Salisbury, Rhys Lawson

Rhys Lawson, Erin Salisbury in Neighbours Episode 6321
Rhys Lawson, Erin Salisbury

Rhys Lawson, Kyle Canning, Jade Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6321
Rhys Lawson, Kyle Canning, Jade Mitchell

Susan Kennedy, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6321
Susan Kennedy, Paul Robinson

Michael Williams, Priya Kapoor in Neighbours Episode 6321
Michael Williams, Priya Kapoor

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6321
Karl Kennedy

Michael Williams, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6321
Michael Williams, Kate Ramsay

Emilia Jovanovic, Michael Williams in Neighbours Episode 6321
Emilia Jovanovic, Michael Williams

Michael Williams, Priya Kapoor in Neighbours Episode 6321
Michael Williams, Priya Kapoor

Rhys Lawson, Erin Salisbury in Neighbours Episode 6321
Rhys Lawson, Erin Salisbury

Kate Ramsay, Rhys Lawson in Neighbours Episode 6321
Kate Ramsay, Rhys Lawson

Kate Ramsay, Erin Salisbury in Neighbours Episode 6321
Kate Ramsay, Erin Salisbury

Rhys Lawson, Erin Salisbury in Neighbours Episode 6321
Rhys Lawson, Erin Salisbury

Rhys Lawson, Karl Kennedy, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6321
Rhys Lawson, Karl Kennedy, Kate Ramsay

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