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Neighbours Episode 6300 from 2011 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6300
Australian airdate: 25/11/11
UK airdate: 20/01/12
Writer: Katrina Foster
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Malcolm Kennedy - Benjie McNair
Priya Kapoor - Menik Gooneratne
Gary Denham - Anthony West
Tanya Parcell - Carissa McAllen
Summary/Images by: ~Em~/Graham
- Mal and Jade kissing.
- Jade telling Mal that it's too complicated and it's over.
- Karl watching his son lie to his wife.
- Mal telling Karl that Susan thinks he (Karl) is having an affair with Jade.
- Karl slightly buoyed by the idea that Susan might be jealous.
- Sophie telling Priya that Kate kissed Noah and has been lying about it ever since.
- Kate owning up to kissing Noah.
- Sophie moving in with Paul
Number 22
Paul has made pancakes for breakfast and Sophie will eat some of them while he goes over some house rules. The most important one is that Paul needs to know where she is and what she's doing at all times.
SOPHIE: At least you care.
PAUL: Sophie, Kate cares as well.
SOPHIE: No, if she cared she wouldn't have done it in the first place.
Sophie doesn't want to go to school today but Paul thinks she needs to go in an hold her head high and tell people who think otherwise to get a life. Soph isn't really up for that today though.
PAUL: You go in there today you send a clear message that you're not going to be anybody's victim. It is better in the long run, trust me.
Number 28
Karl and Susan make polite, slightly awkward, breakfast chat until Susan notices there's a message on the answerphone. It's a real estate agent with an apartment he thinks Karl should take a look at. Karl isn't so sure, but Susan thinks it might be worth a look. Mal offers to go and look with him then heads out for a coffee (because there's not a pot of it on the table...). Karl hands Susan a plate of eggs and sadly it's not at all like 5215.
Number 22
Kate calls by and is surprised that Sophie is at school and then annoyed when she thinks Paul made her go.
PAUL: No, I merely encouraged her not to give people a reason to treat her differently.
KATE: She's already got enough reasons, ones I caused.
Erinsborough High
The gawping brigade are out gawping and sniggering at Sophie. There's a teacher literally ambling around in the background, in what school does that happen? Callum comes along and wants to know what's going on and if Kate is ok. Sophie is tearful.
Number 22
Kate thinks Sophie should have had some time off, but Paul gets all Sun Tzu on Kate who reminds him that Sophie isn't him, she needs protecting.
KATE: She shouldn't have to suffer the fall out. This is my mess, she shouldn't be punished for it.
Wow. How noble of you Kate.
Erinsborough High
Callum is doing his best to be a supportive friend, which is nice, as they haven't spent much time together lately, but he still has no idea what is going on.

Karl has been to see the apartment and the agent is pressing him to make a decision and close the sale. Karl isn't so sure though, it's further away than he expected and very small - he'll have all the benefits of living in the CBD though, says the agent. Hmm, with the new shopping complex he could recycle that line the next time a house goes up for sale on Ramsay Street.
AGENT: I'm not feeling a lot of excitement.
KARL: I'm just considering all my options.
AGENT: Karl, it's a great little apartment.
KARL: Yes, "little" is a word I'd use to describe it.
AGENT: What do you need the space for? You're a professional, single man. This is the perfect pad to suit your lifestyle. I don't understand the problem.
Pick up a clue, agent dude, he's still hoping he might get back together with his wife, that's the problem! The agent is desperate to make the sale, so he leaves the section 32 with Karl but warns him it will be going publicly on the market tomorrow.
Jade does her best to ignore Mal as she buys herself a drink. He apologises for handling things badly and for Karl getting involved. He hadn't envisaged that.
JADE: Yeah, and what's with your mum just barging into my place like that last night, pretending she was there to see Dane?
Mal looks uncomfortable and Jade assumes that means that Susan also suspects something. Mal admits that Susan "may" think that she and Karl are having the affair.
JADE: WHAT? If I'd have known this thing would end up with your whole family getting involved...just stay away Mal. And try to keep your parents at bay.
Erinsborough High
Sophie's eyes are still a bit red and Callum is still in the dark. Sophie confirms the rumours are true and she knows because Andrew saw them. Cal assumes that means that Andrew dobbed on Kate, but Sophie explains that Andrew tried to cover it up when she told Priya about it.
CALLUM: Wait? You told them...
SOPHIE: (getting teary again) She kissed Noah!
CALLUM: I knew you liked him.
SOPHIE: No, and then she lied to everyone and Andrew tried to help her get away with it.
Callum can see why Andrew did it, they're family after all. Sophie assumes that means he thinks she shouldn't have said anything . Cal says that's not what he meant, but he would probably have done what Andrew did.
SOPHIE: Oh, you just don't get it!
CALLUM: Yeah, I know that, but all I'm saying is that if Kate was my sister I just don't reckon I could have dobbed on her, that's all.
SOPHIE: So now I'm the bad guy.
CALLUM: That's not what I'm saying...
OH DEAR GODS let him throw away his shovel!!
SOPHIE: I'm not the one who kissed Noah and then lied about it! But I guess it's ok when you're Kate, 'cause you're so perfect it doesn't matter whether you've done something wrong, everyone always takes your side.
She's got a point there.
Just as Sophie is shouting at Cal to run to Kate if he thinks she's that wonderful, Priya comes along and decides to make matters worse by wading in. Callum tells her it's no big deal, it was just an argument, but they're cool. Priya is pleased to hear it, but yelling in the halls is not the way to handle disagreements, nor does it give Sophie the right to miss class.
PRIYA: And it certainly doesn't give you the right to intimidate another student like that.
CALLUM: I wasn't intimidated.
PRIYA: No matter the circumstances, that kind of behaviour is unacceptable. If something is troubling you, come and see me or another teacher.
Er, she did. That's what created the mess in the first place.
Callum suggests they go back to class, but before they go Priya wants Sophie to remove her nose ring. Sophie is not impressed and starts to argue. Cal hisses at her to just do it. Priya's rules on piercings are clear, either remove it or be sent home on a suspension. Sophie won't budge.
Paul is glad to find Kate is finished, they need to go over their plan of attack. Kate isn't in the mood because Sophie's been suspended so she's got to go to the school. Paul tells her to hold her horses, it might be better if he handles it. Kate argues that she's still her guardian and Paul argues for that wonderful concept "space" and suggests it isn't such a good idea for Kate to back into school just yet.
PAUL: Think about that, if Sophie's getting a rough time how do you think you're going to fare?
KATE: I doesn't matter.
PAUL: Yes, it does. Are you really ready to go back there before you have to.
Um, surely she's not allowed on school grounds?! Kate doesn't care though, Sophie needs her so she's going. Rolling his eyes, Paul follows her.
Erinsborough High
Paul and Kate wait outside Priya's office. Priya emerges and explains that Sophie is being particularly stubborn (Kate comments that she can "be like that" and nearly fall off my chair at the whole pot/kettle scenario) and that given the circumstances perhaps Sophie should have a few days away from school. Paul wonders whether a suspension is the best thing "given the circumstances" and Priya tells him if he has a problem with her stance on visible piercing then he should take it up at the board meeting. She goes to get Sophie and Paul tells Kate this has nothing to do with the nose ring.
SOPHIE: I'm not going with her!
There's a bit of a scene and eventually Sophie storms off with Paul in tow. Priya will see Kate at the hearing.
Number 28
Mal has bought a pair of earrings. It turns out they aren't for him though, they're for Catherine. Or so he tells his mother. He gets a call from work so he leaves the room, and Susan takes a peek at the earrings. Karl comes in and notices the shopping bag, Susan explains Mal has been Christmas shopping - it's only a month away! Karl hadn't given it much thought and asks what Susan wants to do about presents. They agree to buy family presents together, which pleases Karl no end. Mal comes back and Susan asks about the flat. Mal thought it was pretty nice, but Karl reports that it was a bit small. Anyway, someone beat him to it. Mal surreptitiously slides the earrings into his bag and heads out. Susan is sure something will turn up for Karl.
SUSAN: And Karl, don't feel as though you have to rush.
Aw, Suze! Can't you see you're building his little hopes up. Karl throws the papers relating to the flat in the recycling with a smile.
Number 26
Mal knocks on the door but Jade has nothing else to say to him. Mal tries to hand her the earrings, but she doesn't want them. He shows her the earrings and tells her they're to say sorry. Jade is convinced they won't make her feel better. Mal thinks they'd make him feel better though.
JADE: So even this apology is about you?
Mal doesn't care whether she wears them, gives them away or chucks them in the bin. The point is he's sorry.
Number 22
Paul isn't going to tell Sophie to remove her nose ring. Sophie rages at the unfairness of a world in which she seems to be in more trouble than Kate for a nose ring. Paul isn't convinced Priya has her priorities right. Sophie liked her as Rani's mum, but as principal she's the worst.
PAUL: (chuckling) Can't be worse than Michael.
That was nice. A nice little dig. Sophie continues to rant about Callum making out she's a bad sister, Paul doesn't think Cal can judge. Sophie is pleased Paul gets it, everyone else is just rallying around Kate to make sure she's ok. Paul goes out to get some fresh air and Sophie plugs her iPod into Paul's computer to charge it. Unfortunately Paul has left his character statement for Kate open which infuriates Sophie even more.
When Paul comes back into the house he finds Sophie looking a little bit bovine with her ring and demented angry look. She informs him that she read what he wrote about Kate. She thought he said he was on her side. Paul claims not to have a side. Interesting that, Paul Robinson the fence- sitter.
PAUL: You're both family.
SOPHIE: After what she did to me?
PAUL: Kate made a mistake.
Sophie thinks that Kate knew exactly what she was doing, she knew how Sophie felt about Noah and did it anyway. Surely the bigger problem here is the massive breech of professionalism? No?
SOPHIE: She deserves everything she gets.
She can't believe that Paul is going to help her despite everything she did to Sophie. Paul tells her that he cares about both of them and will not pick sides.
SOPHIE: Well you're going to have to.
PAUL: Well I won't.
SOPHIE: Well I don't see how this is going to work out then.
Well, I'm glad that's all sorted...
Number 28
It's book club time! Sonya and Susan wonder how the book went down with the others while they prepare food. Susan catches sight of Sonya's earrings and wonders where she got them.
SONYA: Oh, Jade gave them to me. It's not as sweet as it sounds, they're a present she didn't want. Some big corporate client.
Susan stares at the earrings, realising they're the same as the ones Mal bought and not convinced it's a coincidence. Sonya suddenly gets self conscious that they look silly as they're not her usual style. Susan assures her they're lovely, she's just never noticed them before, and they're very distinctive. Sonya tells her Jade only got them today, she doesn't know why she didn't want them. Susan is left reeling.
Later, Susan and Sonya are clearing up after the book club meeting when Karl arrives home. He's very jovial and has plans to cook up a storm for dinner that evening. Sonya leaves and Susan immediately tells Karl she has something to tell him. She explains they earring situation.
SUSAN: Karl, I think Malcolm's having an affair with Jade. Think about it! The way he leaves the house, the phone calls, the attitude that Jade's got. It all makes sense.
She has trouble reading Karl's expression and wonders for a moment if Karl thinks she's wrong.
KARL: No, I think you're right.
SUSAN: Well you don't seem very surprised.
Karl looks shifty and Susan realises he already knew. Karl realises all his build up hopes have just been smashed away in one fair swoop.
After the break Karl is trying to explain that he wasn't sure and then he thought Mal had ended it. Susan picks up her phone and tries to make a call, presumably to Malcolm. She demands to know how long Karl has known. Karl just sighs, which Susan interprets as "some time".
SUSAN: When I first found out, the first person, the only person I wanted to talk to about it was you, but you kept this from me!
KARL: I didn't want Mal to disappoint you.
SUSAN: So the two of you just decided to keep it to yourselves.
KARL: I knew you'd be upset.
SUSAN: Infidelity is just a boys club to you!
KARL: That's not fair!
SUSAN: Women are kept in the dark, so that men can sweep it under the carpet and pretend they'd done nothing wrong!
KARL: You know that's not how I think.
SUSAN: Then why are you still doing it?
KARL: Because I never wanted Mal to repeat the same mistake I have.
SUSAN: He already has! And you helped him.
The final blow cast, Susan walks away leaving Karl back at the very beginning.
ANDREW: I reckon it's about time you and me hit the town.
CHRIS: Oh yeah!
MVO: So you've just finished high school. What's the plan? Have a ton of fun at schoolies, of course!
(The next morning)
CHRIS: That was when we went to that place a few doors up.
ANDREW: That was cool, yeah....
FVO: Oh Andrew, what have you done? More importantly what does it say?
(Lifting up his shirt to reveal a tattoo)
ANDREW: No I've not...No! Maaaaaan.
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Sophie Ramsay, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6300
Sophie Ramsay, Paul Robinson

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6300
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Kate Ramsay, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6300
Kate Ramsay, Paul Robinson

Callum Jones, Sophie Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6300
Callum Jones, Sophie Ramsay

Karl Kennedy, Gary Denham in Neighbours Episode 6300
Karl Kennedy, Gary Denham

Jade Mitchell, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6300
Jade Mitchell, Malcolm Kennedy

Sophie Ramsay, Callum Jones in Neighbours Episode 6300
Sophie Ramsay, Callum Jones

Priya Kapoor, Callum Jones, Sophie Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6300
Priya Kapoor, Callum Jones, Sophie Ramsay

Paul Robinson, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6300
Paul Robinson, Kate Ramsay

Kate Ramsay, Paul Robinson, Priya Kapoor, Sophie Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6300
Kate Ramsay, Paul Robinson, Priya Kapoor, Sophie Ramsay

Susan Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6300
Susan Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy

 in Neighbours Episode 6300

Malcolm Kennedy, Jade Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6300
Malcolm Kennedy, Jade Mitchell

Sophie Ramsay, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6300
Sophie Ramsay, Paul Robinson

Sonya Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6300
Sonya Mitchell

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6300
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6300
Susan Kennedy

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6300
Karl Kennedy

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