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Neighbours Episode 6295 from 2011 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6295
Australian airdate: 18/11/11
UK airdate: 16/12/11
Writer: Stuart Gaunt
Director: Chris Langman
Guests: Emilia Jovanovic - Freya Stafford
Malcolm Kennedy - Benjie McNair
Dane Canning - Luke Pegler
Mr Martin Chambers - John Wood
Aidan Foster - Bob Morley
Elaine Lawson - Sancia Robinson
Summary/Images by: ~Em~/Graham
- Rhys telling Michael to take it easy for a couple of weeks.
- Tash making vile vegetable soup and deciding to call in Emilia.
- Lucas telling Lou he's not selling.
- Karl telling Mal he saw him kissing Jade.
- Martin telling Rhys nobody makes a fool out of him.
- Rhys discovering Dane gave him doubles.
Number 26
Rhys is looking much better and is on the phone to Martin's secretary (?) apologising for being rude earlier. Dane feels for Rhys, particularly as they stuffed him up big time.
JADE: I'm sorry, who stuffed him up? He's as much to blame as anyone. If he'd just stop being such a sook and ditch that attitude.
Rhys has no luck in buttering up "Jenny" and remains in a foul mood as a result.
Number 32
Tash answers the door to Emilia who has soup. It's slightly awkward, but Michael takes it all reasonably well.
Lou furtively looks around before approaching nurse Aidain to ask to see a doctor. Lou asks if Dr Kennedy is on duty today because he'd rather not see him, given that they're neighbours and his is a rather delicate problem. He agrees to be seen by Dr Lawson. Martin walks by with a string of surgical students in tow. Rhys watches, waiting to take his chance to pounce. He'd like a chance to explain a few things. Eventually Martin agrees to five minutes at lunchtime in Charlie's.
Jade passes Karl and checks up to see if he's still following the fitness regime to drew up for him, in fact perhaps they ought to step it up a gear. Karl asks he can talk to her about something else. He struggles for words for a moment before telling her that this "thing" with Malcolm as to stop.
JADE: I don't know what you're talking about.
KARL: Look, Jade, he's a married man. You do know he's married, don't you?
JADE: I don't know what you think you know, but you're wro...
KARL: I saw you with him.
Jade thinks this is something he should really take up with Mal, as he's the one who's married. Karl tells her that doesn't admonish her but he doesn't want to judge anyone.
JADE: REALLY? Because that sounded pretty damned judgemental to me.
KARL: Jade, I know how these things start. I also know how they end. So I'm asking you please to end it, before anyone gets hurt.
At that moment Susan comes in and it's a bit awkward between Karl and Jade which arouses Susan's suspicions, it seems. Jade leaves and Karl continues to not be cool. Be cool Karl, be cool!
Aidan shows Lou in to see Rhys and Lou begins to lament how he's not feeling the best - he has nausea, fatigue, he's tired all the time and short of breath.
RHYS: Any chest pain?
LOU: Well, it's more like a tightness.
As Rhys listens to his heart, Lou asks how things are going with "Cousin Bozo" and says he's happy to share tips on how to handle the Cannings. Rhys tells him it may or may not be angina . Lou seems thrilled at the news and would like it in writing. Rhys needs to do some tests first though.
LOU: How much is all that lot going to cost? !
RHYS: You'll get some of it back on medicare.
LOU: Well maybe it's not angina. I've got a very sore leg.
RHYS: I still want to run the tests.
Lou admits defeat and tells Rhys he's not sick, he booked a nice long expensive cruise and now the cash has fallen through and he can't get his money back unless he's unfit to travel. He thinks there must be something wrong with him, it's not long since he was last in hospital. Rhys tells him that anything that's a pre- existing condition won't get him his money back. He does, however, agree to put anything in writing if they do find it in the tests and he'll bulk bill him so he won't be out of pocket.
LOU: Oh your blood's worth bottling, doc!
Number 32
Tash and Emilia watch Michael eat soup but Emilia soon sends Tash packing to do some study. Michael thanks Emilia for her help but says that he and Tash will be ok.
EMILIA: That's not what she said.
MICHAEL: I think it would be better if you went.
EMILIA: Michael, the past is the past. I don't want to bring any of that up anymore. And anyway, that's not why I'm here.
Rhys gets straight to the point and suggests that Martin might like to create another place on the surgery programme for him. Martin asks for one good reason why and feels like he's only hearing excuses. Rhys tells him he's the best applicant by a long way and Martin knows it.
MARTIN: I know you've got one hell of an ego.
RHYS: Isn't that the mark of a great surgeon.
MARTIN: There's a big difference between confidence and cockiness. You're obviously very talented, there's no doubt about that, but we can't run the programme or this hospital on second chances. Second chances kill patients. I'm sorry.
Lassiter's Lake
Jade jogs up behind Mal and berates him for telling Karl. Mal tells her that he never said anything, Karl suspected something and he followed them and saw them near the garage, but he won't tell anyone.
JADE: He told me! That's it. I'm done.
MAL: What?
JADE: It's way too complicated.
MAL: Why?
Jade wasn't aware that the whole world knew about it, or at least one person is how it starts. The fact that Mal is heading back to London soon anyway is all the more reason to stop. It's over.
Number 32
Michael and Emilia are both reading in comfortable silence and start to talk about the old days and being "connected to the earth" when Tash comes in reading joke messages from Chris. Michael wonders if they are study related and Emilia takes her phone off her.
TASH: Hey!
EMILIA: I'm sorry, but that's not the priority right now.
TASH: Are you serious?
Emilia reminds her niece why she asked her around. She tells her to study in half hour bursts with ten minute breaks as it matches the body's natural rhythms. She can have her phone back in half an hour for ten minutes. Tash is rather gobsmacked, but Michael tells her to do as she says.
EMILIA: And faceboook's off limits too. I'm going to come and check!
Emilia seems quite pleased with herself, and Michael is much happier too.
Rhys has the test results and there's nothing wrong with Lou.
LOU: There has to be something! I've only got one kidney for crying out loud!
Getting desperate, Lou suggests he might have a virus. Rhys tells him he won't lie. Lou counters that it would only be a little lie, and some things don't have any symptoms at all, so perhaps he'd like to take a look in one of his big books. Rhys sends him packing. Aidan comes in with the files for his next patients and Rhys continues to feel frustrated at the banality of it all.
Rowanoak Care Facility
Thanks production team for that nice specific signpost! Rhys is pushing a lady in a wheelchair and telling her he'll organise a prescription for her as a cold could easily turn into a chest infection with a weakened immune system. The woman tells him that he's good at his job, which is why he asks for him specially. They come to a halt and Rhys takes a seat on a bench apologising for not being able to stay longer last week.
WOMAN: I don't want to keep you if you're busy.
RHYS: I don' t have to go yet, unless you want to go back.... Mum?
RHYS'S MUM: Sorry, darling. Tell me all the news.
Rhys's mum wants to know all about the programme. He tells her that the interview was yesterday and hesitates then tells her he blitzed it. She calls him Mr Rhys Lawson, and he reminds her he's not a surgeon yet.
MUM: I knew you would get in.
She tells him to pass her bag. There's a present inside for him - it's a name plate for his desk. Rhys is touched.
Number 26
Dane is dancing around in front of the TV with a football. He thinks he's getting the hang of it. Kyle tries to call Jade, but she rejects the incoming call. Rhys burst in in an even worse mood and immediately switches the TV off complaining about the noise.
RHYS: Guys, have some respect for someone other than yourselves, for once in your life!
He slams into the kitchen and dejectedly looks at the name plate again.
Number 28
Mal is another person in a storming around mood. Karl warns him that Susan is just outside and asks him what he expected he'd do. Mal reminds him he told him to stay out of it, and Karl reminds his son that he said he would end it.
MAL: I was going to!
KARL: Oh when, Mal? The night before you flew home to your wife?
MAL: Don't try and take the high moral ground, dad, it doesn't suit you.
Karl tells him that he intervened because he knows how these things go, you lose your judgement and get caught up. Mal tells him he doesn't run his life. Susan comes in and there's another tense moment.
Number 32
Emilia goes to make tea as Tash comes out to have her 10 minute break - though 10 minutes is not enough to keep her social life under control! Michael is amused that Emilia's tough love came as a bit of a surprise to his daughter. Tash admits she was a bit surprised, but it kind of worked as things are starting to stick. She reels off a list of alkaline earth metals and Michael comments that it is good to be connected to the earth. Tash asks if it would be ok for Emilia to come back again. Michael considers.
While Tash is back at the books Michael tells her that Tash would like her to spend more time with them. Emilia would love to - she's really enjoying getting to know Tash. Michael says Tash appreciates it too. Emilia asks how he feels about it. He admits that it's not what he'd chose, but he needs to do the right thing by Tash. They both do, and she can't know the truth. Emilia agrees.
EMILIA: I've got just as much to lose as you do. She'll never hear it from me.
FVO: OK my year 11 class, I have a question for you. What should a teacher never do with a student? Hook up with one of course, and Kate's little secret is about to come out.
NOAH: I don't want to talk about it back at school, this is where it happened!
KATE: No, Noah, don't.
NOAH: You have to tell them, you kissed me! And it happened right here, come on tell everyone.
You kissed me!
FVO: Kate, what have you got yourself into?
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Dane Canning, Jade Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6295
Dane Canning, Jade Mitchell

Rhys Lawson in Neighbours Episode 6295
Rhys Lawson

Michael Williams, Emilia Jovanovic, Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 6295
Michael Williams, Emilia Jovanovic, Natasha Williams

Aidan Foster, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 6295
Aidan Foster, Lou Carpenter

Martin Chambers in Neighbours Episode 6295
Martin Chambers

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Jade Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6295
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Jade Mitchell

Lou Carpenter, Rhys Lawson in Neighbours Episode 6295
Lou Carpenter, Rhys Lawson

Michael Williams, Natasha Williams, Emilia Jovanovic in Neighbours Episode 6295
Michael Williams, Natasha Williams, Emilia Jovanovic

Martin Chambers, Rhys Lawson in Neighbours Episode 6295
Martin Chambers, Rhys Lawson

Jade Mitchell, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6295
Jade Mitchell, Malcolm Kennedy

Michael Williams, Emilia Jovanovic, Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 6295
Michael Williams, Emilia Jovanovic, Natasha Williams

Rhys Lawson, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 6295
Rhys Lawson, Lou Carpenter

Aidan Foster in Neighbours Episode 6295
Aidan Foster

Rhys Lawson, Elaine Lawson in Neighbours Episode 6295
Rhys Lawson, Elaine Lawson

 in Neighbours Episode 6295

Dane Canning, Jade Mitchell, Rhys Lawson in Neighbours Episode 6295
Dane Canning, Jade Mitchell, Rhys Lawson

Karl Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6295
Karl Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy

Emilia Jovanovic in Neighbours Episode 6295
Emilia Jovanovic

Michael Williams, Natasha Williams, Emilia Jovanovic in Neighbours Episode 6295
Michael Williams, Natasha Williams, Emilia Jovanovic

Michael Williams in Neighbours Episode 6295
Michael Williams

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