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Neighbours Episode 6274 from 2011 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6274
Australian airdate: 20/10/11
UK airdate: 17/11/11
Writer: Mia Tolhurst
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Dane Canning - Luke Pegler
Emilia Jovanovic - Freya Stafford
Amy Holdsworth - Andrea Powell
Summary/Images by: Holing/Graham
- Dane tells Summer that there may be bribery involved in the approval of the development
- Tash questions Emilia about her mother but Emilia tells Tash to speak to Michael
- Tash finds that Michael is seeing a counsellor
Ramsay Street
Emilia drives up onto the street and leaves a brightly wrapped present on the doorstep of number 32.
Lassiter's Lake
Michael is having a counselling session outdoors by the lake. Michael admits that he can never seem to find the right time to talk to his daughter about her mother. He has some flashbacks of seeing his wife's ghost by the lake and seeing his wife and Tash at the beach and he changes the subject by asking the counsellor to teach him some more relaxation techniques for his insomnia. She tries to turn the conversation back to Tash but he would rather talk about the insomnia.
Pirate Net
Summer is getting some research done so she can go to air later that afternoon and do a story on the council corruption. Dane comes around and looks like he's having second thoughts but Summer is keen to push ahead.
Ramsay Street
Lucas is on the phone to Toadie as he walks to his car but he hangs up when he spots Emilia across the road having car troubles. She is initially reluctant to accept his assistant until he mentions that he's a mechanic.
EMILIA: So what do you think is wrong with her?
LUCAS: Could be a number of things.
EMILIA: This never happens. Pearl's always so reliable.
LUCAS: Pearl?
EMILIA: Pearl. Ten years; never let me down. Unlike some people.
LUCAS: That'd be blokes, I take it?
EMILIA: Not all, I've known a few good ones.
They smile and get flirty. He offers to organise to get Pearl towed to his garage where he'll take a look at it and they shake hands and formally introduce themselves.
Harold's Store
Summer is running her airing schedule past Andrew. Dane intro's himself to Andrew and asks Summer once again if she's planning to air the story without checking with, say, Paul. She's still adamant and goes to get a juice. While she's gone, Dane has a quiet word with Andrew. He's worried that Summer will get into strife from airing the story if it just turns out to be an unsubstantiated rumour. Dane convinces Andrew to run the story past Paul because Dane gave the story to Paul as well but he's not running it and there has to be a good reason.
Andrew finds Paul at Charlie's.
PAUL: Just because we haven't run it yet doesn't mean we're not going to. It's a good story.
ANDREW: And you're just happy to give it to Summer?
PAUL: Nice, aren't I?
ANDREW: No, you're not. Not usually, not when it comes to this sort of stuff.
Paul is keen to bide his time and print the story later for maximum impact, as well as spend time to fact- check. Andrew thinks it'll be old news once Summer airs it.
PAUL: You know what? This may come as a bit of a shock to you, but our readers don't listen to kid's radio.
And if they did, Paul could run the story afterwards with all the interest that has been generated and Summer will get kudos. It makes sense to Andrew.
Ramsay Street
Tash has no plans for her 18th because she's got a lot on her mind.
NATASHA: Yeah yeah, I've got a big case of nerd, alright. But I actually want to pass my VCE. Unlike some people...
CHRIS: Hey, I pulled my head in! I'm working now! I have to, unlike some people...
NATASHA: What is that supposed to mean?!
CHRIS: You'll ace maths and physic without even studying. You're annoying like that.
Chris asks Tash what's on her mind and she spills that when she turns 18, she can apply for her mother's death certificate. She's got a nagging feeling that blood poisoning wasn't the real cause of death and Emilia isn't answering her calls. Just as they're about to reach the front door and see the present, Chris discovers that he left his flash drive at school so they head back to study at the library.
Harold's Store
Andrew assures the lunching Dane that Paul has OK'd the story. Dane is still worried about the lack of fact- checking but Andrew is convinced that it's all cool and goes to pay for Dane's lunch as a thank you for handing the story to Summer.
Carpenter's Mechanics
Emilia turns on the radio as Lucas fiddles with her car.
EMILIA: Not bad.
LUCAS: Don't sound so surprised.
EMILIA: I guess I was expecting Bogan FM. I mean, you are a mechanic.
LUCAS: Ooh, you're brave. You're insulting me when I'm holding Pearl's life in my hands!
EMILIA: Yeah but you wouldn't hurt her Lucas, I can tell. You're falling for her already.
He goes to try and start the car with Emilia's GIANT set of keys and he's surprised to see how much stuff there is in the car. Emilia tells him that she's a beautician - she likes to smooth out people's flaws.
LUCAS: So like a panel- beater for people.
EMILIA: I like that. I might use that!
He asks if she was giving someone a makeover in Ramsay Street but she claims "client confidentiality". Lucas has found the source of Pearl's troubles and he may just have one and it may just be cheap.
Dane wants chat with Paul but he's about to leave. He tells Paul that it'll be quick so Paul jokingly tells Dane to step into his "office" I.e. the table at Charlie's but Dane initially turns around to actually go to Paul's office. Paul rolls his eyes and drags Dane back. Dane is worried that Summer will get into trouble if the story is wrong. Paul makes it clear - he has to fact- check in case he gets sued but Summer is a minor so even if she is wrong, she'll only get a slap on the wrist. If she is right, however, she'll have a major scoop. Life is about risks and Summer will need to take them if she wants to get to the top. Also, it'll save Kyle's business.
Dial- A- Kyle/Pirate Net
Dane turns on the radio to listen to Summer's broadcast. Dane is torn between letting Summer continue with a potentially risky expose that could potentially save Kyle's business and trying to stop her.
Erinsborough High - Michael's Office
Michael has summoned Tash in for a chat. He confesses that he's been seeing someone - cue confused look from Tash. Mike clarifies that he's been seeing someone for help for his insomnia and other things. Tash pretends it's all OK and jokes that he's being ripped off if he doesn't get to lie on a couch. She wants to know if she's one of the "problems" that he's having but he assures her that he is not. She offers to lend an ear (and she won't charge him) but he thinks it's better to speak to someone who isn't involved. He checks again whether she wants to celebrate her 18th and she says she'll think about.
Carpenter's Mechanics
The car is almost ready to go and Emilia changes from her boots to her driving shoes. She asks what Lucas gets up to and finds that he teaches a VET class at Erinsborough High and is mates with the principal. Emilia freaks out a little upon hearing that so quickly pays and makes an exit without waiting for a receipt. Chris comes in and offers to help out but Lucas tells him to go home because he's supposed to be on reduced hours. Chris spots the high heel boot that Emilia left behind.
CHRIS: One of yours?
LUCAS: No. But I reckon the owner of it might be back for it.
CHRIS: Good luck, Prince Charming.
<<6273 - 6275>>
Emilia Jovanovic in Neighbours Episode 6274
Emilia Jovanovic

 in Neighbours Episode 6274

Dr Amy Holdsworth, Michael Williams in Neighbours Episode 6274
Dr Amy Holdsworth, Michael Williams

Summer Hoyland, Dane Canning in Neighbours Episode 6274
Summer Hoyland, Dane Canning

Emilia Jovanovic, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6274
Emilia Jovanovic, Lucas Fitzgerald

Dane Canning, Andrew Robinson, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6274
Dane Canning, Andrew Robinson, Summer Hoyland

Andrew Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6274
Andrew Robinson, Paul Robinson

Chris Pappas, Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 6274
Chris Pappas, Natasha Williams

Dane Canning, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6274
Dane Canning, Andrew Robinson

Lucas Fitzgerald, Emilia Jovanovic in Neighbours Episode 6274
Lucas Fitzgerald, Emilia Jovanovic

Dane Canning, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6274
Dane Canning, Paul Robinson

Dane Canning in Neighbours Episode 6274
Dane Canning

Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6274
Summer Hoyland

Michael Williams, Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 6274
Michael Williams, Natasha Williams

Emilia Jovanovic in Neighbours Episode 6274
Emilia Jovanovic

Lucas Fitzgerald, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6274
Lucas Fitzgerald, Chris Pappas

Michael Williams in Neighbours Episode 6274
Michael Williams

 in Neighbours Episode 6274

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