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Neighbours Episode 6202 from 2011 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6202
Australian airdate: 12/07/11
UK airdate: 09/08/11
Writer: Jessica Brookman
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Peter Noonan - James Saunders
Summary/Images by: Carly/Graham
- Summer writing an article about the community garden
- Lucas scattering his father's ashes
- Tash vandalising the street to garner sympathy
Number 32
Summer puts a comforting arm around Tash while Michael rings Kyle, hoping he'll be able to clean up all the graffiti. Andrew walks in with a bucket and cleaning supplies after an unsuccessful attempt to clean it himself. Michael tells the teens that Kyle can't work on anything until tomorrow, causing Tash to get 'upset'.
The good old full moon stock shot transitions us into night time, where Tash is on Facebook after posting photos of the graffiti. Aside from one person commenting "What did you expect?", most people are sympathetic towards her. Mission accomplished. Tash shuts her laptop when Michael sits with her to play the doting dad, asking if she wants takeaway for dinner. When he opens the computer to look for an online menu he sees the graffiti photos.
MICHAEL: Don't do this, Tash. Not again. I don't understand this need to share every little detail of your life.
TASH: I know, I'm an idiot.
MICHAEL: Well those photos for Ivan, yeah, you were an idiot. But what's out there you don't deserve that. Sorry you're being attacked like this, sweetheart.
He pulls her into a hug and says they should spend some time together tomorrow. Tash smiles and says she'd really like that.
Lassiter's Complex - Next Morning
Michael and Tash are eating breakfast out the front of Harold's when Lucas stops by for a chat. He asks Tash if she's OK but Tash does the whole 'I'm so meek and ashamed' routine, so Lucas leaves them be. Michael assures his daughter that the graffiti will be gone before she knows it - Kyle's onto it as they speak.
Number 28
We're treated to stock shots of Random Rolie, the black cat, and some equally random ducks who appear to be on their way for a #26 housemate interview, before focusing on Summer and her newspaper nerves. Andrew finally makes an appearance and Summer opens the Erinsborough News with glee... Only to realise that Paul has edited her article to suit his own POV, which is to slam the community garden. The teens are not impressed.
Ramsay Street
Kyle gets off the phone with a supplier after asking them to put through a rush order of extra strength cleaning supplies for the graffiti. Jade stops to chat and tells Kyle that she's going to the police station after her jog to lodge a Stat Dec - she doesn't want to have to pay for the clean- up bill. Jade heads off just as Michael crosses over to the front of #22 to chat to Kyle. Meanwhile, Andrew catches his dad before he goes to work and asks why he messed around with Summer's article, but Paul says being re- written happens all the time to journalists. He then ignores his son to antagonise Michael about the graffiti on his bin.
PAUL: I take it you're going to have all of this removed?
MICHAEL: Nah, I'm just going to leave it here.
Kyle throws his coffee cup into the bin where he finds gloves and a spray can belonging to the culprit. While Andrew, Paul and Kyle discuss this new finding, Michael's face pales - he's recognised the gloves and knows Tash is to blame.
Number 32
Michael holds onto the gloves while he looks at a photo of himself and Tash - his favourite pastime it seems whenever Tash stuffs something up. Tash bounds in, happily chatting about seeing a movie, until she notices the dark look on her dad's face. Michael wordlessly shows her the gloves and Tash knows the jig is up. Throwing the gloves onto the table, Michael storms out the door while Tash cries.
First Commercial Break
Harold's Store
Lucas and Kyle are waiting for their orders when Lucas realises he left his wallet at the garage. He sheepishly asks Kyle to cover for him.
LUCAS: You wouldn't mind spotting me would you?
KYLE: I've heard that one before. It's usually from a chick in a bar and it ends up back at her place.
LUCAS: Yeah, yeah, can you spot me or not?
KYLE: No worries, gorgeous, it's on me.
Lucas bumps into Sonya and is all smiles about the community garden article, but Sonya, of course, isn't in the best mood about it.
LUCAS: You're not happy?
SONYA: Have you read it?
LUCAS: Well I kind of skipped over it because there was no photo of you.
She tells Lucas and Kyle that the article now says the garden is a waste of ratepayers' money and that she can't believe Summer would trick her like that. But Lucas says that someone else probably had a hand in it. A lightbulb goes off over Sonya's head - a Paul Robinson shaped lightbulb.
Lassiter's Complex
Summer's on her way to the Erinsborough News when Sonya stops her for a chat. Summer apologises for the article and promises her it's not what she originally wrote. Sonya doesn't think it's fair that Paul changed it without alerting Summer, especially since her name's still attached, and asks if there's anything Summer can do. Summer thinks Sonya's onto something and goes off to investigate her rights.
Erinsborough News
When Summer visits Paul in his office, though, he bluntly reminds her that it's called editing and it happens all the time. Summer wants to know what happens to the people who actually use the gardens, but is stymied when Paul says he represented both arguments in the article (albeit his one a little more strongly). Summer then says he chose the worst possible photo to accompany the piece, but Paul reminds her it was amongst the others Summer's photographer took on the day. He's not against the garden, he just thinks the money could be better spent elsewhere.
Lucas and Kyle return with their coffees, only for Chris to tell Lucas he has a visitor. Lucas isn't impressed when he sees Peter Noonan inside the garage. Kyle and Chris watch outside in intrigue while Lucas goes to speak with the lawyer.
KYLE: Is it just me or is there a weird vibe going on there?
CHRIS: It's none of my business.
KYLE: So... I never figured you'd be into cars and stuff.
CHRIS: Why's that?
KYLE: ... Um... I might go see if I can pick up that paint remover.
Meanwhile, Mr Noonan tells Lucas that scattering his father's ashes was a precondition to the rest of his inheritance. Lucas is stunned when Mr Noonan hands him a document with a large figure written on it - Lucas has just inherited a boatload of cash. Mr Noonan tells Lucas to swing by his office and sign the final paperwork. When he leaves Chris checks to see if Lucas is OK and if he can knock off, but Lucas can barely string together lengthy sentences, too dazed by this latest news.
Michael goes for a surf and thinks about all the times Tash has lied to him, and the times where he thought she'd learnt her lesson and wouldn't cause trouble again. He seems to come to a conclusion about how to deal with her this time and quickly bundles his surfboard back into his van.
Second Commercial Break
Erinsborough Police Station - Exterior/Number 32
Michael bumps into Jade, who has just lodged the Stat Dec with the cops. She's happy he's reporting the graffiti because it would make their claims a lot stronger, but she's surprised when Michael tells her that Tash is the culprit. Jade isn't sure that dobbing Tash in is going to be the best thing for her in the long run - she'll have a record for life. Jade brings up Sonya as an example, but Michael says that Sonya got herself together in the end, so maybe it's the shove Tash needs.
JADE: The stuff that Sonya got up to was much worse than just a bit of graffiti. And criminal charges weren't the reason she got her act together. She did that herself.
Meanwhile, Tash is at home looking at more sympathy on her Facebook wall, but she doesn't have the same satisfaction as before now that her dad knows the truth. When Chris calls in to check on her he finds her crying and gives her a hug.
Jade tells Michael that Sonya hit rock bottom but managed to turn things around. The people at Sonya's GA meetings told her that she was the only one who could put the work in and sort herself out. Jade thinks this could apply to Tash as well. Michael takes this advice onboard.
Charlie's Bar
Kyle's surprised when Lucas offers to shout him lunch and even more so when Lucas says he'll throw in dessert as well. Kyle wonders if Lucas has won the lottery or something, but Lucas just says he's returning the favour from earlier.
Number 32
Chris is trying to cheer Tash up by telling her that he's having troubles with his dad as well. Chris can respect that his dad just wants him to have a good life, but he just wishes he'd try and understand him a bit better. Michael arrives home and asks Chris if he can have a word with Tash in private. When Chris leaves, Tash tells her dad she's ready for any punishment he's going to deal out. He can take her phone, cut off the internet, anything. But Michael says he doesn't see the point in any of that - it didn't work in the past, why would it work now? Tash is confused.
MICHAEL: You do what you want. Nothing I do seems to make a difference. You're nearly eighteen, you're basically an adult, so from now on you do your thing and I'll do mine.
TASH: What do you mean?
MICHAEL: You make your own choices and you deal with the fallout yourself. I'm done.
When Michael walks out into the hallway his cold demeanour drops away and you can see he's battling with the decision he's just made.
Harold's Store
Summer's complaining to Andrew about the article when Paul finds them. He lets Summer know that the council are launching an investigation into the garden because of her article to see whether it's a valuable community service or not. Summer's outraged but Paul can't see the harm, reminding her that it's creating a lot of buzz either way, "Think how good it's going to look on your folio for university". Andrew holds Summer's hand to calm her down when it looks like she wants to murder his dad. Or at least give him a severe karate chop in his good leg.
Third Commercial Break
Harold's Store
Summer mopes into a cupcake while Andrew tells her about the driving lessons he's been having. He says the instructor told him he's a very confident driver. Summer's distracted, though, when Sonya walks in. She tells Sonya about the latest news from Paul and Sonya is understandably upset. The girls aren't about to go down without a fight, though.
SUMMER: I'm not just going to give up on this.
SONYA: No, neither am I. There's got to be something we can do.
SUMMER: Yeah, we just have to work out what that is.
(Tomorrow on Neighbours)
JIM: All I know is that I'm going to feel crook as a dog and I'll probably lose my hair. You'd think with all this fancy technology they'd have some other way of doing it.
(New doctor, Dr Rhys Lawson, chats to Jim and Susan at the hospital)
RHYS: Tonight could be a bit rough but it should improve by morning.
SUSAN: Uh, I'm not, uh...
JIM: She's not my wife.
SUSAN: Just a friend.
(Summer and Sonya are up in arms about the garden)
ANDREW: My dad, what would he do in your situation?
SUMMER: I'd do anything I had to do to make sure my opinion was heard.
(Summer and Andrew break into Paul's office - they panic when they hear Paul)
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 in Neighbours Episode 6202

Summer Hoyland, Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 6202
Summer Hoyland, Natasha Williams

Natasha Williams, Michael Williams in Neighbours Episode 6202
Natasha Williams, Michael Williams

Michael Williams, Lucas Fitzgerald, Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 6202
Michael Williams, Lucas Fitzgerald, Natasha Williams

Andrew Robinson, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6202
Andrew Robinson, Summer Hoyland

Kyle Canning, Jade Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6202
Kyle Canning, Jade Mitchell

Michael Williams, Paul Robinson, Andrew Robinson, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6202
Michael Williams, Paul Robinson, Andrew Robinson, Kyle Canning

Michael Williams in Neighbours Episode 6202
Michael Williams

Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 6202
Natasha Williams

Lucas Fitzgerald, Kyle Canning, Sonya Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6202
Lucas Fitzgerald, Kyle Canning, Sonya Mitchell

Sonya Mitchell, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6202
Sonya Mitchell, Summer Hoyland

Paul Robinson, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6202
Paul Robinson, Summer Hoyland

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6202
Paul Robinson

Peter Noonan, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6202
Peter Noonan, Lucas Fitzgerald

Michael Williams in Neighbours Episode 6202
Michael Williams

Natasha Williams, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6202
Natasha Williams, Chris Pappas

Michael Williams, Jade Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6202
Michael Williams, Jade Mitchell

Lucas Fitzgerald, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6202
Lucas Fitzgerald, Kyle Canning

Natasha Williams, Michael Williams in Neighbours Episode 6202
Natasha Williams, Michael Williams

Summer Hoyland, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6202
Summer Hoyland, Andrew Robinson

Sonya Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6202
Sonya Mitchell

Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6202
Summer Hoyland

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