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Neighbours Episode 6017 from 2010 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6017
Australian airdate: 21/09/10
UK airdate: 09/11/10
Writer: Stuart Gaunt
Director: Adrian Holmes
Guests: Chris Pappas - James Mason
Larry "Woody" Woodhouse - Andrew Curry
Isabella Farleigh - Kate Small
Unruly Party Goer - Thomas Mars
Summary/Images by: ~Em~/Graham
- Karl telling Toadie Libby is going to take some time to come around.
- Susan and Lyn wondering if they can get passed all of this.
- Libby telling Steph that her actions are unforgivable.
- Summer and Natasha vying over helping Andrew and Chris coming to the rescue.
- Andrew asking Rebecca not to divorce Paul.
Number 22
Andrew finishes cleaning up the kitchen when Rebecca comes in. He offers to heat up her takeaway for her, but she declines. She can see what Andrew is doing, but Andrew tells her she doesn't need to make a decision straight away. Summer drops by and stays for dinner.
With dinner over Andrew and Summer make a start on the dishes. Summer is suspicious of Andrews new interest in cooking. He maintains he's just trying to help out around the house but Summer knows there's more to it and tries to assure Andrew that Paul and Rebecca will work things out. Andrew brushes some soap suds from Summer's hair and Summer gets all flustered.
ANDREW: She's got to forgive him first.
SUMMER: She's been there with him every day. You don't just hang around someone like that unless you're....interested.
It gets a bit intense and double meaning- y so they get back to washing the pans.
Summer is looking a bit gooey eyed at Andrew, which annoys Natasha so she calls for help with drinks leaving an awkward silence between Andrew and Chris. Andrew thanks him for helping him out in the gym earlier.
CHRIS: You're my mate Robinson, I'm not expecting anything else.
ANDREW: Yeah, yeah no, it's um...sorry about everything.
Summer thinks it's great to see them talking together again like old times. She tells Andrew he needs to start thinking about the positives, when his dad is up and about again he'll need help with Lassiters. Tash cuts in to say that Andrew isn't into hotels anymore, he's into business so he should find something he's good at and that's his thing. Maybe he could get the dance party idea off the ground. It's Summer's turn to get annoyed. Tash shows him an ad for an all age dance party that's happening that night and suggests he goes along to check out the local scene and work out how to do it better. They're all in.
Number 22
Rebecca catches Lucas in the kitchen eating leftovers, he's supposed to be fixing the back door! Rebecca asks him whether he's spoken to Steph recently, but he can't talk, he's eating. There's a knock at the door and it's the Casserole Kennedy Clan - Lancashire Hot Pot and a new Chicken Florentine. Rebecca confesses Lyn brought some Chicken Florentine around earlier and mentioned that Susan had given her the recipe last week. Susan tenses up - this is news to Libby. Rebecca realises she's put her foot in it.
Number 28
Susan is justifying her recipe swapping with Lyn, reminding Libby how long she and Lyn have been friends for and that Lyn was having a fairly rough time of it too.
LIBBY: That's right you have been friends for a long time.
SUSAN: Yes and when you have you...
LIBBY: You don't keep secrets from each other...
Yes, point taken. Libby wonders whether Susan is concerned she'll do something like that again.
SUSAN: She might. She might not. I'm not going to throw away a friendship over something that may never happen.
Libby just wishes she'd told her. Susan apologises and tells her that Karl and Toadie have had a bit of reconciliation too. Libby realises this means she's the only one still holding out. Susan tells her that what she does it up to her, she can only move on when she's ready to, she can't force herself.
Callum gets a crash course lesson in why people give babies mobiles and stuff. He decides they need stickytape and goes off to find some. He sees Libby buying Ben's favourite chocolate and tells her they're sending a parcel too. Libby misunderstands and thinks he means they're sending one to Ben. Cal has to awkwardly put her right and tell her it's actually for Adam. He explains that Toadie gets a bit down and this sort of stuff helps. Just then Steph comes in so Libby puts down the chocolate and leaves.
Steph isn't impressed to see the toys for Adam. She tells Toadie that he shouldn't be sending these things and confusing the matter - he's not Adam's father. She walks away leaving Toadie hurt.
Number 26
For some reason Toadie feels he has to apologise to Steph, who brushes it off and says things are fine. She says she over- reacted. Seeing Libby just set her off. They're cool. Toadie leaves and Summer comes in to ask if she can go out. Steph says yes without any questions, which surprises Summer. She tells her that it's an all age dance party and asks if she's sure. Steph suddenly realises she's supposed to be doing the mum thing and asks where it is, if there's security, when it finishes and who she's going with. That's more like it! She tells Sum that the only condition is that she keeps her phone on and that she comes to pick her up. They hug and Steph gets down to some cleaning.
Dance Party
It's glo- tastic and the tunes are banging (or they might be if they were turned up). The gang find the party to be "pretty cool". Summer suggests they find the promoter to do some research, but Tash thinks that's boring, there's plenty of time for that later. She leads Andrew off to dance. Chris watches Summer watch Andrew and Tash.
Later on, Andrew and Tash are still dancing fairly upclose and personal and Summer is still watching. Chris comments that Tash has stolen Andrew from her again, but Summer gets defensive and says she's welcome to him.
CHRIS: I was joking.
SUMMER: Yeah, so was I.
CHRIS: No you weren't.
Chris tells her that he knows she likes Andrew but Summer denies it reminding him of the competition he had with Harry. Summer continues to vehemently deny it and eventually Chris drops it, even though we all know he's right. He does however warn Sum, that if she does like Andrew she'd better act fast or Natasha will.
25th Anniversary Photo Indent - 1991 Kerry? And Bouncer
The Club
Andrew convinces Summer to get up on the dance floor, but Tash monopolises him again straight away. Chris swoops in to dance with her so that Andrew is left with Summer. Tash watches jealously as Andrew and Summer get quite close and a bit grindy. As the tune changes to something with Kylie undertones Andrew decides it's time for a drink. Summer seems a bit flustered!
Rebecca apologises to Susan for putting her foot in it earlier. Susan says it's all fine, she's actually just at the bar snooping to make sure Libby is alright. She seems fine talking to Lucas. Susan asks if Rebecca has been up to see Paul, and Rebecca admits she's actually avoiding him. Susan thinks she deserves a break, considering she was at the hospital night and day while he was in a coma. Rebecca doesn't know what she'd do without Susan and shouts her a cocktail on the house.
On the other side of the bar Libby is wondering whether she has held on to this grudge for too long. She wishes she didn't have to be an adult and that she could just roll on the floor kicking and screaming. Lucas thinks she maybe should. I think she kind of already does. He suggests that she waits until nobody else is at home so she can put on some loud music and have a good old scream. Lib watches her mum and Rebecca giggling and wonders why she can't just have simple happy friendships. Lucas points out that she can and half of it is up to her.
Ramsay Street/Number 30
Libby calls on Toadie under the guise of getting Callum to sign a card to Ben. Toadie tells her Callum is in bed so it gets awkward. Libby hands over the card for Cal to sign tomorrow, but still awkwardly hangs around. Toadie takes the hint that she wants to be invited in. They make inane chit chat until Libby admits she doesn't know what to say, but they're the oldest friends, both missing someone and yet they can't even help each other. Toadie says that he's missed sharing things with her.
LIBBY: Can we...give it another try?
They have a hug and the camera pulls back to show that Steph is standing listening in the hallway. Toadie says that Steph will be stoked, she's really been missing her best friend too. Libby tells him that she came to make things alright with him, not Steph. She still can't forgive what she did.
TOADIE: Can't you at least talk to her?
LIBBY: It's not the same. It never will be.
In the background Steph looks shattered.
Number 26
Steph sits on the floor of the nursery holding Adam's blanket and looking at the family tree. She stands up, grabs a pot of white paint and starts to feverishly paint over the stalk carrying the baby and her own name and the rest.
The Night Club
Andrew, the life and soul of the party, texts Rebecca to see if she's been to see Paul. Chris asks him about light systems. It's all really thrilling. Chris says he's up for helping Andrew out if he needs it and remarks that the girls would help out too. Summer is always keen to get involved.
ANDREW: You know, I didn't always feel like it, but when my dad was in a coma, those two were amazing.
Chris says that Summer has been really amazing with him as well - she really deserves to find someone special. Andrew agrees.
CHRIS: Do you know anyone...
ANDREW: Oh, mate, I am not getting involved with their love lives!
CHRIS: So you wouldn't go there again?
ANDREW: No. Like I said we're proper friends, I'm not going to mess with that.
A bit later Chris really wants Summer to go outside with him so he can speak to her, but Summer wants to know where Andrew is. Chris tries to shield Andrew from view and coax Summer outside, but too late. Summer sees Andrew pashing a random girl. Tash declares it to be gross and slouches off.
The Street Outside The Club
Summer is looking fairly dejected but tells Chris that it's not a big deal and she's fine. He can see she's not, but that's why he wanted to talk to her. Andrew isn't in the right head space. There's a toot of a car horn. It's Steph come to pick Summer up. Chris stays to make sure Tash gets home ok (aww, what a nice young man) and Summer gets in the car. Before they can pull away however, a random dude is thrown against the side of the car by security. Steph gets out to see what the hell is going on and finds herself face to face with...
STEPH: Woody!!
Well, long time no see, huh? Steph and Woody say as much. Woody suggests that they should catch up some time and talk about old times. Steph agrees and gets back in the car.
SUMMER: Ok, who was that?
STEPH: Long story.
SUMMER: A good story?
STEPH: No. Not really.
SUMMER: Well then you won't really be seeing him again will you?
STEPH: Course not.
- Lucas wants to meet new women who don't live on Ramsay Street.
- The young guns take on the "old codgers" in a bid to woo the ladies.
- Word spreads that Woody is back in town.
- Steph gets back on her bike.
- Lucas and Woody don't see eye to eye.
- Steph doesn't need looking after.
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Rebecca Napier, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6017
Rebecca Napier, Andrew Robinson

Andrew Robinson, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6017
Andrew Robinson, Summer Hoyland

Andrew Robinson, Summer Hoyland, Natasha Williams, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6017
Andrew Robinson, Summer Hoyland, Natasha Williams, Chris Pappas

Rebecca Napier, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6017
Rebecca Napier, Lucas Fitzgerald

Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6017
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6017
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Callum Jones in Neighbours Episode 6017
Callum Jones

Libby Kennedy, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 6017
Libby Kennedy, Steph Scully

Steph Scully, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6017
Steph Scully, Summer Hoyland

Chris Pappas, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6017
Chris Pappas, Summer Hoyland

Chris Pappas, Andrew Robinson, Natasha Williams, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6017
Chris Pappas, Andrew Robinson, Natasha Williams, Summer Hoyland

Rebecca Napier, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6017
Rebecca Napier, Susan Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6017
Libby Kennedy, Lucas Fitzgerald

Toadie Rebecchi, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6017
Toadie Rebecchi, Libby Kennedy

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 6017
Steph Scully

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 6017
Steph Scully

Summer Hoyland, Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 6017
Summer Hoyland, Natasha Williams

Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6017
Andrew Robinson

Larry Woodhouse (Woody) in Neighbours Episode 6017
Larry Woodhouse (Woody)

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 6017
Steph Scully

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