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Neighbours Episode 5912 from 2010 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5912
Australian airdate: 27/04/10
UK airdate: 15/06/10
Writer: Katrina Foster
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Dr Doug Harris - Mahesh Jadu
Leigh 'Nick' Nixon - Brian Vriends
Nicholas McKay - Chris Bunworth
Nurse Jodie Smith - Mary Annegeline
- "Fader" by The Temper Trap
Summary/Images by: Carly/Emily
- Doug stealing Libby's parking spot
- Doug asking Libby out on a date
- Karl moaning about how much he hates Doug
- Libby helping Sonya while out on her date
- Nick telling Donna he booked a DNA test
- Nicholas McKay rocking up to see Donna
- Andrew discovering Nicholas was convicted for fraud
- Donna telling Karl she wants to cancel the DNA test
Ramsay Street
Zeke chases Donna outside and wants to know why she's backing down, but Donna says it's her right to cancel the test if she chooses. Karl catches up with them and is supportive of Donna but asks if she's told Nick yet. Donna looks guilty and Karl says it might be difficult for Nick now that she's in his life.
Steph asks Libby if she's heard back from Doug but all she got was a text that said, "Thanks". Libby crankily says she has a theory about good looking men.
LIBBY: They think they're God and expect us to fall at their feet and when we don't, they sulk. I was helping out a friend. If his ego is so big he can't respect that then I don't want to know him. (She resumes her lunges) You know they say if you do fifteen of these every day you get instant buns of steel.
STEPH: Ahh... Which wouldn't be for God's benefit?
Libby replies that it is so that the next time he sees her she'll be smokin' and he'll see what he's missing out on.
Lassiter's Park
Libby's scoffing down a burger in her gym gear when she bumps into Doug and Nurse Jodie returning from a nice lunch. She's embarrassed and makes small talk about the new- look lake. Doug asks about Sonya and tries to alert Lib to the fact she has tomato sauce smeared on her chin, but she doesn't register. Libby bids them farewell and makes a hasty retreat, tripping over her own feet before bolting away.
Number 30
Libby is offloading her woes onto Steph and Toadie and is mortified when they point out the tomato sauce. She thinks Doug is a player for taking Jodie out to lunch, but Steph reminds Lib that she and Doug have only been on one date and aren't exactly monogamous. Libby wants to take her mind off things by joining Steph for her hospital appointment, but Steph shoots a look at Toadie, who swoops in and distracts Libby by comparing her life to a rom- com.
LIBBY: Yeah, how to lose a guy in five minutes.
TOADIE: No, the whole set- up. The single mum doing it tough, then the cute- meet arguing over a car space and now this is the complication.
Steph gives Toadie a thumbs- up behind Libby's back and sneaks out.
LIBBY: Yeah you're right. OK so if I'm Meg Ryan then who are you?
TOADIE: (beaming) Oh I don't know... Let's go with Colin Firth.
LIBBY: Jack Black!
TOADIE: (his ego deflates) Jack... Black.
LIBBY: Yes! What would Jack tell Meg to do?
TOADIE: The next move is to ring him.
LIBBY: Is that what Meg would do?
TOADIE: Absolutely, otherwise there wouldn't be a movie.
Libby takes his advice and calls Doug.
Ramsay Street
Donna is putting something in the bin when Nicholas McKay strides up the street to talk to her. Nicholas apologises for lying about the fraud charge, he just didn't want her to think he was a failure. He says he'll get back on his feet and make them a fortune one day, but Donna wonders how shallow he thinks she is. She says she's cancelled the DNA test but Nicholas isn't surprised - that's just what Cass did. Donna walks off, annoyed that he once again compared her to her mother.
Erinsborough Hospital
Karl isn't impressed when Doug asks him to cover him for a few hours. Karl snits that he'd appreciate a bit more notice, but Doug points out he's been paging him all afternoon. Karl sheepishly admits his pager is currently MIA. Steph arrives for her appointment and Karl leaves them be.
Doug asks how Steph is and she admits she's a bit stressed about her best friend's man dramas, but Doug says boy troubles aren't exactly his area of expertise. He takes her blood pressure and says it's high but that her scans are good - her baby's at ten centimetres, which is normal for sixteen weeks. Steph gets worried and asks who can see her files on the computer, but Doug reassures her he's not in the habit of betraying his doctor/patient confidentiality.
Lassiter's Complex
Doug meets up with Libby outside Charlie's, who says she felt stupid running into him looking like a slob, but he smiles and says the sauce look was pretty cute. Libby wants them to start anew and pretend their club date never happened. Doug agrees and they re- introduce themselves. Libby says they should share the basics about their lives but if they want to stand and walk away at any time then there's no hard feelings. Doug nods so she tells him about work and Ben (who she says is eleven?).
LIBBY: I've just come out of a really messy marriage break- up and no, he's not the father of my son, Ben's dad died.
DOUG: I'm sorry.
LIBBY: Yeah... So I don't travel light with the whole baggage thing.
DOUG: No you don't.
LIBBY: Oh, there's more. You might want to get ready to stand. I live with my parents.
DOUG: Ouch! It sounds like you've been doing it tough.
LIBBY: In a way.
Doug stands and Libby thinks he's going to leave, but he's just going inside to get them another drink.
LIBBY: You don't mind?
DOUG: Libby we're hardly teenagers. I mean I'd be disappointed if you didn't have a bit of a murky past.
Libby smiles and looks relieved.
Lassiter's Complex
Libby wants to hear all about Doug's murky past, but Doug's phone rings and interrupts them. It's Karl on the other line, completely confused about opening a zip file on the computer (hope there's no "ham mail" inside). Doug exasperatedly tries to explain things to him.
DOUG: You could have rung pathology couldn't you, Karl.
Libby does a double take. It couldn't be...
KARL V/O: They've gone home.
DOUG: Well next time ask one of the clerical staff to help you with the computer.
KARL V/O: I'm run off my feet here.
DOUG: OK, alright, I'll come down. And Dr Kennedy, have you found that pager yet?
Libby cringes, her suspicions confirmed. Doug hangs up and Libby looks half bemused half, "Oh crap". Doug says he has to leave, one of his older staff members is technologically challenged. He kisses her on the cheek and asks if they could pick up their date again sometime soon. Libby smiles and nods but buries her face in her hands when he leaves.
Number 28/Erinsborough Hospital
Lib's on the phone to Steph telling her about the date and is just about to spill who Doug really is when the home phone rings. She switches phones and gets Karl on the other line, begging her to bring his pager in. Libby's loathe to visit the hospital after what she's just learnt, but Karl begs her - he thinks Doug and Jodie are whispering about his stupidity over at the nurses desk. Libby rolls her eyes and says she'll be there soon.
Harold's Store
Donna tells Nick that she's going to cancel the DNA test then asks if he'd do the same if he was in her shoes. Nick's sad but says he can't tell her what to do; she has to make the decision herself.
DONNA: You think I'm running away.
NICK: No, I think you're a very smart young woman who needs to trust her gut. One day you might feel different, and when you do, I'll be here.
DONNA: What about you, aren't you disappointed?
NICK: I don't need biology to know there's a connection between us.
They share a smile.
Erinsborough Hospital
Libby sneaks around a corner, trying to avoid Doug, but ends up smacking into him anyway. She lies and says she's there to see him - she wants to pick up where their date left off. Doug smiles and says he's due for a coffee break (does he "work" at the hospital like Toadie "works" at the law firm?) so Libby shoves him around the corner just as Karl and Donna walk up the other side. Karl asks if Donna saw Libby on the way in but she says no.
When they settle themselves in a consulting room Karl tells Donna it was too late to cancel the DNA tests, but he can send the envelope back unopened if she likes. Donna says she'd like to see the results.
KARL: I knew you would.
DONNA: How come?
KARL: Because you're not the sort of person to back away from the tough decisions.
Donna says she wants to be alone when she reads the letter, so Karl leaves her in peace to process the results.
Lassiter's Park
Nick is waiting at the rotunda for Donna, who approaches him with the letter and a tearstained face. Nick reads the letter and Donna breaks out into a brilliant smile.
DONNA: Hi, dad.
Nick wraps her in a hug and Donna looks content for the first time in a long while.
Charlie's Bar
Donna proudly introduces Nick to Steph and Toadie.
DONNA: This is my real, proper, official, biological father!
They shake hands with Nick and Steph gives Donna a congrats hug. Donna spies Nicholas at the bar and heads over to talk to him. He got Donna's message about the DNA result and is forlorn - he thought he might have done one good thing in his life. Donna reassures him that good things can still happen for him and wishes him all the best in his life. Nick comes over to check on her and Nicholas shakes his hand before bidding them farewell.
Erinsborough Hospital
Libby is about to leave when she sees Karl striding up the hallway, so she pushes Doug into his office. Doug gets close and says she's full of surprises, but Libby grins and says he doesn't know the half of it.
Out in the waiting area, Jodie tells Karl that Dr Harris wants one of his patient's notes right away - he thinks Karl's misplaced them. Karl gets annoyed and says he knows where they are, "I'm just a teensy bit busy with the five hundred other jobs he's given me". He groans about Dr Harris some more just as he walks into the doc's office and sees Libby and Doug kissing. Libby's all, "Hi, dad!", Doug's all, 'Whuzzah?' and Karl perfects his Mr Grumpy Face.
A bit of time has passed and Libby apologises for not telling Doug about Karl earlier. Karl wonders if anyone is going to apologise to him but Libby just hands him back his pager. Karl asks for a word with his daughter, so Doug makes plans with Lib for later before heading out. Karl tells Libby that her and Doug's behaviour is wildly inappropriate, especially considering Doug's the boss.
KARL: What if things get messy between the two of you? I get stuck in the middle again.
LIBBY: Oh yeah, that's right, because all of my relationships end in a family feud.
KARL: Come on, Lib, things are tense enough as it is between Doug and I. You've made it a hundred times worse.
LIBBY: What do you want me to do, dad? Do you want me to stop seeing him because it makes you uncomfortable at work?
KARL: Honestly, Elizabeth! Of all the men in Erinsborough!
Charlie's Bar
Toadie looks on as stressed Steph shreds a napkin into oblivion. She's throwing out hypotheticals to Toad like, "What if Karl picks up my file?" and "What if Karl reads my file?" Toadie tries his best to give her logical, reassuring answers but Steph is determined to remain living in her tower of tension and doesn't listen to him.
TOADIE: If I'm not logical then I'm going to panic and that would not be a good thing.
STEPH: (sighing) OK, be logical.
TOADIE: (gives up) If Karl finds your file we're stuffed.
Charlie's Bar
Libby is sitting with Toadie and Steph, telling them about her afternoon, but they freeze when she tells them Doug's a doctor. Libby's regaling them with embarrassing tales about how Karl caught them kissing, but Steph's like, 'Woah, back up, what's his surname?' But Doug walks in to meet up with Lib and Steph and Toadie's worst nightmares are confirmed. Libby introduces them as Doug gives them an uncomfortable smile and Steph and Toadie die of horror inside.
(Tomorrow on Neighbours)
(Lyn's mortified when she sees Harry helping Summer with the dating site)
LYN: I thought this was between you and me?
SUMMER: We're just tweaking your profile a little bit.
(Summer shows Lyn a blue book - a very specific one from Toadie's shelf)
LYN: Where did this come from?
SUMMER: Toadie gave it to us.
LYN: I want you to take them all back.
(Naomi 'runs into' Ringo at Lassiter's)
NAOMI: This is so funny, I was just thinking about you.
RINGO: Were you?
DECLAN: I think you may have just found the perfect girl.
(Naomi finds Ringo in Charlie's)
RINGO: Hey where did you come from?
NAOMI: I'm not going anywhere.
(Steph chats to Karl about Doug - then with Libby at the gym)
KARL: I'm afraid we're both stuck with Dr Harris.
LIBBY: How long has he been treating you?
(Lyn finds the ultrasound DVD in the book and watches it)
STEPH V/O: I can't handle it. I feel like I just keep putting out fires.
TOADIE V/O: From now on, no more fires.
(Lyn's horrified when she realises Steph's been lying about the baby)
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Zeke Kinski, Karl Kennedy, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5912
Zeke Kinski, Karl Kennedy, Donna Freedman

Libby Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5912
Libby Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi, Steph Scully

Toadie Rebecchi, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5912
Toadie Rebecchi, Libby Kennedy

Doug Harris, Steph Scully, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5912
Doug Harris, Steph Scully, Karl Kennedy

Doug Harris, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5912
Doug Harris, Steph Scully

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5912
Steph Scully

Doug Harris in Neighbours Episode 5912
Doug Harris

Doug Harris, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5912
Doug Harris, Libby Kennedy

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5912
Karl Kennedy

Leigh 'Nick' Nixon, Donna Freedman

Leigh 'Nick' Nixon, Toadie Rebecchi, Steph Scully, Donna Freedman

Nicholas McKay, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5912
Nicholas McKay, Donna Freedman

Leigh 'Nick' Nixon, Donna Freedman

Libby Kennedy, Doug Harris in Neighbours Episode 5912
Libby Kennedy, Doug Harris

Toadie Rebecchi, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5912
Toadie Rebecchi, Steph Scully

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