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Neighbours Episode 5876 from 2010 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5876
Australian airdate: 08/03/10
UK airdate: 26/04/10
Writer: Elizabeth Packett
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Mia Zannis: Alicia Bonaddio
Detective Alec Skinner: Kevin Summers
Andrea Weisberger: Elizabeth Friels
Saffron Jankiewicz: Shanyn Asmar
Sarah Aquino: Madeleine Vizard
Abby Kittson: Tara James
Dominique Parchak: Chloe Gordon
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Emily
This week on Neighbours
Skinner telling Mia to provide him with a name.
Zeke wondering what Mia is up to.
Kate suggesting that they (she and Declan) need space.
Karl having heart pains.
Toadie spotting Lucas and Steph being very friendly with each other in the garage, including kissing.
Lucas announcing he's going to get Steph back as he feels there is still something there.
A Harry, Andrew, Summer love triangle.
Previously on Neighbours
Mia trying to tempt Zeke into the place they were last demonstrating at when the gate opened.
Saffron turning up as a guest lecturer at uni and recognising Donna.
Eden University
Saffron raps up her lecture but Donna hasn't enjoyed the lecture unlike her classmates.
The lecturer dishes out their assignment - a group task doing a window display... that is due that afternoon so they get used to working under pressure. Donna hooks up with Sarah and two others and they agree to meet at Charlie's to brainstorm.
On the way out, Sarah asks Saffron if she takes on students for work experience and with Donna right behind her, takes great delight in replying that she did...until someone created trouble (looking straight at Donna) and she ceased the programme. She does add some free advice though, more for Donna's benefit than Sarah's!
SAFFRON: Fashion in this country is a very small industry and if you align yourself with the wrong people (again looking straight at Donna) you'll never get anywhere.
Saffron then drops Donna another bombshell - she's judging the window display after she suggested to the lecturer that she gives it a professional opinion. Donna does not look happy!
Zeke's bedroom/Number 28
Zeke and Mia are being very friendly with each other although Mia says she should go and meet her friends as arranged for some rally they're attending.
Meanwhile in the livingroom, Dahl is getting rather excited and two seconds later Susan arrives home from her holiday to Queensland. She shouts out that she is home but is met with silence... that's because Mia and Zeke are a wee bit occupied in the bedroom!
The duo are beginning to be really friendly now, and perhaps wish they had heard Susan calling because she makes her way to his room... and walks in just as they are about to become up close and personal! Thankfully only Zeke's top was removed but Susan doesn't look happy at what she saw and immediately heads back to the livingroom.
Karl and Libby arrive home and greet Susan. She explains that she got an earlier flight hence why she is home earlier than planned. Husband and wife start discussing what she saw and whilst he is happy enough having Mia in their house, Susan is not at all happy.
A decent Zeke and Mia then join them in the livingroom and it's a bit tense before Mia announces she's off to a rally on International Women's Day at the Uni.
LIBBY: Well that was awkward.
Zeke and Mia are discussing their near miss as they walk over to where Donna is sitting. Mia invites Donna to the rally but Donna rejects it because she's got work to do and that that Saffron's judging it (she explains the background briefly to Mia). They leave when Donna spots Sarah and the silent ones arriving.
The trio head to Donna and she gives them her brainstorming ideas but Sarah breaks it that the silent ones had already invited someone else to join their group so Donna can no longer be in it. Sarah denies though that it's got anything to do with Saffron's speech.
Mia and Zeke catch Donna as she is leaving. Donna moans that it looks like Saffron's turned everyone against her, so is being forced to do the assignment alone.
Number 22
With Cat watching, Donna starts working on her display although it looks like Donna needs a crash course in how to set up a mannequin!
Harold's Store
Donna has given up working with the mannequin and is going to model the clothes herself (some sort of snake skin print outfit). She moans to Kate on the phone that the stress is making her want cup cakes!
Mia and Zeke enter the store for coffee on the way to the rally and spot Donna who is quick to reassure them that it's fake when they spot what she is wearing. She explains why she is wearing it and adds that textbooks say a good window display tells a story like going to the races and of course Donna doesn't have one. Zeke has writers block so can't help and Mia suggests going to the rally so she can clear her mind. Donna initially turns the offer down because she doesn't want to be arrested but relents after Mia assures her that won't happen, encouraging her that it's more a celebration rally for International Women's Day than a protest.
Eden University
The rally for International Women's Day is in full swing but its still not giving Donna any inspiration. However some of the others gathered spot what Donna is wearing and begin muttering amongst themselves before going over to confront Donna... and after giving her a tongue lashing, throw a tin of red paint over her! "Its not even real" she tells them but too late, the deed is done!
ZEKE: So much for the sisterhood eh?!
Number 22
The trio try to figure out a way to salvage Donna's display. Mia remarks that if she didn't already know it was fake, she probably would have done the same thing. And the penny literally drops! Donna has a brainwave over what her display will be about.
Number 28
Libby complements Susan on her new hairstyle and that it makes her younger too. Susan isn't in the mood for compliments though as she's peeved at everyone trusting Mia especially Karl (plus she's annoyed at Libby rearranging the kitchen)! "Shouldn't you be having this out with dad?" asks Libby and Susan replies that she's just practicing on Libby first!
Susan and Libby have cooked up a meal to impress, well to get their hidden agenda out. Susan shouts to Karl that lunch is ready then explains to Libby that the way to a man is through his stomach, hence the feast before them.
Right enough, Karl is impressed when he comes out of the bedroom but see's straight through Susan's cunning plan and asks her to get straight to the point so he can enjoy his lunch! Susan doesn't like the fact she's been rumbled.
Eden University
Sarah and her silent groupies do their presentation and their story is the urban jungle 'a place where a snake can thrive'. Saffron likes the execution and thinks it's the best she's seen today. The lecturer is in the process of wrapping the presentations up because nobody's heard from Donna however two seconds later, Donna and her groupies (Mia, Zeke and some protesters) rush into the room and to their presentation. They do a re- enactment of what happened to Donna (but feathers instead of paint) with Mia in the snake skin outfit and the others wearing animal rights t- shirts.
DONNA: Fake snake so real people will protest.
This is met with complete silence but the lecturer is bowled over so Donna gets a delayed round of applause from her contemporaries and even Saffron has a wry smile eventually before begrudgingly selecting Donna as the winner.
Saffron 1 v Donna 1
University Courtyard
Sarah is giving Donna the plaudits as they make their from the lecture room. The lecturer comes up to congratulate Donna too and hopes that her written work is as good. Sarah suggests heading to Charlie's for some celebration drinks, which Donna promises to attend... once she's had a word with Saffron who she suddenly spots.
Going over to her, Donna asks that she thought Saffon might have something to say to her.
SAFFRON: Are you fishing for praise?
DONNA: I haven't wanted that from you since you slapped me.
SAFFRON: (irritated) What then?
DONNA: I thought that you might have the decency to apologise for what you said this morning, putting me down in front of my classmates.
SAFFRON: Harden up Donna. I only apologise when I'm forced into it.
(Saffron walks away)
DONNA: You're a sad old woman.
SAFFRON: (stunned) I beg your pardon?!
DONNA: That whole mediation thing was hell for me and even when it was over I still felt rotten because I couldn't understand why you would hit me. Now it's perfectly clear - you can't stand to see anyone else succeed so you put people down to pump yourself up. You know what? That just makes you the biggest failure of all.
Zeke leads the clapping from those who have been standing watching the confrontation and eventually everyone else joins in as Saffron walks off in disgust.
Number 28
A knackered Karl returns home from his run and moans that he has heartburn. Libby heads into the bathroom to get him some heartburn tablets and Susan remarks that he ate too much for lunch, which Libby backs her up on before heading off.
SUSAN: Not that he'd listen to anything that I'd have to say.
KARL: Oh am I going to get a lecture?
SUSAN: No, not about that... however regarding Zeke!
Susan tells him that she is really worried about Zeke seeing Mia. Karl actually agrees with her but adds that it's his choice and they need to live with it. Libby returns with his heartburn tablets and Susan tells him that if he'd been around and been to court with Zeke, he'd be fighting tooth and nail to keep Mia out of his life. Libby again backs Susan up on how intense things were but Karl points out that if they force Zeke to decide, they will never see him again.
Throughout their chat, and despite taking the tablets, Karl's heartburn is still getting worse and Susan puts it down to being the stress over Mia! She wants a chance to talk to Zeke although Karl isn't convinced that will change his mind. "I have to try" she tells them.
It's champers time at Charlie's for Donna, Mia and Zeke (who's on the softs). Sarah comes over to ask Donna if they can work together in future because Donna is such an inspiration. Donna readily agrees as long as Sarah helps with the written work (because she sucks at that) which meets with Sarah's approval.
Mia and Sarah head to the bar to see about food. Donna takes the opportunity to thank Zeke for his help today adding too that it's great to be mates with him again, which he readily agrees with. In turn, he thanks her for being good with Mia and wishes everyone thought like Donna (she replied that she really liked Mia).
Zeke takes this call from Susan (he cancelled an earlier one) and is puzzled to be asked to return home. He asks Donna to let Mia know because he can't spot her in the bar.
Donna heads to the bar and asks Sarah where Mia is and is told that she went off with some old guy. Donna follows the route Mia took...
Lassiters Complex (and in the background you see the old bridge that was in the complex over the water)
...and spots her outside talking to Detective Skinner! It looks like he's laying down the law to her (his finger is pointed) but we can't hear what is being said.
Donna heads over toward them and wants to know what is going on but Mia simply replies "nothing". Before departing, Skinner follows it up by adding "unfinished business and I think I've made my point" when Donna replied that it didn't look like nothing.
Alone with Mia, Donna points out the obvious, that he's a cop but Mia simply replies that the police are always on her back and that it drives her nuts.
Final commercial break later and both Mia and Donna return back into the bar. Mia wants to know where Zeke is and Donna tells her that he had to go home, explaining that is why she went outside to find her. Donna tries to quiz Mia on what was happening outside but she replies "it's no bid deal". She thinks Skinner has been hassling Mia and is threatening to report him if Mia doesn't. "Don't you dare!" she forcibly tells Donna adding for her to butt out since it's got nothing to do with her.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
Donna telling Declan and Kate about what she saw (Mia and Skinner) and he isn't surprised she's in trouble with the police.
Susan and Karl talking about the influence Mia is having on Zeke's life.
Karl being treated in the hospital.
Ben asking if Karl's going to be okay.
Kate leaving her date with Declan early.
Harry being asked why he isn't dancing with Summer.
<<5875 - 5877>>
Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5876
Donna Freedman

Saffron Jankievicz in Neighbours Episode 5876
Saffron Jankievicz

Mia Zannis, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5876
Mia Zannis, Zeke Kinski

Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5876
Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Cat in Neighbours Episode 5876

Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5876
Donna Freedman

Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5876
Donna Freedman

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5876
Susan Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5876
Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Andrea Weisberger, Mia Zannis, Donna Freedman, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5876
Andrea Weisberger, Mia Zannis, Donna Freedman, Zeke Kinski

Donna Freedman, Saffron Jankievicz in Neighbours Episode 5876
Donna Freedman, Saffron Jankievicz

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5876
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Zeke Kinski, Donna Freedman, Mia Zannis in Neighbours Episode 5876
Zeke Kinski, Donna Freedman, Mia Zannis

Detective Alec Skinner, Mia Zannis, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5876
Detective Alec Skinner, Mia Zannis, Donna Freedman

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