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Neighbours Episode 5859 from 2010 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5859 (Summer Hoyland returns)
Australian airdate: 11/02/10
UK airdate: 01/04/10
Writer: Anthony Morris
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Lyn Scully – Janet Andrewartha
Adam Miller – Jye O’Toole
Summer Hoyland – Jordy Lucas
Summary/Images by: ~Em~/Graham
- Susan trying to defend Zeke in court.
- Zeke's court case making the front page.
- Zeke being suspended from PirateNet.
- Kate helping Zeke to improve his image.
- PirateNet being shut down
Zeke is sitting alone and dejected in the empty studios. Declan checks up on him.
ZEKE: People have been trying to shut this place down for years, I managed it in two newspaper articles! I mean that is talent!
He feels like he's let a lot of people down, but Dec tries to reassure him that they'll come to realise it wasn't his fault.
Number 22
Rebecca thinks the article on Zeke is good but grumpy Paul just mutters that it had nothing to do with him, it was all Susan's doing. Turns out he's grumpy because circulation is down. They won't be able to ride it out without advertising support. Andrew tells him the future of news is online. If you can go online and get it for free, why would you pay for it? Rebecca doesn't think so, people said the same about radio when TV came along, but radio is still doing ok. Andrew offers to do some research for Paul, but Paul packs him off to Lassiters to work off his debt and remembers he has to go too to meet Declan for a development plan meeting.
Paul thinks Declan's idea is great but it is expensive. Andrew decides to try and stick his oar in which annoys Paul. At the end of the day, he's the one who has to cough up the cash. He sends the boys packing and gets on the phone to Jeff, his financial manager and asks him to put feelers out on what sort of price he could get for the Erinsborough News.
It really is grumpy day in Erinsborough! Zeke isn't happy to see Paul and blames him for PirateNet being shut down.
PAUL: Heard about that. People will have to get their daily dose of mindless babble elsewhere won't they?
LYN: Try the Erinsborough News.
Zeke tells Paul that as an underground (and such a well kept secret) station they didn't need newspaper cover. Paul reminds him that it was him and "Saint Susan" who ran the second article behind his back so he is as much to blame. He had all the choice in the world. He tells him to suck it up. Fair point.
The Garage
Zeke has taken Paul's advice and is sucking it up and also helping Lucas try to open the door to the garage. He's also looking for a job and was wondering if they needed any odd jobs and paperwork doing. Lucas tells him that's his job at the moment. They finally get the door open and a hooded figure bursts out and runs off down the street. Zeke tries to pursue the figure but Lucas tells him to leave it.
Zeke and Lucas relay what just happened to Lyn, Harry, Rebecca and India. They don't know how the intruder got in, but they've called the cops. Rebecca is concerned.
ZEKE: He ran away as soon as he saw us.
REBECCA: Oh yeah, from two guys, but he might not be so scared as...a woman with a baby.
LYN: Oh I dunno. One look at you, he'd nick off.
Lucas says that he'll fire up neighbourhood watch again if it would make people feel safer. Harry is in too. Lyn reminds Lucas that he's not completely well yet. Rebecca suggests they'll need a venue so invites them over to Charlie's for snacks and drinks on the house. Lyn can be added to the list of cheesed off people in Erinsborough.
It seems as though Zeke and Declan are taking this "watch out for the random intruder" thing as seriously as Lyn did. Lucas tells them not to approach the guy but keep him in sight in and call the police.
DECLAN: But what if he is the police?
ZEKE: Yeah, what if he's like a wronged cop who has something against mechanics?
Zeke just thinks that the intruder is probably long gone by now. Harry suggests he could be dangerous and Lucas is inclined to agree (he's another one on edge today). He asks Declan and Zeke if they'd want a dangerous person hanging around India or Susan. (OMG, imagine if it was RobCam back!) Harry is just floating the idea of breaking up into patrol teams when there's a commotion from the kitchen and the hooded figure runs out of the bar as Rebecca shouts. Zeke and Harry run out, with Lucas limping behind. Declan scrabbles around for his mobile to call the cops.
Lassiters Complex
There's no sign of the intruder, they've vanished again...or have they? The intruder watches Lucas, Harry and Zeke from inside Lassiters before being ejected for being a hoodie. The figure turns around and it turns out it isn't a he but a she. I also think we're supposed to recognise this girl, except we don't yet because she has a new head. She's clearly enjoying herself though.
Number 22
Rebecca tells Paul about how scary it was back at Charlie's with the intruder, but grumpy Paul seems to see it more as a big spider problem "more scared of you than you are of it". He's glad she and India are alright though. He is still stressing about money. He thinks he needs to sell off one of his business ventures, but he doesn't want to sell the paper really because it bought it to get close to Elle and it has grown on him. Rebecca is sure he'll think of something. He momentarily glances at "The Ramsay Family Trust" but puts it to one side as Harry and Andrew come in. Things are going well on the intruder hunt, if you're the intruder.
Paul asks Harry how things are going with the family and with money etc. Harry tells him it's all fine, but Andrew tells Paul that Harry chucked in the money he'd saved for new runners for Sophie, even though he needs them for the basketball try outs. Paul gets his wallet out, but Harry tells him to put it away. They're fine and Paul has done enough by setting up the trust fund.
Number 26
Lucas spies the intruder hanging around number 32, looking through the window. Harry and Andrew dash outside and creep up behind the girl.
ANDREW: Freeze!
GIRL: Freeze? Seriously, you've been watching far too many Starsky and Hutch movies.
ANDREW: You're a girl?
The girl explains that she's on a tour of Erinsborough but she's finished so she'll be on her way. Lucas joins the boys and is surprised to find a young girl rather than a dangerous thug.
Number 26
Half the street have congregated as if Poirot is going to reveal to them all who this stranger is and how it's all Paul's fault. Zeke is all "um, don't I know you?", but the girl continues to be evasive suggesting that Zeke saw her in one of those swimwear catalogues (prompting much protesting by Zeke). The girl continues to enjoy winding Zeke up - so presumably she knows who he is.
LUCAS: Ok, what were you doing snooping around the neighbourhood?
GIRL: I'm a private detective. I'm on a case.
REBECCA: This is not a joke. Breaking and entering is serious business!
GIRL: I didn't break! I may have done a little entering.
Lyn arrives home and recognises the girl instantly.
REBECCA: You know her?
LYN: know her? Of course I know her! She's my granddaughter.
ZEKE: SUMMER! Summer Hoyland.
SUMMER: Bingo.
Rebecca does a "urgh, here comes another recasting thread on nf.com" face while Harry and Andrew pull "OMG what happened to your head?" faces.
After the break, everyone has taken their seats while Lyn explains how talented Summer is and Rebecca sucks some lemons. Lyn asks what Summer has been up to and she admits she got expelled. Rebecca is delighted. The boys all sense the awkward too and leave Lyn to her questioning. Summer also admits that she hasn't told Max yet, but that's because she needed to prove to him that she had a plan. She wants to move back in with Steph and start at Erinsborough high. Lyn pulls an "oh heck, and Steph's gone wacko and done a runner" face.
SUMMER: The problem is I haven't been able to find Steph yet.
LYN: Well she's...away.
SUMMER: Where?
LYN: Well she's...y'know....on a holi..day... You could have been arrested! Snooping around the neighbourhood.
Summer explains she had to check out Steph's hang outs. (Ah you see, it vas zo zo simple, n'est pas?). She says that she didn't go straight to Lyn because she'd have made her call Max. Lyn makes her call Max. Huh, fancy that 3 mentions of Max in about 5 minutes, that's more than in about 3 years!
It's all sorted with Max so it's only Steph who has to give the green light. They talk about Lyn's new business and the divorce settlement it sprang from. (Paul is sitting crunching numbers.)
SUMMER: I heard Steph punched him after the wedding. You know I might give him another one for you!
Lyn tells her to leave him to her.
SUMMER: He's scum.
LYN: He's sport.
Zeke swings by for some more cheek from Summer and he tells her he liked her a lot more when she was a little nerd. That would be when you were too, Zeke, and she was older than you... Zeke goes to get a drink and a PirateNet fan recognises Lost Boy and wonders what's going down with the station.
ZEKE: It got shut down.
PAUL: Hey! Don't look at me! You're going to have to play CDs in your room aren't you, it's not the end of the world.
The fan is gutted that Zeke isn't planning on moving to another station and leaves to cry. Paul believes the fan is the reason the expression "get a life" was invented.
ZEKE: You know Paul, a lot of people cared about the station.
PAUL: Oh, you mean a couple of hundred social misfits and graffiti artists?
ZEKE: The mailing list alone had tens of thousands of people. Everyone at school listened to it.
There are tens of thousands of students at Erinsborough High? How do they all fit into that one classroom? Ever the mathematician, Zeke informs Paul that had it been a commercial radio station it would have made "squillions". This idea clearly intrigues Paul as he raises an eyebrow to make room for the dollar signs lighting up in his eyes.
Number 22
Paul arrives home and isn't interested to hear the news that Summer is the big bad intruder - he thinks he's found the solution to his financial woes. He's decided that instead of selling he's going to buy. Declan and India wonder how he'll afford that. Rebecca is incredulous and thinks it is a huge risk. Paul thinks he can do it if he has her help.
Declan has brought Zeke down to the station as he might be interested to hear what is going to happen to it. Zeke isn't impressed to see Paul holding court. He has called everyone together to announce that PirateNet will rise again because the Robinson Foundation has applied for a commercial radio license which means that PN will be relaunched as a legitimate commercial radio station.
ZEKE: You already own the local newspaper. How can you own a radio station as well?
Paul assures everyone that it's all perfectly legal as it's the Robinson Foundation that has purchased the license, not he himself. He introduces his new CEO. Iiiiit's....REBECCA! Ta da! Zeke pulls more disapproving faces.
Paul, Rebecca and Declan toast Erinsborough's latest media mogul.
REBECCA: Do you mean me or you?
Rebecca has her concerns that although her name is on the application, Paul is going to try and be the "real" owner. He's going to have too much power. Paul assures her that he'll have measures put in place to make sure everything is above board. Yeah. Right. He'll appoint a programme manager who will be in charge of all the editorial content.
DECLAN: That's it?
Paul works hard to convince Rebecca that she'll be in charge and that he needs her support in all of this. She tacitly gives it. They're in business!
- Susan has her doubts about Paul owning two media outlets.
- Lyn warns Rebecca not to let Paul make the rules.
- Summer continues to cause a stir.
- Steph makes contact.
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Declan Napier, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5859
Declan Napier, Zeke Kinski

 in Neighbours Episode 5859

Andrew Robinson, India Napier, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5859
Andrew Robinson, India Napier, Rebecca Napier

Declan Napier, Andrew Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5859
Declan Napier, Andrew Robinson, Paul Robinson

Zeke Kinski, Lyn Scully, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5859
Zeke Kinski, Lyn Scully, Paul Robinson

Zeke Kinski, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5859
Zeke Kinski, Lucas Fitzgerald

India Napier, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5859
India Napier, Rebecca Napier

Zeke Kinski, Harry Ramsay, Declan Napier, India Napier, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5859
Zeke Kinski, Harry Ramsay, Declan Napier, India Napier, Lucas Fitzgerald

Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5859
Summer Hoyland

Rebecca Napier, India Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5859
Rebecca Napier, India Napier, Paul Robinson

Harry Ramsay, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5859
Harry Ramsay, Andrew Robinson

Andrew Robinson, Harry Ramsay, Lucas Fitzgerald, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5859
Andrew Robinson, Harry Ramsay, Lucas Fitzgerald, Zeke Kinski

Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5859
Summer Hoyland

Lyn Scully, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5859
Lyn Scully, Summer Hoyland

Adam Miller, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5859
Adam Miller, Zeke Kinski

Declan Napier, India Napier, Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5859
Declan Napier, India Napier, Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson

 in Neighbours Episode 5859

Zeke Kinski, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5859
Zeke Kinski, Declan Napier

Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5859
Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier

Declan Napier, Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5859
Declan Napier, Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier

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