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Neighbours Episode 5857 from 2010 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5857 (Zeke's court case)
Australian airdate: 09/02/10
UK airdate: 30/03/10
Writer: Meaghan Rodriguez
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Candace Carey - Sheona Urquhart
Terry Kearney - Peter Moon
Magistrate Paul O’Regan - Mark Mitchell
Phillip Green - Mario Setyana
Rich Messing - Rhys Hamlyn
Jumilla Chandra - Alysia Abeyratne
Officer Moore - Andrew Conelli
Clerk - Paul Hogan
Police Officer - Michael Pastore
Summary/Images by: Carly/Graham
- Mia running off on Zeke at the testing facility
- Zeke being arrested for trespassing
- Kate spraining her ankle thanks to Candace
- Declan looking after Kate
- Kate in 'the show must go on' mode
Kate performs with the dance troupe in front of an audience, which basically involves prancing about and twirling a top hat. Candace tries to bump Kate offstage at one point (which Terry and Declan see from the wings), but Kate keeps her cool.
Backstage Kate and Candace have a yelling match. Candace thinks the "newbie" is a klutz, but Kate maintains that she was sabotaged. Terry takes Kate's side and fires Candace, who freaks out and wonders how she's going to support her child now. This strikes a chord with Declan.
Number 24
Kate knows something is up with Declan, and he admits that Candace is a nightmare but he felt sorry for her when he found out she had a kid.
DECLAN: Isn't everyone entitled to a second chance?
KATE: Oh yeah that's great coming from you. Come on, Donna hurts Ringo and suddenly she's a social outcast? Candace tried to break my leg and now I have to forgive her.
DECLAN: But this isn't about Donna.
KATE: Well then let's make it about Donna. She is so sorry for what she's done and she's too scared to come home because she can't bear to face people like you and Zeke judging her. If you really did believe in all your second chances you'd pick up the phone and give her a call.
DECLAN: I'm not going to call her.
KATE: She's one of us.
DECLAN: Not anymore.
Number 28/PirateNet
Susan listens to Zeke's show while Libby makes a cuppa for them. Susan unsubtly checks if Libby's still off the sedatives and Libby assures her mum she's doing OK. They talk about Zeke and how his lawyer said that if he apologises and pleads guilty then he won't get a criminal record. In the studio Zeke takes some callers on the topic of 'risk taking'. Some guy rings in and argues with Zeke about standing up for what you believe in versus wimping out, which rattles old Lost Boy.
Number 28 - Next Morning
Susan is frustrated with Zeke because he's changed his mind about pleading not guilty. Susan reminds him that sacrificing himself isn't going to prove anything, but Zeke's determined to go through with it.
Later on Declan makes a quick visit to give Zeke a good luck man hug. Aww. Zeke heads into the hall and Susan tells Libby about Zeke's plea change. But Libby is also worried about how all of this stress is affecting her mum, who is looking a little frazzled. Libby wants to have a chat to Zeke so he can realise how much his actions are upsetting everyone, and what a risk it is for his future. Zeke has heard everything from the hallway and looks conflicted.
Harold's Store
Kate's chatting to Donna on Skype about how sweet Declan's been with her ankle injury and Donna sadly advises her not to muck everything up like she did. Zeke walks by and discovers that Donna's at her grandma's and makes a snide remark that she should stay there.
He joins Susan and Libby at a table, who are very happy to hear that he's decided to plead 'guilty' once more. Susan goes to the counter and Libby has a quiet word with Zeke about her.
LIBBY: We have to be really careful not to stress her out. We don't want her MS to flare up again.
ZEKE: Why do you think I'm doing this?
LIBBY: She's just not as strong as she used to be, we have to remember that.
ZEKE: Well you should have remembered that before you got yourself hospitalised. I'm not the only one causing stress, so don't put all your guilt on me.
Oh snap! Zeke goes out to the car leaving Libby to eat humble pie.
First Commercial Break
Children's Court
Zeke and his lawyer (who isn't Toadie or Tim Collins - OMG what is this bizarro world we've entered into?!) face the judge, with Susan and Libby looking on. But before they can begin some animal activists barge in and interrupt proceedings with their protesting. The judge kicks them out but not before Zeke's moral conscience is piqued.
JUDGE: Mr Kinski you're charged with one count of wilful damage and one count of trespass. What does the defendant plead?
LAWYER: Your Worship my client pleads...
ZEKE: Not guilty!
Susan looks aghast. The judge looks annoyed. The lawyer wishes he was Toadie.
Harold's Store
Declan finds Kate in the kitchen and says he's willing to talk to Donna. He still thinks she did the wrong thing but he can see how much it's hurting Kate so he wants to meet her halfway. Kate's good mood dissipates when she sees Candace (with her baby boy) handing her resume over to Jumilla. Kate's annoyed Candace is on "her turf" but slightly guilty at the same time.
Number 24
Kate and Declan have another talk about Candace where Declan eventually talks Kate into being the bigger person and trying to get Candace her job back.
Children's Court
The lawyer wants a moment to consult with his client but Zeke says they don't need one. The judge reminds Zeke that if he's found guilty he faces a potential custodial sentence in juvie. This will also kill any future plans or prospects he may have.
JUDGE: Right, you have no priors. You're a top student. Look, no doubt this is some sort of crusade but the law is the law and my court is a very risky place to be trying to prove yourself. I'm satisfied that we understand the terms so I'm going to forget we had that last conversation and ask you again. To the charges of wilful damage and trespass, what do you plead?
ZEKE: Not guilty.
Susan angrily stands up and tries to talk some sense into Zeke but the judge calmly asks her to quieten down. He calls for a short recess and urges Zeke to listen to his lawyer and his mother.
Second Commercial Break
Children's Court
Zeke heads outside and leaves a voicemail for Mia, begging her to ring back and give him advice on what to do. Susan finds Zeke and reminds him that his whole future is at stake if he pleads not guilty.
SUSAN: A criminal conviction means that you can never work as a teacher or a lawyer...
ZEKE: I don't want to be any of those things.
SUSAN: Yeah that's what I tell myself now but only because I have to. I really miss teaching but that's not the end of it. Because of the accident with Bridget I have a criminal record. That means every time I fill out a job application or a travel visa the process is so much harder for me.
Libby comes out to tell them that court's back in session and Susan urges Zeke to think very hard about what he's about to say to the judge.
Charlie's Bar
Kate's asked Terry to stop by so she can ask him to let Candace back on the team. Terry's astonished, and Kate doesn't blame him, but Kate says that if she's going to be a professional she has to learn how to deal with people like Candace.
Harold's Store
Kate gets Donna back online and says she has a surprise for her. Donna's definitely stunned when Declan appears in the little webcam window to talk to her.
Candace walks in to get her resume back off Jumilla now she's back in Terry's good books but is just as catty towards Kate. This doesn't surprise Kate and they do some G- rated trash talking about who'll be the better dancer. Snore.
Donna's saddened to learn that Declan's only speaking to her to make Kate happy - he and Zeke still haven't totally forgiven her. Kate asks if Donna's coming home, but Donna says she'll have to think about it, but appreciates Kate's support.
Children's Court
Zeke's still pleading not guilty, much to Susan and Libby's despair. He also gets in a big argument with the judge about moral rights, which just makes the judge even more annoyed. "You've just bought yourself some time in a cell".
Third Commercial Break
Children's Court
Zeke's being lead away by a cop and doesn't look all that defiant now - he just looks scared. He whimpers to Susan and Libby that he doesn't want to be locked up - he was just doing what he thought was right. The cops pile him into the back of the paddy wagon and drive off. Zeke tries not to cry.
[Tomorrow on Neighbours]
(Zeke's back in court)
JUDGE: I find you have a complete lack of remorse.
SUSAN: He is an exceptionally bright young man.
JUDGE: We haven't seen much evidence of that here today.
(Zeke argues with his boss Mel at PirateNet)
ZEKE: What's the problem?
MEL: It's the court case.
ZEKE: That's why I'm here to give my side of the story.
(Zeke's front page of the Erinsborough News - 'Bunny Napper Freed')
SUSAN: This is outrageous!
(Kate's all cheerful at work)
KATE: Donna's coming home.
ZEKE: (sarcastic) Great.
(Kate waits at the bus stop but Donna doesn't get off)
(The bullies play keep away with Sophie's pencil case)
BULLY: Is this your pencil case? You snooze you lose!
SOPHIE: Give it back!
(Sophie's annoyed when Callum gets in on the game - but he does look slightly guilty about it all)
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Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5857
Kate Ramsay

Candace Carey, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5857
Candace Carey, Kate Ramsay

Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5857
Declan Napier

Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5857
Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5857
Zeke Kinski

Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5857
Zeke Kinski

Kate Ramsay, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5857
Kate Ramsay, Donna Freedman

Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5857
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Zeke Kinski

Zeke Kinski, Protesters in Neighbours Episode 5857
Zeke Kinski, Protesters

Declan Napier, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5857
Declan Napier, Kate Ramsay

Jumilla Chandra, Candace Carey in Neighbours Episode 5857
Jumilla Chandra, Candace Carey

Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Phillip Green in Neighbours Episode 5857
Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Phillip Green

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5857
Susan Kennedy

Kate Ramsay, Terry Kearney in Neighbours Episode 5857
Kate Ramsay, Terry Kearney

Candace Carey in Neighbours Episode 5857
Candace Carey

Kate Ramsay, Declan Napier, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5857
Kate Ramsay, Declan Napier, Donna Freedman

Magistrate Paul O’Regan in Neighbours Episode 5857
Magistrate Paul O’Regan

Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5857
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5857
Zeke Kinski

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