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Neighbours Episode 5847 from 2010 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5847
Australian airdate: 26/01/10
UK airdate: 16/03/10
Writer: Peter Dick
Director: Catherine Roden
Guests: Mia Zannis - Alicia Bonaddio
Sergeant Ray Miller - Steven Stagg
Millie Collier - Gabrielle Lurje
Rocco Alban - Ranjeet Starr
Summary/Images by: Carly/Graham
- Donna excited about taking her shrugoleros to a trade fair
- Andrew pointing out how different Donna and Ringo are
- Mia running off on Zeke at the testing facility
Police Station
An officer leads Zeke into the interview room and rifles through his backpack (he doesn't need a warrant). Susan arrives looking very alarmed and wants to know what happened.
Number 22
Kate helps Donna pick out an outfit for the trade fair while Declan and Ringo watch the cricket. Donna asks for their opinions but they're too engrossed in the TV, so of course Andrew chimes in and gives Donna the advice she needs. Lucas practically jogs inside to show off his miraculous rehab progress, watch cricket with the boys and fill his episode quota. The boys think about asking Zeke over then realise he's probably too busy with *other* sports, wink wink nudge nudge.
Police Station
The officer tries to bargain with Zeke - if he tells them who else was involved then he might be able to get off with a diversion. But Zeke's in no mood to share so his fingerprints and mug shot are taken. The officer tells Zeke he'll receive a summons to appear in front of the Children's Court, which horrifies Susan, so she dobs Mia in. Zeke is not impressed.
Number 28
Susan and Zeke have a yelling match about the night's events. Susan asks if Zeke's even sure they're harming animals - they could be testing medicine for all he knows. Zeke says he knows what he's talking about but Susan thinks he's being ridiculous and heads off to bed.
Trade Fair - Next Morning
Kate, Declan and Ringo are helping Donna set up her shrugolero stall. Donna tries to get Ringo to say they're a good team and that they complement one another (to ease her mind), but Ringo thinks she's being weird. Andrew stops by to help but Donna gives him the cold shoulder. Ringo brings over some shrugolero boxes and rests them on top of the pressed shrugolero pile when Donna says put them "anywhere". Andrew notices but doesn't say anything.
Number 28
Zeke leaves another voicemail for Mia telling her to call him. Susan's concerned and tries to convince him that Mia just used him.
ZEKE: She wouldn't do that. She's probably in a safe house right now, that's why she hasn't contacted me.
SUSAN: Love, you're not in the French Underground.
Zeke says Susan doesn't understand. He and Mia shared something special. Susan clocks that they Took It To The Next Level™ but Zeke rushes out before she can say anything.
Trade Fair
Declan and Ringo tease Zeke about Mia but he's in no mood to muck around. Donna's still freezing Andrew out but she soon has a new problem when she realises all her shrugoleros are crushed and smudged (how no one didn't notice before is a mystery - they're right in the middle of the stall). Ringo looks very guilty. Kate sets Declan and Zeke to work to borrow irons from other stalls. Donna gets shouty with Ringo but then eases off when she notices Andrew watching. Andrew looks smug.
First Commercial Break
Trade Fair
Donna's bummed that Ringo thinks so little of her career that he'd just carelessly muck up her shrugs. She notices Andrew ironing with precision and he reveals he took Cadets in Scotland and had to iron his uniform. Donna's impressed. The boys return from checking out the fashion show (aka perving on the swimsuit models) and reveal that someone's selling the exact same product as Donna inside. Donna freaks out - her idea has been stolen!
Donna and Kate return from checking out the competition and Donna's ready to pack it in. But Andrew gives her a speech about standing out from the crowd and being a master of her own destiny and Donna's all, "Yeah, I can still do this! Thank you 16- year- old boy who talks like a 30- year- old business tycoon!"
Charlie's Bar
Mia has finally contacted Zeke, who is freaking out about his conviction but Mia says if she gets caught then the group will disband and all their hard work will be for nothing. She does the whole, 'I can go to the cops if you want me to' but Zeke, the idiot, is totally charmed by her mystical vegan voodoo (and probably the promise of more nekkidness) and says no. Mia says she's proud of him.
Second Commercial Break
Number 28
Lucas brings over a recipe of Lyn's for Susan and says he has to keep his walking practice up so he can show off to Steph when she gets home. He exits (by practically sprinting like a greyhound after a bunny) as Zeke arrives home with the ingredients to make a 'sorry I got arrested' dinner. Susan's pleased and then tries to have an awkward conversation about his relationship with Mia.
SUSAN: Zeke I understand how hurtful it can be the first time you... Open yourself up to someone. Y'know, you and Mia, because you've... You know... Oh don't make me say it!
ZEKE: (suddenly realising) Ugh! Can we not talk about this please?!
Oh for heaven's sake, SEX! THEY HAD SEX! SEX, SEX, SEX! Zeke lies to Susan and says he's not in contact with Mia anymore, but no more than two seconds later he gets a text message from her.
Number 22
Donna has rushed home with Andrew to make an amendment to her shrugoleros - she's added a hood to it. She thanks him for all his help and gives him a kiss on the cheek. There's a "moment" between them but Donna quickly rushes off before anything can happen.
Trade Fair
Donna gives Ringo a big 'ol guilty hug and apologises for getting mad at him earlier. He's an amazing boyfriend and she doesn't deserve him. Andrew looks annoyed and asks Declan if they're always this schmoopy after a fight. Declan just gives him this funny, 'Um, we're not mates why are you talking to me?' look and asks why Andrew cares. Donna tries to spruik to the crowd but Andrew says she needs to be more outlandish, and apparently that means wearing the new improved "hood- o- lero" and talking like a gangsta. Donna laughs and joins in and instead of everyone in the crowd dying of secondhand embarrassment they all put in orders because Donna and Andrew are so cutting edge. MMMYEAHRIGHT.
Number 22
Donna's stoked that she has four possible buyers but Ringo's only half- listening because he's making pub plans with Declan on the phone.
DONNA: And a lady's opening a store up in KL.
DONNA: Kuala Lumpur.
Andrew appears and says he put the rest of the boxes in the garage.
DONNA: Oh thanks so much. I was just bringing Ringo up to date with KL.
RINGO: It's Kuala Lumpur.
ANDREW: Yeah I used to live there.
Burn. Ringo wants to go celebrate down at Charlie's with Declan but Donna wants to bounce around some new business ideas. Ringo's had his fashion fill for one day and offers up Andrew for the job - he's much better at it than Ringo. So Donna and Andrew are left alone once again.
Third Commercial Break
Number 22
Andrew keeps finding excuses to lean in close to Donna while they're working so Donna calls him out on it and also says he's being sneaky for trying to find ways to undermine Ringo. Andrew says from now on he'll just be completely honest and upfront - and apparently that means grabbing Donna for a kiss. Donna doesn't exactly protest so he kisses her again.
ANDREW: The sooner we stop fighting our feelings for each other the better.
[Tomorrow on Neighbours]
(The Ramsays freak out when Roz the DHS lady stops by)
ROZ: It's just a courtesy call OK. Is Lou around?
KATE: No, he's uh...
HARRY: At the shops.
(Harry tries to explain himself while Roz is out of earshot)
HARRY: I opened my mouth and it just came out.
KATE: What are we supposed to do when she comes back?
HARRY: I don't know.
(Donna chats with Kate)
DONNA: Not all boys are the same.
KATE: You reckon?
(Ringo brings some balloons by for Donna)
RINGO: Happy Anniversary.
DONNA: Oh my God!
(She hugs him - It cuts back to Donna talking with Kate about boys)
DONNA: Some are sweet and kind and some others are just too slick and clever and I hate them.
KATE: Woah, how many coffees have you had today?
(Donna voice over - Donna pervs on Andrew)
DONNA: There's this boy. I can't stop thinking about him. He's younger than me but we've got heaps in common.
(Donna and Andrew cosy up on Donna's bed)
ANDREW: Are you sure this is what you want?
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Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5847
Zeke Kinski

Donna Freedman, Andrew Robinson, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5847
Donna Freedman, Andrew Robinson, Kate Ramsay

Lucas Fitzgerald, Donna Freedman, Declan Napier, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5847
Lucas Fitzgerald, Donna Freedman, Declan Napier, Ringo Brown

Susan Kennedy, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5847
Susan Kennedy, Zeke Kinski

Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5847
Zeke Kinski

Zeke Kinski, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5847
Zeke Kinski, Susan Kennedy

Donna Freedman, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5847
Donna Freedman, Ringo Brown

 in Neighbours Episode 5847

Zeke Kinski, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5847
Zeke Kinski, Susan Kennedy

Ringo Brown, Declan Napier, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5847
Ringo Brown, Declan Napier, Zeke Kinski

Kate Ramsay, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5847
Kate Ramsay, Donna Freedman

Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5847
Andrew Robinson

Mia Zannis, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5847
Mia Zannis, Zeke Kinski

Susan Kennedy, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5847
Susan Kennedy, Lucas Fitzgerald

Donna Freedman, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5847
Donna Freedman, Andrew Robinson

Andrew Robinson, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5847
Andrew Robinson, Donna Freedman

Donna Freedman, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5847
Donna Freedman, Ringo Brown

Donna Freedman, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5847
Donna Freedman, Andrew Robinson

Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5847
Donna Freedman

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