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Neighbours Episode 5758 from 2009 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5758
Australian airdate: 19/08/09
UK airdate:
Writer: Meaghan Rodriguez
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Sue Thomas: Wendy Wilkins
Bill Newman: Brett Christian
Craig Noonan: Terry Carter
Summary/Images by: LauraFace/Graham
- Ringo finding the present Bridget bought for Declan's birthday in Number 28
- Paul giving Declan the reservations for a night away for two he'd gotten for Declan and Bridget
- Declan wanting to take Ringo with his for being a good mate
- Zeke disoriented in the ravine
- Susan and Karl requesting Zeke have professional help
- Zeke organising his books and pens perfectly and neatly.
- Elle telling Lucas she heard every word he said at the meeting.
- Lucas telling Elle he needs to start from scratch, alone.
Gambler's Anonymous Meeting
Lucas is discussing how last night was a breakthrough for him and he sounds positive about it. He's then asked what's next for him and he doesn't know. Dan, who's there at the side, says it's for Lucas to figure out. The counsellor tells the group about change and Lucas takes his speech on board.
Number 22
Donna comes downstairs to find a note from Elle on the table. It's a letter to Elle about a flight to Sydney and a note saying: 'Dad and Donna. Have gone to Sydney. Had to get away.'
General Store
Dan congratulates Lucas on taking the first step with the meeting earlier on. Lucas says he's going to pay back every cent he owes to Dan and he won't let him down. He asks if he can keep crashing at his house and Dan says it's ok. Donna walks in and says Elle's gone to Sydney and thinks its her fault. Dan leaves them to catch up and Donna says she shouldn't have kept pushing Elle to work things out with Lucas. Lucas says she was doing it because they both care about Elle. Donna asks what happened between them and wished Ringo and her were like them. Lucas says not even he wants to be like him.
Number 26
Zeke hopes the list for India has everything on it as Declan comes out with his bags. Zeke asks Declan if he's sure it's everything he needs to know and Declan shows him everything in the kitchen. Zeke worries that there's something he doesn't know but Declan says his mum's at Charlie's if he needs her and that he'll be fine. He trusts Zeke with her and so would Didge. He tells Zeke to call him if anything else goes wrong. Declan says goodbye to Indy and doesn't want to miss a thing about her. Declan tells Zeke not to let him down and he and Ringo leave. Zeke looks uneasy.
Number 28
Zeke's frantically looking through the bag for rash cream as the list says there's rash cream. Sunny says they'll get some from the chemists but he continues to look. Susan arrives home and everyone welcomes her, apart from Zeke who and went to look in the pram for the rash cream. Susan says hello and he says he needs to find something as he goes back to the bag on the table. Donna asks how the Parkers are and Susan says Riley's staying with them and she thinks they're coping. Zeke's pretty much emptied the bag now and shouts out that it's not there.
SUNNY: Do we really need the rash cream?
SUSAN: Has she got a rash?
ZEKE: No, but it's on the list and it's meant to be here.
Donna tells him to relax. Sunny suggests a walk and Zeke wonders if it's such a good idea as she'll be late for her bottle. The girls are more relaxed and say she can have her bottle at Harold's Store. They leave and Susan asks Libby if Zeke's alright but they figure out baby sitting's a good enough reason to be stressed.
Lucas his happily riding his bike with a smile. He stops and sits down, looking at the bike.
Lucas has decided to sell the bike and starts to discuss it with someone who's just taken it for a test run. Steph calls him for a word and tells him not to sell the bike, he loves it. Lucas says he's got to start again, he's got to change. Steph says he'll regret it but Lucas is serious about changing so he's got to do it. He has second thoughts when he gets offered the money for the bike.
Harold's Store
Lucas gives him the money he owes Dan. Dan wonders how he got it so fast and Lucas says he sold his bike. Dan thinks it's extreme, his bike was the only thing keeping him sane but Lucas says he needs to change without the bike.
Lucas leaves, running into Zeke with India and Zeke snaps at him to watch where he's going. The beeper goes and Zeke's annoyed they're late for her bottle but the girls say leave her alone as India's asleep. Donna asks Kate if they would wake a sleeping baby even if it's time for her bottle and Kate says no. As Donna and Sunny order, Zeke checks the breaks on the pram and rechecks them to make sure they work. He checks the list again and calls Declan.
Declan tells Zeke they've just arrived and Declan tells Zeke to let India sleep for another 20 minutes. Sue, the lady showing Declan and Ringo to their room, mentions the honeymoon suite was originally booked for Mr and Mrs Napier and Ringo says that Bridget's not here and says he's Declan's mate and they're here for his birthday. However, Sue thinks their gay!
RINGO: No, no, no we're not that sort of mates.
SUE: Oh, it doesn't matter. Just concentrate on having a good time together.
RINGO: No, no, I don't think you understand. I used to play AFL football so...
SUE: Oh, lucky you all those hunky footballers in their shorts! Must have been like a candy shop!
DECLAN: (To Ringo) Stop flirting!
They go into the suite and Declan tells Ringo he's got the bed and shoves Ringo on the couch. Ringo suggests they get separate rooms as Declan picks up a dressing gown. Ringo tries it on and finds it says Hers. Declan has His as Ringo goes into the en suite and finds the spa. Declan's happy there's a plasma as Sue arrives with complimentary champagne. Ringo comes out, the Hers dressing gown fairly obvious and she says she's glad to see them settling in. Ringo quickly takes it off and says they were just mucking around. Sue says it's what honeymoons are all about and tells them to have fun. They pour some champagne and Declan says it feels weird going to the hotel without Bridget. Ringo says she's want him to have a good time. As Declan goes to check out the bathroom, Ringo takes out the present however changes his mind and puts it back in his bag.
Lassiters Lake
Donna and Sunny are gossiping about girls in school as Zeke's checking the breaks again and again. Their voices drone out and he daydreams about the pram goes into the lake. Harry calls him asking if everything's alright and Zeke takes a while to go back into reality. Harry says he looked like he was freaking out and Zeke checks the breaks. Again. He says he's fine.
HARRY: Dude, I think the break's already on.
DONNA: Yeah, Zeke's just a little overprotective.
HARRY: Well, he's a little over-something.
Zeke says they should go Sunny says Zeke's been hogging the pram all day. Zeke says she's not a toy and she's very fragile and anything could go wrong. Sunny wants to know but Zeke says she doesn't. Harry watches on, observant.
Steph notices Lucas' been working on a car longer than she can charge for and Lucas says if it's not finished today, they'll be behind for the rest of the week. Steph tells him to let her work on that stuff and tells him not to work himself into the ground, but Lucas says he's nearly finished. Steph asks if this has anything to do with Elle and Lucas says he's done blaming other people. Lucas says he's sorry for what had happened between his and Steph's friendship and asks to start again. They're both confirmed they're mates again.
Lucas bumps into Steph as he tries to walk out and Steph says he better not be going back to the garage. Lucas says he's nearly finished and Steph says she'll be there in half an hour and if he's still there, she's kicking him out and padlocking the place. Steph sees Libby and she's noticed the look she gave him. She realises what Steph has for Lucas has never gone away. Steph says she'll do nothing, he's with Elle. She's going to concentrate on being his boss.
We've got air guitar and drums in the honeymoon suite, and Ringo with some material tied around his head, and they jump up and down on the bed jamming to music. They lie back on the bed, needing a breather after Ringo suggesting an encore, and they both say they're having a good time. Declan looks at the picture he took of India on his phone and then goes to Ringo's bag for some chips. Ringo can't stop him in time and finds the present from Bridget, not realising it was from her and wonders why Ringo looks uneasy.
The present's on the table and Ringo says he didn't know what to do so he brought it just in case. He really wanted Declan to have a good time but Declan's glad he brought it along. He's just got to prepare himself for the fact that this is the last present he's going to open from Didge. Ringo says he doesn't have to pretend around him and they hug. And talk about timing, Sue arrives! The boys are quick to break the hug and she apologizes for interrupting but tells them there's a complaint about the noise level.
DECLAN: Ok, we'll keep it down.
RINGO: The music!
DECLAN: Yeah. Music.
Sue leaves and the boys both have one word - awkward! Declan suggests to go downstairs for the buffet and pool. He doesn't want to open the present yet.
Harold's Store
Zeke's still checking the breaks on India's pram as Harry gets Sunny and him a milkshake, Harry looking at him awkwardly. Zeke asks what he's staring at and Harry says nothing. Sunny says Zeke's doing a really good job looking after her and Zeke says he'd promised Declan he would and he needs to make sure nothing happens. Susan arrives and asks how the baby sitting's going and Sunny tells her Zeke's been doing a great job. Susan said she'd expect nothing less and he'll be a great father one day. Zeke continues to stare and India, nervously.
Sunny compliments Zeke on his fine job of babysitting and Donna finds a mysterious note on the ground that says: 'Zeke, how's the baby?' Zeke puts on the breaks and walks over to look at the notes. Sunny screams out his name and sees the pram rolling away onto the road.
Number 28
Zeke sits up fast and shouts India's name. He's just woken up from a dream and the others are confused and so is Zeke. He learns that Rebecca picked her up but he asks again if she's ok. Sunny says she's not surprised he feel asleep he's been tense all day and Zeke says he's fine makes his way to the kitchen. Harry goes up to him, concerned but Zeke tells him to leave it, freaked out.
Erinsborough High
Next day, Zeke approaches Harry and explains himself about the previous night.
HARRY: What about the pram? You were checking the breaks like you were paranoid or something.
ZEKE: Yeah, Declan left me in charge so I had to make sure everything was ok.
HARRY: Sure, ok.
ZEKE: You wouldn't let Sophie ride a bike that was unsafe, would you? I was doing the same thing with India but what do I know about prams? So, I had to make sure the breaks were working.
Harry tells Zeke they're good and leaves for maths. Zeke stands there, a little tense.
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Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5758
Lucas Fitzgerald

Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5758
Donna Freedman

Lucas Fitzgerald, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5758
Lucas Fitzgerald, Dan Fitzgerald

Zeke Kinski, Kate Ramsay, Sunny Lee, Ringo Brown, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5758
Zeke Kinski, Kate Ramsay, Sunny Lee, Ringo Brown, Declan Napier

India Napier in Neighbours Episode 5758
India Napier

Zeke Kinski, Sunny Lee, Donna Freedman, Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5758
Zeke Kinski, Sunny Lee, Donna Freedman, Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5758
Lucas Fitzgerald

Lucas Fitzgerald, Steph Scully, Craig Noonan in Neighbours Episode 5758
Lucas Fitzgerald, Steph Scully, Craig Noonan

Sunny Lee, Donna Freedman, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5758
Sunny Lee, Donna Freedman, Zeke Kinski

Declan Napier, Sue Thomas, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5758
Declan Napier, Sue Thomas, Ringo Brown

Zeke Kinski, Sunny Lee, Donna Freedman, Harry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5758
Zeke Kinski, Sunny Lee, Donna Freedman, Harry Ramsay

Lucas Fitzgerald, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5758
Lucas Fitzgerald, Steph Scully

Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5758
Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy

Declan Napier, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5758
Declan Napier, Ringo Brown

Ringo Brown, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5758
Ringo Brown, Declan Napier

Sue Thomas in Neighbours Episode 5758
Sue Thomas

Donna Freedman, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5758
Donna Freedman, Kate Ramsay

India Napier in Neighbours Episode 5758
India Napier

Harry Ramsay, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5758
Harry Ramsay, Zeke Kinski

Harry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5758
Harry Ramsay

Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5758
Zeke Kinski

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