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Neighbours Episode 5711 from 2009 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5711
Australian airdate: 15/06/09
UK airdate:
Writer: Meaghan Rodriguez
Director: Catherine Roden
Guests: Dr Veronica Olenski: Caroline Lloyd
Kyle canning: Christopher Milligan
Drew Throsby (mystery man): Ben Chisolm
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Emily
Sophie thanking Paul for trying to help her mum then telling the police what happened when her mum was killed.
Susan offering to be the surrogate for Libby.
Sunny finding out she's failed an assessment then splitting up with Zeke as she can't be with him and study.
Lucas bailing on Elle then being "kidnapped" by the guy he took a lot of money off of after beating him at pool.
A beaten up Lucas comes to thanks to a call from Elle wanting to know where he is coming home so they can talk about Paul. In obvious pain, he tries to excuse himself from coming home but Elle thinks he's avoiding talking about it.
Number 22 (late at night)
It's after midnight when Lucas finally comes home however Elle has waited up for him. She wants him to come to bed with her but he snaps at her saying he isn't tired and she heads upstairs alone.
(Next day)
Lucas comes downstairs to find Elle having breakfast and we see the extremely quick makeover the kitchen has had since the fire - it now has a breakfast bar where the cooker used to be (the cooker is now on the far wall). He apologises to her for his behaviour the previous night and stuns Elle when he suggests that Paul moves back although she thinks his attitude isn't matching his offer before departing in a hurry to get to work.
Dan has got the kids watching an educational programme on smoking and judging by the comments and the looks on the kids' faces, the message is sinking in. He then sets them a team task to make their own anti-smoking commercial using a cigarette suit which will count towards their grades.
Sunny is rather keen to do well (following her failed assignment) and so provides the inspiration to the RSK's for their commercial since the others are struggling to come up with one. However, the rest of them think her idea sucks and so group leader Donna nominates Zeke to tell her that.
When Zeke tries to tell her, she thinks it's personal because she dumped him and isn't in the mood to discuss it, because she thinks she'll be sent back home by the end of the week. Zeke tries to reassure her that won't happen.
Susan and Karl are in with Dr Olenski to talk about the surrogacy. Karl is still dead against it and Olenski tries to point out to her that the IVF won't necessarily work and that her MS could become worse post-pregnancy too. Susan replies that may not happen especially if she had good support, looking directly at Karl. Olenski departs to let them talk privately and he begins by reminding her that she'll seriously jeopardise her health if she goes through with the pregnancy.
SUSAN: That pretty much sums up all parenting, wouldn't you say?
KARL: There's no need to be flippant.
SUSAN: Karl, my health is always going to be an issue, pregnancy or not; all the more reason to make the most out of life while I can.
KARL: ...
Karl joins Susan and Dan to hear her finishing off bringing Dan up to speed about the hospital appointment - she's got a lot of reading materials and once they've finished counselling (and get approval) they recommend starting the process immediately. Dan asks about the effect it will have on her MS and Susan rather plays down what could happen. He then asks Karl what the chances of the hospital approving things will be but Karl is rather non-committal.
Susan departs to head to work and Libby and Dan expresses his gratitude for what Susan is doing.
KARL: I hope you'll remember that when she's hospitalised with an MS relapse after giving birth to your baby.
Lassiters Lake
Dan catches up with Karl at the lake, surprised that he wasn't okay about the surrogacy. He surprises Karl when he says he hasn't come to talk him round.
KARL: We married wonderful women, you and I. Wonderful, stubborn, infuriating women.
DAN: Tell me about it.
KARL: They're both prepared to put their own health issues aside so that they can bear a child. Why did you ever agree to let Libby get pregnant?
DAN: Because it was breaking her heart to say no.
KARL: But you could have lost her.
DAN: I'd rather break my heart, than hers.
KARL: You're a better man than me.
Number 22
Lucas is nursing his injuries with an ice-pack when Elle comes home for something she forgot. She is surprised to see him there and wriggles out of him why he is at home. Once she sees his injuries, Lucas puts them down to a work related accident rather than telling her the truth and rejects her suggestion to sue.
Sunny comes up with a new idea for their commercial and this time the others love it. Didge points out a problem - they don't have the costume anymore since Dan gave it to one of the other groups... but Zeke returns with it having acquired it from Kyle's group.
Erinsborough News
Elle brings Paul up to speed about the newspaper sales and he isn't annoyed at her using his story to boost sales. Susan arrives for the features meeting to hear the latest news - Paul has put Elle in control of the newspaper!
Outside the Erinsborough News
Elle tries to talk to her dad about his sudden decision but he stands by his decision to put her in charge. She admits that she should have believed him but Paul still feels guilty for Jill's death. Paul knocks back her offer to move back in because he thinks it's out of pity.
ELLE: It's not about pity. Why won't you move back home?
PAUL: Because I don't deserve it.
ELLE: Okay, so you do pity when it comes from yourself? Dad you make an error of judgement, we all do that. Don't run away from this. (Pause) Come on stand up for yourself, I'm sure you've got some of that stubborn Robinson pride in you somewhere.
Whist he is working at a table, some random guy comes in and hands Paul a document wallet, saying that he may be interested in it before departing a quickly as he arrived. Paul doesn't immediately look at the contents because Lucas has arrived and he gingerly sits down. Lucas tells Paul that Elle hasn't slept properly since he left. "Nor have I" Paul adds. Lucas asks if he is moving back because it would mean the world to Elle but Paul knocks him back - he's staying put at the hotel, so Lucas tries a different tactic.
LUCAS: We can unite against the common enemy.
PAUL: You should get a job in sales you know; you have such a way with flattery.
LUCAS: Mmm. So do I get the sale?
PAUL: Let me give you a tip - don't hassle the customer. Just back off, give them time to think, make them feel it's their decision, know what I mean.
PAUL: Don't worry, I wont mention this conversation to Elle.
Lucas departs and Paul looks at the wallet the random guy gave him - it's an application form for the surrogacy programme but with the names blacked out however it does state that it's the mother who will be the surrogate and Paul is very interested in the potential story.
Erinsborough News
Paul arrives to present Elle with the story about the surrogacy but she tells him to write it instead since he found it. He reminds her that he doesn't work there anymore but Elle refuses to take it, telling him that if he doesn't write it nobody else will.
PAUL: You really are as stubborn as me aren't you?
ELLE: Damn straight and I'll tell you something else, you will move back home! (Pointing her finger at him) End of discussion!
Dan gives the RSK's the thumbs up for their commercial however he's after who nabbed the suit since it disappeared early from the allotted time of Kyle's group. This is met by silence from all the kids, so Dan turns the thumbscrews - if the guilty party doesn't own up, the whole group will fail.
Dan isn't letting the kids leave until the guilty party owns up so he decides to leave the classroom to help the guilty party come forward. Kyle shouts out that his money is on Zeke and the RSK's confer amongst themselves. Zeke wants to confess but the others stop him however he does publicly own up when Dan returns to the classroom...quickly followed by an admission from Sunny that she's guilty too.
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Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5711
Lucas Fitzgerald

Elle Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5711
Elle Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald

Sunny Lee, Bridget Parker, Declan Napier, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5711
Sunny Lee, Bridget Parker, Declan Napier, Zeke Kinski

Zeke Kinski, Donna Freedman, Ringo Brown, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5711
Zeke Kinski, Donna Freedman, Ringo Brown, Bridget Parker

Sunny Lee in Neighbours Episode 5711
Sunny Lee

Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5711
Dan Fitzgerald

Karl Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5711
Karl Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald

Lucas Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5711
Lucas Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson

Bridget Parker, Donna Freedman, Declan Napier, Zeke Kinski, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5711
Bridget Parker, Donna Freedman, Declan Napier, Zeke Kinski, Ringo Brown

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5711
Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5711
Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson

Ringo Brown, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5711
Ringo Brown, Zeke Kinski

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