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Neighbours Episode 5675 from 2009 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5675
Australian airdate: 24/04/09
UK airdate:
Writer: John Davies
Director: Adrian Holmes
Guests: Kyle Canning - Chris Milligan
Summary/Images by: LauraFace/Graham
- Ty depressed about Rachel being away.
- Kyle pretending he's Lost Boy to get an interview with the news.
- Lucas making Elle choose between him and Paul.
- Donna explaining to Cass she was trying to change her for the better.
- Ringo making Donna realise that if she can change, she can change Cass too.
- Donna telling Cass she's not going to give up.
Ramsay Street
Paul is driving away as Rebecca moves her stuff back into Miranda's. Elle reveals Paul's moving to Lassiters. Elle thought Rebecca would have been happy for her but from Rebecca's reactions she can tell she's worried about Paul. Rebecca soon changes her opinion for Elle's sake and is happy for her and Elle says maybe she'll be able to show her feelings for Paul too. Rebecca is gob smacked and tells Ty off for laughing but at least he's smiling for once.
Number 24
Donna is rehearsing her lines in the mirror as Elle knocks on the door. She asks if Donna's been avoiding her as with all the drama going on, she still hasn't spoken to her but Donna's been keeping a low profile. She explains she's busy with the play and Elle offers to rehearse with her. Cassandra walks in and is sour about the school play thinking it's a load of rubbish. Donna says they could still do with help on he costumes and Cassandra comments on how Dan would love to see her(!) Maybe not Dan, but Donna. Cass asks when she's going to give up as she doesn't want her pity and is fine by herself.
CASS: So you may as well just toddle off with your crazy cat lady.
ELLE: I beg your pardon!
Donna thinks Cass misses her but Cass thinks its her vivid imagination. Donna takes what she says and says she loves her.
Harold's Store
Kyle, Zeke and Sunny are looking for his article and Zeke just says he missed it and takes the newspaper to look through. Sunny says Zeke's jealous and Zeke asks why he'd be jealous.
SUNNY: Because Lost Boy is Kyle's cool alter ego. He's funny, he's smart and you're just-
ZEKE: And I'm just sick of hearing your voice.
Kyle is still complaining so Zeke goes to Elle and asks her why its not in the paper. Elle says she knows Kyle isn't Lost Boy and cancels the check. Kyle's gutted and Elle wants to know why they lied. Sunny says she thought he really was Lost Boy and Zeke says it was his own revenge. Elle and Sunny walk out annoyed - Sunny calls Kyle that thing in Korean - and Kyle admits defeat. He threatens that Lost Boy had better watch is back and the big grin on Zeke's face is gone. Oops.
Erinsborough High School
Sunny thinks Donna's angry with her for getting the part of Cassandra but Donna's fine with it. We pan over to Miranda, Rebecca and Bridget and Bridget comments the boys wont like wearing skirts. Rebecca and Miranda go to make coffee and Bridget calls the actors back in. Donna salutes her saying "Yes sir!" and Bridget happily tells her she's been named Stage Manager by Dan. Bridget wonders whether Donna's moving back in with her mum brave or crazy. Donna wants people to stop judging her on that as all she wants to do is have a relationship with her mother. As she says that, Cass struts in and Donna and Bridget wonder why she's there.
Cass and Dan talk in the classroom and she admits she took things too far and she wants to help with the play. Donna wants her there as they're making a fresh start and its all for her. Cass says she knows the other parents are helping and Donna would be crushed if she wasn't involved.
Dan is talking to Donna about this and Donna is eager to have Donna. Dan argues this needs to go through the school board and the other students but Cass says she's only sewing up a few costumes and Rebecca and Miranda need all the help they can get. Dan gives in and says the first sign of trouble and she's out. Donna thanks her however...
CASS: If you want to play happy families, here I am. Be careful what you wish for.
Miranda and Rebecca are wondering why she's allowed to be involved in the play or even near the school as Cass finishes a costume. Declan walks in and Rebecca tells him to try on a toga.
DECLAN: Are you kidding?
REBECCA: Have I got a straight face?
DECLAN: Nothing straight about this.
Declan goes off to try it on as Kyle comes out, bare chest and looking fine in his toga! He complains as he thought he was only building sets but the girls tell him he's a mannequin. End of. Bridget walks in telling them she's made a timeline of how fast they need costumes and they'd better get a move on.
MIRANDA: Alright, Bossy-Boots
REBECCA: I wonder where she gets that from.
Zeke and Sunny are rehearsing and Daniel tells Sunny to step off the chariot (which is for now a table), take his hands and look deep into Zeke's eyes. Sunny wants to know why.
DAN: Well, I want you to show your reliance in him. You're his slave now.
SUNNY: Oh, I don't agree with slavery. Also if I'm his slave, wouldn't I hate him?
DAN: If he senses that, he will kill you.
ZEKE: And you're already killing the scene.
SUNNY: Shut up.
They start the scene again and this time it goes better and they gaze in each others eyes making Zeke forget his line. Aw.
Donna's up next and Cass comments that she can't wait. In a horrible way .
Libby is on the phone to Rachel and signals Ty if he wants to talk to her. He says no and when she hangs up she stops him from going. She's noticed he went weird the last time Libby mentioned her and asks when he last spoke to her which was a couple of weeks ago. Libby thinks it doesn't sound committed and Ty says because there's no relationship to commit to. He walks into the changing rooms but Libby follows him in, which is objected by Steve trying to get changed. Libby wants to know when they ended it because Rachel would have mentioned it otherwise. Ty says they were hardly together anyway and she's on the other side of the world. Ty wants to know how its Libby's business but Rachel's Libby's stepsister and she doesn't want to see her getting hurt. Libby thinks Ty is seeing someone and Rachel has a right to know. Ty hasn't so Libby says if he's moved on then he should talk to her. Rachel loves him. But it seems Rachel's the one to have moved on.
STEVE: Ok. These pants are coming off in five seconds.
LIBBY: (scared) See ya.
Erinsborough High School
Zeke and Sunny have finished their scene and its now Donna's turn and she looks at Cass, wanting her to be proud. Donna is reciting her lines she's learnt off by heart however Cass keeps laughing to herself as she performs. Dan's had enough and she has to be sent out like a child and Miranda and Rebecca sympathise with Donna. Rebecca tells Miranda to call Elle as she goes off to deal with Cass.
Rebecca starts up normal conversation by saying she must be excited for her daughter but no. Cass is surprised as she claims Donna isn't a natural. Rebecca thinks she's fantastic and support from Cass wouldn't hurt. Rebecca wants to know why she's trying to humiliate and push away her daughter. Cass says she giggled because the play is ridiculous and she thinks that Donna doesn't need her mum. Rebecca is shocked at her attitude and says Donna's going to stop giving her second chances but Cass' argument is that she didn't ask for them and the sooner Donna gets out of her life, the better. (Well, she moved to Ramsay Street, if she wants Donna outta her life, get out!)
REBECCA: You won't know what you had until it's gone.
Donna is performing and is put off by her mum watching through the window. She hears her mothers words putting her down echoing in her head. Donna caves and runs out of the classroom.
Outside Erinsbourough High
Donna is crying on the steps as Elle and Rebecca comfort her. Donna says she tried and just wants a normal mum. Rebecca says she always has her and Elle. Donna thought if she could prove to Cass she loved her then maybe she would love her back. Elle tells her sometimes she has to put herself first. Rebecca says the whole neighbourhood loves her and she deserves to be happy. Elle wants her back home. For good.
Libby is waiting for Ty outside the changing rooms and says he doesn't believe him. Ty tells her to read a message from Rachel meant for a guy named Chris. Ty takes it hard and thinks it's a guy Rachel's been seeing. Libby says that Chris is Christine, their cousin. Karl's been introducing her to relatives and if Ty was actually talking to Rachel then he would know about it. Ty realises he made a mistake and Libby convinces him to contact her.
Ty tells Rachel via webcam he still loves her and wants to know if she still is too. Because if she is then they should be together. Properly. Ty sends his video message and smiles to himself.
Outside Erinsborough High
Declan and Zeke are walking out together and Zeke says he better wait for Sunny. Declan comments they've got the vibe going on but Zeke gets all defensive saying it's just acting.
DECLAN: You're the king onstage. Get over yourself man.
Zeke heads back down as Cass walks up. Elle storms across to confront her and Cass said she barely even said a word and she started crying.
ELLE: Well, you said enough.
CASS: Yeah, well, Dan sacked me. So there you have it. One all.
ELLE: She's a person, not a game!
Cass asks if she's finished and she's going to regret asking that! Elle hasn't and gives her a big slap and struts off. Go Elle!
Number 24
Donna's packed all of her things and as she gets one more thing Rebecca thinks she's ok. Elle says she will be soon and Donna comes out with a box that Rebecca recognises.
DONNA: Yeah, spring racing carnival's, like, six months away.
Elle is corrected. Donna's fine right now. Cass appears and Donna tells her that she's leaving for good. But Cass say's she'll be back. Donna says Elle told her about something she found interesting to she researched it online.
DONNA: Legal emancipation. Do you know what that is?
CASS: You can't even spell emancipation.
Donna tells her it's where you can legally divorce your parents so she made an appointment with Toadie and Donna states that the funny and sad thing about it is that he didn't try to talk her out of it. Cass steps forward and asks her not to go. She can change and she wants to be a better mother. She needs Donna. Elle comes in and asks if she's ok to go. Donna says she is and Cass calls her not to and starts to cry.
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Ty Harper, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5675
Ty Harper, Rebecca Napier

Donna Freedman, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5675
Donna Freedman, Elle Robinson

Zeke Kinski, Kyle Canning, Sunny Lee in Neighbours Episode 5675
Zeke Kinski, Kyle Canning, Sunny Lee

Bridget Parker, Rebecca Napier, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5675
Bridget Parker, Rebecca Napier, Miranda Parker

Dan Fitzgerald, Cassandra Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5675
Dan Fitzgerald, Cassandra Freedman

Rebecca Napier, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 5675
Rebecca Napier, Kyle Canning

Sunny Lee, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5675
Sunny Lee, Zeke Kinski

Ty Harper, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5675
Ty Harper, Libby Kennedy

Cassandra Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5675
Cassandra Freedman

Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5675
Donna Freedman

Donna Freedman, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5675
Donna Freedman, Rebecca Napier

Libby Kennedy, Ty Harper in Neighbours Episode 5675
Libby Kennedy, Ty Harper

Ty Harper in Neighbours Episode 5675
Ty Harper

Cassandra Freedman, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5675
Cassandra Freedman, Elle Robinson

Cassandra Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5675
Cassandra Freedman

Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5675
Donna Freedman

Cassandra Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5675
Cassandra Freedman

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