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Neighbours Episode 5662 from 2009 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5662
Australian airdate: 07/04/09
UK airdate:
Writer: Scott Taylor
Director: Hannah Hilliard
Guests: Andre Rieu - as himself
Cassandra Freedman - Tottie Goldsmith
Adam Clarke - Clint Bizzell
Andrew Simpson - Peter Flanigan
Melissa Evans - Kaela Hilton
Constable Simone Page - Laura Hill
Nathan Black - Lyall Brooks
Summary/Images by: Carly/Graham
- Andrew proposing to Rebecca
- Steph witnessing Paul grab Cass's arm
- Rebecca defending Paul much to Andrew's annoyance
- Zeke loving the anonymity of his 'Lost Boy' alias
- Ringo quitting school
- Donna vowing to find out if her mum's lying about Paul
- Cass receiving a stalkerish note in the mail
- Adam demanding Ringo take the blame for his car crash
Easter Wonderland
The police have arrived at the scene of the crash and are grilling Ringo for details as Adam looks on. Ringo egotistically assumes he'll receive star treatment since he's on the squad, but the officer is less than impressed. She wants to breathalyse him and charge him with driving without his P plates (as a start).
Charlie's Bar
Ringo's freaked out that the club will drop him if the story makes it into the press, but Adam reassures him everything will be fine. He thanks Ringo for saving his skin, he would have been in serious trouble otherwise. Coach Nathan storms in and informs them that the media is onto the story already. He warns them that lying will earn them the sack, but Ringo still goes ahead and says the crash was his fault.
Number 22
Elle receives a text with info about the crash, so Paul tells her to get onto the story quicksmart. Cass bursts in without knocking and demands that Paul stops sending her creepy letters, but Paul says he had nothing to do with it.
CASS: Alright, well if it isn't you who is it then?
PAUL: Obviously a Peeping Tom with very low standards.
Elle chuckles and answers the phone as Cass exits in a huff. With a quizzical look, Elle tells her dad a man with a European accent is on the phone. Paul's delighted.
Charlie's Bar
Adam and the mute footy goons toast Ringo to a lie well done. Ringo's worried he'll lose his licence, but Adam reassures him that the club has friends everywhere.
At the bar, Andrew asks Rebecca if she's having second thoughts about the wedding. Rebecca says no, cringing when Paul stops by with impeccable timing. He thanks Rebecca for sticking up for him re: Cass, then proceeds to ask if she's free for the evening because he has a thank you surprise. Andrew is less than impressed but Paul just grins that he'll ask again later, leaving Rebecca gobsmacked.
Number 24
Cass shows Donna another stalker note she received (this time just saying 'Apologise'). Cass doesn't understand what she's done wrong. Donna looks at the note but remains quiet.
Harold's Store
Paul's trying to get Elle to write the car crash story without any facts, but Elle refuses to be unprofessional. Andrew waltzes over and randomly announces to Elle that he and Rebecca are moving in together, much to Paul's displeasure. When Andrew walks off, Paul gets the sudden idea that Andrew may be Cass's stalker (trying to do the chivalrous thing and protect Rebecca, all the while setting Paul up for a fall). But Elle says her dad just needs to face the fact that Rebecca's getting married.
Charlie's Bar
While Adam's preoccupied at the bar, Elle grills Ringo for information about the crash. Ringo remains mum, but Elle knows something's up and says she'll only hold the story for 24 hours. After that, she'll just get all the information she needs from her police source. Adam walks back and glares at Ringo after Elle leaves, wanting to know who the girl was.
Lassiter's Complex
Adam can't believe Ringo was talking to a reporter and says that if he spills the beans about the car lie, then they're both gone. Ringo's either part of the team or he's on the boundary. As they walk off, the camera pans around to the side of Charlie's to reveal that Zeke's heard the whole conversation.
Charlie's Bar
Andrew tells Rebecca the moving date might be delayed because he's finding new movers, and is disheartened when she doesn't seem too concerned. Paul interrupts yet another private conversation to accuse Andrew of being Cass's stalker. Andrew denies any involvement and calls Paul a "paranoid little man", before Rebecca warns them to break it up. When Paul leaves, Andrew gets serious and asks Rebecca (with odd unblinking psycho eyes) if she's in love with him. Rebecca is flustered, but can see Andrew needs to hear the truth. She slowly takes off her engagement ring and hands it back to him with an apology, crushing his widdle heart. Andrew leaves, Rebecca tears up and Paul looks surprisingly sympathetic in the background.
Charlie's Bar
Paul slinks over and Rebecca assumes he's there to gloat, but Paul just hoped he could take her mind off everything. He adds that his thank you surprise from earlier still stands, but Rebecca just wants to be left alone. Paul tries one more time, but Rebecca tears up and says that Andrew's gone and Paul needs to go too.
Ramsay Street
Changing her mind like the wind, Rebecca rocks up to the street to find a limo parked outside her house. Trying to peer into the windows, she gets a shock when Paul climbs out, and an even bigger shock when world famous violinist Andre Rieu follows. Paul's like, 'Yeah, we met on a flight once and are totally old buddies'. Rebecca looks like a giddy schoolgirl when Andre kisses her on the hand and says he's there to mend her broken heart. Reaching into the limo, he brings out his gazillion dollar violin and starts to play. Paul takes Rebecca's hand and they start to waltz. He tells her Andre gave them tickets for his Sydney show that night. Rebecca's wary, but can't resist when she hears they're in the front row.
Later, half the street is now out having a waltz. Elle and Lucas, Dan and Libby (waltzing and dipping away like she didn't just have a hysterectomy), Susan, Steph and Toadie. Andre, meanwhile, has managed to conjure up an invisible orchestra to accompany him. They all clap and cheer when he finishes.
ANDRE: I've been travelling around the world last year, from north to south and from east to west on all the continents. I can tell you every concert, every night, wherever we played in the world I've been thinking only... Of RAMSAY STREET!
They all whoop it up while Paul high fives his bestest buddy. It then cuts to clips of Andre's concert, where Paul and Rebecca dance the night away.
Ramsay Street
Ringo stands on the now Andre-less street and tries to call Declan for a chat, but gets his voicemail. Zeke walks up and asks if Ringo's OK (knowing full well he's not), but Ringo pretends he's fine.
Number 24
Donna and Cass are trying to work out who Cass's stalker might be. Donna's looking through her mum's little black book, while Cass peruses the pages of the 'Forbes 400 Richest People' magazine (heh). All that comes out of it is that Cass has made a lot of enemies in her time - mainly female. Cass does her 'woe is me act' and gets annoyed when Donna suggests she stop blaming everyone but herself for her life.
DONNA: You're just sorry I was ever born!
CASS: Listen, it was a surprise that's all. One minute I'm out having fun, the next minute I'm stuck at home washing nappies.
DONNA: That's not my fault!
CASS: I am sick of talking about this, I've got [I]washing[/I] to do.
Number 26
Ringo waits in the kitchen for Declan with Didge (who is doing homework on the laptop while listening to Pirate Net). Didge finds out he's having footy problems and wants to know if his team mates are picking on him, but Ringo denies it. Changing the topic, Didge asks if he's excited about meeting the exchange student tomorrow, but Ringo isn't very enthusiastic. The conversation lulls and "Lost Boy" booms out on the airwaves, talking about loyalty between friends. Ringo gets suss when Lost Boy then comments on the 'friends code' between footy mates.
Pirate Net
Zeke talks more about Ringo's situation.
Number 22
Elle, who is bizarrely listening to Pirate Net (not quite her musical tastes I would have thought), is annoyed when she realises Lost Boy has her story.
Number 26
Ringo fumes when Lost Boy talks about someone having to take the blame for someone they've idolised. He storms out of the house leaving Didge confused.
Pirate Net
Isn't this place supposed to be UNDERGROUND therefore SUPER SECRET? Yet somehow, Ringo has managed to find the place no worries. He corners Melissa and demands to speak to Lost Boy. She eventually lets him into the studio, only to find it empty. The two of them walk out and the camera zooms in to a CD with the initials 'ZK' on it (it's a Blanche Dubois one... Maybe that's why Elle's tuning in).
Footy Oval
Elle's at the front of a press conference, questioning Nathan over the crash while Ringo, Adam and some footy boofheads look on. Nathan does the 'no comment' thing, but then leads Adam and Ringo away for a chat. Way to make the prime suspects obvious, coach. He snarls at them and Ringo ends up confessing that he wasn't the one driving, but he won't say who was. Nathan sends Adam to the clubhouse (who calls Ringo a dog on his way past), but Ringo doesn't fare so lightly.
NATHAN: And you, you're gone. You're no longer part of this club.
RINGO: I told you the truth.
NATHAN: Too late.
RINGO: No, I gave up everything for this!
NATHAN: Too bad! You lied. You've ruined the club's reputation. Now get off my field.
Up on the stand, Zeke watches in despair as Ringo sullenly walks off the oval.
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Adam Clarke, Constable Simone Page, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5662
Adam Clarke, Constable Simone Page, Ringo Brown

Nathan Black, Ringo Brown, Adam Clarke in Neighbours Episode 5662
Nathan Black, Ringo Brown, Adam Clarke

Cassandra Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5662
Cassandra Freedman

Paul Robinson, Andrew Simpson, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5662
Paul Robinson, Andrew Simpson, Rebecca Napier

Cassandra Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5662
Cassandra Freedman

Elle Robinson, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5662
Elle Robinson, Ringo Brown

Andrew Simpson in Neighbours Episode 5662
Andrew Simpson

Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5662
Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier

Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5662
Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson

Andre Rieu in Neighbours Episode 5662
Andre Rieu

Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald, Lucas Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson, Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson, Toadie Rebecchi, Steph Scully, Andre Rieu in Neighbours Episode 5662
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald, Lucas Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson, Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson, Toadie Rebecchi, Steph Scully, Andre Rieu

Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5662
Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson

Ringo Brown, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5662
Ringo Brown, Zeke Kinski

Cassandra Freedman, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5662
Cassandra Freedman, Donna Freedman

Bridget Parker, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5662
Bridget Parker, Ringo Brown

Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5662
Zeke Kinski

Ringo Brown, Melissa Evans in Neighbours Episode 5662
Ringo Brown, Melissa Evans

Elle Robinson, Ringo Brown, Nathan Black, Adam Clarke in Neighbours Episode 5662
Elle Robinson, Ringo Brown, Nathan Black, Adam Clarke

Ringo Brown, Nathan Black in Neighbours Episode 5662
Ringo Brown, Nathan Black

Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5662
Zeke Kinski

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