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Neighbours Episode 5659 from 2009 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5659
Australian airdate: 02/04/09
UK airdate:
Writer: Ben Marshall
Director: Catherine Roden
Guests: Tegan Freedman - Chelsea Jones
Simon Freedman - Mauricio Merino Jr
Cassandra Freedman - Tottie Goldsmith
Melissa Evans - Kaela Hilton
Summary/Images by: Carly/Graham
- Donna and Zeke kissing
- Ringo and Zeke receiving farewell letters from Donna
- Zeke texting the pirate radio station as "Lost Boy"
- Rebecca accidentally pranking Cass
- Cass vowing her revenge
Skate Park
Zeke walks by himself along the railway tracks. He slips through a loosely padlocked fence and traipses across the skate ramp before looking at a picture of a painting on his phone. The same painting looms in front of him on a shed door. He knocks and an alt/punk version of Sky Mangel (Melissa) greets him with a raised eyebrow. Zeke mentions that he spoke to her yesterday on the phone and asks to come in. Melissa grudgingly lets him through.
Charlie's Bar
Cass whines to Paul about how Rebecca pulled a swifty on her, but isn't impressed when Paul offers her a cleaning job at Lassiter's to earn some extra money. She was hoping for a direct cash handout. Cass then whines to her kids, but Simon puts his earphones in and tells her to get over it. Watching Rebecca work, Cass gets a sudden sneaky idea for some payback and orders Tegan home with her to "rehearse".
Erinsborough High
Walking down the stairs, Didge is ecstatic to see Donna near the lockers and dives on her for a hug. Donna asks for the goss and Didge tells her about the super secret Pirate Net radio station.
DONNA: Maybe they could play my raps! I mean obviously I'd have to write them first but, y'know, that's what Maths class is for.
Didge asks how the big 'I'm gonna find my dad' venture went, but Donna sadly replies that the whole thing was a complete disaster.
DONNA: I'd be better off looking for the Tasmanian Turtle.
DIDGE: Tiger.
DONNA: Whatever.
Ringo strides by, also immensely pleased to see Donna. He asks if she wants to catch up after class and glomphs her in a hug, just as Zeke sees them. The boys resume their bickering just like old times, but Donna orders them both to shut it before walking off. Didge chases after Donna and says the boys both missed her, but Donna rolls her eyes and says she's not a "boy life support system".
DONNA: I've made a decision. I am not going to end up twenty and surrounded by screaming kids... (Sheepish) No offence.
DIDGE: None taken.
DONNA: You know what? As of right now I'm giving up on guys forever.
Zeke catches up with Donna as she heads into the classroom. He wants to know if their kissing-fest was a mistake. She avoids answering before admitting that she doesn't want to end up like her mum just swinging from one guy to the next. Zeke reassures her she's nothing like Cass and that it's good to have her back.
Harold's Store
Sitting with Simon, Donna wonders if their mum even cared that she left but it's clear that she didn't. Simon admits their mum is getting more and more out of control. He wishes they had somewhere else to go.
DONNA: (worried) Simon what's she done?
SIMON: It doesn't matter.
DONNA: You could always go to Gran's?
SIMON: I couldn't leave Tegan. You're right, mum's a skank.
DONNA: Simon I can help.
SIMON: (upset) Yeah, if you can be bothered sticking around.
He leaves and Ringo takes his place. Ringo lays on sweet talk with Donna, "You're the only one that gets me" blah blah, but Donna's annoyed he hasn't even asked about her trip of epic fail. She's about to exit when Ringo stops her in her tracks.
RINGO: I want us to get back together. I love you.
Erinsborough High
Didge can't believe Ringo dropped the L word. Donna's completely confuzzled - she was committed to her anti-guy stance, but admits that when Ringo's not being a total muppet about footy and Zeke they're great together. On the other hand, she also gets along really well with Zeke on a totally different level.
DONNA: What is it with guys? They just get in under your radar and turn your brains into scrambled eggs.
She decides to have a proper chat with Ringo and heads to the bathroom to fix her hair when Didge suddenly lunges at her and suggests the upstairs loos. Donna eventually finds out that there's some graffiti in the toilets about Ringo and Ashley the footy groupie. Donna's face is like RARRGH.
Steve is training with Ringo when Susan stops in to see if they've seen Zeke - she hasn't heard from him all day. It's a negative all round, so she leaves, passing Donna on the way. Donna storm clouds her way over to the boys and Steve quickly vamooses. Donna snits that she knows all about Ringo's little dalliance with Skankly and is disgusted he dropped the L-bomb on her in spite of this. Ringo's all, "you were gone, I was confused", but Donna tells him to save it - Didge already filled her in.
DONNA: You know the worst thing about guys like you?
RINGO: What?
DONNA: It's that you can be really nice. You know exactly what we want to hear, and then when you've got what you want you just throw it all away. Because you know what, you're just another lying jerk.
Ringo at least has the good grace to look ashamed. And so you should. Toolbag.
Skate Park
Zeke returns to have another chat with Melissa, and it's supposed to sound like he's there buying drugs or whatever, but we all know it's just that Pirate Net thing. Melissa tells Zeke to call back later.
Charlie's Bar
Steve chats with Rebecca at the bar while Cass puts her revenge plan into action with an unimpressed Tegan and Simon. Cass pushes Tegan towards the bar to order her a bourbon and coke. Rebecca makes it very clear to Tegan that Cass has to collect it herself, but when Rebecca's back is turned, Tegan takes the drink and Cass causes a humungous scene in front of all the patrons. She screeches at Rebecca that she's going to get the police involved leaving Rebecca quite flummoxed.
Harold's Store
Completely embarrassed, Tegan warns her mum never to involve her in one of her schemes again. Simon agrees that it was awful - they like Rebecca. Speaking of, Rebecca finds them (or "Booze-a-rama" as Cass calls her), and tries to talk Cass out of laying charges. But Cass is too intent on payback and ignores her. Frustrated, Rebecca walks out. Tegan reminds her mum it was just supposed to be a joke, but Cass has got other ideas.
Charlie's Bar
Ringo bumps into Didge and snarls at her for telling Donna about Skankly, but Didge is all 'stop blaming other people for your stuff-ups' and suggests he think about someone other than himself for a change.
She finds her dad with Rebecca and Toadie, who has his lawyer hat on trying to help Rebecca out. Steve assures Toad that Rebecca is innocent, but Toadie reckons if Cass goes through with it Rebecca could be up for a $7000 fine. Not to mention her licence would be revoked and she'd have to fight public backlash. Rebecca's crushed: "This is going to ruin me!"
Number 28
Zeke's impatiently waiting for a song to download on his lap top, but hides the screen when Susan wants a chat. She asks him about his sessions with Dr Levi, but Zeke replies that he doesn't need them anymore. Susan then tries to suss out what's going on with his super secret behaviour, but Zeke is non-responsive. When Susan heads outside to feed the animals, Zeke quickly gathers his backpack and orders Ringo to lie and say he's gone to the library.
Number 22
Donna answers the door to Cass, who is less than enthused to see her daughter. Barely making the effort to chat, Cass asks if Paul's home.
DONNA: Do you actually hate me or just not care?!
CASS: (snide) I've got a lot on my plate, Donatella, and the whole world does not revolve around you.
DONNA: (angrily yelling out) Paul, some woman's here.
Paul trots downstairs and Cass tries to connive him into writing an article about Rebecca serving alcohol to minors. But Paul won't be played and suggests he use the headline, "Youth gone wild: where were their parents?" instead. Annoyed, Cass pretends that the only reason she's there is to protect her kid, but Paul's like, 'whatever'. Showing that he's more of a parent than Cass, he offers to get Donna some Thai takeaway for dinner after she finishes her homework - including her favourite Pad Thai. Grinning, Donna turns to Cass and tell her to shut the door on her way out.
Number 28
Ringo's listening to Pirate Net while he types away on the lap top. Susan knows he's covering for Zeke and wants to know where he went, but Ringo has no idea. "All I know is that he gets weirder by the day". We pan across to the computer screen and see that Ringo's on a MSN thing. Clicking on Donna's name he types: R U THERE?
Pirate Net Studio
Melissa and Zeke are in the PN studio, which is decked out in weird and wonderful things (including the front end of a car, which may be a Grease Monkeys leftover... In fact, I think that's what the set used to be). Melissa has given Zeke a crash course in broadcasting, but Zeke's worried about his voice being recognized. Melissa flicks some buttons to alter his voice, and he's on the airwaves.
Didge is listening to the station at work when Tegan walks in, hoping to hide from her mum and burn off some rage at the same time. Knowing all about the Rebecca incident from earlier, Didge tries to convince Tegan that she should tell everyone the truth before it gets too serious. It looks like something is sinking in, when Cass suddenly appears, talking on the phone to some cops. Tegan's stunned that she's supposed to go to the police station tomorrow to make a statement.
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Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5659
Zeke Kinski

Melissa Evans, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5659
Melissa Evans, Zeke Kinski

Simon Freedman, Cassandra Freedman, Tegan Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5659
Simon Freedman, Cassandra Freedman, Tegan Freedman

Donna Freedman, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5659
Donna Freedman, Bridget Parker

Donna Freedman, Simon Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5659
Donna Freedman, Simon Freedman

Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5659
Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman

Bridget Parker, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5659
Bridget Parker, Donna Freedman

Ringo Brown, Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5659
Ringo Brown, Steve Parker

Melissa Evans, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5659
Melissa Evans, Zeke Kinski

Rebecca Napier, Tegan Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5659
Rebecca Napier, Tegan Freedman

Cassandra Freedman, Tegan Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5659
Cassandra Freedman, Tegan Freedman

Cassandra Freedman, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5659
Cassandra Freedman, Rebecca Napier

Bridget Parker, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5659
Bridget Parker, Ringo Brown

Rebecca Napier, Steve Parker, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5659
Rebecca Napier, Steve Parker, Toadie Rebecchi

Susan Kennedy, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5659
Susan Kennedy, Zeke Kinski

Donna Freedman, Cassandra Freedman, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5659
Donna Freedman, Cassandra Freedman, Paul Robinson

Melissa Evans, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5659
Melissa Evans, Zeke Kinski

Cassandra Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5659
Cassandra Freedman

Tegan Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5659
Tegan Freedman

Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5659
Bridget Parker

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