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Neighbours Episode 5652 from 2009 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5652 (Libby loses her baby)
Australian airdate: 24/03/09
UK airdate:
Writer: Elizabeth Packett
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Adam Clarke: Clint Bizzell
Dr Peggy Newton: Carolyn Bock
Constable Les Sambell: Dennis Manahan
Security guard: Rowan Francis
Nurse Brooke Mitchell: Klarie Gazzo
Nurse #1: Nathan Bird
Nurse #2: Sharon Karina
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
Ringo finding out and then passing his team initiation ceremony.
Steve and Miranda finding out that Didge is planning on putting the baby up for adoption.
Didge not happy at Declan pushing her to change her mind regarding the adoption.
Dan finding Libby collapsed on the floor.
Ringo getting stopped by the police as he is on his way to school in Adam Clarke's Hummer
Street somewhere
The officer approaches the car and asks for Ringo's driving licence but when asked if it's his vehicle, Adam makes himself know and tells the officer that it's his car. The officer is so pleased to meet Adam that he ignores Ringo and instead asks Adam for his autograph for his kids. Ringo is so relieved that the cop liked footy and asks Adam what would have happened if he didn't and his reply is that everyone loves footy!
Adam looks stunned that Ringo really still is at school as they make their way to the one and only classroom and on cue he gets surrounded by a pile of random extra pupils wanting his autograph. Didge quizzes Ringo why he missed the SAC but Ringo isn't overly concerned, remarking that it's only worth a few marks towards his overall grade.
Getting rid of the random schoolkids, Adam is introduced to Didge and Declan (Zeke left to go call Susan about Libby) and encourages him to keep training after apologising for what happened at the party. They then leave to go sweeten things over with Ringo's teacher just to keep things onside.
Libby is wheeled into a hospital room and is told not to think about losing the baby by Dan as Susan tells Peggy about the motorbike accident Libby had that may be responsible for the pain she is having.
Peggy runs an ultrasound on Libby to check on bubs and eventually she detects a heartbeat. Cue happy smiles and relief from the three of them.
Didge and Declan are shocked (but relieved) to hear about Libby from Zeke especially Didge as she though Libby just had indigestion.
A happy Ringo appears, relived too that Adam worked his magic with his teacher and squared it off about him missing the SAC. They ask him about his initiation ceremony and he goes all coy until Declan works it out that he was naked before leaving to go to the gym instead of joining the others for lunch.
Once he leaves, Didge asks if it's just her.
ZEKE: No, he's a tool.
Libby reassures Susan and Peggy that she is feeling fine and they both leave her alone. Dan then follows Libby's request to play with her hair to help her sleep.
Steve, Lucas and Toadie watch as Ringo attempts to sweat out his exertions of the night before on an exercise bike. Lucas and Toadie are impressed at Ringo partying with Clarko (Adam) unlike Steve but Ringo tells them that he's a really good guy when he stops exercising. Steve isn't buying that and tells Ringo that he could find himself a better mentor but Ringo disagrees explaining that since Clarko made mistakes, he can advise him on how not to repeat them.
TOADIE: That is a good point. You know I'm a better parent to Callum because I was pretty wild in my twenties.
LUCAS: You're not Adam Clarke!
Steve concedes the point that he's trying to make but tells him to be careful however Ringo's parting shot is that he doesn't know Adam Clarke unlike him.
It's Dan that is asleep this time, but wakes up immediately when Libby suddenly experiences more pain, and he runs out of the room to get Dr Newton.
Peggy is repeating the ultrasound and from the looks Peggy is giving Susan, Libby can sense something is wrong - that she's lost the baby.
Lucas takes a call from Susan and immediately leaves to join them after he hangs up, ignoring Toadie asking where he is off to.
Alone with Steve, Toadie asks that he be considered for the team as a heavy duty defender, reminding him of his credentials - that he did put Dan in hospital! He is forced to deny Steve's accusations that he's only interested in footy because Adam Clarke is around but Steve does concede that Adam is a good player just also a bad influence on the team.
Didge, Declan and Zeke come in looking for Ringo as they want to make a video message for Rachel however he can't do it today because he's promised the team that he'll be at the opening of someone's bar in Richmond. The guilt trip eventually gets to him and he agrees to participate once he's rang Adam.
Lucas spots Libby and Dan sitting in silence in her room but decides to leave rather than go and see them.
Eventually Libby speaks to reassure him that they'll be okay and to get Dan to promise that they will try again to have another child. Quietly he says "okay" after she begins to work herself up and she replies "thank you".
Susan arrives to tell them she's left a message for Karl and that Lucas is on his way and that she'll tell the kids later. Dan excuses himself and heads outside the building towards where his car is parked in a doctors/emergency vehicles only parking spot.
Once alone, he is really struggling with his emotions but a jobsworth security guard appears to order him to move his car, ignoring the fact he is upset! Dan reacts badly to jobsworth trying to get his attention by getting physical with him and is just about ready to punch his lights out when thankfully Lucas appears and stops him. Despite his brother being distraught, Lucas barely offers him any comfort/support, instead asking Dan for his keys to move the car.
Number 28
Ringo makes his video message for Rachel... all 30 seconds of it before he finishes! Zeke is not at all impressed and scoffs when he says that he "can't talk about himself forever or she'll think I'm up myself".
Zeke is even more unimpressed when Ringo leaves to join his mates (the call he made was just re-arranging the time not cancelling the pub night like they though he had) ignoring his request to come with them to the hospital after Susan called to let Zeke know about Libby. Ringo bites and says that Zeke doesn't even want him living at #28 - he's just pretending so Karl and Susan don't send him for counselling. "Then go" is Zeke's reply.
Oh, while Ringo was doing his 30 seconds, Didge dragged Declan to one side to remind him that he said it was her call over the baby. "No you said it was your call," he reminds her.
Ramsay Street
Adam meets Ringo as he leaves the house to tell him about their plans but can tell that he isn't pumped up for a night out with his team mates. When Ringo and Zeke ignore them when they too exit the house, Ringo tells Adam that his friends think he's ditching him and Adam sympathises as the same thing happened to him when he got drafted.
ADAM: Some of my mates were okay, most of them, they got resentful.
RINGO: It's exactly what this is like.
ADAM: See the thing is unless you're in it they don't get it.
This seems to strike accord with Ringo but its all happy and smiles (except for a couple of seconds when Didge exits #28) as they head into the Hummer and depart.
Number 26
Didge leaves a voicemail for Donna bemoaning the fact she [Donna] and Rachel have gone, she is fighting with Declan and Ringo has turned into a complete jerk hanging out with his footy mates! She ends the call when Steve appears after having walked Jake (Miranda said he wasn't being taken for long walks).
When Steve asks how she is, Didge opens up to him about how she is feeling (repeating the voicemail to Donna almost) and that Libby lost her baby. He is upset to hear that and Didge confesses that she doesn't know what she is going to say to Libby when she next sees her.
STEVE: Just tell her that you are sorry for her loss.
DIDGE: Dad she is going to hate me.
STEVE: Why because your baby is healthy?
DIDGE: And they wanted their baby so much and here I am going off at Dec for buying baby clothes. I mean I'm lucky.
STEVE: Are you having second thoughts about the adoption?
DIDGE: No, I don't know, maybe. (Pause) I just want everything to go back to the way it was before.
He replies that he knows that and hugs his daughter.
Libby asks her mum how long they should wait before trying for another baby and Susan isn't at all keen to answer but eventually says that is a decision the doctor needs to make before adding that its really too soon to be thinking about things like that.
Libby wonders what her daughter would have been like.
SUSAN: Beautiful, like you; your eyes.
LIBBY: Dan's smile.
SUSAN: And like you, she would have been strong and kind and creative; and a bit bossy. A little bit grumpy in the morning; and very, very loved.
Libby then loses consciousness and the monitor starts making a bleeping sound. The medics come rushing in and start taking charge of the situation.
In the corridor, Zeke spots the commotion and enters the room along with the also newly arrived Lucas and Dan but Peggy orders everyone out and Susan herds them out to let the medics do their job.
Susan is trying to persuade Zeke to go home but he wants to stay to support them. She manages to convince him to go when she says that they need someone to pick up Ben (Dan asks not to say anything to him) and Lucas volunteers to drive him home.
They depart as Dr Newton exits Libby's room to say that they need to operate because they can't stop the bleeding. Dan tells them to do whatever it takes but Peggy explains that it isn't as simple as that.
DR NEWTON: Her old injuries make this a highly complicated procedure; we may need to perform a hysterectomy.
SUSAN: (shocked) Oh
DAN: (also shocked) Oh no.
DR NEWTON: Her life is in danger.
SUSAN: Well then, you've got to ahead.
DR NEWTON: I'm sorry, but Dan is down as the next of kin. We need your permission.
SUSAN: (looking at Dan) Dan?
DAN: (caught in two minds) She wants another baby.
SUSAN: Oh Dan, come on!
DAN: Wait a second. Can I talk to her?
DR NEWTON: She's unconscious, we need your decision.
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Ringo Brown, Adam Clarke in Neighbours Episode 5652
Ringo Brown, Adam Clarke

Declan Napier, Bridget Parker, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5652
Declan Napier, Bridget Parker, Zeke Kinski

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5652
Libby Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Dr. Peggy Newton, Libby Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5652
Susan Kennedy, Dr. Peggy Newton, Libby Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald

Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5652
Ringo Brown

Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5652
Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy

Toadie Rebecchi, Lucas Fitzgerald, Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5652
Toadie Rebecchi, Lucas Fitzgerald, Steve Parker

Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5652
Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5652
Libby Kennedy

Toadie Rebecchi, Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5652
Toadie Rebecchi, Steve Parker

Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5652
Dan Fitzgerald

Lucas Fitzgerald, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5652
Lucas Fitzgerald, Dan Fitzgerald

Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5652
Ringo Brown

Ringo Brown, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5652
Ringo Brown, Zeke Kinski

Adam Clarke, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5652
Adam Clarke, Ringo Brown

Bridget Parker, Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5652
Bridget Parker, Steve Parker

Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5652
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Dr. Peggy Newton in Neighbours Episode 5652
Dr. Peggy Newton

Dan Fitzgerald, Susan Kennedy, Dr Veronica Olenski in Neighbours Episode 5652
Dan Fitzgerald, Susan Kennedy, Dr Veronica Olenski

Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5652
Dan Fitzgerald

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