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Neighbours Episode 5649 from 2009 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5649
Australian airdate: 19/03/09
UK airdate:
Writer: Judith Colquhoun
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Andrew Simpson: Peter Flanigan
Cassandra Freedman: Tottie Goldsmith
Tegan Freedman: Chelsea Jones
Simon Freedman: Mauricio Merino Jr
Kyle Canning: Christopher Milligan
Kyle's mate #1: Toby Bender
Kyle's mate #2: Idelson (Carlos) Mabjaia
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
Miranda asking Steve for a divorce.
After failing to get information from Andrew, Paul tells him that the article will go to print with or without a comment from him.
Paul telling Rebecca that he'll put the story about Andrew on ice for now but that they can use it later if circumstances change.
Cass telling Tegan to personalise her uniform.
Ben causing havoc.
Libby overhearing Dan and threatening to snack Ben's backside after he snaps.
Number 30
Dan tries to explain to Libby why he lost his temper with Ben but adds that it was only a threat; he'd never go through with it.
Vet clinic
Miranda asks Steve to hide a goldfish she bought for Mickey's (on behalf of Ned and Kirsten) for is birthday. She also mentions the party he's having too and that Steve is invited although he is very noncommittal because he is busy at the surgery.
Number 30
Libby is sewing on Ben's Scout badge when Susan calls round and rejects the offer of her sewing it (she pricked her finger with the needle when Susan arrived) because she is feeling guilty. She explains to her mum about Dan's threat to smack Ben and Susan is aghast at the thought of Dan hitting a child. Susan wonders if Libby is having problems learning to share Ben after being alone with him for the past 8 years (summariser comment - what happened to the years she shared him with Darren?)
SUSAN: Dan's a stepparent now; it's a really hard job. I think he's made a great go of it.
Libby totally agrees with her mum on that point and then is shocked to hear Susan say that she smacked Libby too.
SUSAN: Any parent can lose the plot. You can, I've seen you!
LIBBY: Do you think I'm being too hard on him?
SUSAN: I think you know you are. You've just got to work out why.
Lassiters Park
Dan and Lucas recover after their exhausting run. Dan tells him about losing it with Ben and that he wouldn't talking to him that morning because he thinks that Dan might hit him. Lucas asks if he's told her about his upbringing (his dad used to hit him), he hasn't, so they chat instead about his non-existent love life with Elle. "We're a miserable pair aren't we?" jokes Lucas.
Vet clinic
Lucas arrives to see if Steve wants to get his car sorted but he rejects it because he is concerned about the fish Miranda bought for Mickey and Lucas suggests that the fish could be depressed!
Libby catches up with Dan at the bar and apologises. Dan apologises too adding that he'd never hit Ben and they joke if there is a Scout badge for kids winding up their parents! He worries though that he's freaked Ben out because he wouldn't go near him but Libby explains it that Ben is worried that Dan doesn't want to be his dad anymore.
DAN: Of course I want to be his dad...otherwise I miss out on Scouts!
Libby reassures him that he is great with Ben and can get through to him on things she can't and confesses that she is jealous when they go all blokey and she imagines blood and broken bones.
LIBBY: I do trust you with his life.
DAN: Thank you.
Harold's Store
Miranda, Susan and Rebecca are having a whale of a time when the Freedman's enter with Cass still having a go at Tegan for not wearing a short uniform.
Back with the ladies and Rebecca invites them (and husbands) to dinner at her house because Andrew wants to meet them as her friends not parents. Both agree to come although Miranda will be alone and Susan needs to check if Karl is free. Rebecca tells them to present themselves at 7pm and Paul catches the tail end of their conversation and asks what he should bring. They ignore him and leave the store and Paul gets out his mobile to call someone at the paper to find a story they sat on.
Number 22
Paul is working on the front page story (about Andrew given his photo is there) but Miranda interrupts to offer him some business advice despite her being knocked back for the job she went for. She pulls no punches in her analysis of Lassiters - its 2nd rate due to rude staff, rundown facilities, an inflexible kitchen. Paul reminds her that is just her opinion but Miranda has been polling guests to back her facts up and presents him with suggestions for improvements.
Whilst Paul was looking through her file, she spots the story Paul was working on and asks if he is going to print it and Paul is quick to tell her to forget about what she has seen... if she wants a job. "Rebecca will never forgive you for this" she tells him but he points out that she hasn't forgiven him for Kirsten yet!
PAUL: So I haven't really got much to lose have I?
MIRANDA: Prove her wrong Paul. Prove all of us wrong. How good would that make you feel?
Paul doesn't appreciate her advice and tells her its time to leave.
Lassiters Complex
Paul tries to escape to work but angry Rebecca catches up with him and after insulting him, tells him to publish the article to prove that it won't make any difference to her relationship with Andrew.
PAUL: Are you done now?
REBECCA: Do you have any idea how many people will be cheering at your funeral?
PAUL: Oh seeing as I'm not going to be there to hear them then it doesn't really bother me.
(Rebecca scoffs)
PAUL: As usual Rebecca, it has been wonderful but I've work to do.
REBECCA: (angrily) Go to hell!
Cass then appears and tells him that Rebecca doesn't deserve him and after he brushes her off, adds "but she's right about you".
Tegan has back on a short dress again and gets teased by Kyle but this time she doesn't let Simon stand up for her, she does that by herself. When Kyle and his cronies leave, Simon praises his sister for standing up to them but asks why she can't do that with their mum. "She doesn't have anyone else" Tegan replies.
Vet clinic
Steve and Lucas are still staring at the goldfish (now named Zippy) trying to will it better.
Number 32
Andrew has commandeered the kitchen and is making himself at home although Rebecca wishes they weren't doing 'whoever cooks doesn't wash up' as he seems to have used everything in the kitchen! She tells him about Paul going ahead with the story that he threatened them about earlier. "He wants to hurt me so he's going to make you pay too" she tells him. Andrew seems to be cool about it, telling her that he can handle anything with her and while they get all lovey-dovey, he asks her to move in with him and all a stunned Rebecca can say is "really".
It's just the ladies and Andrew (Karl couldn't manage) and they've thoroughly enjoyed the meal Andrew cooked. They are very impressed with seeing this different side of Andrew - even Susan who thought he was a tool and both are thrilled to hear Rebecca's news of Andrew asking her to move in. Rebecca doesn't think she is ready for that and Andrew catches that part of their conversation when he returns from changing the music but she is quick to deflect what it was referring to, saying instead that she isn't ready for any more food.
Number 22
In comparison to the lovely meal the ladies and Andrew are having at #32, Paul has to make do with take away... by himself.
Vet clinic
Steve and Lucas are still watching the goldfish and they bond over the women who aren't in their life.
Harold's Store
Simon tells Cass about Tegan standing up for herself at school while she goes to get their drinks but all Cass is worried about is that Tegan has adjusted her uniform so it's back to its original length. When she returns, Tegan finally finds her voice and tells her mum why she sorted it - because she made her look like an idiot.
TEGAN: The boys think I'm a joke, the girls think I'm worse. You may be happy looking like that but I hate it.
Cass throws the toys out of the pram and tells the kids to return their dinks, to cancel the cakes "and maybe one day when you're my age that maybe one day you'll understand" as she heads towards the door.
Simon returns the drinks to the counter then gets sticky fingers when he sees an iPod lying on the counter and nobody around... except for Paul who saw everything from where he's sat the corner of the store.
Number 32
Rebecca gets ready to do the dishes and rejects Andrew's offer of help. She gives him a thumbs up for the evening and on behalf of her friends too as she does her best to avoid talking about moving in with him. Andrew tells her that he loves her and wants to be with her and quietly she says "yes". He is literally over the moon at hearing this and when they hug, we can see that Rebecca isn't happy.
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Libby Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5649
Libby Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald

Steve Parker, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5649
Steve Parker, Miranda Parker

Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5649
Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Dan Fitzgerald, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5649
Dan Fitzgerald, Lucas Fitzgerald

Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5649
Steve Parker

Libby Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5649
Libby Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald

Miranda Parker, Susan Kennedy, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5649
Miranda Parker, Susan Kennedy, Rebecca Napier

Cassandra Freedman, Tegan Freedman, Simon Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5649
Cassandra Freedman, Tegan Freedman, Simon Freedman

Paul Robinson, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5649
Paul Robinson, Miranda Parker

Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5649
Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier

Tegan Freedman, Simon Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5649
Tegan Freedman, Simon Freedman

Kyle Canning, Tegan Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5649
Kyle Canning, Tegan Freedman

Steve Parker, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5649
Steve Parker, Lucas Fitzgerald

Rebecca Napier, Andrew Simpson in Neighbours Episode 5649
Rebecca Napier, Andrew Simpson

Rebecca Napier, Andrew Simpson, Susan Kennedy, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5649
Rebecca Napier, Andrew Simpson, Susan Kennedy, Miranda Parker

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5649
Paul Robinson

Tegan Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5649
Tegan Freedman

Simon Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5649
Simon Freedman

Rebecca Napier, Andrew Simpson in Neighbours Episode 5649
Rebecca Napier, Andrew Simpson

Andrew Simpson, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5649
Andrew Simpson, Rebecca Napier

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