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Neighbours Episode 5601 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5601
Australian airdate: 08/12/08
UK airdate: 16/03/08
Writer: Judith Colquhoun
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Kelly Katsis: Katrina Milosevic
Andrew Simpson: Peter Flanigan
Samantha Fitzgerald: Simone Buchanan
Hamish Patrick (record guy): Erin Klein
Jacinta Hartwell (autograph hunter): Eve Newton-Keogh
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/ShadowDan
Donna suggesting an online video to publicise Ty & Rachel's song, then whilst watching the finished video, announcing that it's already online.
Mickey and Callum fighting over whether Father Christmas is real or not.
Callum telling Toadie that he doesn't believe in Father Christmas.
Rebecca being stood up by Andrew.
Paul turning up on Rebecca's doorstep.
Oh, there is a minor change in the titles - the shot of Carmella has been removed with one of Ringo, Donna and Ty replacing it.
Number 24
Rebecca and Paul are having a whale of a time...and a little pash.
Harold's Store (next day - Christmas Eve)
Rachel is astonished to hear that they've had over 7500 hits for their video, and that the comments are positive too. Some random kid appears wanting Rachel's autograph much to Ty's astonishment. Rachel does seem rather overwhelmed by the attention.
Ramsay Street
Zeke, Didge & Declan check out their boat for the rafting trip, while Declan wonders how Zeke is getting on the trip given the suspension he has hanging over him but their attention soon changes to other things as they spot Andrew walking up Ramsay Street with a bunch of red roses in his hands.
Number 24
Ooh Paul has stayed over but on the couch rather than Rebecca's bed. He gets a goodbye kiss on the check from her before she walks him out of the house.
Ramsay Street
With the neighbours watching on, Rebecca and Paul run into Andrew at the bottom of the driveway. Paul does his best to make it clear to Andrew that he isn't wanted for standing her up but it then dawns on him that Paul set him up to miss the date. Paul is in the middle of denying it when Declan comes over to see his mum, which she takes as her cue to leave. Annoyed Paul tells Andrew that he's blown the funding for the trip and gets the flowers thrown at him as a thank you!
Number 24
Rebecca is in a foul mood but tries to console herself in cooking but Declan wants to know what happened.
REBECCA: Paul set the whole thing up.
"Scumbag" is Declan's response before he consoles his mum with a hug and makes it know that he'd rather have her dating Andrew than 'peg leg'.
Harold's Store
Whilst shopping, Miranda brings Susan up to date with the latest gossip about Rebecca. Over at another table, Toadie and Kelly are trying to persuade Callum that Father Christmas is real but are fighting a losing battle. Kelly + Callum depart to buy Toadie's pressie and he ropes Steve into playing Santa for the price of a beer and a meat pie.
Number 22
Lucas tries to work out what Elle has got him for Christmas and she replies "a restraining order".
Paul arrives home and explains about staying the night on Rebecca's couch but she can see straight through him and wants to know what he did.
PAUL: He's not good for her Elle.
ELLE: What so you sabotage her date? Dad that is hideous.
PAUL: No it's not its life.
She then takes him to task when Paul suggests to Lucas that he takes Elle out somewhere.
ELLE: Oh that's just so like you isn't it? You do something awful and someone calls you on it and you want to remove them.
PAUL: I'm not exactly proud of myself.
ELLE: Yeah well you just never learn do you? You just keep playing with people's lives and expecting you to love them for it. No wonder she hates you.
Later on, Sam brings Paul a coffee and wants to know why he wants Andrew out of the picture and "unfairly handsome" is about the best he can come up with. He then turns the conversation round to how the two of them are full of the festive joy about their fellow men and Sam is quick to say that she doesn't hate Libby.
PAUL: No of course not. You just want your unborn daughter to have a family.
She asks if he wants her to look for dirt on Andrew and Paul nods his head.
Harold's Store
Kelly + Callum are back and she spots that Elle is in a mood and so quickly changes the conversation onto Christmas pressies, Lucas' pressie, when she replied that she wanted to kill her father again. This however is equally as fraught; because she hasn't got a clue what to get him for the $20 limit Sam talked them into setting.
CALLUM: The jocks I bought Toadie were $6.50.
Kelly agrees to help Elle find something after telling Callum to "suck it up" when he moans about having to do more shopping.
Rachel is telling Didge about her autograph hunter earlier and admits that she feels like a passenger compared to how Ty is dealing with it. Ty arrives to tell her about an interview (they will play a couple of songs) with the head of Default Records tonight in Charlie's. Rachel is rather taken aback at this.
Susan and Miranda gossip about Rebecca and her love life when speak of the devil Rebecca walks in and to their relief she confirms that she is not back with Paul but even worse he's scared Andrew off! Another speak of the devil moment when Andrew arrives back from a run but heads straight into the changing rooms.
SUSAN: Paul's a moron.
In the changing rooms, Steve explains to Andrew why he is dressed up as Santa but the conversation is curtained when Rebecca comes in and silently tells Steve to leave despite him pointing out that she is in the gents changing room.
Andrew invites Rebecca to sit on the bench next to him.
REBECCA: Look I know that this might be oh you know a too little too late but...
ANDREW: Maybe not.
REBECCA: Really? So you think maybe you and I... us
ANDREW: I like that.
Then just as he is about to kiss her, two guys come out of the showers but Andrew quickly sends them back in there so he can kiss Rebecca!
Paul catches Susan as she passes him because he wants from her all the dirt she has on Andrew Simpson but she refuses on two grounds:
SUSAN: Well my ethics mean I won't do it and my physical disgust means I can't do it so you pick.
(Sam snorts)
SUSAN: I'm sorry you snorted?
Sam accuses her of being hypocritical and taking the moral high ground given she did an article attacking Andrew over school records. "Which is somewhere you've never been" Susan is quick to reply before she them mocks Paul for not being able to handle seeing Rebecca date a new man.
SUSAN: Merry Christmas Paul.
Lassiter's Complex
"The reindeer has landed" is the coded message Steve tells Toadie over the phone as he makes his way out of the bar into the complex where Toadie, Kelly and Callum are.
Playing the game, they try to get Callum to keep his eyes peeled. "What for, old perves wearing white suits" is Callum's response.
KELLY: You never know what you might see.
CALLUM: (pointing) Oh look over there and over there and over there... oh, thought I saw a Yeti.
Toadie tells him to look over there (towards Charlie's) where Santa is.
KELLY: I wonder if he might say something.
SANTASTEVE: Merry Christmas. Ho Ho Ho.
TOADIE: Well isn't that amazing?
Doesn't look like Callum thinks so as he leaves their side and sprints over to SantaSteve and rugby tackles him to the ground before pulling down the beard!
STEVE: Well Merry Christmas to you too!
Rebecca arrives with Andrew and orders Paul and Sam (who pointed out that they weren't disturbing anyone) to leave because he is disturbing her and she is with him. Elle stops her dad from saying something and the two of them depart. She then follows them too but with Lucas so that he can give her her Christmas pressie after she gave him what looked like a stubbie holder covered in rhinestones.
At another table, Ty and Rachel discuss what to sing for the record guy and they decide on the Christmas song which of course we all know the words of or at least the chorus by now!
During the song we cut to see the RSR's gather outside in Ramsay Street looking for the real Father Christmas. Callum isn't buying it but is forced to change his mind when he spots lights in the sky. Mind you the rest of the RSR's look just as gobsmacked too before they all head inside except for Elle + Lucas... who finally kiss! Woohoo!
Number 22
Well Lucas and Elle are wasting no time in making up for dallying around one and other as they pash each other's face off. Elle stops to ask what her pressie was and Lucas opens his shirt to show her a $20 bill and bit of tinsel taped to his chest. They resume pashing before making their way up the stairs to Elle's room!
A despondent looking Paul comes in the back door and sitting on the kitchen counter, takes a slug of his stiff drink.
Number 28
Didge ticks Declan off for investigating the KK's pressies as a stunned Rachel enters the livingroom to tell them that the record guy (Hamish) wants to sign her! "Whoa" is Declan's response and "that's awesome" Didge's.
RACHEL: The funny thing is he hasn't heard me sing yet. They want me not Ty.
As the credits start there are a few changes there too - Susan is now listed as Susan Kennedy and Carmella and Chloe's names have been removed.
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Declan Napier, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5601
Declan Napier, Bridget Parker

Miranda Parker, Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5601
Miranda Parker, Steve Parker

Andrew Simpson in Neighbours Episode 5601
Andrew Simpson

Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5601
Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson

Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5601
Rebecca Napier

Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5601
Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier

Susan Kennedy, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5601
Susan Kennedy, Miranda Parker

Andrew Simpson, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5601
Andrew Simpson, Rebecca Napier

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5601
Elle Robinson

Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5601
Lucas Fitzgerald

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