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Neighbours Episode 5597 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5597
Australian airdate: 02/12/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Peter Dick
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Kelly Katsis - Katrina Milosevic
Samantha Fitzgerald - Simone Buchanan
Beth Reed - Kelly Nash
Dr. Veronica Olenski - Caroline Lloyd
Melbourne Singers Of Gospel
Summary/Images by: Carly/ShadowDan
- Didge taking off and throwing away her phone
- Backpackers stealing Didge's belongings
- Lou worried over Harold's whereabouts
- Dan unable to make Sam's ultrasound
- Sam turning off Dan's phone so he misses his honeymoon
- Libby angrily saying that Sam's using her pregnancy to get her own way
Libby's Bedroom
Dan walks in while Libby's busy unpacking and offers himself up as a punching bag - missing the flight was unforgivable. Libby declines as she doesn't want to resort to violence, but when Dan calls her out on her jealous streak, she whomps him swiftly in the guts.
LIBBY: You know what? That does actually make me feel better, thanks.
Number 22
Kelly is trying to tell Elle a funny story about Toadie, but Elle is too busy staring at Lucas whipping up some mocktails to pay much attention. Lucas brings the drinks over - a 'Boudoir Glory' for Kelly and a 'Sticky Vixen' for Elle. Kelly not-so-discreetly chokes on her drink. Sam returns home and Lucas is annoyed to learn that Dan missed out on his honeymoon because of her. Elle and Kelly also give Sam the suspicious eyes. Lucas then offers Sam a mocktail.
LUCAS: Here have this one, it's called a 'Cloak And Dagger'.
Charlie's Bar
Libby mopes at the bar while Steph snits that it's lucky Dan's still a baritone after the stunt he pulled. Libby can't stand the way she turns into a monster whenever Sam's around, but she's certain Sam is back to reclaim Dan. Changing topic, Steph points at Ty rocking out like a dork to his iPod and the girls have a good laugh. Ty reveals that he and Rachel are trying to choose a song to release online but they can't agree on what one. Steph and Libby then mock his air guitar and air drums.
General Store
Getting off the phone, Declan tells Steve that Rachel and Donna didn't know anything about Didge taking off either. Steve suggests they head to the gym just in case one of Didge's workmates have a clue. Lucas, Kelly and Toadie saunter in and Toadie suggests Kelly join him for a gym/dinner combo that night. Lucas sits with Dan and ends up confessing that he told Sam about the wedding. Lucas promises his brother that it wasn't out of spite - it just slipped out in conversation. Dan gets his grrr-face on.
Number 22
Dan barges in as Elle opens the door and immediately gets up in Sam's grill about telling lies. Sam goes to cry but Dan orders her not to pull the tears stunt on him and ignores Elle when she tells him off. Sam states that she just wants her baby to know her father, but Dan thinks if they're going to have any kind of relationship then honesty is the key.
DAN: No more interference. Like it or not, Lib and I are together and that is it.
SAM: I know, I'm not going to get in the way.
Salvo Centre
Didge is on a pay phone to Declan, telling him about the pesky backpackers. Declan begs Didge to come home, but she says she's got more thinking to do yet. Overhearing, Steve grabs the phone and demands to know where she is so they can get her, so Didge hangs up. A volunteer lady offers Didge a place to stay for the night and takes her in to where the Salvo choir is practicing 'Joy To The World'. When they're finished, the lady takes Didge over to the conductor called "Ted" - but he turns out to be Harold. Nice little Tassie/amnesia callback there with the name.
Salvo Centre
Harold wonders what Didge is doing gallivanting around the countryside on her own and Didge says she needed some alone time to clear her head. Harold smiles and says she's pulled a "geographical" - changing location to escape a situation.
HAROLD: You know, meeting up like this, it can't be an accident. I get the feeling there's a higher power at work here.
DIDGE: I'm not the only one doing a 'geographical' am I, Ted?
Harold gives her a sad look.
Charlie's Bar
Ty brings Kelly and Toadie's takeaway meatlovers pizza to them to take to the gym - a concept which baffles Steve. Dan sees Steve and asks if there's any word on Didge, but Steve is still clueless on her whereabouts. Dan approaches Lucas to chat about the Sam thing.
DAN: So I could come straight out and apologise but that would be weird and awkward...
Lucas says for what it's worth he doesn't think Sam set out to destroy the wedding, which Dan agrees with. Dan doesn't know how he's going to break the news to Lib, so Lucas says he's got two options - lay all his cards on the table, or "don't mention the war and hope for the best".
Number 32
Steph stands guard at the door so Dan can't come inside until Libby gives the green light. She grudgingly says yes and gets a surprise when Dan walks into the kitchen clad in beach-wear, singing a hula song and holding two coconut drinks - he's brought the honeymoon to her!
LIBBY: If you think this is going to make up for it...
DAN: Don't you like my coconuts?
STEPH: Well if it were me you'd have to bring the whole tree.
He's also got his travel agent mate to give them a credit note for the travel agency. Libby replies that she's still angry, but he was right about one thing - she is jealous.
LIBBY: We all have to get on and that's never going to happen if I'm always suspicious of her.
DAN: Well... Sam's not completely innocent.
LIBBY: I know, but she didn't know we were getting married and she hasn't come here to cause trouble and I just need to accept that.
(Dan gets a guilty look on his face)
LIBBY: I thought you'd be happy to hear me say that?
DAN: Yeah I am... I am.
Number 22
Elle is making Sam a cuppa while she unloads her woes.
SAM: You've got no idea what it's like being an outsider on this street.
ELLE: Pfft, ya think?
Sam's upset that Dan's now turned on her as well, but insists that she accepts the fact that Dan and Libby are together. Elle, however, looks mighty suspicious.
SAM: You don't believe me?
ELLE: I don't think you believe it either.
Erinsborough Hospital - Next Morning
Sam's in with Dr. Olenski for her ultrasound and is happy to see Dan arrive - but not so happy to see Libby walk in after him. They exchange 'pleasantries', and Libby thanks Sam for inviting her along, but Sam looks decidedly unimpressed.
Charlie's Bar
Declan gets some coffees from Ty and tells him if Rachel hears from Didge then to skip telling the Parkers and let him know first - her parents are the reason Didge bailed in the first place.
Lucas trails Elle in, who is on the phone to Carmella insisting that she have a going away party. Lucas teases Elle for being all gooey on the inside, but Elle retorts that Lucas is a teddy bear himself for making sure his relationship with his brother remained intact. The marshmallow/ruthless banter kicks on for a while longer and my God will you two just pash again already?
Erinsborough Hospital
Dan stares happily at the ultrasound screen, which pleases Sam, but her face falls when she looks over at Libby (who has distanced herself from the action). Noticing this, Dan motions for her to join them and she slips under his arm. Sam's like, O RLY? And Libby's all, YA RLY, and the unborn baby's like, NO WAI.
Number 22
Dan brings Sam home and offers to make her some tea, but Sam has more pressing issues to discuss, like Libby and how she totally can't stand having her around. Dan reminds Sam that he's marrying Libby, but Sam states that her stress levels go through the roof whenever Libby's near her.
SAM: I'm sorry Dan, I know this is hard on you but I don't want her to have anything to do with our baby.
Salvo Centre
Didge is helping Harold clean up in the kitchen when Harold groans in pain. He tries to pass it off as tiredness, but when Didge asks what he's running away from he confesses that he has cancer. Didge is shocked, but Harold insists he didn't want to tell people because he hates being a burden. Suddenly, he clutches his stomach and doubles over in pain. Didge yells at the staff lady to call an ambulance but Harold grimaces and insists that he'll be fine in a few minutes.
Didge helps Harold get settled on a couch and Harold says she'll make a fine doctor one day. Didge says he needs to go home and have treatment, but Harold thinks he just needs to accept what's happening to him.
DIDGE: Everyone on that street loves you. Can you imagine what they're going through right now?
HAROLD: I'd imagine they'd be just as worried about you, hmm?
Didge looks at how frail Harold is (the poor thing does look really ill without his glasses on!), and comes to a decision.
DIDGE: OK let's make a deal. I'll think about going home if you'll come with me.
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Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5597
Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy

Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5597
Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy

Lucas Fitzgerald, Samantha Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5597
Lucas Fitzgerald, Samantha Fitzgerald

Declan Napier, Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5597
Declan Napier, Steve Parker

Lucas Fitzgerald, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5597
Lucas Fitzgerald, Dan Fitzgerald

Samantha Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5597
Samantha Fitzgerald

Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5597
Dan Fitzgerald

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5597
Elle Robinson

Harold Bishop, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5597
Harold Bishop, Bridget Parker

Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5597
Bridget Parker

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5597
Harold Bishop

Dan Fitzgerald, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5597
Dan Fitzgerald, Lucas Fitzgerald

Dan Fitzgerald, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5597
Dan Fitzgerald, Lucas Fitzgerald

Harold Bishop, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5597
Harold Bishop, Bridget Parker

Beth Reed , Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5597
Beth Reed , Bridget Parker

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