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Neighbours Episode 5574 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5574
Australian airdate: 30/10/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Luke Devenish
Director: Jonathan Geraghty
Guests: Lucas Fitzgerald Double - Beau Hurren
- "Babies In Your Dreams" by Youth Group
Summary/Images by: ~Em~/Emily
- Lucas reminding Dan that he was nearly killed by him on the racetrack
- Libby asking Dan if he plans on killing his brother this time racing.
- Elle walking in on the girls crying over the pregnancy tests
- Donna admitting to Elle that it isn't her who is pregnant.
- The girls promising not to tell anyone about the situation
- The camera falling on Bridget confirming she is the pregnant one.
Number 26
Bridget's alarm goes off, she gets out of bed looks to her photos of her and Declan and then looks at herself in the mirror. She pulls her top up and runs her hand over her stomach.
General Store
Donna and Rachel wonder whether Bridget has told her parents yet, as she hasn't been answering their calls. Declan and Ringo come in and the girls wonder whether Didge has told Declan. Donna thinks he looks normal, but kind of suss at the same time, Rachel thinks that's just his thing. They wonder how he'll take the news. Enter Miranda and Steve, who thinks it's the worse news ever and his life is completely ruined. Of course, he's talking about his cholesterol levels, but the girls are panicked for a moment. Miranda is overly keen for Rach and Donna to go back to number 26 to have breakfast with them. They have no choice but to agree.
Ramsay Street
Elle is shooing Harvey away home when Libby approaches her to talk about the bike race. She wants to know if Elle is going, Elle says if she's looking for moral support she should forget it, if she hadn't blabbed about the whereabouts of the bikes none of this would be happening. She goes back into the house. Just then Harvey knocks the Robinson's bin over and Libby bends down to pick it and the rubbish up. Conveniently two pregnancy test boxes have fallen out and Libby does the done thing in Erinsborough and jumps to the wrong conclusion.
Number 26
Miranda puts plates of eggs and bacon in front of the girls, who look like that's the last thing they want right now. Miranda tells them to tuck in because they never eat enough. There's a knock at the door and it's Rebecca. She's just popped around to tell Miranda that Elle wants them to pop around with Susan for a bit of girl talk. Donna, Rachel and Bridget shoot each other worried looks.
Number 22
Elle tells the girls that she has to tell their parents. Rachel tells her that it's none of her business, but Elle retaliates by saying that it became her business when they did the tests under her roof. Donna says they made a pact and they want to sort things out themselves.
ELLE: This isn't something you can just fix. This isn't a problem you can just fix!
RACHEL: Please don't do this.
Elle notices that Bridget is very quiet and realises that it's her. She asks if Declan knows and then realises that this also affects Rebecca and tells Bridget that she has to tell them, she needs their support. Rachel interjects saying she has support. Bridget weakly asks Elle not to tell her mum. Donna says that since she's not the one who is pregnant she has no right to interfere in any of this. Rachel adds that she has no right to involve Susan in it either.
ELLE: Oh well if it was Susan knew she'd be marching around telling everyone that mattered, and Libby. What's Miranda going to say when she finds out that I knew? And Rebecca?
BRIDGET: Please. You have no idea what this is like.
ELLE: Yes I do.
!!!! Alarm Bells !!!! Take up your New Informations Stations. Since when? I spy some convenient back-story implants.
DONNA: What happened?
ELLE: I needed help and didn't ask for it.
BRIDGET: I'm asking for your help now.
Number 30
Toadie asks Dan if he's nervous about the race. He suggests he rings Lucas and calls the whole thing off. Dan says they're going ahead with the race. Toadie thinks it's nuts, how will a race resolve anything? Rebecca wonders if they could just sort it out with an arm wrestle. Callum stands by Dan telling him not to listen, he'll be there to watch after school. Toadie tells him he will not and asks him to get the door. It's Libby with new worms for Callum's worm farm as half of them got squished. Libby thinks Elle should have been more gentle with them.
CALLUM: Yeah, next time you have a scrag-fight, tell me. And I'll break out the video camera and then we'll YouTube it.
Toadie takes Callum outside to show him how to play with quick-dry cement. Rebecca leaves for the parent pow-wow at Elle's. Dan tells Libby she's welcome to steel the bikes again as they're hiring new ones. Libby can see she's not going to be able to talk Dan out of the race. She won't be at the race.
Number 22
Elle and Bridget are about to have a cup of tea when the other mums knock at the door. Elle shoos Donna and Rachel upstairs. The mums want to know why Elle's called them over, wondering if there's something wrong. Elle just thinks they should establish some ground rules for the girls and their boyfriends, about sleep-overs etc. as a precautionary measure. They look at each other in that "ah, new guardian jitters, bless" matriarchal way and Miranda assures Elle that if she ever has any problems then she's always welcome to call on any of them, they know how difficult teenagers can be. Miranda suddenly spies Bridget and, again overenthusiastically, asks her what she's doing there. At that point the other girls hurl themselves down the stairs saying they've found the books Bridget had lent Donna. They decide they'd better get going because they're really late. (I'm glad someone has noticed this, early morning seems to last an age in Erinsborough) Miranda offers to give them a lift. They all exit leaving Elle conflicted.
Erinsborough High
Bridget stares into her locker at photos of her friends and Declan, unaware that he is standing behind her trying to get her attention. He asks where she's been, and she doesn't answer but just hugs him. He wants to know what's wrong, but she remains silent and staring. Rachel and Donna arrive and assume she's told him. Declan wants to know what she's told him. She runs off. Donna and Rachel try to run after her but Declan pulls them back and demands to know what's going on.
General Store
Bridget has run off to the GS. Declan tries to call her, but she rejects the call.
Erinsborough High
Ah, it seems that Bridget ran reaaaally really fast, as Declan, Rachel and Donna are all still standing in the same place by the lockers. It seems the girls have spun Declan a story that they're having a fight with Bridget. Donna assures him that it's nothing to do with him and they'll find her and apologise.
General Store
Chloe is crying and Carmella is somewhat frazzled. Lucas thinks she looks like she could do with some help.
CARMELLA: Yes, she's called Elle.
Karl comes in and accosts Lucas about the motorcycle race, telling him about all the motorcycle traumas he sees and suggests the brothers try talking to each other. Lucas thinks it's a great idea and they'll chat after the race. He leaves and Carmella thrusts Chloe into Karl's arms declaring that he's a dad, he knows stuff.
CARMELLA: Can you just do whatever you used to do when your kids cried for the sake of it.
KARL: (Jiggling Chloe about) Now now now little lady. You just behave yourself or I'll be forced to sing.
(Chloe stops crying)
KARL: Ha ha! I've still got it.
Karl spies Bridget and goes over to tell her he's managed to fast track her work experience at the hospital. His pager goes off and he passes Chloe to her, he has to dash off to the hospital. Bridget protests, saying she knows nothing about babies. Nevertheless, once again, she is left holding the baby.
Susan wonders if Elle is hiding something. Miranda thinks she's just out of the depth a bit. Susan decides she'll do a bit of digging at work.
Elsewhere in the bar, Lucas joins Elle hoping for a goodluck kiss. Elle tells him to dream on, and he gets the hint and leaves.
At the bar Libby watches Elle from afar. Steph wants to know what's up. Libby says she found out something by accident, so obviously she's going to tell Steph about the pregnancy test. And yes, she does. Libby thinks that if Lucas knew, he wouldn't be racing. Steph says nobody is going to stop that race and it's not Libby's place to tell him. Elle approaches the bar and Libby leans over and says that she knows Elle is just as worried as she is. Maybe even more!
LIBBY: Look, you've got a better shot of stopping this than I do.
ELLE: And how do you figure that?
LIBBY: Um. Harvey got into your rubbish this morning.
ELLE: Really, that must have been fun. Did Harvey pick through it?
LIBBY: Are you pregnant? If Lucas knew he wouldn't be racing. Are you?
ELLE: I think Harvey should keep her nose out of my bin.
Elle leaves and Libby asks Steph if she thinks Elle is pregnant. Steph says that you don't take a pregnancy test for no reason. Unless, ironically, you're Bridget who just took one because her friends did.
General Store
I'm ok, speak later. B. x
Nice to see a text using proper English! Bridget is still sitting with Chloe. Carmella joins them and thanks Bridget for looking after Chloe and offers her cake one the house. Elle comes in and Bridget decides to leave. Elle marches her into the kitchen to talk. She asks Bridget if she told Carmella, and Didge says no, she doesn't want anyone else to know. Elle thinks it's a bit late for that as Libby found one of the tests in the bin. (Actually, she found two.)
ELLE: Look, you don't have to do this alone. You've got family and you've got a boyfriend who loves you.
BRIDGET: I'm not alone. I've got my friends, I've got you.
Elle thinks they should get Didge checked by a doctor, just to make sure. Bridget won't go to the doctor and be judged.
ELLE: It won't be like that.
BRIDGET: Oh no, why didn't you ask for help then?
Rachel and Donna arrive at the GS looking for Bridget. They go into the kitchen as Elle is telling Didge that Miranda is at Charlie's and she'll have to tell her. Bridget says no, she'll go to the hospital but implores Elle not to tell Miranda.
Ty doesn't understand why Libby and Steph are still in the bar. They say that they're not going to the race to pump up pathetic egos.
STEPH: If we go, we'll be just as irresponsible as they are.
LIBBY: That's true, we'd just be encouraging them.
STEPH: Yeah, we'll stay put.
(A pause)
LIBBY: Do you want a lift?
STEPH: Nah, I'll drive.
They leave. Nothing like sticking to your guns, eh?
Erinsborough Hospital
The girls arrive and Bridget wants to be sure that Karl isn't around. Rachel says his shift finished ages ago and asks if Bridget is sure she doesn't want them to stay. Bridget wants to do this alone and says she'll call them. Rachel and Donna leave. Bridget turns her back to the door, fiddling with the stethoscope on the doctor's desk. Looks like Karl's to me, the one Susan gave him. And, what do you know? Enter Karl.
KARL: Oh, did you drop by to check the place out?
BRIDGET: No, I've got an appointment with Dr Tennant.
KARL: Ah, well she's had to leave early so I'm covering her shift. Is that a problem?
BRIDGET: No, but I'll make another appointment.
KARL: Bridget. Is everything ok? (Pause) It's not is it?
(Longer pause)
BRIDGET: I'm in trouble.
Race Track
Toadie and Callum wish Dan good luck. Lucas wants to know why he doesn't get a good luck.
CALLUM: Because I want you to lose.
LUCAS: Some cheer squad.
DAN: There's more.
Libby, Steph and Elle arrive. The brothers shake hands and mount their bikes and don their helmets. Libby didn't think Elle was coming, she thought likewise. Libby asks if she's told Lucas. There is a frosty silence. The boys knock stands back, turn on ignitions, test breaks etc and rev their engines. Libby notices the ambulance on the side of the track. The boys look intent. The lights change and they're off. Zoom zoom zoom. There's not much more I can say on the matter as they're just driving in a circle around a track, but as Steph says, they're way too close a lot of the time. Callum cheers Dan on. Everyone looks worried as they get too close again.
LIBBY: It's happening again.
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Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5574
Bridget Parker

Donna Freedman, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5574
Donna Freedman, Rachel Kinski

Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5574
Bridget Parker

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5574
Elle Robinson

Callum Jones in Neighbours Episode 5574
Callum Jones

Rebecca Napier, Susan Kennedy, Miranda Parker, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5574
Rebecca Napier, Susan Kennedy, Miranda Parker, Elle Robinson

Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5574
Declan Napier

Bridget Parker, Chloe Cammeniti, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5574
Bridget Parker, Chloe Cammeniti, Karl Kennedy

Miranda Parker, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5574
Miranda Parker, Susan Kennedy

Carmella Cammeniti, Bridget Parker, Chloe Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5574
Carmella Cammeniti, Bridget Parker, Chloe Cammeniti

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5574
Karl Kennedy

Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5574
Dan Fitzgerald

Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5574
Lucas Fitzgerald

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5574
Libby Kennedy

Dan Fitzgerald, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5574
Dan Fitzgerald, Lucas Fitzgerald

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